By Wyatturp

Tad watched entranced as the foot-long rat, twisting in fear, slowly disappeared into the bearded mouth. From the back row of the sideshow tent, he ignored the gasps of the wincing crowd, watching as Boogum, the "human snake", pleasurably ingested his live meal. Tad had been astounded by the man's physicality - huge, bearish and animalistic. His broad torso, arms and considerable belly shone with sweat under the stagelights, despite being carpeted in dark fur. Tad's fascination grew as Boogum gobbled up lab mice and drank down a pitcher full of goldfish. Now, as the rat's tiny feet and tail were slurped beneath a bushy moustache, Tad found himself grinning along with the performer...and becoming surprisingly hard. Boogum belched thickly and bowed. The barker introduced the next unusual act, but all Tad could think about was the huge hairy bear he had just watched.

Rain dropped heavily Tad's shaggy head as he crouched before the faded canvas tent. It's multi-colored flanks heaved and sucked like a mythical beast in the rising wind, sounding like the rumblings of a dragon angry to find a boy in it's lair. Well, it seemed that way to Tad, whose imagination always ran high when he was nervous. Like now. Having dodged classes for the day was unusual for the small, quiet teen, but curiosity over the act he had witnessed yesterday had won him over. And it was better than getting beaten up outside gym again. He knelt in the shadow of the backstage area - littered with broken-down campers, trucks and trailers - trying to peer into the mysterious interior of this, the smallest showtent. He sure hadn't expected to get caught in a storm, and neither had the performers and crew who had scattered to hiding places unknown when the thunder broke the squall. Dripping and muddy, Tad considered making a run for cover, looking around to see if the coast was clear...the last thing he wanted was to be nailed for trespassing.

That's when he heard it. He wasn't sure he had for a second, so Tad strained to make it out. What he thought was a long, low roll of thunder had come from the other side of the canvas wall. Tad waited, not breathing, ignoring the water in his sneakers. It repeated itself... A thunderously wet and rolling belch!! Tad had to stifle a childish urge to laugh out loud. It was the most ferocious and resounding belch he had ever heard, and it came from someone - or something - inside the tent.

Tad felt around the flaps and found fold loose enough to let the slim young man slip beneath. Another glance around for luck, and in he went...

Wedging himself between crates and worn prop cases, Tad swept his hand over his face and slicked back the brown mat that had fallen into his eyes. It was quite dark and warm here, and smelled faintly of a barnyard, for the hard earth floor was carpeted with straw. Tad couldn't see the pitched roof in the shadows, but a low light came from one side of the tent. A low moan rose from it's direction. Tad craned his neck around the boxes and caught his breath...

Lounging against a pile of haybales was a man. A very large man.

Boogum. He wore no shirt or shoes, but black leather pants clung to his lower half. In this light, he made Tad think of a bear awakening from hibernation. His dark-haired head was thrown back, resting on the bale, revealing his barrelchest, while one massive paw was resting comfortably on a huge, firm and hairy belly. The bear's thick build suggested he once was quite muscular, but he had lost his hardbody edge at some point...his broad chest hung in two thick and furry slabs, offsetting the large beerbelly below.

Trying to move in for a better view, Tad shifted his weight a little... and promptly lost his balance, tumbling out into plain sight.

The man's head snapped forward, and Tad could see his bear image clearly now; thick brows and chiseled face framed by a shag of dark hair and a thick moustache and beard. Despite his circumstances, Tad found himself distracted with the beginnings of another hard-on.

The bear got surprisingly quick his feet, and ducked his head a bit trying to catch his intruder in the dim light. Tad tried to scoot back into his alcove, but stopped as the big man padded across the short distance to loom over the boy. He was even more massive than he had looked before - as tall as a basketball player, but with a chest twice Tad's shoulder width and half again as deep. Black eyes regarded him from under knit brows. The bear's belly hung over the boy like a great boulder, and for the first time Tad realized the man was covered in tatoos - faded pictures and symbols the boy couldn't quite make out. From the top of his head to the dark hair that spread over his toes, he was a monster alright.

Tad realized the man was taking him in as well, sizing him up. For a long moment he was afraid the man would call out to someone, report Tad as a trespasser. Or worse, rough him up. Tad had always had to talk himself out of tight spots, and this giant could easily hurt him if he had the mind to. Then he noticed the man was wearing a half-grin, by the way his moustache cocked to the side.

"I don't usually get many visitors," he rumbled. "Not around feeding time, anyway."

"I saw what you did yesterday," Tad stammered and forced a little sm ile of his own. "I was...well..."

