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Alczinador was a city and Barony on the continent of Mallos on a world named Allack under a sun worshiped as the sun. It was in the quaint old days when the Empire of Man had expanded to the ends of space when this world was settled. Those who came had no choice. When the Empire ended, those who were left out preferred to find a new place to be. They had no choice whatsoever. Men rarely do. Women had even less choice.

Allack already had others dwelling upon its surface who already were the lords of the local ecosystem. They were not perturbed over the aggression and, perhaps, might have requested the invasion if they had been able to think.

The sun was a G type and the world warm enough for normal climates. Humanoids forms filled all of the lower niches in vast numbers and species. Insects did not exist. Some small birds flew descended from a branch mammalian stock. Omnivore reptiles dominated the upper ecosystem niches.

Leesh Y Barr was talking one day in the Ninth Age to her close girlfriend, Leesa Y Trapp. Leesh was a pale teenager with lustrous blonde hair that framed her face in a semi-circle. She wore a chartreuse blouse and a red tartan skirt. Though loose, it did not conceal her angular tits or firm upper thighs. High crimson pumps kept her literally on her pointed toes.

She was a Lady in her own House by virtue of descent. She was expected to be generous in private and prim. To flirt and to show were different from giving joy and being accommodating. As it was in all human cultures, it had become an art with certain traits and traditions to observe.

A large Rappbeast had been seen Northeast of the city of Alczinador. It had been feeding on Yecckins, Bluefins and Wavvicles. Luckily Rappbeasts were not very agile but they were speedy considering their bulk. Their steps were 40 meters at a time. Nothing could stop them. Nothing could change their direction except their whim.

Perhaps the old weapons would have worked like thermonukes or lasers. But that was in the past and their hides were a meter thick.

"Your wedding to the Baron is in but three weeks, Leesh. What do you think of him truly?"

"He is astute and wise. He is in line for the Throne. What more could a Lady desire?"

"So? Be real. Leesh."

Leesh blushed. Baron Washicar Y Barr was her uncle. He was much older than she was and when her aunt died, he had selected her. What choice did she have? Her father would be dishonored, or murdered, if she insisted on a different match with someone younger. She was young and naïve but not stupid. The Baron was a power.

"With luck," Leesa wryly noted, "Maybe a Rappbeast will feed on us first."

"No, how could you think that? We all would die! Alczinador would be devastated!" Yet why not she prayed. It would solve the dilemma of life would it not? There would be no dishonor, just misfortune. Her uncle would be sorry but not for long. Some other maiden would be spreading her knees for him. Power had persuaded many a maiden to accept haggard age or warts. A woman needed security.

"So?" Leesa was so direct. She was foolish in so many ways. She flaunted her firm boobs in front of all the help and dared to wear the shortest of skirts. With her dark tresses in carefully curled ringlets cascading around her shoulders, few men did not drool for access under her clothes. She thought that men could be ruled that way. Wait until she had to face her mother and father and deny an arranged marriage.

Leesh gazed pensively out the window. The purple hills of the Narr marked the further limits of the Barony. Somewhere out there a Rappbeast grazed on everything it could. It ate trees, beasts, humans, rocks and dirt. It was a very ravenous creature. Man had his little kingdoms and countries but the Rappbeast had its own hunting perimeters. Seven Rappbeasts easily patrolled and governed by bulk and tooth Alczinador, Patrois, Middleland, Erias and a portion of He.

Something blurry moved on the far horizon. A snake like head on a long, long neck broke the skyline. Leesh gasped. "There it is!"

"What-" Leesa, thrilled and terrified, jumped up. "My God, a Rappbeast! It is Tina!"

Just then alarms rung and banged. The city of Alczinador was under attack. The great Rappbeast had turned towards it.

"What are we going to do?" Leesa asked.

"Pray! No one but God almighty can stop it. It is 500 meters from tail to head and that does not count its 100 meter long neck. It comes and it goes. It eats and it eats."

Men pounded on their door. "Away misses, away! The Rappbeast comes!"

Leesh continued to watch out her window ignoring the pleas to flee. The Rappbeast approached even as she peered. It was immense but its stride was beyond comparison or easy measure. The soldiers would notch arrows and let fly. Rocks and flaming oils would patter its sides. Bullets and explosives would slow it some. But mark it or kill it, no. It was a power unto itself. Her heart pounded in awe and fear. What would be like to slide down its long neck? To be chewed and digested?

