Devin, the Beautiful Blue Dragon

By Lonewolf [Email]

Dawn was approaching, and the two dragon adventurers soared together above the foothills, on their way to the caves which they suspected to contain the lost books of magic which had been stolen centuries earlier by a band of rogue elven thieves.

The pair had known each other in their youths, a period not too long ago for either of them, and now in, young adulthood, both had taken their places as explorers and adventurers, serving Dragonkind with their strength and talents whenever they were called upon to make an expedition to remote areas by themselves.

The younger of the two, Moldarin, was a gold dragon. He would become very large and strong as he proceeded further into adulthood. For now, he was average for his age and race, but, at that, he was splendidly muscled and proportioned. Gold dragons usually were the largest among all the breeds, but, Moldarin knew that even the largest and most beautiful and powerful gold dragon he could hope to become would be unlikely to surpass the prodigious form of his counterpart, the slightly older blue dragon, Devin. Devin was a marvel. He had all the characteristics of the largest gold dragons, along with the striking beauty, calm, and intelligence of the blues. Put together, Devin was so large and refined that no other dragon could approach his striking appearance.

The two had been good friends for a long time and shared a mutual respect, but, since he had begun accompanying Devin about a year ago, Moldarin had become so taken with Devin that he frequently found his intense dragon passions unexpectedly becoming aroused by his companion. As a gold dragon, Moldarin was well-muscled and strong, a capable flier and fighter. As a rule blues, the most skilled sorcerers, and golds complemented each other very well under nearly all circumstances, both of pleasure and of danger. Moldarin was flying a little behind Devin as the travelled side-by-side, so that he could watch the graceful movements of the huge blue, his closest friend. Nothing could escape the keen senses and insight of the blues, but Devin didn't mind the silent attention from Moldarin. He accepted the complement of his Moldarin's continual gaze and appreciated the regard which he knew Moldarin felt for him. Sensing Moldarin's eyes upon his body once again, Devin turned his long neck around to smile at his friend. Blues were the most beautifully- featured of all the dragons, and Devin outdid them all. His smile was one never to be forgotten, and he shared it often, as he did with all of his youthful, playful personality.

Light would be coming soon, and the rumbling that Devin felt from within himself reminded him that they needed to stop to eat before much longer, lest they be overly obvious to onlookers as they ate during daylight. As Devin began to descend, Moldarin, who had only the average appetite of a young gold dragon (which was substantial) wondered how a dragon could possibly need to eat as much as Devin seemed to need to and still be able to fly, for Devin's appetite and fondness for food was as exceptional as the rest of him. Moldarin shot a pretend look of disgust at Devin as if to say, "Again?" and they looked for a place to land near the large flock of white swans that was sleeping on the shore of a lake they had just overflown.

Moldarin was rather saddened that Devin had taken notice of the swans, since Moldarin had always considered the birds to be very beautiful creatures with whom dragons shared the skies, a sentiment which usually prodded him to find other prey. But, here they were, so he knew that he would be best served by selecting several of them to consume just in case food was not to be found later, and, besides, Devin would not be talked out of eating the swans anyway. Not being especially hungry after the enormous meal the previous night (as always seemed to be the case when Devin was around), he chose only five of the white birds among the flock to be stalked, each in its turn. Knowing it would take a while for Devin to finish, he caught each of his birds rather leisurely and swallowed the beautiful creatures one at a time as he caught them. Satisfied, he stood aside to watch Devin eat.

Devin was famished, as usual, and he set about consuming the birds in his usual manner. Moldarin noticed that the birds were not taking wing, which meant that Devin had quickly cast a spell on them to take away their power of flight. As the birds ran about, trying to escape their huge predator, Devin would come from behind them, sucking perhaps ten of them into his mouth in quick succession before stopping and tipping his head up and swallowing the screaming birds all at once, sending a large undulating lump slowly down his great long neck. He would do this five or six times until nothing was left of the flock, save the five swans still struggling inside of Moldarin's largely empty stomach, except a bulge in Devin's belly that represented nearly 50 swans that had been slumbering only minutes earlier. Each time Devin swallowed, Moldarin watched the bulge get a little bigger as ten or so more live swans entered Devin's tummy, which was, even filled nearly with food, restrained from looking slovenly by Devin's exquisite abdominal muscles which gave his belly a graceful and athletic contour even then. The show, which aroused Moldarin fantastically, was his reward for having to spend so much time allowing for Devin's eating stops during their journeys.

