The Archaeologist

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Sarah was in her second year of college as an anthropology major at Harvard when she got the chance to go on a dig in Greece. With her professor's recommendation, she was accepted onto the Tropalopos Project, excavating a chain of subterranean passages near the ruins of an ancient temple complex.

It was her fifth week on the project when she found the niche. She was 70 meters down the E corridor when she spotted a narrow crack in the left side of the passage. Excitedly, she peered through with her flashlight and observed that it led to a small room. It was unknown to the site cartographer and she couldn't understand why anyone could have missed it.

Technicially, she thought, I need to go and report this to Dr. Ross right now. But then his picture would be on the cover of Archaeology Today. Thinking lofty thoughts of fame and adventure, Sarah eased herself into the crack. It was barely wide enough to squeeze through.

The room she entered was in fact another passage, with a thin stairwell leading downward. The air, curiously enough, seemed fresher than that in corridor E. She realized, of course, that this meant she wasn't really in a new part of the dig. She went down the stairs expecting to discover a group of grad students trying to photograph a feature.

Instead she found by a tall, muscular man standing the in darkness, almost motionless. "Hello," he said with a deep voice, stepping forward into the beam from her narrow flashlight. She noticed he was wearing only a loin cloth. But that wasn't the most astonishing thing about him, for topping his muscular body was a head that looked more like what you'd find on a bull.

"Oh my God! What the hell are you?" Sarah was trying to get her composure back.

"Allow me to introduce myself. I am the Minotaur of legend."

"Yeah, well," stumbled Sarah, "you sure look pretty young for somebody 3,000 years old!"

"Don't you read Jung, baby? Us myths are forever."

Now she was sure it was Dr. Ross, her supervisor, pulling an elaborate practical joke. "Well, how do you survive down here for centuries on end, my fine furry fellow?"

The minotaur thought for a moment, choosing his words carefully. "I hibernate, usually for fifty to a hundred years at a time. I've learned to make my meals last. In addition, the villagers, who are still as pagan as ever, still leave me offerings of grapes and figs and other delicacies near the corner of the old temple. Those are good snacks between meals. In fact, I have a fresh batch now. Are you hungry?"

"Sure. Where's the food?" Sarah was ready for this. There was something charming about the monstrous being. True, she was engaged to a senior in the marketing program back home. But Dr. Ross was being so clever to make this costume for her. She thought, Tony won't know if I have one last fling with the good doctor here. I'm only 20, I'm not ready to be with just one man. She smiled. She knew when men were acting like sexual predators, and this minotaur character fit the bill.

Soon they arrived in a sizable chamber, well-lit by torches, and furnished with remarkalby-preserved couches. Incense wafted from a brazier. Sumptuous pillows and well-stocked bowls of fruit made the place almost cozy. There was only one exit.

"Please make yourself comfortable. I will return in a moment."

Sarah watched the giant creature head back up through the hallway. Her eyes drawn to his swishing tail, she caught a quick rear glimspe of his firm balls dangling as he disappeared into the darkness. A shiver of excitement ran through her. Slowly, she smiled.

The minotaur's task, of course, was to seal the opening through which Sarah had entered. With only slight effort, he pulled the granite wall back into place. "Great Zeus," he chuckled, "she actually believes I'm her professor. She is in for a very overwhelming surprise." But when the great creature returned to his main chamber, he was the one at a loss for words.

There, in the golden glow of the torchlight, stood Sarah, absolutely naked.

"So, Mr. Minotaur, like what you see?"

Red fire seemed to flare up in the creature's eyes. He didn't speak. He stepped close to the girl and lifted her up in his arms.

Oh, he's so strong, thought Sarah, who would have thought!

The minotaur lay Sarah down on top of an assortment of dusty pillows and began caressing her whole body with his rough hands. The girl was very turned on by all of this unusual treatment. She blissed out on him as he rubbed her breasts and belly, then flipped her over and massaged her back and her ass. She felt the creature's gigantic, throbbing erection against her legs. She had to have it! Almost inaudibly she murmured, "Take me now, Dr. Ross."