The only dead Rappbeasts men had discovered had died of old age or a cancerous tumor. Even a blow to its eyes did not hinder or kill. Armor plate slid down in a blink reflex when something hurled approached. And the eye was its weakest point.

Guards dragged her away, down to the dungeons in the cellar where some scant protection existed during an assault. Sometimes a Rappbeast would destroy only the center of a city and leave lower levels untouched and the suburbs. Other times, they veered away scenting some other prey or perhaps a change in the weather and left the works of men alone. No one really knew how or why they reacted or to what.

She and the other castle female constituents marched into the dungeon. The older women had visited here before and automatically quicken their pace and bowed their heads. As for herself she had not expected to see the tools used to break and tame a girl's spirit so soon. The whips terrified her. A female was easily tamed and she wondered how she could survive under such a mighty weapon.

Each received a flashlight in case the lighting system failed. Within the confines of the dungeon a hundred favored women and children huddled while a war was fought overhead. No one bothered to inform them of any dire or happy happenings so when the walls shivered and cracked, they screamed. The lights flickered and failed. New light erupted through a titanic hole.

A gigantic flat head poked in gobbling concrete and stone as effortlessly as any other food. The rocks shattered and splintered on enormous grinding bucuspidor teeth. Its mouth was open in a great yawn, 10 meters in diameter. Its senses somehow detected warm flesh and it snatched and grabbed wretched women three or four at a time. Kicking legs protruded seductively from its flat gray lips. Leesh saw her mother go in, seized around her breasts, gulped twice, sucked once and was gone.

Screams and shouts beat on the remaining walls. The Rappbeast continued, ignoring the cries, and looted often and repeatedly. Leesh and Leesa cowered in a far corner but the Rappbeast was licking the far corners with its tongue and found them knee to knee. The tongue stuck through Leesa's thighs and around Leesh's waist to cover her protruding breasts. It was time to go.

Leesh watched closely as she approached the vast mouth chasm. A brunette tumbled down the throat ahead of them. The vast black top of the mouth closed overhead. Never again would they see daylight. The mouth clamped down and the Rappbeast swallowed them whole

The neck was long, a 100 meters. This Rappbeast had been identified as # 3, a female. Affectionately it was nicknamed Tina.

How long does it take to fall? As long as you can imagine. Longer than can be hoped for. And shorter sometimes. Leesh and Leesa screamed and fell headfirst. The girls hit a net like membrane stretched across the throat more than 90 meters down and bounced. Others were already there struggling and weeping. The throat rumbled and moved. Other objects fell on top of them. Another girl hit Leesh as she half got up. One leg was thrust through a net hole forcing her skirt even higher. She straddled a strand, clung zealously and shrieked. Smaller objects dropped through the netting such as a wailing tiny baby.

The netting was rather coarse and shook constantly. The holes were a meter in length and square. Something slimy reached around her right arm and tugged. Leesh yelled but could not break its hold. It pulled her and then slithered around her waist. Slowly, then quickly, she was tugged away. Shortly the tentacle was around her neck, waist and up through her thighs in a continuous loop notching her short skirt. She whined and waited on her hands and knees behind another girl equally caught.

It was too dim to see well and only the occasional flash from above when the Rappbeast fed brighten the gloom to a ghastly murk. She inched forward and was finally first against the sizzling inner throat of Tina. Her tentacle lifted her head and nudged her against another wet, hot and icky surface. Leesh toiled despairingly to back away but the tentacle kept her blonde scalp in place and pushed her in. She sobbed and entered a muscular iris opening. Momentarily she could not breathe but then she was inside where a dense impenetrable blackness reigned. The air was thick, hot and damp. A few wails greeted her distantly. The rest of her sexy body was extruded within the inner cavity where a new tentacle replaced the old which departed to search the netting for other ripe fruit.

She lamented and pleaded but the tentacle seized her neck and sinuously twisted under her arm and below her tits and around again to divide her skirt and crease her panties. It smacked down hard on her cunt making her creep along. Leesh sobbed but recognized Tina's legitimate claim.

The girl ahead cursed and she recognized the voice as belonging as Leesa. "Leesa! Is that you?"

"Leesh, I am caught! Please help me!"

"Leesa, so am I. I am directed on my path as are you."

