By Freyr

Chip looked up at the clock in his office and realized with a start that he'd nodded off at his desk. He'd been behind schedule this whole semester and now, with finals just a week or so off, he was having a hard time putting it all together.

He realized that grad school was tough, but being a student and teaching students was a heavy load. He raised his head and realized what had woken him from his deep but unplanned nap: the sound of rain on the windows--heavy rain. There was a crack of thunder and the lighhts blinked. A few moments more and there was another clap of thunder, this time even closer. The lights blinked again and then went off, leaving Chip in the dark, nothing but distant street lights throwing blue shadows around the room.

"Damn," thought Chip. He just needed to finish a few more things and he could get home and rest in a real bed. Well, he thought, Maybe the power will be back on soon. After waiting several minutes, the dark showed no sign of lifting. The only light was from lightning strikes and the distant glow of street lamps.

"Hrm-- maybe it's just a tripped breaker. I could try looking in the basement and seeing what I can do." Rummaging in his backpack, he brought forth a pen flashlight. He wandered the halls of the university building, looking for access to the basement. After several abortive tries, he finally found the stairs going down behind a door marked PERSONELL ONLY.

As Chip descend the stairs, a wave of moist heat assailed him. He thought of the layout of the campus and remembered this building supplied power and other services for the whole campus, acting as the body for the university. This basement was then the stomach then, taking in raw materials and transforming them into useful services and products for the unversity. He flashed his light this way and that as he decended the stairs, down into the belly of the building, looking for something like an electrical box.

Soon he found it up against a far wall, deep, deep inside basement. He looked over the various breakers. Nope, none of them were tripped. It was the power to the building that was off, not something he could fix himself.

He glumly sat down and tried to decide what to do. He was nervous and the basement was warm, incredibly warm. He pulled off his t-shirt, revealing a well defined and lightly furred chest. That helped him feel cooler. He slide off his sandles too, letting his broad bare feet touch the cool concrete of the floor. Finally he stripped off his shorts, so he was wearing just underwear.

Then he heard a sound. A simple *click* Like a door being shut. It was so innocuous, he barely paid attention to it. Then two thoughts in his head finally collided and realization dawned in his mind. I shut the door already!

Chip fumbled in the darkness his penlight flashing this way and that. He was looking around for some explaination of the noise. Then he heard the heavy tread of foot steps, big feet carrying a big body. They were coming down the stairs *CLOMP* *CLOMP* *CLOMP* *CLOMP*

Chip flashed the light in the direction of the footsteps. His feeble cone of light revealed a huge man, well over the average 6 feet; this one towered up to 7 feet, maybe more. The light shone on a huge, almost impossibly huge muscular chest, hairy with dark fur, almost covering the entirety of it. Two nipples the size of silver dollars, red in the feeble yellow light were the only relief in the field of black fur. The legs were shod in a pair of greasy overalls that were undone and trailing behind the figure.

Chip jerked the light up. It played on the face of David, the building supervisor. Chip let out a gasp, he realized he'd been holding his breath. He breathed a sigh of relief at finding the familiar face coming down the stairs. "Oh, David! It's you! I didn't know anyone was here." Chip said, his voice small and quavering in the darkness. He sounded and probably looked like a small, cornered animal.

David looked a bit surprised at first, but then his face broke in a broad grin. "Well, well, uh.. Chip, isn't it?" He said, seraching his memory for a name to the face. Chip and David had met before, but only briefly, since they worked in the same building.

"What brings you down here?" David looked thoughtful and stroked his bearded chin, the thick dark furr stretching down to his mid-chest. His eyes held a gleam to them, which Chip noticed but couldn't account for. "I don't often get visitors down here, in my realm" David explained.

"Your realm?" Chip said, not comprehending.

"Yes, my realm" This the real heart and soul of the building, down here in its belly." David's face beamed with pride as he talked about his work. "This is where all the work is done and where I do it!" David explained, gesturing about to the piping and duct work, the electrical wiring conduits. "This is where the building is real, where it takes in what it needs for nourishment and then sends it out again, to placate it's occupants!"

"Placate it's occupants..." Chip repeated, not sure where David was going with this conversation or what it all meant. Whatever David was talking about, he held Chips attention, mesmerizing him with that strange gleam and his enthusiasm for his work.