The minotaur broke open a flask of olive oil which he pulled from a pouch in his now-pulled-aside loin cloth. Breathing heavily, he poured it liberally into the crack of her ass, and rubbed it around with his hands.

When everything was nice and slippery, the minotaur pressed his stiff cock against the girl's airtight anus. Moving it around in a circle with his hand, he made the tip of his cock massage the little pink hole with great eagerness.

"Wait!" gasped Sarah, her hole puckering sweetly. "I don't think I'm ready for this."

The beast chuckled evilly, savoring the moment. "Relax. You know what they say. When in Greece, do as the Greeks."

But she was adamant, "Not in my ass! I mean it. You're too big."

"You'd be surprised how large things can get into very tight places."

Sarah moaned in protest and tensed her anus so that it seemed to wink. "I^Å I'm sure they can, but I don't^Å" Her words stopped in her throat as the creature behind her leaned forward, pressing himself into her. Under the pressure from the mighty shaft, her mouth of her anus stretched open to accept the sensitive head of the beast's member. Feeling her tender asshole giving way, Sarah whispered, "Oh, Christ!"

The girl had entertained a crush on Dr. Ross for weeks, and in truth she did fantasize about him fucking her ass. But she had no idea that he'd be so bloody good at it! Soon the chamber seemed to quake with the convulsions of the minotaur as it climaxed and released a thick bath of sperm into the girl's steaming rectum.

"God, I've never had my butt fucked so well," Sarah purred. "I don't think there's anything more intimate than anal sex. Nothing^Å."

The minotaur rolled his hypersensitive cock around the girl's twitching, open asshole, slick with sperm and sweat. "A more intimate connection is possible, but one would have to be swallowed whole."

Sarah giggled. "Yeah," she sighed, curled dreamily in the arms of the most exotic lover she'd ever had. She was exhausted, but the hands of the minotaur kept exploring her body, squeezing and massaging her feet, legs, arms, back, ass-cheeks, breasts and even her face.

"Your rings. Remove them," directed the animal. "I want to see them."

Sarah thought it was a strange request, but removed them. Tony's engagement ring slid off pretty easily, as sweaty as she was. She handed them to the monster who held her.

"Worthless!" scoffed the minotaur. "Modern junk." He tossed them over his shoulder and into the scrabble and dust of the chamber.

"But that's my engagement ring!" stammered the girl.

The creature leaned in close and licked her neck, an amazingly realistic effect. He whispered, "Where you're going to be, my delicious coed, such things would only be in the way."

Smart as she was, she quite misunderstood. "Look, I know that marrying someone with corporate interests can interfere with my scientific research and grad school and all that. But Tony and I love each other. I like you a lot and this is great and all but I'm going to stay with Tony."

The beast licked her ear. "The main difference between Tony and myself is that he wants you to make him dinner, and I want you to be my dinner."

Sarah chuckled. She felt so naked next to him. "The sex wasn't intimate enough for you, huh? Still want to eat me alive?"

The creature squeezed her a little closer. "Yes, I do, Sarah, and I'd like to begin now. Ideally I'd sleep now and have you for breakfast. But I can't have you getting away and alerting the others to my existence. So I'm afraid this is it."

Sarah was silent, and just snuggled up to what she thought was her field professor.

"Do you have any feelings about that?" asked the curious beast.

Sarah smirked. "You're so silly!" She scooted around and ran a finger lazily down from the minotaur's chin and neck, down his chest, to trace a long, carefree line around his belly. "Like you could ever get me in there!"

The creature looked down matter-of-factly. "With you in there, there would be a healthy bulge, but nothing I can't handle. I got drunk one night during Aristophaneos' reign and swallowed five rosy-cheeked young things. Of course one was only 14 or so. Three's my limit, really. But one girl your size presents no problem."

Sarah looked up what she took to be a mask with a mixture of fascination and revulsion.