"It has grabbed me between my legs!" Leesa wept. "I am being treated like a common slut!"

What could Leesh say? A tentacle held her true, choking if necessary or coaxing her cunt. "Calm down, Leesa. There is nothing we can do. We belong to Tina."

"Aaahhh! I hate my life!"

"At least I will not have to marry my uncle!" Leesh replied sagely. Honor had been served and random chance had dictated her real usefulness in the environment..

They proceeded meekly, exchanging director tentacles often. Two other inner holes Lessh passed through, ever deeper into the Rappbeast. By now she expected to enter another chamber and relented as her guide lifted her head and cooperated by climbing through. There was little need to help Tina. The iris aperture had muscles that clamped and sucked her through whether she helped or did not help.

She could feel Tina's ponderous bulk as it moved and continuously provided its stomach with nutrients. It swayed and lurched but the motion was reduced within the tons of surrounding meat.

Finally, she was thrust into a dank cavity between two other bodies. She discovered herself on her knees, head close to her thighs and wet limp hair sticking to shoulders and falling to the floor leaving her behind a hair curtain of sorts. Her back touched the ceiling which crunched down holding her tighter. Her heels stuck out behind her rump which was thrust up. Her skirt was raised and showed her beautiful panties.

The leading tentacle departed leaving her isolated and alone. She missed its company.

She trembled and wondered where she was and why. A prickly hand snared her left hand and before she could stop it, she was grasping a hot prick. She blushed and protested. Something grunted and pumped her left hand. "Please don't! I am a virgin!"

Another hand touched her thigh only this one politely soothed. "Relax, child. Just take it with the flow."

"Who are you?"

"I am, or was, Anunthar of the Red IronOak."

"You are a peasant! Take your hand away immediately!"

"I am sorry, who are you, missy?" He did not let go.

"I am Leesh Y Barr!"

"You are in the stomach of Tina." His hand explored her blouse and found one of her breasts which he squeezed. "And at least I have something to do."

"Let me go! Let me go!"

"Better me than the Wavvicle who is courting with your left hand."

"A Wavvicle!"

"Remember the Rappbeast eats us and other life. We are only a small part of his appetite and diet."

She sobbed wildly. Anunthar's hand now fondled her ass and cunt without her permission. The Wavvicle grunted in turn but did not release her either. Gradually she relaxed and involuntarily amused her two new boyfriends. She let her hand be led to Anunthar's crotch where she found him hard and engorged. She had never been touched before like this or even seen a prick. Now she had two to keep occupied and gainfully employed. She sighed, back aching from being crouched. She pumped on both sides.

Later they talked. He, like the Wavvicle, did not let her hand go elsewhere. He liked it near his dick.

"What is the date, Leesh Y Barr?"

She replied in a whisper.

"I have been inside 13 days then."

"Where are we exactly? And why?"

"Obviously inside Tina. I would suspect we are in a reserve stomach. It is getting ready for something and needs to store up some food. Don't worry a tentacle will be around to instruct you."

Abruptly something wet slapped her derriere and slipped up her thighs to tickle her own stomach. She wiggled and gasped.

"Roll call. Tina likes to know that its passengers are still alive. She prefers fresh meat. Which reminds me, search in front of you for a teat."

"A what?"

"A teat. Like a breast nipple." He pinched her left nipple as an added commentary. "Tina will keep us supplied with drink and liquefied food for awhile. Also the air is cleaner through the teat."

"How can I?" You insist on keeping my hand!"

He laughed evilly. "Squirm, slut, and look with your luscious lips."

So she thrashed some and located the teat and sucked in her evening meal and some better air as Anunthar had recommended. He had liked her body gyrations as she labored and soon was rigid. She sucked on the teat and pumped with her hand.

Some days passed and a new life routine settled in. She still had her flashlight and used it to illuminate her surroundings when Anunthar was asleep. She did not like or trust this grayed creep.

Red and pink streaks crisscrossed the walls under, over and in front of her. Liquids pulsed through numberless thick globular veins. She could widen the aperture between her thighs and peek backwards and see with her flashlight. A veil of red fibrous fingers filled a corridor. Vaguely she could see a shoe facing the inner corridor but opposite her.

Distantly Tina thrashed and wandered looking for food. Alczinador had a population of more than 100,000 and would keep Tina nearby for days or a week searching odd cavities and cubbyholes. Once in awhile some worried face surfaced with tentacles escorting his or her involuntary journey.

