Deprent Prison

By Troll

Get in there you Maggot, as the guard pushed Rick into the cell.

The sound of the door sliding shut behind him was the final proof of what had happened. Where did it all go wrong? Rick closes his eyes as he sees it all replayed in his mind. The fateful night when he had gone to the party and drank too much. The drive home and the accident where the family was killed all seemed to play again in Rick's mind. How does one prepare themselves for ten years of prison? Everything he had worked so hard for gone in a second. Rick was awakening from the trance suddenly as a hand slaps him on the shoulder. Looking up Rick fell back looking at a huge Hispanic man. The guy offered his hand and helped Rick up.

Hello, name's Gordon.

Rick smiled as Gordon helped him up.

That is a strange name for a Mexican isn't it?

Gordon smiled. My parents named me after a friend of the family.

Rick couldn't help but be impressed by Gordon. Gordon obviously worked out in the weight pit. Standing a good foot taller than Rick and about twice as broad, Rick couldn't help but feel intimidated. Gordon went over to the lower bunk and lay down. Rick, not know what else to do climbed up to his bunk and sat, thinking. Rick couldn't believe this situation. Ten years is a long time. His cellmate could probably kill him without a second thought. The guards seemed to have no sympathy or compassion. Then there was that strong smell of unwashed men. The smell seemed to bother Rick the most but closed his eyes and tried to ignore it.

What are you in for? It was Gordon again and he was handing Rick a tray of food. Wha...what? Rick took the tray and looked the food over.

I said, what are you in for? Oh and the food isn't the greatest, actually its slop, but one needs to eat. Gordon sat down with his own tray of food.

Taking a bite of the sandwich and swallowing Rick answered. I am in for vehicular manslaughter. It was an accident but no one will see it that way. What are you in for?

I was in on a couple jewelry and bank heists. Though I don't have much more time here in Deprent. My transfer was approved and I will be moved to a medium security with in a month.

The day passed and Gordon helped Rick situate in to prison life a Deprent. Luckily Rick was not a small guy himself. He was able to defend himself and was accepted or at least ignored by the other inmates. As the heat of summer began to truly beat the prison the smell became almost unbearable.

Gordon, I don't get it. We are forced to shower every night yet this place is always so rank. What is up with that?

Gordon's face turned a serious and almost angered. (The closest Rick ever got to see Gordon angry that is)

It's the warden's baby, Skunk.

Rick looked surprised. You this is one man? Why don't the guards force him to shower? I saw them force Johnson in there when he was sick, and Johnson is as big as you.

Rumor is Rick; they tried to force Skunk to shower. Four guards came in and pulled him out and forced him into the shower room. Somehow Skunk managed to overcome all the guards and beat them senseless. Skunk was taken back to his cell and later the warden came down and talked with him. Skunk was moved down toward solitary to try and remove him from the other inmates. As you can tell that didn't work very well. Skunk had one cellmate back when I first came here. Guy's name was Sarg and he was put there since there was no room in solitary. Sarg was a big man. He had most of inmates and guards scared of him. None of the inmates saw Sarg again. Most likely sent to a mental hospital after having to live with that smell. No one has seen Skunk but lord knows his presence is definitely known. He's been here longer than I and I've been here for 10 years.

Rick sat intently listening to the story. As Gordon finished Rick let out a laugh.

That is ridiculous Gordon. From the sounds of it, that means that this guy hasn't bathed for more than 10 years and somehow lives in solitude while every other cell in this prison has 2 or 3 cellmates. I would think they would force someone in there.

Gordon face shown with anger and Rick knew that he best shut up.

Inmates 93A4531, get up and pack your stuff. Your transfer has been approved.

The guard beat the bars with his nightstick waking both Gordon and Rick up. Gordon got up and out of bed.

It's the middle of the night and you a**holes didn't give me a chance to pack At least let me throw some pants on..

The door slide open and Gordon was restrained (as was necessary) and led out.

Don't worry about your stuff. We'll gather it up for you before you leave. You need to finish up some final paperwork.

The guard's pushed Gordon out and into the hall. With an excited gleam in his eyes Gordon smiled back at Rick who smiled and waved in return as Gordon was led down the hall out of sight.

He we go, get in there and finish the paperwork.

The guards slammed the cell door shut. The room reeked like the rest of the prison. Sitting at a table was another man thin, about 140lbs, with long stringy hair and a thick beard. He seemed to be filling out some paperwork also. Gordon sat down at another desk that had his transfer papers on them and looked them over, signing his name where the X's were. As he finished the last one he smiled and sat down his pen.

So you are being transferred are you. Came the voice from the man. Where are you going to?

Gordon just smiled. Don't care as long as it's not here.