"Now, alone in there, you'll be extremely comfortable. When there's a bunch I guess it's hard to tell whose leg is whose. Of course, that's not all bad. The fact of the matter is, it's almost better with two girls, because they can keep each other company." The creature seemed to drift into a reverie. "I don't suppose you have a preference? Are there any other girls on the project that you'd like to bring me?"

This bastard wants a threesome, thought Sarah. "Oh, you men are all alike! Well, I guess if I can't have you all to myself, I suppose I could share you. But I'd be jealous, and anyway, you've got me."

"But not for long. How can you forget I'm just about to eat you?"

"Well, if you eat me, we can't have any more wild monkey love!" She wriggled her bottom, currently in the grasp of an apparently loving minotaur hand.

"I wonder how they'll explain your disappearance? A cave-in, I supposed. Very embarrassing to the university."

"Hey, stop it. You're talking about me like I'm dead or something."

"No," laughed the giant creature. "No, I need you alive, inside of me, moving and breathing, to keep me vital. You'll be very safe in my belly, my dear. But they'll think you have died."

Sarah began to feel extremely uncomfortable. "Hey, you're creeping me out." She was ready to fuck again, and dropping clues to that effect, but this guy was going on and on about his morbid fantasy.

"You are bound to be extremely upset for the few couple of days, before you lose your sense of self. But I'm rambling. This is a sacred moment, not to be filled up with philosophy. Do you have any last wishes before I consume you, my sweet?"

Sarah stood, now flustered and frightened. "Look, this has gone too far. Take off that monster suit now, Dr. Ross!"

The minotaur's gaze was level and hypnotic. "I am what I say I am, a minotaur of ancient origin, trapped in this labyrinth by monarchs long forgotten. You have invaded my domain, and you are about to receive your final lesson in participative anthropology."

For a few heartbeats, Sarah did not believe the minotaur. Then the truth dawned on her, and she knew. This wasn't Dr. Ross playing a trick. She involuntarily took a step back.

"Wha-what do you mean by that?"

The minotaur stepped forward. "You're a very smart young lady. You know exactly what I mean."

Sarah attempted to step back again, but tripped on the platter of fruit, and fell back onto the couch. Her eyes sought out the object that had tripped her. The fruit had tumbled off of the ancient Greek dish, revealing the painting upon it. In harmonious shapes of red and black, it showed a mighty minotaur. In one hand, the animal held a sword. The other hand held a distraught maiden by the hair. And from his mouth dangled two human legs.

Too stunned for words, with eyes as wide as saucers, the archaeologist glanced up at the monster now approaching her.

"Yes," sighed the beast, "Feel the fear, but accept the reality! You served me well as a lover, and I thank you. But now you will serve me even more intimately^Å as my meal."

"Nooooooooooooooooo!!!" screamed the young coed, now fully convinced of the minotaur's reality. The minotaur wrapped his muscular arms around her and pulled her close. Although she pummeled the beast with her fists, her body knew instinctively that her struggle would be in vain.

The minotaur hesitated^Å should he swallow her head-first or feet-first? This is why he liked to have two girls^Å to take one each way. But what would be best for Sarah? If she was just going to carry on and make a scene, head first would be better. Normally. As it happened, the minotaur was in the mood for a scene. Feet first it was. He lifted her bodily into the air and carefully forced her feet into his waiting mouth. Sarah's eyes widened as she saw the monster's throat opening up to take in her toes and ankles, which it did without any effort. This is real, she thought. I'm going to die!

Her body pulsed with adrenaline, but she could not break free. Suddenly she felt the strangest sensation around her feet. Then she heard a gulp! and felt her entire body pulled violently downward. She was now about 10 inches deeper into the creature's throat. Her knees were being bathed by the monster's tongue as they slid lower and lower. "I don't believe this!" she cried. "This can't be happening, it just can't!"