The Rappbeast was too big to be bothered by outside noises or disturbances. Monsoons, blizzards and hurricanes did not disturb the inner quiet. Internal rumblings from the intestines or tummy highlighted the days and nights.

One day (or night) Leesh awoke with the bellywalls trembling and the hapless prisoners being squeezed and bounced. Anunthar snatched another free tit touch in the panic. He sputtered: "Fuck! Damn it all now!"

Leesh sucked at her teat trying to find reassurance. A staccato beat developed. It felt like being jostled and bumped. The beat increased in tempo. Wails and cries sounded from the other cells, human and inhuman. Suddenly the beat stopped and Tina shuddered. From faraway something squished and gurgled.

The stomach contents eased. Then the beat started again, purposeful and deliberate.

Leesh released her teat and turned in the murk to her only human compatriot. "I think Tina is being fucked!"

Anunthar grunted and guided her hand to his throbbing dick. Leesh sighed and returned to her own teat as her hand pumped Anunthar yet again. Her tit was cuddled in silent reply as he sucked his own teat.

Tina screwed off and on for a week. It became a regular occurrence. For a beast she did it non-stop. Tina must have been in love or at least being courted.

A man passed Leesh's ass and was paused long enough to communicate. Alczinador was in ruins. Two Rappbeasts, Tina and Albeer had descended in a feeding and sexual frenzy. They were licking the stones clean and flicking their tongues into cellars and rooms. Towers fell and were searched for meat and then shattered into dust.

The Rappbeasts screwed for hours. When they finished, they would jerk apart and break some more walls for human food. They would return again and again with extra vigor and lust to their arduous amour.

Men still fought. Guns barked and fire sparkled in oily streams on their sides. They had yet to be punctured or even bruised. Willfully they ignored the petty attacks, supped and fucked.

One day a steady stream of humanoids, many from Alczinador, began to be guided past Leesh's behind. They were tired and identified themselves as from the stomach of Albeer who had regurgitated them into Tina between love bouts. They shuffled pass on hands and knees. Men behind women, women respectfully behind men.

They thanked Leesh for her light. It was good to see again though briefly.

They also brought other news of people entrained upstream in the stomach. Leesa was well with a Bluefin and a Witchaker as company, both female and they were hardly bothering her. She was lonely and sent her regards and love.

Her mother was with a male Bluefin and a castle girl servant. She reported herself as busy with the Bluefin who was incessant with his demands. The servant girl was also assisting the Bluefin with her hand. Both reported themselves with their pretty asses up and showing to the passing crowds and check tentacle. She could hardly imagine her mother in so embarrassing a situation. How could she?

Then she blushed from cheek to cheek. Her own behind was visible and with her own assistance even more so. Her flashlight shone through her thighs and illuminated her natural curves and her panty blue and white colors. More than one man would have seen and been hardened at her coquetry. She had even dallied with them with verbal play.

The check tentacle was part of her world now too. It would squeeze her behind and slip between her thighs. If she responded, which she did of course, Tina would retreat and leave her bent and kneeling.

The line behind her slowed and eventually stalled. Tina was chock full. And the stomach contents could not and would not long last in the central passing corridor. Still it allowed some gossip to circulate so it was not all bad. Tina was watchful and touched everybody's derriere and genitalia. She certainly knew their situation and would have them going to some useful task in a little while.

Leesh was able to determine that Leesa was nine bodies to her right and on her side of the corridor and her mother was 12 back and across. Up ahead was another stomach iris leading to another internal stomach section seven bodies away.

Tina was fucked one last time when she fully stuffed. The stomach occupants rolled and sweated. The Wavvicle kept her hand warm and Anunthar's fingers danced within her thighs. One last shot of sperm exploded far away. Yet the gurgle was clearly heard.

The line stayed where it was. One of the men, who called himself Wulf, reached over and tickled the back of thighs. She murmured and twisted which only encouraged him to stretch and poke her cunt. Leesh gasped and complained. Anunthar defended with his own hand claiming her ass as his and his only. They finger wrestled between her knees for her usage. Her own hands were under strict control to either side on hot dicks. She sucked her teat while the men fought over her. Every once inawhile they stroked her cunt accidentally making her jerk and jiggle. A whimper occasionally escaped her nose.