The thin guy smiled and stood up walking toward Gordon. Well, well. Looks to me you have all your papers signed and finished. The man takes the papers and sticks them in a slotted box on the wall. Gordon stood up and looked around the room. As he did this he was surprised by the small man standing so close to him.

So, where are you being transferred to? Figuring that this other guy must also be an inmate.

I'm not going anywhere, but then again you aren't either, really.

With that the small man pulled Gordon close and kissed him hard on the mouth. Gordon was taken aback and tried to pull away. The guy just held Gordon tight and even with all of his strength Gordon couldn't push himself away. The kiss was hard as the guy sucked hard on Gordon's lips. His tongue pulled into the guy's mouth. Finally the longhaired man broke the kiss and licked Gordon's neck from the base up to his ear. Gordon took in a deep breath as the kiss was broke and prepared to call for the guard when his lips were once again met by the lips of the man. Whispering into Gordon's mouth, I wouldn't try that. They won't come and don't you want this transfer.

Gordon wanted the transfer and if having sex would get it, so be it. Gordon pushed his lips hard onto the thin guy's mouth. Gordon closed his eyes and imagined that he was kissing a beautiful woman. He could feel her hot breath on his face as he tried to push away the reality of what was happening. Soon his entire head seemed to be surrounded by warmth. Opening his eyes Gordon tried to scream but with his head and neck completely trapped in the man's mouth the scream was lost.

The thin man held Gordon tightly as he watched Gordon close his eyes. Then stretching his mouth slowly he worked Gordon's head into his mouth. His lips circled the thick Mexican's neck. As Gordon screamed into his throat, the man smiled and held on tighter to the Mexican. Slowly working his jaws wider he took in one of the wide shoulders and then the other. The man's tongue slid across Gordon's face licking the thick moustache. With a swallow, Gordon's head was pushed into the throat of the man as his chest slid in. Gordon flailed and pulled as hard as he could but the thin man embraced him tightly in a powerful hug. The man's tongue slid across the thick pecs and into Gordon's armpits. The furry chest and pits soon were slicked down by the guy's saliva. Gordon pushed with all of his might against the small frame. This isn't happening, this isn't possible kept crossing Gordon's mind as he felt another sickening lurch forward and the muscles of the guy's throat pull his chest in. Gordon kicked his legs as he felt the man pushing down his pants revealing his thick cock. With other swallow Gordon felt the lips slide around his waist and envelop his crotch. The tongue licked the entire area going from the cock to the balls, and in between the cheeks. Gordon tried to kick but the warmth and moistness on his cock caused him to get hard. Sensing the hard on the tongue stroked it and teased it. Gordon's instincts kicked in and he started to push his waist against tongue as it played with his cock. Gordon moaned as he exploded in the guy's mouth. His seed slid down his body, across his chest and off his face into the stomach. Exhausted from the effort and from his cumming Gordon's legs went limp. The guy smiled as the his prey went limp. Pushing hard against Gordon's hole, the tongue pushed up into him. Another swallow pulled Gordon in up to his knees. With a sickening slurp Gordon's legs slid into the guy's mouth like two pieces of spaghetti. With a final swallow Gordon was pushed down into the guys stomach. Realizing where he was Gordon began to push against the stomach and try to find his way out. The guy smiled as the Mexican struggled.

MMmmm, another inmate transferred.

Rick woke up the next morning. All of his cellmate's belongs were gone. Rick thought to himself how lucky Gordon was to get out of this place. The stench was stronger today for some reason. Oh well, it's just another day.

A week went by and Rick enjoyed a cell to himself. Finally the guards came to his cell. Inmate 1026B327 pack your stuff. You're being moved to a new cell.

Rick gathered up his belongs and after he had them in large sacks the guards came back. Opening the cell door and restraining Rick, the guard took Rick and his belongs down the hallway toward solitary. Rick realized where he was headed.

Hey! Wait a moment...I didn't do anything to get the hole.

Don't worry kid, you're not going to the hole.

The guard's came to a cell off on its own. The cell was larger than most and reeked strong of stale sweat. After opening the door the guards threw Rick's stuff into the room and pushed him in. Releasing him from his restraints the guards lock the door once again. Feeling a hand touch him from behind, Rick swings around only to have his hand caught. Rick was surprised to see his hand being held by another man about his height but much thinner than him. The man released Rick's hand and Rick let it hang at his side. Looking at the man he immediately identified this man as Skunk. His hair was long and he was unkept. His odor was strong, almost overbearing but Rick managed to overcome this.

So, you are my new cellmate huh kid?

You're Skunk aren't you? Rick shuttered as he asked that question.

The man smiled. That's what the other inmates call me. You're my first cellmate in 25 years.