Devin didn't wait around after he had consumed all that had been there before they arrived. He motioned to Moldarin, saying that he was ready to get underway again. Moldarin watched Devin lift himself powerfully and beautifully into the air with his wings, seemingly unimpeded by the added weight of his "guests." As Moldarin took his place in flight next to Devin, he looked over at the blue dragon and directed his gaze to Devin's belly, which was still twitching as its contents flailed about in a futile attempt to escape. His own meal's motions tickled Moldarin from within, and he smilingly thought that it must be torture for Devin to have that much live food inside of him, but, as the thoughts occurred, Devin turned his to face Moldarin and flashed his beautiful grin at him as he patted his belly a couple times with his left arm, renewing Moldarin's arousal, which, apparently, he hadn't been hiding very well...

By the time they landed that evening, Devin's swans had long since been digested, and the bulge they made in him had disappeared. He was hungry again, and, this time, the intended meal was a rather large cow Devin had spotted by herself from the air. As Devin started moving toward it, Moldarin decided that the couple sheep he had seen could wait until the show had ended. The cow had picked up the scent of the dragons and was moving away as fast as she could without making a lot of noise, but that wasn't nearly fast enough to discourage Devin. When he got to within only a few feet of her, the cow turned around and saw Devin right behind her. She let out a "mooooo," of fright and was about to break into a run, but Devin pounced upon her just then, and she found herself with her entire body being grasped at the midsection by the beautiful blue dragon's gaping mouth. Devin carried the flailing cow back to Moldarin with a gleam in his eye, and Moldarin looked at him, wondering why he had done so but suspecting by Devin's clever expression that he realized Moldarin's arousal at him, especially when he ate. Devin set the cow down and grasped her with his hands to keep her from escaping as she continued to convulse in her attempts to break free. A seductive look came over Devin as he looked at Moldarin and said, "I'm going to give you a treat tonight, my friend, if you care to watch, that is!" Moldarin again began to become aroused, not even bothering to try to hide it, as Devin started to lick the cow gently. Moldarin, knowing he was going to enjoy this thoroughly, strode over to his friend and, spreading out to get comfortable, laid in front of Devin and his prey, and watched. Devin's soft red tongue lapped at the cow as she continued to cry, and Moldarin, knowing that she was going to be inside of the gorgeous blue dragon soon, found himself thinking that the must be the luckiest cow ever to have lived.

Devin smiled at Moldarin, as though he knew what Moldarin was thinking (and he probably did). Then, he stopped licking the cow and opened his mouth wide. He gently closed it over the rear third of the screaming cow's body and lifted her into the air as he straightened his long neck. Moldarin could hear Devin's stomach growl as Devin tossed a little more of the huge cow into his mouth. Devin's tongue came out from underneath the cow and helped to pull her into him from beneath her chest and neck. The back of the cow had already disappeared into the rear of Devin's huge mouth and was almost ready to fall downward and begin her journey down his throat to his waiting stomach. Devin pulled the rest of the cow into his mouth as she continued to cry as loudly as she could. The top of his throat began to expand as the rear of her body entered it, almost ready to slide down into Devin's long neck. Devin tipped his head back, and the cow slid the rest of the way in, its cries cut off rather abruptly as her head disappeared down Devin's throat.

As the enormous bulge in Devin's great long neck slowly and smoothly moved toward his body, Devin gazed down at Moldarin, now so aroused he could hardly contain himself and smiled at him as he continued to recline on the ground in front of Devin. Moldarin reached for Devin's neck with one hand and touched the bulge of the cow which was about halfway down Devin's neck. He began to stroke Devin's neck. He felt the cow struggling and moving about as Devin's swallowing muscles moved her ever closer to the base of his neck. Devin stretched out, enjoying Moldarin's touch and exposing as much of his great neck to Moldarin as he could. Eventually the struggling cow's bulge got closer and closer to Devin's body and, finally, began to disappear beyond the base of his neck until the cow's head entered his chest, and the bulge was no longer there. Moldarin moved toward Devin's belly. Devin stretched out in front of him, and Moldarin put his hands on Devin's belly and waited. A few seconds later, he saw and felt Devin's belly distend as the devoured cow slid into his tummy.