Anunthar eventually won out but Wulf still claimed her lower feet by her heels where Anunthar could not extend his domain. Wulf clasped her on the ankle while Anunthar cajoled and played under her panties.

Much later she uncovered her flashlight and pointed it under her. Her bare breasts, long out of her blouse and bra, hung like sweet fruits. Anunthar snored. Wulf had moved his hand higher with Anunthar asleep and was fingering the lace of her panties. Wulf, as she could see, also was propositioning the woman in a pale violet dress in front of him. The dress had been hiked and veed in front and in back from contact with the guiding tentacle.

Momentarily she wondered how it would have felt to be swallowed and molested in a male Rappbeast belly only to be yanked out, spit up and reswallowed. The glory of being led again made her dizzy. A tentacle between her legs gently but firmly keeping her controlled--Having to once again be captured and led by the nose to an iris.

Wulf's nose was already in her behind. She was finger wresting between her thighs with him in defense of her chastity. Of course the guiding tentacle was in the way and was the ultimate chastity belt but Wulf liked to touch and fondle what he could. She arched her back and protested, bumping backwards.

Abruptly his hand succeeded and won to her breasts. She struggled but her Tina kept her relatively still and crouched. The woman cried and begged. Her husband would kill him and her when he next found them.

Wulf muttered: "Stupid bitch! We are all going to die! Now struggle and move your ass!" She sobbed hysterically, insane.

At the same time, noticing Leesh's attention, he jumped her crotch with his hand. "Ahh! Sweet slut!"

Leesh's ass began to gyrate and hump. Frantically she sucked at her teat. She clicked her flashlight off to save the weakening batteries. Leesa would be entertaining the troops too. And her Mom.

Wulf finished. Anunthar returned to pat his property and brought back her hand to his cock for a nap.

The steady toss and turn of Tina's walking had ceased. The line behind Leesh's ass commenced to move sluggishly. Wulf left never to return along with the girl he had stalked and violated. He probably would have her again if the line tarried again. Three dozen crawled by until progress slowed and ceased. A pretty blonde panted behind Leesh's ass this time with unhuman creatures behind and ahead and all female.

The blonde was only sixteen and a servant called Abielle. Her long yellow gown was veed in front and back and hiked all the way past her hips in back. Her appealing rump would be highly placed and visible. The front of her gown had been ripped presenting her large boobs for easy access and play. She smiled at the timid Leesh and complimented her choice of panties.

Leesh was ashamed yet envious. Another girl, on older than her, and she too had been flung back into the neck where Albeer was hacking up his love gift to amiable and comely Tina. She would have been coughed into the mouth cavity where Albeer's tongue would have slapped her forward into Tina's gaping jaws. Sparse outside light would have twinkled between tooth gaps. Tina's tongue would have kissed her panties quickly and then she fell again down a long neck.

Once there a new guide tentacle would have collected her. Patiently then she would have knelt behind a dark animal's rump as a precondition to insertion into Tina's stomach. Leesh drooled at the prospect. To serve twice as a proper constituent in the true ecosystem of Allack!

Abielle was aggressive though and played to either side with a man on the far side and Leesh and Anunthar on the near side. Once more Anunthar who rather liked the foreplay between her thighs defended her. Leesh pumped him as her pay until he nodded of and then commenced new battled with Abielle finally failing. Abielle's pink nails slipped under her panties and danced within.

The line jerked forward again this time with the passage of fifty or sixty humanoids. This time nothing bothered her nor the next time or the next. Then her uncle scrambled to a stop near the Wavvicle but within easy reach of her innocent and attractive derriere. She knew it was he in the light of her flash. He grumbled, locked between inhuman beasts.

"Who is that with the light! Speak up!"

It was too late to extinguish the light and she could not hide. Her body stance dictated that her knees fell partially apart. She could no more close them than hope to be vomited. Tina possessed her.

"Speak up wench! I can see your bottom!"


"I what?"

L-leesh, sir."

The Baron Y Barr paused and thought. He chuckled. "You know what night its is, Leesh of Albarann?"


"It is our wedding night!"

Leesh trembled and realize his awful correctness. What an ironic twist of fate it was. Alczinador lay in fragments, she waited in Tina's belly and her Baron now was so near her ass. "If you say so, sir."

