The Belly of the Beast

By Katinasha

Gwyneth stood at the edge of the rocky crag, the soft sea breeze mussing her silky auburn hair. She sensed more than heard the churning waves chipping away at the boulders below. The blackness of the overcast night encased her like a tomb. She perched there, unaware of the blackness, the wind, sound or motion as she contemplated her next step - over the edge. For Gwyneth had chosen this as her last night on Earth.

So focused was she that at first the young girl did not hear the voice, the soft whisper that came from all directions; "I will love you". Then a hint of sound, "I will love you". As she became more aware, the voice, still soft, grew stronger and its direction came from above, "I will love you". "Are you God? Are you an angel? " Gwyneth shouted at the voice, tears dampening her sweet face. As she tried to stare through the darkness, a huge black shape swooped low across her eyes. The form seemed to pause in mid-air for a moment, before settling to the ground a short distance away. In awe Gwyneth beheld the dark apparition when at once two fire-red eyes opened six meteres above her head. With fear and apprehension the young maiden gasped, "who are you?"

"I am Tremalaine The Powerful, descended from the Great Dragons of the North, called Fyre-Wyrm throughout the region, seeking my nightly dinner...and I choose you - But only if you accept. I prefer a willing meal and I promise that if you choose to come with me, that I will love you. " The words tore at Gwyneth and filled her with fear. Her mind was accosted with the image of her body trapped between massive jaws, being forced into the long throat, the suffocation as she slides down that throat and then into the stomach and...what? Being slowly digested? She shuddered at the thought. " want to eat me?" She whispered.

"Of course." His voice was strangely calming. "I am a dragon. Dragons devour maidens. I ask that you give yourself to me freely. I will eat you and in so doing, I will love you."

The creature's eyes changed then. It appeared to the girl that she was now looking at two bright fireplaces. Suddenly she wanted to reach up to them, bask in the kindness of those hearths, and warm her body against the cold of the night. But trepidation again overtook her and the hearths became the Gates of Hell, beckoning her into eternal torment. "Begone, Beast of Damnation!" Gwyneth declared with as much authority as she could muster.

The dragon eyes blinked with bemused astonishment. "Child," the beast started, "you wish to die. You feel no love from this world nor toward this world. You have noone to care for you, noone to miss you when you are gone. In your desperation, you have chosen to remove yourself from this miserable existence." Tears welled in the maiden's hazel eyes as Tremalaine told her what she knew in her heart to be true. "If you have made this choice, let me help you. Will you prefer to break your body upon the hard rocks below, then sink into the cold ocean, or shall I take you into my warm mouth, allow me to savor your sweet body, then slide you gently into the safety of my belly. There you will remain in sanctuary until your flesh becomes one with mine and the many who have gone before you."

In her depression, Gwyneth felt the dragon's words, and they seemed to ring true. Given the choice of being dashed against the boulders far below her, with no guarantee of a quick and merciless death, or being lulled to sleep from lack of air and thus attaining her goal in a relatively painless way, his logic seemed irrefutable. "Then take me monster," she resigned, "I am your food."

"Not here," the beast declared. Black wings rose across a black sky and Gwyneth suddenly felt the grip of great talons around her waist as she was hoisted up and away from the precipice. "May God forgive me," she sobbed, realizing the decision she had just made.

She knew that they were flying almost straight up and faster than she could even conceive. She looked down to see the dim of fires from her village, and the light of the castle off in the distance. "Goodbye to you, cruel life," she cried, as she remembered how she had always been treated poorly by the townsfolk. "I have sealed my own fate" and again the vision of her squeezed into the stomach of a dragon sent chills through her. Tremalaine held her firmly but gently as he continued his ascent. He could feel the girls soft flesh beneath her garments and knew this night he would dine well. The meat felt tender and delicate to the touch and his belly grumbled with anticipation.

