Carniverous Candid Camera

By Amano Akunin

"I'm with Candid Camera," the man had told Kimmie. We're doing a little practical joke that we'd like your assistance with." And he had paid her $100.

It seemed simple enough. Lure a friend into the zoo's croc pit and get it on video when the guy in the croc suit scares her half to death. Kimmie had even helped them set up the cameras all around the pit, "to get it from all angles."

And one last thing that he had said. The 'victim' should be nude at the time. "We'll black out the private areas when we air it," he had said. Kimmie didn't question. She was $100 richer from this.

"I dare you, Cloey," Kimmie said to her friend.

Cloey looked up from experimenting with her hair. She sighed. "What is it this time?"

"I dare you to dance in the crocodile pit at the zoo for five minutes... naked!"

Cloey looked exasperated. "Kimmie! That's insane! Why would I want to do that? You want me to end up as some crocodile's midnight snack?"

"You made me dance naked in the boy's locker room two weeks ago," Kimmie said with a little pout. "And they almost ate me alive, too! It's your turn, now!"

Cloey looked at Kimmie for a minute. It was true. Her honour was at stake. "Okay, let's go." The zoo was eerily quiet in the darkness of the night. Nobody was around. Cloey started undressing. Her brightly-coloured blouse slipped over her head, and was casually cast aside. Cloey shook her curly auburn hair. The moonlight glistened in her cool green eyes, and glowed warmly on her creamy pink cheeks. Off went her shorts and slippers.

"Uh, Kimmie, do you mind turning around?"

Kimmie laughed at her. "What, you're not shy now, are you? We've showered together, for Pete's sake!"

Cloey blushed slightly as she shrugged, and discarded her bra and panties. Her petite size was proportioned well with her short, shapely legs and average sized breasts. Her skin was creamy and ever so soft. She looked down shyly, and turned to the pit. "Do you have the rope ladder?"

"Yep, it's already tied to the railing. Might as well climb in now." She looked at Cloey with a hint of caring in her eyes. "Don't worry, the crocodiles should be asleep at this time of night."

Cloey smiled softly, and climbed down into the pit, her buttocks flexing resiliently as she descended. She padded barefoot on the damp moss floor, looking for a good spot to do her dance.

Meanwhile, Kimmie quickly untied the rope ladder, and hauled it up. Gathering it and the pile of Cloey's clothes, she took off running home. After all, it was cold out, and she could always catch it on video.

Cloey finally found a good spot, where the moon was just right, and the ground was fresh and springy beneath her bare toes. She looked around the edge of the pit for Kimmie, but she couldn't see her. "Kimmie!" she called softly, hoping not to wake the crocs. "I'm ready, Kimmie!"

A large crocodile, drawn by the soft voice and the sweet scent of Cloey's honey-scented perfume, ambled forward to investigate. Fresh meat, perhaps? Yes, that's what it was, all right. A nice, plump, live animal, just standing in the moonlight, ready to eat. It looked like a human, but they always wore cloth over their bodies. This creature was completely naked, with not even any fur to get caught in the throat! The hungry reptile grunted, licked its chops, and moved forward to claim its meal.

Cloey heard a grunt behind her, and turned suddenly to see a huge crocodile waddling toward her, its mouth open in a kind of grin. Cloey shrieked and backed away. The croc waddled forward at a surprising speed, startling Cloey into a run.

She ran desperately to the wall with the ladder, whimpering, and thinking over and over, "I don't want to die! Please, don't let him eat me up!" She reached the wall, the croc right behind her, and looked frantically for the ladder. But it was gone.

"Kimmie!" she called helplessly, and tried to scale the wall, only succeeding in tearing up the delicate flesh of her fingers.

There was a decisive grunt behind her, and Cloey slowly turned to face her fate. The croc was creeping toward her slowly, drooling over its sharp teeth. Cloey backed up against the wall, effectively cornered by this hungry beast. She trembled as tears flowed freely down her soft cheeks, and screamed Kimmie's name one final time, before her fragile voice dissolved in sobs.

The crocodile came close to her, and sniffed her sweet perfume, and ran its tongue over its teeth. Then it buried its nose in her furry crotch, snuffling around as Cloey made feeble attempts to make it go away. Then she hit its sensitive nose.

The croc roared, and clamped its jaws firmly into her firm legs. She screamed and collapsed on the mossy ground, the pain shooting through her. She hit it again.

The croc pulled her in further, and bit into her buttocks, its sharp teeth sinking easily into the soft, warm, fragrant flesh. Cloey bawled and clawed at the earth, trying to pull herself out. "No! Don't eat me up, please!" she blubbered incoherently to the uncaring croc, who sucked her in to her upper torso, teeth sinking into her soft pink breasts. It crunched her in, finally pulling her sobbing head into its powerful mouth.

Without another thought, the crocodile munched her up, swallowed her, and went back to its lair to sleep off its delicious meal.

Soon emerged the cameramen, who quickly packed up their gear and left the scene, leaving nothing but a well-fed crocodile behind. Within a few days, the debut of a new video, Cloey's Crocodile Caper, was announced in a specialised catalogue, for the very reasonable price of US $50 cash. And Kimmie wondered why Cloey never showed up for school the next day.


I'm aware that these stories are unrealistic, hackneyed, and pandering, but seeing as I wrote most of these things in my mid-to-late teens, and that they were never intended for an audience, I think they should be excused.

I'm always looking for more character-oriented gynophage stories, especially those involving younger females, and most especially ones involving stewing or other cooking methods besides impaling-and-BBQing.

I'm also interested in finding comics on the same subject. One such title I've heard of but never seen is "Boiled Angel."

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