"'Impressive'," Boogum finished for him, noticing the bulge in the boys jeans. He stared at Tad intently. "You here alone?"

Tad nodded. "I just wanted to see if it was real..."

The bear smiled beneath his 'stache again. "Oh, it's for real alright. I'm what's known in the circuit as a 'geek'."

Tad had trouble believing anyone could get away with calling this man a geek, but he kept quiet while Boogum helped him up with a massive paw.

"That means I eat anything...kinda like a big ol' billy goat.

'Cept, I prefer live food, as y'know. More dramatic. And it feels good goin' down."

Tad tried not to stare at the furry curve of gut that stood before him. He thought about the rat, and imagined it within the large stomach.

Boogum chuckled deeply. "How'd you like to feed me?"

Without waiting for a response, the bear turned and lumbered over to an ice chest in the corner. Hesitantly, Tad followed, and stood to one side. Boogum motioned him closer, opening the cooler lid.

"So you like men." It was a statement, not a question.

"I've...uh...yeah." Boogum chuckled throatily again at the boy's sheepish expression. He fished around inside the cooler, making splashing sounds while he talked.

"That's okay, y'know. Must be kinda hard for you, I bet. School can be rough..."

"Yeah, it is...I get beat up a lot. So I ditch school, to get away. No one cares much about me, tho. I hate school..." Tad admitted quietly.

"Mmmm...'specially when you don't like girls." He drew back and turned his head to Tad, who nodded silently. Boogum added, "I like boys myself."

Tad smiled a little, feeling like the big man was trying to put him at ease. He was more interested in what the bear had in mind, and what was sloshing around in the cooler. Boogum noticed this and explained.

"Go ahead and grab a handful there," he instructed in his deep vibrato. Tad reached into the darkened interior, not wanting to seem like a coward in front of the man who had given him wet dreams the night before.

"Just grab one o' them eels," Boogum said.

Tad snatched his hand back reflexively. "Eels?!"

"Sure," the bear coaxed, kneeling down so close beside the boy that Tad could feel his heat, feel the tickle of the man's belly hair on his skin. "They ain't the dangerous kind. Just slippery...feel good go in' down, y'know? Now be careful, they wriggle pretty fierce..."

Tad dipped his fingers into the water, feeling several slimy snake like things darting around. He took a breath and snagged one. Pulling it out, he saw it was about as long as his forearm, shiny and black and thrashing fluidly. Boogum nodded and smiled his bear smile. He tilted his head a bit and opened his mouth, his flat wet tounge stretching out.

Excited, Tad instinctively held the dripping eel above Boogum's jaws, and slowly lowered it down. The eel squirmed as Boogum wrapped his lips around it. Tad felt tension in his hand as the bear quickly began to suck down his slithering meal. When just a few inches remained, Boogum opened his eyes and locked them on Tad's. With one swift slurp!, he sucked the hapless eel in, followed by Tad's fingers! The boy drew them out, and watched as a lump worked it's way down Boogum's throat. Boogum exhaled deeply and ran a paw over his belly. Tad was so hard right then, he couldn't believe it...he had just fed a living animal to a man, and it was inside his stomach at this very moment! Boogum licked his lips, grinning.

No less than a dozen more eels found their way into Boogum's stomach, and Tad fed him every one. Now late in the afternoon, both lay barechested, Tad's ear resting atop Boogum's huge belly. The tapping of the rain on the canvas roof was occassionally punctuated by a drumroll belch from Boogum. They had spent hours this way, and now Tad made a motion to get up. The bear slipped a thick arm around his waist and pulled the boy close.

"Where are you headed?" he drawled, relaxed and contented.

"I have to get going, it's gonna be dark soon..." Tad said.

Boogum's hug grew tighter. "But we're not through yet. I'm still hungry."

Pressed so close to Boogum's massive body, he could do little more than admire the man. He studied a large sepentine-looking tattoo coiled almost invisibly under the thick field of hair on Boogum's large belly.

"Oh, I've still got room," he assured, eyeing Tad strangely.

"But you ate everything!" the boy exclaimed.

"Not everything." He gave Tad a squeeze. The boy stiffened.

"Remember how I said I liked boys? Well, I like you. And I'd like you even better inside my belly here."

Tad's mouth dropped an inch.

"Don't be surprised now...those animals are good, sure...but nothing beats having a little guy like you safe and warm inside me. Y'see, these tattoos? They work some strange magic...a bit of voodoo I got in New Orleans. Let's me go and swallow up all sorts of critters...sometimes pretty big critters... Just like this python here..." He patted the image on his hairy gut. "'Course, you know I got myself a large appetite, and the belly to prove it. You said you wanted to feed me, and that's what you're gonna do."

