By Anonymous

I love lingerie, Belinda thought as she stood there caressing the silky fabric over her soft skin. It makes me feel so sexy! Belinda was wearing a very silky black gown that hugged her every curve with a slit that showed her shapely thighs. Underneath Belinda was wearing matching black panties and garter belt with nylons and heels. Her face was made up to perfection with wicked red lipstick, eye shadow, and mascara. Belinda was feeling very horny, hungry for a man as she stood admiring her gorgeous female body in the full length mirror.

Just then there was a knock at her door. "Yes what is it?" Belinda asked of whoever it was that was disturbing her privacy. It was her apprentices. Three girls Belinda had taken under her wings to teach them her evil ways of love making. They were all very beautiful girls and anxious to learn from Belinda.

"We brought you a man for your evening entertainment tonight," one of them said excitedly. "His name is Freddy." Good Belinda thought. And what perfect timing.

"Please come in and sit in your recliners to observe my pleasure and learn." They brought Freddy in, closed the doors and obediently sat down to watch while they masturbated themselves.

Freddy turned to look at Belinda, watching her hips as she walked so sexily toward him, her thigh showing sexily through the slit in her gown with each step. She stopped several meters from Freddy and gazed upon his well-muscled body. Belinda couldn't help but think how delicious he looked.

Then, with one hand Belinda curled her fingers towards Freddy, motioning him to her as she moved her other hand to her cunt and began rubbing sexily near her vagina, masturbating herself. Meanwhile Belinda thrust her hips rhythmically at him in sexual humping motions. Yes, he will do very nicely, Belinda thought while the pleasure in her clit grew.

"Very nice specimen of man meat," Belinda told her three girls. They were clearly becoming excited as they masturbated. This was not their first lesson and the sexual tension they were feeling was growing in their anticipation of the evening's events.

As Belinda looked upon this Freddy, her helpless prey, it was easy to see that he was very excited as well. The bulge in his pants was practically throbbing as he looked at Belinda. Meanwhile Belinda started to imagine how she would use him for her evil, womanly, sexual pleasure.

Come to me, Belinda said, and get down on your knees before me for I am the most beautiful of all women. Obeying her command he dropped to his knees. Belinda walked up to him stopping inches from his face and momentarily looked down at him with a wickedly, sexy, smile. Meanwhile, she was rubbing her hands seductively over her silky, filmy lingerie. Along her hips and around her breasts as her stomach pulsated like a belly dancer through her silky, filmy gown.

Then suddenly, Belinda thrust her hips in his face. As Belinda looked down at this man below her breasts and curvaceous hips, she could see he was rubbing his member excitedly in anticipation of his own sexual pleasure. Freddy started to speak but Belinda shouted "silence slave! You are here for my pleasure. You will not speak but you may masturbate," Belinda told Freddy as she clutched his face in her hands, holding him there against the taut silky fabric next to her cunt. He might as well enjoy this while he can she thought. Then Belinda began to rotate her hips as she pressed her pussy against his face through her silken lingerie. She slowly, sexily thrust her hips against him, feeling him there through her lingerie and next to her cunt as her own excitement mounted.

Then Belinda slowed to lift her gown up her thighs and over Freddy's head. Remove my panties for me little man and then pleasure me. Freddy excitedly pulled her panties down and off her even as he began licking her pussy, slurping at her pleasure juices as Belinda ground her cunt over his face. Grinding faster, harder until she could barely hold back her ecstacy. Then, to his surprise she effortlessly picked him up and practically threw him on her bed. Belinda climbed voraciously on top of Freddy and took his cock eagerly into her cunt. Belinda could feel Freddy's meat throbbing inside of her pussy as she began humping him with demanding thrusts of her vagina. she played with his cock, squeezing it in her cunt, sucking on it with my pussy, as she pounded her clit against him. They came together, their bodies humping in glistening pleasure till they rode their orgasms to completion.

"You were quite a ride," Belinda told Freddy, as she continued holding him next to her. "It's almost a shame you won't be around to do that again tomorrow." As Belinda lay there with him she began rubbing her stomach again.

"Oh I can come back again. It would be no problem at all. I'd love to have sex like that with you again," Freddy told her.

"No you don't nderstand. Let me explain. Do you know about the sexual habits of the black widow spider or the preying mantis?" Belinda asked Freddy.

"Well, yes. After sex the female eats the male," he said.

"Exactly, Belinda told him, and we just had sex! Very good sex I might add and now I am very hungry".

"Me to he said. Lets go get some dinner".

"My thoughts exactly. However, in this case it looks like you are dinner!" Belinda said as she took one of his fingers in her mouth, sucking on it seductively.

"What?! Oh, I see, you want to eat me. Sure. Well I'm starting to feel hard again. But I don't know if I can shoot another wad like that last one again so soon."

"Oh don't worry, you will be quite a bite to swallow as it is," Belinda eagerly exclaimed. I am going to eat you all up and swallow you alive and whole into my beautiful sexy stomach where I will digest you away as food. I can hardly wait to get you into me," she said as she looked down at her pulsating stomach. She rubbed it sexily.

"Really!?!" Freddy said. "And why would you do that?"

"Because I can!"

With that she took hold of him and began to lift him up above her mouth.

"What! What are you doing? How can you? Are you really going to eat me? Stop! Don't, please!" Freddy cried.

"Yes I am going to eat you as the final part of our sex act," Belinda told him as she held him there, face down before her sexy red womanly lips which she opened wide in anticipation of swallowing him.

"No Please don't!! NOOOOooooo."

His cries were muffled out as Belinda lowered Freddy's head and face into her lips which she opened wide to receive him. Her stomach was really pulsating now in eager anticipation of digesting poor Freddy and her heart pounded in her excitement of devouring him. She continued swallowing Freddy, engulfing him into her mouth as his head began to make its way down her throat. Her neck bulged against the mass. The act of swallowing him excited Belinda so that she began to masturbate her clit as she took him in. She had to make a slight adjustment to get his broad shoulders into her mouth but his pathetic struuggles actually eased the process. With that Freddy slid helplessly on down her throat in one smooth motion and disappeared into the depths of Belinda's powerful stomach.

Then her stomach really began pulsating like a belly dancer. Pulsating in sensuous digesting motions that massaged her searing digestive juices all over Freddy. She could feel Freddy struggling inside of her stomach trying to escape her belly and her searing juices that were scalding into his skin, dissolving him away.

"God it feels so good to digest men in my stomach!" Belinda moaned. I love to eat men! The pleasure of feeling him struggling inside her stomach continued to excite her and soon Belinda exploded in a most wonderful orgasm that reached even into her stomach as she digested him away in an orgasmic digestive frenzy. Soon his struggles ceased and then he was gone, her powerful, shapely and sexily muscled stomach empty once again.

Belinda delighted in her power to eat and digest men and and made a great show of it. Her three apprentis girls by now were in the throws of monstrous orgasms as the watched Belinda devour Freddy and digest him as food in her stomach. They could hardly wait to achieve Belinda's evil goddess pleasures for themselves.

As Belinda stood there rubbing her stomach in sexual, feminine delight, she looked at her three girls and told them, Now that's how it's done! But really, how can I be multi-orgasmic with only one man? And one man in my stomach just isn't a very substantial meal either. Next time get me more! Like an army of men. Enough at least to last the evening. Hmmm, an army Belinda thought. Now that would be fun!

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