By Freyr

Sean was pressed up against the wall, there was no where to run or hide as the huge, hulking man bore down on him. He was almost twice Sean's own size and made of solid muscle.

"C'mere little boy!" the giant man said, leeringly. "I've going to eat you!" With that, he licked his lips and a strange gleam came to his eye. He reached out a massive hand to Sean and picked up up. Sean tried to struggle against the ferocious grip, but couldn't break free.

The giant opened his mouth and by some strange trick, his mouth was now wide enough to take in Sean's whole body in one gulp. Sean struggled in his grip but to no avail, the giant held him tightly and drew him closer and closer to the dark maw of his mouth. Sean flailed with his arms and legs, trying to prevent himself from being swallowed alive by this man, but he couldn't. First his head and then his neck and shoulders were in the giants gaping mouth.

The lips closed over and and helped push Sean's thin, lean torso and arms further into the giant's maw. The his hips and thighs and finally his calves and feet slipped in. Sean was completely within the giants dark mouth.

For a moment, Sean ceased struggling. He lay breathing heavily on the warm, wet tongue of the giant. Then with a sickening lurch, he was thrown head first down his throat. It was a bumpy ride down to the stomach, with the muscles contracting and pushing him hard down and down.

Then with a quiet splash, he ended up in the stomach. Sean felt around and tried to orient himself. But it was just too dark for him. Every direction looked and felt the same to him.

Meanwhile, the giant stretched and yawned. He rubbed his stomach, which was slightly distended, and thought of the nice young man he had just eaten, and how his young strength would add to his own. He burped once, a mighty blech and then headed home, for a rest. As he walked along the street, he wore a curious smile as he thought about the young man digesting in his stomach and how only HE knew about it.

Sean sat down in a funk, in the puddle in the giant's stomach. He wasn't sure what to do. He just sat there, glumly. After a while, he tried to get up and move around, but found his feet and legs no longer responding to his thoughts. In fact, he couldn't feel them at all. Nervously he tried to move other parts of himself. But anything that was touch the puddle was numb now. Slowly, he was dissovling, his body parts being undone and whisked away to be incorporated in the giant'd body that he was inhabiting. Slowly he felt himself sink down and down into the puddle, slowing dissolving into his elemental parts. Sean wondered how many other young boys this giant had eaten and made part of himself. He wondered if the giant would think of him as he exercised his muscles or scratched his chest or other body parts.

Soon he was just a neck and head, just abover the surface of the puddle in the giant. And then, that was gone, too, made part of the giant as he had done to so many other young men.

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