The Day ShedBear Ate Me

By Sean [Email]

"That was good," said ShedBear.

"Thank you," said Sean. The warm, bitter taste of ShedBear's come still burned slightly in Sean's throat. He held ShedBear closely, and felt safe in ShedBear's arms. He nuzzled his nose in ShedBear's beard.

"You want to try something else?"

"Sure," said Sean. "What do you have in mind?"

Without answering, ShedBear took a small carved box from the bedside table. He opened it, took out a small amount of powder, and sprinkled it on Sean's head.

Sean wondered what this meant. He felt a warm tingling sensation. To his surprise, it suddenly appeared that ShedBear was becoming larger. Then Sean realized that ShedBear and the room were the same size they had been: it was Sean that was getting smaller.

"Here, get on top of me," said ShedBear. Sean laid down on top of ShedBear, not knowing what to expect next. He became smaller and smaller: soon he was as small as a little boy laying across ShedBear's chest. Then he was as small as a baby (although still proportioned like a little man), and then as small as a doll. Sean began to worry that he would dwindle away to nothing, but when he was a few inches tall, the shrinking stopped.

Sean was laying on the vast expanse of ShedBear's chest, which rose and fell on a great scale as the giant ShedBear breathed. Sean looked up and saw ShedBear's face looking down at him. The sight was a little alarming to Sean: from beard to eyebrows, the face was a little taller than Sean was. Sean climbed to his feet, feeling ShedBear's warm skin under his bare feet, and tried to walk.

ShedBear chuckled. It was a booming sound to the tiny Sean, and it was like an earthquake as ShedBear's chest shook in laughter. Sean fell flat in his face, but his fall was padded by ShedBear's skin, and Sean was not harmed. When ShedBear stopped laughing, Sean climbed to his feet again and walked around a little. He waded through the tuft of hair in the middle of ShedBear's chest as if it were a patch of tall grass. He walked over to ShedBear's right nipple, which was as big as a manhole cover. Experimenting, Sean tried to get the point of the nipple in his mouth; by stretching his mouth he could just barely manage to get it in.

Sean looked back up at ShedBear's face, which was smiling slightly and seemed to be inviting him to explore. Sean turned away from the face and walked down ShedBear's chest. Sean had always loved ShedBear's round tummy; now he was walking across it lik e climbing a gentle slope. He paused at ShedBear's belly button, sticking his foot inside to compare the size; his foot felt nice and warm in the fold of skin. This provoked more laughter from ShedBear. Sean fell over again and was afraid he would roll right off of ShedBear's tummy onto the bed, but ShedBear's giant hand caught him in time and steadied him.

Sean stood again. He walked down to ShedBear's pubic hair and in among the coarse curls. The musky male scent of ShedBear's crotch lurked warmly in the hair. Sean laid down and rolled in the hair, feeling the rough curls rub all over his naked body. Sean laughed; that was fun. He stopped and considered ShedBear's giant cock, now satisfied and resting, still slightly wet with Sean's own saliva. Sean would not have any chance of getting the cock in his mouth now; even soft, it was almost as large as Sean was himself.

"Why don't you come up here?" boomed ShedBear's voice. Sean climbed out of the pubic hair and set off walking across ShedBear's abdomen and chest. When Sean reached ShedBear's chest, ShedBear placed his hand right next to Sean. Sean climbed into the hand and sat in the slightly cupped palm. ShedBear sat upright and lifted Sean up, giving him a little elevator ride in his hand. Sean wondered what ShedBear was going to do, but in a moment ShedBear set Sean on top of the round dome of his bald head.

Sean sat on top of ShedBear's head and looked around. It was quite a view from up here. Sean felt like a North Pole explorer who had reached the top of the world. He looked carefully down over the side of ShedBear's head. ShedBear's ears were nearby, and further down were his shoulders. Sean became a little dizzy at the great distance down to the bed. He would not want to fall. But in a moment ShedBear raised his hand back up for Sean and gently lifted him back down. He laid back on his back and returned Sean to his chest.

"Don't you want to walk around my face?" asked ShedBear.

Sean was a little hesitant. He was a little nervous about ShedBear's great big mouth; Sean could easily fit inside. "Okay," said Sean, and walked up to ShedBear's neck. He took hold of handfuls of ShedBear's beard to climb up onto the giant face. Sean felt uncomfortable so close to the mouth, so he walked up through the beard onto ShedBear's smooth cheek. He knelt of his hands and knees and looked right into ShedBear's giant blinking eye. He felt the cheek change its contour under him as ShedBear smiled.