"Yes, Chip" David said. "The building needs to be fed. It has to keep alive and I'm just the man to do the job!" David stood up tall and proud as he said those words, reaching his full height, his head almost brushing the ceiling of the room. "I service the building."

"You're the man to do it..." Chip repeated, almost dumbly, not comprehending what David was talking about or why he was telling Chip all of this. Chip's mind was raptly held by the spell of the the building supervisor, his words working their charm over Chip.

"Yes, Chip, serviced." David said again. He reached over and grabbed a flashlight, hanging by a post. He flashed it's powerful white light over the body of Chip. The nearly naked young man looked tiny compared to the giant David. Chip was only 5 foot 8, small compared to other men but now he was almost insignificant next to David. "And like the building, *I* need to be serviced, too." David grinned. "You're going to suck my cock, aren't you, Chip?" The question sounded more like a statement of fact rather than a question or favor asked for.

"Yes, I'll suck your cock." Chip said. His voiced sounded perfectly natural, but his eyes held a blank, glassey stare. Obediantly, the small man stood up and came to David. The gaint unfastened the rest of his overalls and stepped out of them. Now he was wearing only a pair of worn leather work boots. The thick mat of furr on his chest continued down his hips and legs, all of which was equally muscled and proportioned to David's giant frame. David grabbed his thick cock and massaged it to life, his huge balls hanging low behind it. Chip knelt before the giant man, the giant cock bobbing before his face. Without hesitation, Chip licked the tip, teasing it with his tongue, then he slowly enveloped it with his mouth, taking the whole 9 inches slowly yet steadily.

Chip opened his mouth, letting the impossibly huge member into his mouth, letting his jaw distend to accept the huge cock. He felt like he was about to gag, but overcame the reaction. The head slid down Chip's throat reaching into almost to his windpipe. Chip bobbed his head, lubing up the cock with his own salavia trying his best to service the huge cock presented to him. David closed his eyes and sighed, letting the senstion course thru him. He bucked his hips in rhythm to Chips sucking, forcing the huge member down Chip's throat even farther.

How long Chip did this, he didn't know. His jaw msucles ached and he closed his eyes and simply forced himself to suck the huge man off. Soon, David's breathing was deep and then a growl from his throat annouced the imminent orgasm. Chip braced himself for it, but was soon forced down on his knees as David towered over him, thrusting that huge cock down his throat and letting the creamy hot cum fill his belly. David shouted as he came down Chips throat, fillhg him with his man-seed, the noise echoing throughout the room. Chip drank of the man-seed deeply, trying to milk David's cock an give him the best blow job possible. David merely stood over David and kept thrusting into him. Soon his bucking and thrusting subsided. His breath grew shallow and then he opened his eyes.

"Yes, Chip, you satisfied me well!" David let go with a throaty laugh. Chip stepped back from the towering giant as comprehension grew in his eyes. Chip's mind was becoming clearer as he realised the building supervisior had mesmerized him into making him suck his cock. "Yes, indeed!" David said, feeling the post-orgasmic glow.

Chip reached for his shirt and wiped the excess saliva and cum from around his mouth. He was almost panting, both from the physical exhertion of the blow job and the heat in the basement. "What are you going to do now?" he asked, not sure what the full intentions of the giant man were. If he could mesmerize someone into sucking his cock, who knows what else he was capable of.

"Yes, Chip, that was very good" David said, looking directly at the smaller man. "But it makes me all the more hungry. And when I get this hungry, there's only one thing that'll satisfy me."

"I'm like this building, Chip." David continued, in that strange arcane conversation he started before. Yet this, time, there was no mesmerizing effect. Chip listened, yet his mind remained sharp and clear.

"This building needs certain things to keep it going, very specific things to make it function well, to let it be big and tall and strong." David continued, gesturing with his hands to the building above them. "This building has a very specific hunger, one that I understand all too well!"

"Yes, Chip, I'm the man for the job, because I understand the hunger! I need nourishment just as this building needs it, to be big and tall and strong, just like the building is!" David thumped his chest, a meaty beat sound resounded around the room. "And I need some nourishment now, Chip."

