The Dental Hygenist

By Geoff Balme [Email]

"OK Michael, I'm going to tilt the chair back and take at look at those teeth of yours." Lori smiled warmly into the boy's face as the chair whirred into position.

Michael's eyes were wide with anticipation and fear, he had never been to the dentist, and at nine years old there had been some consternation from the office about it. There were even more worried looks when he told them that he didn't have insurance, and that he was going to pay in cash. He had placed the wad of rolled up bills on the counter, and asked if it would be enough. The woman behind the desk picked it up and nodded yes, so it must have been enough. Just the same, the form was too hard to understand and there were far too many questions on it. Pictures of hippopatamus' brushing each other's teeth came into view over the boy's head. They were blue, big and fat, and very happy. Unlike Michael.

Lori put her hand on Michael's shoulder, and tried to reassure him again. In the prone position he looked even more pathetic, his stringy hair hung limp around his shoulders, his fingernails were pretty dirty. Not really unlike most nine year old boys, Lori thought. She leaned over and said "Open wide."

Michael looked at her but didn't open wide. "Is it going to hurt?" he said matter of factly.

"No! I promise it won't hurt." Lori said smiling. "I'm just going to look at your teeth to see if you have any cavities and I'm going to clean them up so they look shiney and white again."

"I don't believe you." he said looking at her.

Lori leaned back on her stool, and hooked her feet behind the legs. Her feet didn't reach the floor when she sat on it. She shook her head and her blond pony tail waved behind her. "I'll tell you what" she said "If I hurt you, you can do whatever you want to me, how's that sound?" She smiled big. "It might be fun." she sang to him. Lori prided herself on being good with the young kids. She knew how to entertain them and usually made them comfortable.

Michael pointed up at a colorful poster of a cartoon crocodile swallowing a dentist. "If you hurt me, I'll eat you up!" he said and gave her a strong serious look.

"Oh, no!" Lori bit her lower lip and sucked in her breath in mock fear. "Oh, please! don't eat me up!" she pleaded with wide playful eyes.

"Only if it hurts." Michael held up his finger to warn her.

"Of course, that's fair. If I hurt you you can eat me up, but to do that you'll need strong teeth, and I'm here to make sure they're strong."

Just then the receptionist appeared at the door. "I'm going to go get lunch I'll be back in about an hour." and then added "You be ok here alone?"

"Of course I will, I've just got this crocodile to work on," she smiled gesturing at the poster at the ceiling. "then I'm off for the rest of the day, Judy will be in at one."

The receptionist looked up at the crocodile poster and smiled, it was a favorite with the kids. She then turned and went out.

"Ok, Mr. Crocodile, open wide."

She reached in around the boy's lips and began to scrape the plaque built up along his gumline. Michael watched the end of the steel tool not in his mouth. He listened not to Lori but to the sound of the rasping in his head. He thought that the tool might be drilling through his teeth. He let his eyes wander over Lori, her soft hands with red nail polish, her bare forearms, she was shapely and pretty. She had pulled a rubber glove over her right hand, and kept up the scraping pace. She wasn't old, probably just out of college. Scrape scrape scrape. She wore all white, down to her sneakers, and sox. Michael leaned back again and looked at the posters. Lori, being this close to the boy, really began to worry about him. Who the hell were his parents? Aside from being dirty, and not well fed, he was a really nice and smart little kid.

"Oops!" Lori cried out "I'm sorry!" Michael simultaneously let out an "Ow." and then looked at Lori Lori sat back and wiped the scraper on the bib and said matter of factly, "I guess that means I'm a gonner? Are you gonna eat me up for that one, Mr. Crocodile?"

"Yup!" Michael said with a big smile.

"You seem awfully pleased with this." Lori teased him with a mocking sulk.

"I'm gonna eat you all up." Michael said and he grinned at her again.

Lori couldn't help feeling a little excited by the boy, she felt something akin to an itch begin somewhere in her stomach. "Well, will you at least let me finish cleaning your teeth before you do?" she asked sweetly. "I'd hate to do a lousy job as this will be my last job... before you," and here she sniffed loudly as though in tears "devour me with that big ole crocodile mouth of yours." she teased.

She leaned toward him again and began to notice how much more pleased he seemed. "We should write something about this poster to the journals" she thought to herself. "Open wide. I'm almost done." she said smiling and feeling very warm she wondered if the temperature of the room had actually gone up. Sweat beaded on her forehead and she lost herself carefully scraping out the last of the plaque, having him rinse and so on. Lori was very mechanical with the job, she was quite good at it, and the dentist had often complimented her and considered her his best hygenist. Lori tapped her foot on the stool in time with the radio, and lost herself in the work.

"Ok, rinse." Lori said and pushed herself back. "You're done." She turned and busied herself with his chart. "No cavities, you should be happy about that."

She lowered the chair and began to move the side arm so he could get out of it.

"Wait." Michael said with some tiny desperation in his voice.