Rick's mouth dropped. You've been here for 25 years? How did you manage to keep a cell to yourself and why now do they force someone with you?

Skunk grinned again. Yes, I have been here for 25 years. I'm serving a life sentence. I kept the cell to myself by a special agreement between me and the warden and they didn't force you to be with me. I wanted you to be with me.

Rick's eyes opened with shock. You wanted me here...why me?

I've been watching you when you went out to yard. First I know your secret. Second I could uses someone of like mind to help time go by. Skunk walked over and stroked his hand across Rick's cock, which immediately jumped. Before you ask, yes I haven't bathed since I've been here and didn't bathe before that. Last time I cleaned up was when I was a child at my mother's home.

Skunk then grabbed Rick and pulled him close. Rick was surprised by the strength and forwardness of his new cellmate but his cellmate was right about him. Rick planted his lips on Skunk's mouth. The two embraced lovingly as they stroked each other's bodies. As the kiss ended Skunk smiled and led Rick over to the single bunk in the room. Pulling off Rick's shirt first, Skunk ran his hands across Rick's furry chest. Rick closed his eyes as his new cellmate did this. Then Rick felt his pants being pulled down followed by his underwear. Rick kicked off his shoes while still enjoying the touch of his new cellmate. Suddenly Rick felt himself lifted up and slammed hard on the bed. The air rushed out of him as he opened his eyes to see Skunk's furry face. Their lips met again and Rick was surprised by the passion and lust he was feeling for this man. Wrapping his arms around the man Rick pulled hard, pulling Skunk against his body. The hair of both men's chest entangled as the embraced each other. (At this point Rick is trying to remember when Skunk undressed but soon dismissed the thought) The two kissed for what seemed like an eternity, searching each others mouths with their tongues. The kiss finally ended and Skunk looked deeply into Rick's eyes as Rick did the same. Rick couldn't understand his passion for this man. Yes, Skunk was right. He was gay, but Rick always looked at thick muscled men. This guy was puny compared to what he usually looked at, yet this guy was far from weak. Actually, Rick pondered, I think he is stronger than me. In all reality I should be repulsed by this man, Rick continued thinking, good lord, he hasn't bathed for probably 30 years. Why wasn't the smell bothering me? Rick was awaken from his thoughts by the feeling of Skunk's mouth around his cock. Rick looked up and Skunk's swollen meat. The two sucked on each other until they finally both exploded into each other's mouth. Rick tasted the salty liquid but it strong scent and flavor started to make him gag. Skunk had turned himself around and kissed Rick again and sucked his load out of Rick's mouth. Then with another impressive feat of strength Skunk pushed Rick's face into his ripe pit. Rick heard Skunk ordering him to lick it but the smell was overwhelming. Rick vision darkened.

Waking up, Rick rolled over to see his trashy cellmate. Skunk was already awake and seeing Rick's eyes open, he grabbed Rick and pulled him close, back to front. Rick smiled as he felt Skunk's thin but strong arms encircle him and hold him. Rick smiled as he felt his back being kissed and licked. As it went up his back and neck to his ear he heard Skunk whisper.

Last night was good but you didn't see my endurance.

With that Skunk thrust hard with his cock and pushed his long 9 inch meat deep into Rick's tight hole. Rick screamed out in pain but soon calmed by Skunk's hands massaging and rubbing his chest. Skunk began to long stroke his cock in Rick. Each pump Rick could feel the meat swelling in thicker the thought. Skunk began to speed his rhythm, holding Rick tightly against his sweaty, hairy chest. With a loud moan Skunk exploded his load deep into Rick. Rick's entire insides felt like they were burning from the hot cum in him. Rick let Skunk hold his cock inside of him a bit longer and then tried to push it out only to his surprise that Skunk was still hard and was holding tight in him. Skunk started to thrust again, the hot load lubricating the swollen dick. Rick was surprised by Skunk's endurance as this continued the whole morning. Rick ass was so sore and he was so tired he didn't get out of bed. Skunk had deposited at least 13 loads in him. Skunk on the other hand was up and went out to yard when the guard came.

This continued for almost a year. Rick became more and more accustomed to his cellmate. The smell of his body no longer bothered Rick and actually ended up a big turn on. Being in the Skunk's cell, Rick was segregated from the rest of the inmates but he didn't seem to mind. He found himself becoming more and more like Skunk. (not to difficult since the guards took Skunk to the shower room. Why would that change with a cellmate) Rick was impressed by his lover. He seemed to always get stronger though he never got any bigger.

Well Rick, today's the day.

What day is that Skunk?

Didn't you hear? You are being transferred.


Don't worry. I'll be with you, where your going.

