Deamon's Pact

By Jewel


This is a work of pure fiction. If your under 18 or the legal adult age of your country then STOP reading now! You've been warned so don't come crying to Jewel when the police break down your door. This story contains scenes of Vore which also contains some sexually oriented material. Vore is the consumption of another living thing. If you are offended by these things then this story is not for you.

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Amy ran through the alley way of the newly built section of the city. Her feet hit the soaked ground with a splash as she slipped in a puddle and cursed her lack of better motor control. "Alms for the poor?" The beggar man inquired of the beraggled Amy. "Not now fool, I've no time for your poverty!" Amy said dashing past the man and looking behind her, a large figure coming into view. She ducked around the corner, taking a left, then right, and another left finding herself face to face with a 15 foot wall, surrounded on both sides by immensely tall buildings. She could hear the sound of scales scraping along the ground, as her purser followed, flicking his tongue out to detect her scent. Amy looked from side to side, trying to find an exit and seeing only wall, thanked the Gods she had taken acrobatics as a child. The sound grew louder, every second was one less that she would have in fant of the creature. She gathered herself, crouching and then sprung, hitting the left wall, she rebounded only to do the same off the right one, before landing exhausted on the other side of the dead end. Stumbling blindly she launched herself forward, sprinting down yet another nameless alley-way. "This isn't my way off the mortal coil" she thought to herself, hearing the sound of an angry snake stuck in a dead end. She leaned against a wall, trying to collect herself, feeling the presence of danger having been lifted. Looking up she saw a large sign reading the words "INN" prompting her immediate attention to that fact that she was dog tired. That night, laying in bed, Amy tried to reconstruct the events in her head that had lead to the desperate encounter with the unrelenting snake. Slowly the memories came back, the deal she had made, an agreement to give up her adulterous husband for a wish. "A daemon's pact" She whispered to herself, feeling guilt seep into her body, knowing that even her husband did not deserve such treatment. She held her tail in her hands, slowly stroking the soft white fur, taking comfort in her relative safety. Her ears perked at the sound of something lurking in the small room. She held her breath and closed her eyes, wishing it away, but the presence did not simply disappear. She felt the light fall on her bed, its sterile glow not providing any warmth. She opened her eyes one at a time, finding a the large daemon standing at the foot of her bed. It grinned at her, knowing that she was caught, no escape this time. She grimaced, as the 2 horned creature snapped it's fingers, another light growing brighter beside him. She had seen it before, the time being when she had given her husband up to the monster. A forked tongue appeared through the shimmering light, breaking the circle of light his head appeared, swaying to and fro, the snake's eyes locked on frightened Amy.

It came through completely, gathering itself next to the daemon and coiling there spoke "I am Dalroth, and you shall be mine, resistance is ultimately futile." Amy rose out of the bed, bearing claws from all of her 2 furry fingers 5, on each hand, and took a fighting stance, much to the chagrin of Dalroth.

"Little one, you shall be consumed, there is no escape" he spoke, springing forward and capturing the suprised feline by the midsection.

"Put me down you beast!" She spat as his coils wound around her, slowly encompassing 7 feet from head to toe. He held her there, as the daemon walked over, its hooves hitting the floor and making a hollow echo throughout the room. The daemon slowly stroked her head, pushing back her ears and then putting his lips to her forced his tongue deep inside her mouth and down her throat. She coughed, trying to expel the thick, black tongue as it wriggled inside her.

The daemon finally pulled his tongue back to where it belonged, licking his lips he said to his master Dalroth "She shall make a fine meal!" Dalroth hissed at the trembling feline, sticking his forked tongue out to taste her scent and smell, slowly searching her entire body. Amy wriggled trying to squirm and free herself, but to no avail as the snake took her feet into his mouth. She felt the snake's saliva slowly encompassing her feet, and moving up to her ankles as Dalroth took a large gulp. Amy kicked, feeling the soft cacoon of flesh around her legs grasp her tighter, restricting her movement as her assailant slurped loudly taking her up to the hips. Dalroth grinned slightly and struck out with his tongue at her sex, slowly tasting it as Amy tried to wriggle away and deny the attacker any pleasure. Amy heard a small popping sound as he unhinged his jaws, still licking at her now damp pussy. She tried to stop the pleasure spreading from in-between her legs and found that she could not, each second bringing her closer and closer to a climax. The large snake swallowed her deeper, bringing her delicious sex inside his mouth as he closed his lips and suckled while continuing the deep probing. The feline blushed under the white fur covering her face, feeling violated, and ashamed that such an infernal beast could be pleasuring her so. She felt the tongue swirl and turn around inside as her body shook, the orgasm flooding Dalroth's mouth with a sweet nectar. The red daemon leaned over, slowly rubbing her head, treating her like a common house pet as she was pulled up to her chest in the snake's maw. The large snake felt the sweet nectar flow down his throat, increasing his urgency to fully swallow his feline prey, as he began to gulp in earnest. Amy cried out, squirming in Dalroth's tight coils, feeling her shoulder's disappear into his throat.

In a last ditch effort she cries out "Oh please, no not this!" The daemon chuckled lightly, giving her one last kiss on the head before she descended into Dalroth's mouth, the last view of daylight enclosed by a sharp row of teeth that fortunately for her hadn't been used. Dalroth's tongue lapped over her face and entered her mouth, claiming as his own, before he gulped again using his strong throat muscles to pull her fully inside. The cacoon of flesh around her pushed and pulled, like a sensuous massage all over her body. The muscles contracted and pulled her deeper, on Dalroth she appeared as a large blob moving through him. Amy felt the opening around her feet as she was expelled into Dalroth's stomach, she .desperately struggled pushing out against the fleshy cavern, finding only laughter coming from the unnamed daemon. Slowly the digestive juices began to form, coating the outside of the stomach, she gave muffled cries for help, pushing fiercely as the juices ate away at her. Soon darkness enfulged her being, as she passed out. Dalroth sit listlessly slowly digesting his wonderful meal and feeling her struggling against his side only increased the pleasure. The daemon bent over, stroking the trapped feline before she blacked out. "This is truly a day to remember, now let us depart to find more adulterous husbands... and their tasty wives" Dalroth said as he turned to the daemon, ordering him to open another gate, for which both of them quickly went through. Later that day the inn owner wondered where the woman had gone, but finding Amy's pouch of silver under her unmade bed, decided that this time his wife wouldn't interfere with his mistress's expenses.....

The moral of the story?

What goes around, comes around.

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