Tad tried to wrest himself from Boogum's grip - he didn't know if it were possible for the bear to devour him like one of his sideshow meals, but he didn't want to find out! But the man was simply too big, too strong. Tad fought a rising wave of panic. Boogum chuckled at this, and encirled the young man's arms and waist in his broad hands, pinning him helplessly. He looked Tad up and down as if he were a steak, and then pulled him close and ran his wet tounge up the boy's naked torso.

" smooth. You're gonna go down so nice! Y'know, I've eaten some boys before, trespassers mainly...I'm kinda security around here. But I'm really gonna enjoy this meal. Now I know you probably won't, but that's okay...go ahead and fuss if ya want. I like my food live and kickin'."

"Please don't...! You can't do this! I gotta get home!!" Tad was close to tears now, realizing Boogum was indeed intent on showing him what happened to his live meals.

"I got a home for you right here..." he laughed, rubbing Tad's body against his hairy bear gut. " rent, central heat, nice and cozy ...'course you can't check out. But you don't have to worry 'bout gettin' beat up no more. Right? Now I'm real hungry boy, so I'm gonna swallow you up now."

With that, he effortlessly lifted Tad above his head, which he threw back. As the boy watched, the bear's grin widened, lengthened, and stretched unusually beneath his pushbroom moustache, revealing a dancing tounge and a gullet that led only downwards. Boogum lapped at the young man's face, slicking him over with saliva, making Tad sputter and thrash.

Boogum's hold remained steady, and Tad watched, disbelievingly as his biceps bulged admirably, and he was lowered into the man's mouth. Firm lips slid expertly over his head, cutting off any outside view. Tad could feel a powerful suction and felt himself being drawn towards the back of Boogum's warm and slick mouth. A certain fascination set in, as Tad became aware of the sensations of being swallowed alive. He could hear Boogum's breathing clearly, and the satisfying grunts that every swallow brought. A faint musty smell came from the great stomach far below. Anxious to ingest the boy, Boogum gobbled his shoulders and chest in easily, as he had done with so many others. Another pull, and the boy's smooth stomach slid along his tounge. The bear reached under the struggling boy and unzipped his pants, intending to peel them off as the boy disappeared. Tad moved as best he could, half in fear, half in delight, as he was swallowed deeper.

He felt Boogum remove his his waist slipped through the bearded lips, Boogum played momentarily with the boys penis, hard and throbbing in spite of his predicament. Boogum chuckled at this, and let his hands move from Tad's legs, trapped and twitching, to his own hard on, that pushed at the already straining buttons of his pants.

Boogum released his cock and stroked it in time with his swallowing.

When he had the boy almost finished, he tilted his head back and gulped mightly once...watching as Tad's feet slid past his lips...and then down his throat. He swallowed again, then rubbed his belly, waiting for the tell-tale sign that the boy was within his stomach. Inside Boogum, Tad felt the pressuring waves that passed his body through the black and wet tunnel of the huge gullet. For a few seconds, he hung over a small opening. Already hard and overworked, the final wave caused Tad to cum explosively, deep within the giant. Panting and drained, he was pushed into a large, dark and cavernous pit that closed around him lovingly.

Boogum's stomach. It's soft surface craddled him gently, and moved as he moved, not allowing Tad any hope of escape. He was inside Boogum's belly for real and for good. Tad felt no signs of the eels in the warm darkness, but could make out the sounds of Boogum's digestion, somewhere below and around where he had come to rest. He thought of what had just happened, how he had been just another meal for the hungry bear who would now digest Tad while he dozed. Tad realized unhappily that he would soon be the cause of similar noises....

Boogum leaned back against a bale and sucked his teeth. He loosened his pants with a groan...the kid'd been delicious, and almost willing to be a meal towards the end. He patted his massive belly fondly...

"I gotcha boy, you just relax and let me take care of ya now." He felt incredibly sated, and drowsed while the boy settled in, shifting and struggling and finally getting comfortable inside him. He almost didn't hear the voice that shouted to him from outside the tent.

"Yo, Boogum..." it called. It was the barker. "You need any more food in there tonight?"

Boogum stretched, clasping his hands behind his head, feeling the soft weight in his belly.

"Naw...I'm fine." He belched thickly... the last anyone would ever hear of Tad. His moustache cocked to one side again.

"For now..." Boogum added.

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