The great Wyrm flew ever higher until he suddenly broke through the overcast. Gwyneth was startled from her thoughts by the most beautiful night she had ever beheld. Above her she saw a bright ceiling of millions of stars, being watched over by a beneficent crescent moon. Below her, a blanket of cloud reached far beyond the horizon. Breaking through the cloud cover like islands in a sea of sheep's wool the mountains loomed in the distance. Fear began to give way to exhilaration as Tremalaine turned toward the tallest of the peaks.

And then the maiden turned her eyes toward the great dragon. A magnificent creature he was indeed! Easily 20 meteres from tip of nose to tip of tail, with bat-wings half again that length. Large green-gold scales covered the entire body, including the soft yellow under belly. She was being held by one of the beasts fore paws and his wings grew from musculature at the shoulders. His snout was narrow and as long as Gwyneth was tall. "I'll fit in that perfectly," she thought to herself, as a sense of sexual excitement began to stir in her at the picture. The beast's head was attached to a long tapering neck that broadened into the wide belly. She stared at that belly for a period, realizing that soon she would be looking at it from the other side. Again she felt stirrings that seemed inappropriate for the experience.

Treamalaine was soon hovering over a great ledge near the summit of the mountain. As the ground rose up to meet the two, Gwyneth was amazed at how softly the landing was. The Wyrm released his prize and sat back on his haunches. "Well," he said, eyeing her. "Have you changed your mind? Are you going to interrupt my feeding with resistance?"

The girl smiled, for now she was certain of her choice. "I told you before, I am your food. I ask you, plead with you to eat me."

"Then remove your garments that I might taste all of your flesh," the dragon commanded. Immediately, the maiden took off her cloak. As she removed each piece of clothing her excitement became more intense. "I hope you like what you see, Sir Tremalaine" she remarked.

He gazed upon the naked woman with passion. In his 1000 years of existence he didn't remember seeing lovelier meat. Her skin was pink and smooth. She had delightfully full and supple breasts and an ever so slightly rounded belly. Her hips were not to narrow, not too wide, and slid down to perfectly meaty thighs. The girl had become quite excited by the dragon's eyes on her and he could now smell the gentle fragrance of her wafting through the air. She turned to allow Tremalaine to view the scope of her backside. He saw the well-rounded arse and fleshy but firm back and arms and his mouth watered as his stomach again grumbled.

As she turned back toward him, she saw a snakelike tongue slithering out the dragon's mouth. "A taste," he breathed. And with that the tongue touched her feet. It was hot, not scalding, but enough to send chills through the girl's body. The tongue traveled up her shins and over her knees. It then moved slowly up her thighs, pausing briefly at her womanhood to take in the sweet aroma. Gwyneth shuddered with arousal as the tongue continued up her belly to her face, lifting her breasts as it passed over them.

As if on cue a wind blew over her damp body and chilled her. She looked at the dragon eyes and said, "I am cold. Warm me."

The dragon smile and said, "soon you will be warm, for it is time," and with that he brought his head down and opened his mouth. For a moment Gwyneth stood looking into the maw and strained to see how far down the throat she could view. Then she turned and sat down upon the creature's tongue. Again the heat gave her chills as she slowly lowered herself back until she was lying halfway into the great beast's mouth. Tremalaine lifted his head and tilted it slightly back so that the girl could slide down easily. The inside of the monster's mouth was as hot as his tongue had been, and Gwyneth began to feel sweat seeping from her every pore. She could feel her legs dangling to either side of the mouth as she whispered, "oh my God." She reached down and touched herself, feeling the moistness of her excitement. She began to rub herself, slowly at first, and than faster as the creature's saliva began to coat her.

"I can taste you"! Treamalain exclaimed, though his mouth was full at the time. "Your meat is sweeter than all the meats combined! I will love you! And he lifted her with his tongue until her nipples brushed against the top of his mouth. Her excitement became even more heightened then and she felt the tinge of an orgasm coming on. Suddenly his tongue rolled back, forcing her legs apart and coming to rest on her belly. The undulation of the tongue muscles rubbed against her as no man ever could and she screamed wildly with excitement. She pressed her hands down against the tongue, forcing it harder against her stomach. Her legs were as spread apart as they could be as the dragon's tongue continued it's relentless rubbing. When the orgasm came it was as if great star had exploded within her, and she wailed in the pleasure of it.