The two embraced in a hug and a deep kiss. Rick smiled and closed his eyes as he tried to capture this moment in his mind. He loved Skunk very much and wanted to be with him forever. Rick then felt a strange movement in his lovers mouth. Opening his eyes he was shocked to see his lovers mouth opened large enough to fit his head inside. Rick tried to pull away.

What? What are you doing?

Skunk just smiled as he closed his mouth.

I'm going to eat you Rick. Don't worry, I'll swallow you whole. This way we'll always be together also.

But....but you can't swallow a man whole, it's impossible.

Rick, Rick. I have swallowed men twice as large as you. You're nothing compared to my last cellmate.

You mean Sarg?

Yeah, big f***ing man. At least 350lbs of solid muscle covered with hair. One of the best meals I had. Only meal better than that was when those guards tried to make me shower. You can't imagine the feeling of having three full grown men trapped in your belly pushing and fighting to get out.

How...How did you eat three men? I guess I have time for one last story for my lover before I make you a part of me. The guards came in and restrained me and pushed me toward the shower room. I didn't want to fight. I was hungry and hadn't had a real meal since I was thrown into prison. When we entered the room and they unhooked to so they could lock me next to the shower I broke free. I kicked one guard and he hit the wall and was out. Two of them grabbed my arms while the other came in front of me and hit me with the nightstick. He leaned forward to yell in my face and I quickly took his head into my mouth. He started to scream and flail. The other two guards shocked by what I had done, I caught of balance and locked their heads in headlocks. Their faces were buried in my ripe pits. Wasn't long til they were out. Holding those to there, I inhaled hard on the guard who was still fighting in front of me. About five gulps later and he was inside of me. I then grabbed the other two guards and sitting on one's head I grabbed the other and forced him down also. The guard I kicked started to come to so I knew I needed to hurry. As I finished the second guard I grabbed the one I was sitting on and pushed him in just as the feet slid into my throat. The fourth guard watched as I slurped that third guard in like a piece of pasta. He ran out of the shower room. My plan had worked perfectly. As the last guard landed in my belly, more guards came and escorted me back to my cell. The pushing in my belly was immense I came in my pants about three times on the way back to my cell. The warden came down the next day and I worked out a deal with him. Have you ever noticed that even though we are almost full to capacity we never exceed capacity?

Well, there are usually transfers.

Skunks smiled.

Yes, transfers from their cell into my belly.

Skunk patted his slight paunch. Rick looked at Skunk in shock and disbelief. Skunk's hold remained tight.

You mean, Gordon? You ate Gordon?

Most likely. And now I am going to eat you.

With that Skunk opened his mouth wide and took Rick's head into his mouth. Rick pushed on Skunk's mouth trying to pry his mouth off. Skunk just smiled and opened his mouth a little wider and sucked Rick's hands in. With a loud slurp, Skunk inhaled Rick up to his waist. Skunk ran his tongue along his lover's torso, savoring the wonderful salty taste of sweaty skin. Rick couldn't help but giggle as he felt Skunk's hot tongue running across his body, slicking it with saliva. Another swallow pulled Rick's crotch into Skunk's mouth. Skunk held Rick there as he pushed his tongue deep into Rick's ass. Rick was resisting but to Skunk's surprise was almost more of a play resist rather than a fight for his life. Skunk enjoyed this surprise from his lover. He dug deep into Rick's hole causing Rick to squirm in his mouth. Rick's cock became rock hard and he began to hump his lover's mouth. Skunk pulled his tongue out of Rick and began to caress and tease his swollen cock. Rick quickly came, exploding all over in Skunk's mouth. Wanting the seed down in his belly, Skunk swallowed again pulling Rick thighs into his mouth and throat. With another large gulp Rick was pulled in to his feet. His entire body was surrounded by his lover. Skunk ran his tongue along Rick's feet and in between his toes. Before swallowing Skunk decided to do one more thing. Bending over Skunk surrounded his own cock with his mouth and Rick's feet. Then carefully sucking on it he quickly came all over Rick's feet, filling his mouth with his seed. With one last gulp, the whole mess slid into his throat and down into his belly. Standing up Skunk patted his full belly.

Rick, now we will always be together and you won't have to spend another day in Deprent.

Rick felt himself being pushed into Skunk's stomach. Rick push around a bit but knew he was not going anywhere. He sat back in Skunk's belly and felt the air grow thin. He was suddenly shaken and felt a pressure change as Skunk let the air out of his belly in a loud belch. Suddenly without air, Rick started to struggle to breathe until finally passing out.

Skunk belched thickly and enjoyed the sudden struggle inside of him.

I knew that would wake you up.

Skunk sat back on his bed and finished taking care of Rick.

Another inmate transferred.

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