"What do you mean "nourishment" David?" Chip asked. "I understand the word but not what you mean by it."

"I need to eat, Chip." explained David. "I eat very specific things. I need to eat other men." David paused for a second. "More correctly, I swallow them. I swallow them whole. Men like you, Chip. They help me become strong and stay strong." David thumped his chest again. "I get hungry down here in the belly of the building."

"No, you're kidding, right?" Chip asked increduously. "You really mean you eat other men, swallowing them whole. That can't be real!"

"Oh, I can!" explained David. "Watch!" With that, David opened his mouth wide, seemingly distending his lower jaw so his mouth became a huge maw opening up at least 18 inches, easily enough to take in the diminuitive Chip.

"That's so *unreal*" Chip declared. He watched as David's jaw re-located itself and his mouth shrank back to normal size. "But there's no way you're going to eat me!" With that, Chip glanced around for the way out of the basement. But a few seconds of twisting his head showed that the only path to the stairs was blocked by David.

"Yes, Chip!" David said, a light growing in his eyes. "I will eat you and it'll be soooo good, having you slide down my throat coming to rest in my belly, letting you be digested by my body. You don't know the pleasure it can give me.

"There's no way out, Chip. You and I are the only ones in the building. The door at the top of the stairs is locked and only I have the key." With that, David stepped forward and grabbed Chip his massive hands, holding him around the waist. Chip struggled in David's iron grip, thrashing uselessly.

"Yes, just perfect!" David said, his mouth now wide open. "It's been so long since I had a man, Chip. I need your nourishment. I need it to keep big and strong. Don't struggle, Chip." David explained as the smaller man continued to thrash about. Continuing to hold Chip with one hand, David used the other to remove the last bit of clothing from Chip. David then hoisted the now naked smaller man into the air.

"Chip, thank you for the pleasure of letting me eat you!" David said, smiling. Then he opened his jaw again, even wider than before, easily enough to accomodate the struggling grad student.

" *ARE* going to eat me!" Chip sputtered out. His flailing continued, Chip's legs and arms moving about. David held his mouth wide as he slowly lowered Chip into his maw. He changed his grip so that he guided Chip into his mouth, head first.

David's lips closed over Chip's head and shoulders. Using both hands, David fed the fighting man into his mouth, letting the hands and arms go next, then the stomach and hips; then the legs and finally Chips feet were all that was visible of him outside the giant. With a quick sucking sound, those, too, disappeared into David's mouth.

With quick and rapid muscular movement, Chip was forced down David's throat and into the belly of the huge man.

Chip laid there, curled into a little ball in the giant man's stomach and tried to grasp what had happened to him. He'd been eaten by some huge giant and was now in the belly of that giant. Chip wasn't sure what to do.

As he lay there quietly, he heard the *thump*thump*thump* of David's heart, the "whoosh" of blood racing thru his veins and arteries, the deep long *sigh* of his breath and other internal organ sounds. Chip felt David move about a bit, then recline. It seems as if David was going to sleep.

Outside, David had laid down and was resting his huge belly further distended by the man he just ate. He felt sleeply and needed to rest. He always felt that way after swallowing a man: it made him feel so good and so full. He softly patted his huge stomach, noting the shape of Chip in the bulge; how Chip moved about a bit, trying to get into a better position.

"Don't worry, Chip!" David said. "You'll be okay in there. Just relax and settle in. It'll make things easier!" The giant addressed the comments to the huge bulge in his own stomach.

Chip could hear what David said to him, and couldn't think of a way of arguing with him. There was nothing to do but relax and let nature take its course. He lay there, thinking to take a nap. There was nothing else to do. And so it was that he never felt the digestive system slowly dissolve him, bit by bit, making his physical body part of the giant. Chip listned to the sound of David's breathing, his heart beating and was soon lulled to sleep by thse sounds.

He never woke again, for his body was slowly dissolved to become part of the giant that had swallowed him. Every bit of matter that was Chip was made a part of David, and David was appreciative of that. He would often scratch at himself and think of the many men and boys he's eaten, eaten to gain his huge proportions; to use their bodies to make his own body bigger. And soon there was no longer Chip; just David the giant, eater of men.


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