Sean turned around and carefully looked into ShedBear's nostril, being careful not go get too close to the mouth. It was too dark to see anything in ShedBear's nose. Sean looked down at the mouth, which was ringed with beard and was slightly open. His curiosity got the better of him, and he carefully knelt beside the mouth to look in, holding on to ShedBear's moustache to keep from accidentally slipping.

ShedBear opened his mouth a little wider to let Sean see inside. It was too dark inside the cavernous mouth to make anything out. Sean wished he had a little flashlight.

Then, to Sean's utter dismay, ShedBear gently pushed on Sean with one finger, and Sean lost his balance and fell right into the mouth. Sean was wet with ShedBear's saliva, and he felt wildly around him, trying to find something to grab hold of. "Help!" cried Sean uselessly. He heard his own voice echo in ShedBear's mouth. He was terrified that ShedBear might accidentally or deliberately swallow him.

But in a moment ShedBear gently reached into his mouth with his thumb and index finger and lifted Sean out. He gently set Sean back down on his chest.

"I was afraid you were going to eat me!" said Sean.

"I am going to eat you," boomed ShedBear. "But I just wanted to let you know first that there's nothing to worry about."

Before Sean had a chance to think of what to say, ShedBear picked him up again and lifted him back toward his mouth. The mouth opened wider as Sean approached it. Sean crouched in fear in ShedBear's palm, but could do nothing. ShedBear gently placed Sean inside his mouth, and closed his mouth behind him.

Sean was lying face-down on ShedBear's tongue, feeling the rough wetness all across the front of his body. If Sean had not been so frightened the sensation would have been very pleasurable.

At the moment of crisis, a crazy thought passed through Sean's mind: he thought of a page on one of his textbooks that showed the cross section of a human head. If such a picture were drawn of ShedBear right now, it would show Sean lying face down on ShedBear's tongue. But that picture was a remote abstraction conveying none of the physical sensations: the moist roughness of ShedBear's tongue, the hot, wet, cavelike darkness, the deep sound of air rushing by back in ShedBear's throat as he breathed.

Nothing had happened yet. Sean ventured to hope that ShedBear was not serious about eating him; perhaps ShedBear was just putting Sean in his mouth to give him a thrill.

But then ShedBear abruptly swallowed. Sean felt himself gliding down the smooth tunnel of ShedBear's throat. Soon the throat seemed to widen out, and the motion stopped. Sean knew that this meant he was now in ShedBear's stomach.

It was perfectly dark. Sean felt certain that he would be dead in a few moments, either by suffocation or by digestion. He scrambled about the small area of the stomach, trying to find some escape, even though he knew it was no use. Finally he was exhausted, and he sat down with his hands on his head, not knowing what to do.

After several minutes, it struck Sean that he was breathing normally. The air was warm and moist but breathable. How was this possible? The situation made no sense. Sean should have suffocated by now. But no, it appeared that it was possible to brea the here. Sean could only wait for death by digestion, which he was sure would soon come.

For a long, long time Sean waited inside of ShedBear's stomach. It was very warm and dark and still. He occasionally felt the motion from ShedBear moving around, and sometimes heard faint, muffled sounds through ShedBear's flesh, but he could not tell what was going on. He could not tell that ShedBear had stood; he had no indication when ShedBear was taking a shower. The sound of the water droplets hitting ShedBear's skin did not reach Sean.

Sean felt a rocking motion. If Sean had been able to see outside, he would have seen that ShedBear had met David and was having sex with him. Finally, ShedBear sprinkled David with the same powder he had used on Sean, and David also was reduced to doll-size. ShedBear took the tiny David, popped him in his mouth, and in one gulp David was gone.

Inside ShedBear, Sean felt an indeterminate motion, and suddenly he felt something new touching him. It felt like a hand. It was a hand, as a matter of fact: a hand in size proportional to Sean's reduced size. The hand gripped Sean's; it was alive. Sean reached about and felt until there was no doubt: ShedBear had swallowed somebody else, and Sean was no longer alone inside of ShedBear.

"Who's there?" said Sean.

"It's David," came a voice.