"What? Is your mouth ok?" Lori asked forgetting the game they had been playing. Then it came back to her, "Oh! Mr. Crocodile, you don't really mean you're going to EAT ME do you? I only slipped a little bit, it hardly made you bleed." She tilted her head and bit her lip in a mock plea. While pealing off the latex gloves.

"We made a deal, though, I mean, you agreed that I could if you hurt me, I get to eat you up!" he seemed genuinely hurt.

"Wouldn't you rather have some ice cream?" Lori grinned at him. She began to feel the heat rise in herself again "there's something in his eyes she thought, something very provocative", and then, "he'll be a lady killer in a few years."

"No, I want to eat you up." the boy said with earnest sincerity.

"What do you want to start with?" Lori said swinging out her sneaker clad feet. "You wanna eat my smelly feet first?"

He thought about it for a moment lying on his back, she couldn't help feeling excitement, and actually thought he was rather cute. Before she caught herself and began to raise the chair up again.

As she lifted the side arm to let him out, he let out a howl. "What?" Lori said concerned and pulled herself up close to him.

"My tooth, one of my teeth hurts."

She dropped the arm rest and leaned close on the chair "Let me see." she leaned close and adjusted the light, she reached her index finger in, and said "Open wide."

Lori's mind went blank, thoughts of Barbarella, and swimming in darkness swirled in her mind. She felt a hot wind hit her in the face, red, glistening walls seemed to vibrate with life all around and she was certain she was falling and also certain that she was dreaming and unable to wake up. Suddenly, she became aware that she was stuck in a mouth. Her arms had been sucked ferociously in, and her face his extremely large mouth. "He's eating me." she thought, and felt no fear or surprise. Everything went from red, to blackness as his mouth snapped shut on her head. Her pony tail hung out as did everything of her body from the neck down.

Michael leaned back, his grossly distended jaws held Lori's head tightly he inhaled deeply through his nose. His victim was standing and leaning directly into him, as though reaching to the bottom of a pickle barrel for the last pickle.

With his surprisingly strong little hands, he tore her blouse open. The buttons flew about on the tiled floor. She realized it at moment it started, and tried to move herself away. From her position she couldn't lift herself out, she couldn't push against him with her hands, and she couldn't cry out. She was amazed that there was air. Michael reached around her and pulled her tightly to him. and opened his mouth. Lori suddenly saw nothing but red again, and felt a tremendous rush of air and felt herself being sucked into the mouth further. Like falling slowly off a bed, she thought. She felt her tender breasts scrape over the teeth she had just painstakingly cleaned. Then blackness again. Now her hips were leaning on the armrest, and protruded from the boys horrible mouth. Her legs kicked as her feet didn't reach the floor. Her narrow black belt hung on the boy's lower lip and kept him from pulling her in further. He reached off the side of the chair and began to undo her belt, and pull her trousers off. The slid right down, as she kicked and struggled. Her smooth, pale legs swung back and forth, in a dreamy kind of swimming action. With the pants caught at her ankles where her sneakers held them on. He then peeled her underwear back exposing her white and very soft behind, and he decided he couldn't wait to eat her rump.

Lori screamed this time, as the rush of air and light shook her. She had no understanding of what was happening. Not really. She imagined herself being eaten... but was unable to see it. She couldn't picture the action. Unable to do this, she didn't have a response other than fear, and wiggling.

With her hips sticking in his mouth, for a moment, she felt hope creep into her thoughts, "maybe I'm too big for him to swallow" But he massaged and pinched and squeezed her into his mouth. Once her hips had scraped past his teeth, she sunk slowly and effortlessly into him. She tried to move her hands but couldn't feel them. She was amazed that she could breath, with difficulty but there was air space created by her shape. She called out to him, begging him to let her go. But the sound only seemed loud to her ears, as they were trapped in the thick, warm, womblike, mouth. Michael flipped her sneakers off, with his hand, pushing them off at the heel and tugged off her sox exposing her little feet, and painted toenails. he then removed her pants and panties, as they had hung up on her shoes. Tossing the last of the clothing to the floor. Lori's legs stuck up out of Michael's mouth and waved about like bizarre antennea. Her feet banged into the light, and pushed dental equipment around. What was left of her looked like a picture of a diver taken the moment she half plunged into the water. Though her form was very bad. Michael leaned his head back and let her thighs slide in, he sucked and pulled, and squeezed her lucious legs into him. She couldn't keep her legs apart and they naturally came together under the pressure of his jaws. Soon she was in his mouth up to her knees. Her soft round calves and small feet kicked as though she was swimming, and then slowly slipped into him as though she were trying to swim into him. Soon only her feet wiggled beyond his lips.

Then as her heels popped in, only her toes tried to hang on. Finally she was gone.

Michael felt overwhelmingly satisfied. He rubbed his huge belly where Lori struggled as she slowly succomed to his digestive processes.

After a little time, Michael felt strong, and swung himself clumsily out of the chair. Having already more than paid his bill, he ambled out of the office, past the absent receptionist, and out into the street looking for a nice quite place to enjoy his meal.

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