"I say so then." The Baron studied his chin and then added in a calm soothing manner. "The sir does not matter now. I am nothing but a protein supply passing through. Relax and pray for a short painless end. Hope that Tina likes your taste as opposed to my own tasteless bone and grimy sinew. Serve Tina well because she is truly in charge of you and me and her kind direct Allack. We are minor insects that plague the smaller plants and animals and are to be exterminated or properly used for our calories."

Silence reigned. Leesh worried over her own thoughts. He had spoken true of Tina who she loved and worshipped as the all provider. She had all but hated the Baron when she was still naïve and living outside her great belly. She thought the Baron cruel, old and ugly. Especially ancient. "You are not that bad--sir." She admitted to herself and to him.

He arched an eyebrow and replied: "I was quite vexing. I followed the ways of power. I am content to follow now." He paused and then continued: "Please forgive me, Leesh, for desiring you so much that I forced your father to let it be. It was just my lusts speaking as well as my love."

"I forgive you, sir."

"Thank you. Thank you very much, my lovely niece."



"Please touch me."

"I am no good. I am soiled with defeat. It is wrong to disturb your innocence."

"I am far from pristine, my Baron. This Wavvicle captured my left hand when I arrived and has kept me anchored on his groin ever since. On my other side is a serf who has fought for my honor with others with his fingers between my thighs. Each time he failed ultimately and I too was defeated. Hands have been all over my flirty little ass and in my panties. Let me remember your touch as it might have been on our wedding night!"


"All right." He reached over and patted her rump, running his fingers over her damp underwear and down between her thighs. She gasped in pleasure. "Spread them, my wife, my whore!"

She did, increasing the distance between her thighs, pushing her two boyfriends away. They complained and she seized their pricks and made them complacent.

"More Leesh!" She wiggled an extra inch. "Pity I cannot do more. If this had been back at the castle, I would have had you hanging by your wrists with your ankles to your upper thighs. A whip would have been handy to strip your wedding gown off."

Leesh groaned and arched her back. So she spent her wedding night in the belly of the lovely Tina.

The Baron passed as did all the others in the central corridor. The original members of the stomach commenced plodding by. A second heartbeat could be detected, booming and crashing. Tina was pregnant. It was now obvious that they had been stored for her unborn child. Now she fed it fresh meat either directly or indirectly.

Mom limped by with her gown bedraggled and in ribbons from routine rapes and tentacle grapplings. Her tentacle tightly gripped her cunt and neck and would not allow her to slow or to deviate from her path. Without hesitation she followed Tina's directions. Leesa, significantly less proud, scampered by on hands and knees with her skirt veed and above her waist. Her round boobs has been pulled out and bobbed on her chest. Obviously quite a few men in passing had inspected her young and nubile body and contested with her vain fingers between her knees. Undoubtedly she had lost often and the men had slapped and pinched her innocent bottom mercilessly. She was far too busy to dally now.

Anunthar, protesting, was removed from his cozy cell. Leesh was next and expected the return of her escort and was not surprised to be reeled backwards when the tentacle slipped under her ass and around her tummy. She settled behind Anunthar with the Wavvicle in back of her. Her tentacle was in place around her crotch, waist and neck. It urged her twat and she inched forward with her nose in Anunthar's rear end. She sighed and duly expected the Wavvicle to be slurping at her crotch shortly. When the tentacles exchanged she would be briefly exposed and his tongue would dash in and kiss and lick. It was all right. Tina allowed it.

Finally her nose was pressed against the very last iris aperture. She could smell the rich hot stomach acid beyond. Her guide tentacle pushed her face forward and the muscles of the iris grasped and tugged slightly inward. She was then arrested in place as if Tina hesitated over her taste or value. Her heart pounded in the infinite black hole of Tina's tummy. The Wavvicle lapped away, undisturbed. Her tentacle pulsed and gripped her firmly. She faced what her Mom had faced and sweet sexy Leesa too. Without doubt they all had decided the same way. What else could a girl do when Tina coaxed your cunt and let all things happen or not happen? And with your boobs open and jiggling under you.

"Please Tina, let me in! I beg entrance on my hands and knees!" She kissed the iris which tingled her lips and burned as she swallowed and begged. Her wish was favored and granted. Her head sunk in followed by her twisting tits and voluptuous ass. Her tentacle slapped her behind goodbye. So Leesh served her gorgeous Lady Tina, owner of Alczinador. Her last thought was the hope to be reborn and be swallowed again but by the noble Lord Albeer next time.

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