"David?" said Sean in surprise. Even though David's presence did not seem to add any hope of rescue from ShedBear's stomach, Sean was glad to have a friend at hand.

"Is that Sean?" asked David.

"Yes," said Sean. In his fear, Sean reached out and grabbed at David, crying "We're going to die!"

David giggled at the feeling in Sean's voice. "Don't be silly," he said. "ShedBear's a good guy, and he'll see to it that no harm comes to us. This is one of the safest places you could be."

Sean blinked in the darkness. "But he ate us," said Sean. "What do you mean he's not going to hurt us? He ate us!"

"It's just for fun," said David. "I take it this is the first time ShedBear has ever eaten you?"

Again Sean paused. "You mean he's eaten you before? And you lived through it?"

"I'm here talking to you, aren't I?"

Sean could not believe David's nonchalance at being swallowed. "You mean you've been eaten by ShedBear before, and you went back to him, knowing he might eat you again?"

There was a motion that seemed to be David shrugging. "It's kind of nice here, isn't it? I mean, it's perfectly safe. It's nice and warm and calm. You can just relax and hang out. ShedBear will let us back out sooner or later."

Sean was silent for a while, thinking about that. He had to admit that David was right; once Sean looked past his own fear, he realized that ShedBear's stomach really was a safe, calm place.

"Will he let us back out of his mouth?" asked Sean.

"That's one possibility," said David. "Here," he said, taking Sean in his arms. "Let me help relax you."

In a few moments, Sean had forgotten his fears and was wrapped up in having sex with David, almost forgetting that they were inside of ShedBear.

Although Sean and David did not know it, ShedBear was now sitting in front of his computer, tapping at the keys and communicating with friends far and near. ShedBear felt the activity inside his stomach and knew that Sean and David were having sex. He smiled; he was glad that the two guests in his body were enjoying themselves.

Presently the motion stopped, and ShedBear knew that Sean and David had finished their sex. ShedBear didn't feel like like letting the two out again just yet; he decided to give them a further adventure inside him before releasing them.

Inside ShedBear, there was suddenly a rumble. "What was that?" gasped Sean.

The rumble happened again.

"It looks like ShedBear's going to digest us," said David calmly.

"Then we really are going to die!" exclaimed Sean, his fears suddenly returning.

"Don't worry," David began, but his words trailed off and became indistinct. Sean began to feel very sleepy, and in a few moments he realized he couldn't feel his feet or hands any more. He felt himself gently, painlessly dissolving like a little man made out of sugar. Then his consciousness was overwhelmed, and Sean felt his awareness spreading out into ShedBear's body. His thought and feelings were joined into ShedBear's, as David's were, and for a while the three were one person embodied in ShedBe ar's body. Sean felt no discrete sense of self since he had temporarily become a part of ShedBear.

ShedBear's digestive system was very powerful, and it only took a short time for him to digest Sean and David. The molecules that had belonged to Sean's and David's bodies were efficiently absorbed and traveled through ShedBear's bloodstream.

Presently ShedBear decided to release Sean and David, and the molecules belonging to Sean and David began to accumulate in ShedBear's balls. ShedBear slowly stroked his cock until all of the molecules were collected. He continued to stroke himself, thinking of the two guys he had eaten. He became increasingly turned on, and finally shot his load over his abdomen.

For a moment, nothing happened; the transparent puddle just lay still on ShedBear's stomach. Then there was a sparkle, and the come transformed itself into Sean and David, now only an inch tall each.

Both Sean and David rapidly grew larger until they were back to the doll-size they had had when ShedBear has swallowed them. As they sat on ShedBear's abdomen, they continued to grow. Sean looked up and saw ShedBear's bearded face smiling down at them. Soon Sean and David were each a foot tall. Both continued to grow.

There wasn't room for them both now on ShedBear's stomach. Sean slid off the side of ShedBear's body, staying close to him and he grew taller and taller. Only a few minutes passed before both Sean and David were back at their proper sizes, lying on either side of ShedBear.

"Did you have a nice ride, guys?" asked ShedBear.

"Yup," said David.

"I was scared at first, but I ended up enjoying it," said Sean. He was staring at ShedBear's stomach, fascinated with the idea that he had been inside it and had come back from it safely.

"Good," said ShedBear. "Any time you want to come back for more of that kind of fun, let me know." He gave Sean a kiss, and Sean knew that everything was all right.

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