Tremalaine knew that this was the time and began to swallow her. She was enraptured and didn't even notice that her head was now dangling over the Wyrm's throat. When her eyes focused enough to see what was happening, she cried out, "Yes! Eat me! Eat me now!" She felt the muscles contracting and began descending into the esophagus. It seemed to her that, though she felt constrained, it was a perfect fit as her shoulders moved down into the waiting cavern. She was covered with the creature's spittle and her own sweat and that helped lubricate her as her breasts now entered the throat. A great voice, coming from all around her, vibrated the walls of her new home saying, "You are the most delicate piece of meat I have ever tasted! Go now and fill my belly with your sweetness."

"Yes," she repeated. "You love me." Her belly now slid over the rim of Tremalaine's throat and she could feel gravity beginning to assist the swallowing. Her meaty arse was now up against one side of the opening while her tender breasts were squeezed against the other. All the time the gently undulating muscles moved her closer to the chamber of the Great Wyrm's stomach. There was a strange fluorescence coming from somewhere below the tunnel and the lump of food formerly known as Gwyneth was moving rapidly toward it. "I'm almost there!" She screamed, still relishing in the throes of her orgasm. "I will help you," came the booming response, which caused her flesh to jiggle like a jellypot. The dragon lifted his head and made a mighty swallow, to allow the meat to slip into his gut. Gwyneth suddenly felt as if she'd been thrown into a whirlpool as her body began spinning down the tunnel of Temalaine's throat, every part of her body being massaged by the wet warmth of it.

The young girl literally burst into the cavity as if being reborn. Her head struck first as she spun down, followed by the rest of her. Cushioned by the soft lining, she lay upside down in a fetal position within the gut. Three things struck her immediately; how very cramped her new quarters were, that there was an abundance of light coming from shimmering sparkles located behind the membrane, and the fact that she was still breathing, heavily after the delight her body had just experienced, but that there was air. "Why am I not suffocated?" She asked the stomach.

"I have air all within me. That is needed for dragons to breathe fire." The mighty Wyrm looked down at his bloated belly and belched a fiery belch of satisfaction. From within, the girl witnessed the flame forming above her before it moved up through the tunnel she had just traveled down. She was still upside down, her thighs squeezed against her breasts. "But will I now be slowly digested? Will my flesh be seared from my bones by your juices?" " Have patience, child," the dragon responded. "Make yourself comfortable, and soon you will see how a dragon's digestion works." He placed one hand on the living lump in his stomach and felt her writhing into another position. Then, still holding his full belly, the monster rolled over and went to sleep.

She awoke from dreaming of her mother's womb. The girl tried to remember how many times now she'd had that same dream. More than 10 times? More than 20? Over this period she would ask Tremalaine, when? He would answer simply, "soon enough," before rubbing his belly and tickling her all over. She was now used to her cramped quarters, sitting with her legs pushed against her. Sometimes she would move and the dragon would laugh at the feeling.

It slowly dawned on her that something had changed. There was no sense of being pressed together by the lining of the stomach. And there were voices and, more over, feelings that she was experiencing from within and without her body. She opened her eyes to find that her legs were gone. Not so much gone, she realized, as somehow melded into the stomach itself. Her body was being absorbed into the dragon's stomach. The voices were becoming more evident, and she realized that these were the voices of the many women whom the dragon had devoured throughout his life. And the feeling was a sincere sense of love like she had never felt before. As her body slowly became one with Tremalaine, The feeling of love enveloped her and all the voices called to her to join them as The One, and she cried with euphoria at the thought. Gwyneth leaned backward against the side of the stomach cavity, and her shoulders began melting into the soft tissue. She watched as her arms, then her stomach, then her breasts were reformed into a part of the chamber. The sense of love was overwhelming as the voices continued beckoning. All that was left now was her happy face as she prepared to join her soul with the many who had come before. As she sank into Paradise, she heard the voice of Tremalaine The Powerful, Great Wyrm of the region, saying softly yet booming over all the rest, "I will love you, always."

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