Beans 2

By The~Wheelman [Email]

OOOOHHHHH!!! MY HEAD! He woke up on his back, trees all around him.The sky was fading into dark. Beside him was a huge trunk, that thieving brat must have cut it down trying to kill him. Well, he was a lot tougher than expected! Now it was his turn!

With much cracking of bones, he arose and studied his surroundings. Judging from the leaves on the fallen trunk, the base of the stalk was that-a-way. so he headed off east. Soon, he came to the edge of the forest, his legs showed some scratches from the trunks of the trees and they iched, just one more thing on his list.

It was completely dark when he came upon the small thatched cottage. A single light was flickering from a window. the farm animals began making noise as he approached, so he silenced them wth his foot. Carefully he scope'd the place. He could hear harp music coming from inside, and there! in a cage was his goose!

He wrapped his arms around the roof and ripped it off the house without much difficulty. There, in his bed, white as his sheets was Jack. "Fe Fi Fo Fum" the giant said sarcasticly, a shit-eating grin on his face. and before Jack could overcome his fear, wrapped his fingers around the struggling boy.

"Don't you know that crime doesn't pay?" the giant said. "Please," cried the terrified lad "don't grind my bones!" The giant replied. "What makes you think I'm going to let you off that easilly?" Just then, he felt a tapping on his big toe. Looking down he saw Jack's mom hitting on it with a cast iron pan. "Hello, what have we here?" He said as he reached down and grabbed her. Lifting her to his face he exclamed "WOW! Desert!" (Jack's mom, you see, was NOT the old lady you've been led to believe!)

The giant placed Jack into his shirt pocket, then buttoned it it so he couldn't escape. He did manage to force his head out, though. And was able to see as the giant pulled open his trousers. Holding his enormous prick against his body he put mom in to his shorts and laid his cock against her, trapping her. Jack watched in horror as his member began to react to her struggles. The giant then tightened his belt.

The giant then took Jack out of his pocket and held him in front of his pants. Jack could see his mom stuggling as the bulge in the giant's pant's grew. Bringing Jack to his face again, the giant said, "Your mom gives great body kid!"

"Please sir, let her go! It's me you want! you can have me, just spare her, pleeese!" Jack begged the giant. "Sorry kid, You take out a loan, ya gotta pay some interest. And she's very interesting!"

The giant then began to strip the sobbing Jack. When he was done he held him by his wrists and brought him to his lips. "Smells tasty!" He said and licked Jack, moving his tongue slowly up Jack's legs and his torso and arms. "MMMMMMM You ARE tasty!" and the giant stuckhis tongue out again, this time pressing Jack against it with his fingers.

Jack screamed as he passed between the gigantic lips and saw them close behind him. As he was rolled around on the immence, slick tongue he braced himself for the crushing of his young body between the giant's teeth. But it never came. the giant just kept mouthing him. Just then, the motion stopped, as the giant began to moan. "mmm, mmmmm! MMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!" Then he grunted, "Your mom is really good!" And Jack was screaming again. As he he remembered seeing her struggling against his ever hardening prick and realised what had just happened.

Then he was moving again, this time towards the back of the giant's mouth! The gaint's tongue pressed him against the roof of the mouth and as Jack felt himself being squeezed he realized the was going to be swallowed alive! To be digested in the giant's belly, to die slowly! As he was pressed relentlessly down the throat. he thought of his mom, Covered with semen, and wondered who was sufferring the worst fate.

The giant reached into the remains of the house and retrevied his harp and goose. Also he found a jar with one remaining bean. He poked a hole in the ground with his finger and planted it. Scooping some water from the stream with his hand to water it, he lay back against the house and waited for it to grow. As he waited, he passed the time playing "solitare" with Jack's mom. By the time the sky began to lighten, the new beanstalk had reached the clouds. The giant put Jack's shaking mom in his shirt pocket and began the long climb home. Thinking, "Maybe I shouldn't eat her, she is quite good...."

The next day, villagers found the wrecked house, and saw the remains of the farm animals in the humongous footprint and chopped down the second beanstalk and burned the stump, Assuming both Jack and his mom were killed by the giant.

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