Big Rob Catches a Biker

By Big Rob

When Big Daddy Rob woke up one morning, he was powerfully horny and hungry. He felt much better after a long time of not feeling well. He remembered the cute boy he had seen around on his bike. Then, Big Rob knew what would make him feel great.

He got in his big black Chevy pickup and drove around the areas he had seen the boy in. He drove around for a while getting hornier and hungrier by the minute. Finally he was so hungrey and so horny that he had to do something about it. Just then the slender dark haired boy biked by as fast as lightening, his muscular legs pumping hard.

Big Rob gunned the pick-up and followed the boy. Soon he saw the boy pull into a city park. The park was vast and full of huge trees and pathways that lead to all kinds of curious places. Even though it was in the center of a large city, when you walked into it you felt strangely like you had gone into the country except you could still hear a lot of the noises of the city around you.

The boy walked deliberately to an area, turned down one of the pathways, seeking an area that he liked to sit in after a very long bike ride explosion. He got to the place he really liked best and pulled out a book and began to loose himself in the story he had been reading.

The huge man was scoping him out as he got settled. Big Rob was so horny and so hungrey that he was almost out of his mind. His recent illness had left him feeling very empty and he meant to get back to his usuall self. He approached the boy.

Soon the boy felt the wind sort of change around him and a huge shadow covered him as he lay on the ground reading. He looked up at the gigantic man towering above him. Big Rob had the strangest expression on his face and the boy almost cried out in alarm but did not.

Rob was used to the reaction the boy gave him. He had seen it before, but this time there was something else there too. Something that sort of made him feel a little sad and happy at the same time. It puzzled the big hulk. Before the boy had a chance to do anything else Big Rob plunked himself down by the boy making the earth tremble and said, "What's your name son?"

The boy looked over at the big guy and sort of smiled and trembled in the same moment. He said haltingly, my name is Sean, Sir."

Big Rob grabbed him, saying, "Well Sean boy this afternoon something is going to happen to you that will alter your young life. You just shuck off those clothes of yours and let me see what you look like naked."

Sean trembled and smiled and started to take off his sneakers and sock, his short and t shirt and then waited in his underwear. Big Rob barked out, "Bare ass boy. Take the shorts off too."

The boy turned bright red but did what he was told. For some reason, he seemed to have no choice but to do what this gigantic man told him to do. Even though the man scared, he realized that he was powerfully arouse and extremely erect. In fact his dick was throbbing and close up to his trim little stomach.

When he was completely naked the big guy just looked him over from one end to the other. Big Rob had been thinking about this moment for a long time. The boy was beautiful. He had all the qualities that the gigantic man looked for in a meal. Rob spoke after looking at the beautiful boy for a while, " Open up my fly boy!" Even though it scared Sean a lot, he moved his little hands up to the fly of the big guy's jeans and unbottoned them, his mouth beginning to water and his eyes centered on the bulge in the big man's pants.

He got the jeans off the giant and saw that his cock was entirely erect and pre-cumming a lot. Big Rob put his hands on the back of Sean's head and pulled the boy onto his cock. filling the boy up with his dick. He moved the boy's head around to suit himself and told the boy things in a firm way that made the boy, although somewhat inexperienced, do a wonderful job of making him feel really good. Soon he was pumping into the boy and the pumping and the connection between him and the young boy was tremendous. The giant's cock was about to burst and the boy's dick was extremely hard and throbbing up against his trim little stomach.

Soon Big Rob felt the orgasm coming on and he pumped even faster and much deeper until he felt the boy's throat and tongue washing all over him and making him shoot what felt like quarts of cum down into little Sean's stomach.

When Big Rob was finished, he told the boy to stand up and to step away from him. Rob wanted to watch his cute boy stroking himself and told the boy to do just that. He told him when to speed up and he told him when to slow down and tease himself with his own hands. Soon he told the boy to go for it, and commanded him to catch all of his own cum in his hand when he shot. The boy, though somewhat embarrassed and bewildered by the entire experience did as he was told--once again, wondering what the strange hold was that this huge bearded man had over him.

After he finished cumming, Rob ordered him to eat all the cum out of his hand and the boy did just that. Then Big Rob reached out to him and pulled him into the nest he made for the boy spoon fashion with his boy -- the boys butt up against the much larger man's crotch and they went to sleep and slept for a long time.

Early the next morning, as the sun was coming up, the both woke up. The first thing that Sean saw was the big man who seemed to have become even bigger during the night, gazing at him with another kind of appetite showing on his face. Before Sean had enough time to realize what was happening , Rob's enormous hands had him and picked him up off the earth and had him on his way to the big guy's fuzzy bearded mouth--butt side first.

Sean felt the beard up against his little butt. "Oh man that really tickles!" But before he even finished getting that out he had the sensation that most of his butt was in the the giant's mouth. "How can this be? What is happending to me, big guy? What are you doing to me?"

But instead of answering him the Giant just took more of the boy inside of himself. Sean felt the lips of the monster man gobbling him up. He felt himself going further down the man's gullet and he could feel the lips going over his head and over his upper legs as he was bent over double. Soon, he could feel the giant's lips moving over his sturdy little calves, and then finally over the feet and at the end there was just the sensation of his toes in the open air and then he was completly inside Rob.

He felt himself going down the gullet and finally into the gigantic belly and he suddenly felt very protected and secure. Suddenly not afraid at all and very calm and happy. For the first time in his life he felt relaxed and unafraid. Through the wall of the Giants big belly, he felt the Giants huge hand stoking his own belly and petting the boy and he could hear the boy telling him this:

"Each day I will let you come up for a while and you will be my cocksucker, and each day I will swallow you back into myself and you will go back to your new home. I told you this day would change your life forever and it has boy. Welcome to your new home."

And that is what happened, Sean gave his new place the name of home too and his new home was Big Rob and suddenly Big Rob was his Daddy... now Big Daddy Rob's body was his source of nourishment, his home, his protector, and his lover all rolled into one.

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