The girl's gaze met the minotaur's and she became silent, trying to read his mind. His expression was sharp and determined^Å it was not without affection, but its plain reading was pure, savage hunger. Sarah lost herself in those eyes, unable to speak, unable to believe her fate^Å until two gulps later. She was now halfway eaten. Her ass now rested comfortably on the monster's wide cool tongue. She felt her legs trapped in the vicelike constraints of the monster's throat. His tongue wriggled around and coated her butt with glistening slobber. Sarah noticed vaguely how good that felt against her still-stinging anus. To think that just ten minutes ago I was purring and whispering sweet nothings to this terrible creature, and that I gave him my ass! Now, I'm giving him everything, whether I want to or not.

Sarah was losing her sanity. She brought her hands to her tender vagina and let her fingers play gently in the moist folds. She couldn't help that this was turning her on.

The beast gave another swallow. Trembling with absolute unbelief, Sarah looked down at her predicament. Only her shoulders, head and breasts protruded from the monster's mouth. His throat was engorged with her hips and ass, her arms were pinned flat with her hands deep in the throat. And she felt the powerful muscles of his neck constricting and pulling her downward. In the ocean of heat below her, her feet met resistance: the bottom of the stomach. She wanted to keep her knees straight, to delay being swallowed completely, but the stomach was too slippery for good footing. Her knees bent and she kept flowing downward.

Her entire body, including her face, was coated with slippery saliva. Her gaze met his in the shimmering torchlight. His tongue was busy, slathering her hair into a wet lump. The opening of the throat, which had been sealed around her ribs, opened wider with a sucking sound and a blast of hot breath. It stretched wide around her tits and shoulders, and Sarah knew that her head would be swallowed within moments. Her mind racing, searching for something significant to say or do before the inevitable, she watched as the gullet accepted her young breasts. As the rim of the opening cleared her shoulders, she felt the minotaur tensing for another gulp.

"You ^Å you monster," she sobbed, her eyes drinking in their last glimmer of firelight. The muscles in the throat pressed hard, and her head and hair were pulled into the throat of the monster, into hot wet darkness. She felt the pressure on her hips subside as the silky esophagus released her into the stomach. His strong heartbeat hammered into her ears. She tried to twist to the side but only got a mouthful of her own hair. Below her, she felt herself kicking back and forth in a small amount of empty space. Then the fleshy tube she was in mounted a powerful push on the top of her head, and with a loud slurck she was engulfed, head to toe, in the shifting, amorphous stomach of the ancient creature. There was not a single flicker of light in the sizzling fleshy compartment. "Oh, shit, no!!!" she moaned, and desperately reached up to the opening to the esophagus. It was not clamped shut, but somewhat open. She pressed her hand into the funnel halfway to the elbow, but a constricting muscular ripple pressed the girl's hand right back out.

She felt herself naturally pulling into a fetal position. Her hands continued to explore the walls of the stomach, which shaped to her body with every motion. It was difficult to maintain a bearing and she soon lost her orientation. After about 15 minutes, she found another opening, about the same size as the one leading up^Å but this one led downward.

"Yikes," she hissed, withdrawing her touch. She had to think! There had to be some way out of this. If only she had her trowel, she could stab the creature to death and escape. She was inches from his soft, throbbing heart, which was beginning to slow. She felt his body shifting around and then becoming still. "You son of bitch, you did go right to sleep!"

Sarah struggled for hours in the pitch black heat of the minotaur's belly. Kick as she might, she couldn't even wake him up, let alone escape.

Eventually Sarah had to sleep. She wasn't very pleased when she woke up^Å still in the stomach. She thought about things for what seemed like an eternity, and fell asleep again.

Sarah liked to assume that she was waking and sleeping once per day, but it was really about once an hour. After at a dozen of these "days," Sarah stopped keeping track. She knew she'd lost a real count and since that was the only kind that mattered, she decided not to waste the effort.

Not long afterward, dizzy, delirious and alone, the gorgeous ivy league honor student melted like hot butter into the thirsty walls of the stomach that engulfed her. If you have enjoyed this story, please write to [email protected].

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