Bazil and Shayla

By Snakeman [Email]

Author's note: This is the first on witch I hope. to be many Animals swallowing Animals stories. I hope that some of you talented writers, such as Soyummy, Dragon, Sean, Andrew Nellis, Callsfire, Geoff Balme, Just to name a few.... will add there talent to this new part of Big Gulp!

It was a warm summer day when Bazil, an adult Silver dragon, emerged from his lair on top of a rocky cliff. He was about 300' long and had a wing span of at least double. His large, yellow reptilian eyes looked over the vast country side. He sighed to himself as he remembered when he first came to this place ,100 years earlier, when the meadows where full of prey of all kinds, but now he only sees open meadow with no trace of life. His wife, Shayla, and himself had long since devoured the last living animal 5 years earlier. He closes his eyes and started to drool as he remembered swallowing the last Bear some years back. The bear, you understand is his favorite meal. He enjoyed the way they use to struggle and try to claw their way free as he swallowed them whole. His huge forked tongue licked his lips as he remembered licking the bears hind paws before the last gulp.

"Might as well start to look for food" he said to himself as he spread his wings and leaped into the air, beating his wings to catch the wind currents. Soon he was on his way in search of prey some 100 miles off.

About 1 hour later, his keen eyes spotted a pair of mosses. He smiles to himself seeing that one of them was on it's side in obvious pain, It's stomach bloated. He quickly went into a steep dive then slowed and landed with a thump, without wasting anytime, he grabbed the male moose with a for-claw. "Hello there" He said with a grin as the moose struggled is his grip. "Please mighty dragon" The moose said. "My mate is giving birth. Do what you will to me, but please let her go."

By this time, Bazil was drooling as he took his eyes off of the moose in his claw and fixed them on the female. Bazil has always liked pregnant animals better. There seemed to be a taste to them he greatly enjoyed. He returned his attention on the straggling moose. "Survival of the fittest my cloven hoofed friend!" With that, he opened his maw wide and stuck the moose's snout in, and with one quick tip of his head and a loud swallow, he had half the moose down his throat. With his reptilian tongue, he started to lick the mosses shaft till he felt the throbbing dick. .. With a few more licks he was rewarded with a jet of moose cum as the moose grunted. He then tilted his head back once more and swallowed till only the cloven hoofed where left. He then saw a large shadow. He looked up and smiled seeing Shayla descending. He gave the hoofed a quick lick the swallowed them down. His mate landed a moment later and nuzzled his neck as the large bulge went down his long neck.

"Hello my love" He said to Shayla with moose smelling breath. "You are just in time." Pointing to the female moose who still lay on her side unable to move or even to speak in the pain of birth. Her tail was up and clear liquid was excepting her cunt.

Shayla smiled and licked her lips as she lowered her head to the moose, putting her snout to its rump and inhaled the sweet aroma. Savoring the smell, she licked the mosses cunt savoring the flavor of the pre-birth juices.

Bazil smiled then grabbed the moose in a for-claw. The moose gave a small, painful scream, but nothing more for she was exhausted.

Shayla, seeing what her mate had in mind, lowered her long neck and tilted his head sky-ward and opened her maw wide.

Bazil nodded then held the moose over her waiting maw tail down.

Shayla shivered is pleasure as she felt the first drops of fluid drip onto her tongue.

Bazil then gave a small squeeze and the head and front hooves on the baby moose come out of it's moms birth canal, followed by a generous amount of fluid.

Shayla looked up and seeing that she was about to receive her treat, dug her claws into the ground in anticipation. A few moments later the newborn moose, still covered in the birth membrane, fell into Shayla 's waiting maw.

Shayla, feeling the moose fall into her mouth, quickly closes hew jaws and started to roll the moose in her mouth with her tongue, savoring the sweet taste, then not being able to realized any longer, swallowed and growled in pleasure as the little moose wiggled down her long throat.

Shayla looked at her mate, who was still holding the exhausted moose in his for-claw.

"That was most exhilarating my love" She said as she nuzzled close to Bazil.

Bazil smiled then stuck the back end of the moose in his mouth, then stuck the tip of his tongue into it's cunt, trying to get a little taste of the left over birth juices. The moose, despite herself, gave a grunt in pleasure but was unceremoniously cut off as Shayla put her mouth around her front half still sticking out of Bazil's mouth. She smiles then they both bit their half and swallowed the still convulsing animal.

Bazil and Shayla then locked snouts and started to kiss, licking off the moose blood from each others snouts.

Bazil lifted his tail and puts it's tip up into Shayla's cunt as Shayla started to rub Bazil's throbbing, 35' dick.. Unable to control himself any longer, he mounted Shayla and stuck his cock in her cunt as she lifted her tail ready to receive him. They fucked for the next 3hrs. Their growls of pleasure could be heard for miles......

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