Moldarin rubbed Devin's body for a while, loving the sensations of being in such close contact with his beautiful friend. After a few moments, he turned his head and saw Devin gazing at him, still with a seductive expression on his face. Then, Devin lifted his neck and moved his head toward Moldarin's. "I think you want this, my friend," Devin said, and he began to kiss Moldarin. The two exquisite dragons wrapped their bodies around each other's and kissed for a while. Finally, tired, they both curled up together and went to sleep...

When Moldarin began to awaken the following morning, he thought that he felt something tickling him. Beginning to remember what had happened the night before, he quickly became excited as he realized that it must be Devin's touch. He opened his eyes and saw Devin sitting next to him, his typical gorgeous smile on his face. He moved his head back toward Moldarin's body and began to lick him. Moldarin now became aware of what had tickled him out of his sleep. Moldarin loved the feeling of Devin's tongue on his body and began to writhe in pleasure. He closed his eyes and enjoyed Devin's explorations of his body with his tongue. He went back to sleep.

He awoke again to a different sensation. This time he felt something strange at his tail. He turned his neck to see what it was, and he was shocked to see that three-fourths of his tail had disappeared into Devin's mouth! Moldarin tried to flick his tail, and he saw its motions cause a little flicker down the first part of Devin's long neck. By the time he had done this, Devin had pulled the rest of his tail into his mouth. "Devin, what are you doing to me?" Moldarin asked, beginning to feel some fear, although the answer was clear, and Devin couldn't answer anyway, his mouth being full of Moldarin's tail. Instead, Devin reached out and softly began to rub Moldarin's body in an affectionate and calming gesture. Moldarin realized that Devin was eating him, but Devin's touch seemed to put Moldarin at ease, and he simply waited for whatever happened next, not really knowing what to do.

Devin's mouth had reached the base of Moldarin's tail, and, now, Devin opened his mouth tremendously wide and began to pull in Moldarin's hips. Using his tremendous strength, Devin used his arms, as well as his neck muscles, to straighten his neck and lift Moldarin into the air. Devin tilted his head up so that he could let gravity assist him in sliding Moldarin's large, muscular body into his mouth. Finding himself so high in the air and looking down at his body inside Devin's mouth, Moldarin began to squirm. As he did so, he caused himself to slide further into Devin's mouth. When his cock slid inside, Devin began to lick it with the tip of his tongue, and Moldarin began to feel surges of pleasure ripple through his body. He began to convulse as he got closer and closer to orgasm. He looked down to see Devin's face grinning at the pleasure he was causing Moldarin as Moldarin slid further in. The back of Moldarin's body had already slipped into Devin's throat, and Moldarin could see the huge bulge that his own body was now forming at the top of Devin's long neck. The sensations on his cock changed as it slid past Devin's tongue and into his throat. Now, Moldarin could feel the inexorable working of Devin's swallowing muscles in his throat which were efficiently moving him into Devin's body. Moldarin felt his arms slide into Devin's mouth and realized at that point that Devin had carefully folded Moldarin's wings at his side when their tips slid in, making sure that they would not be bent and cause Moldarin pain. The muscles in Devin's throat continued to send wave after wave of ecstasy through Moldarin's body as they massaged his bulging cock. The more Moldarin wiggled, the faster he slid into his friend, his lover.

Devin had swallowed Moldarin up to his neck now, and Moldarin began to slide faster as the base of his neck entered Devin's throat. Aside from the fantastically huge bulge of Moldarin's body which was moving further and further down Devin's neck, only Moldarin's long neck and head were still visible outside of Devin's smiling mouth. Devin's throat muscles were pushing to Moldarin to orgasm, and he began to tense as he felt himself getting ready to come, deep within Devin's throat. Moldarin's neck stiffened, and he let out a delighted roar as he convulsed with the most powerful orgasm he had ever experienced. Gallons of his semen slid into Devin's eager tummy, and the sensation intensified Devin's hunger for Moldarin and his eagerness to get Moldarin into his stomach as quickly as he could. He began to swallow in earnest.

Just as he had as Devin ate the cow the previous night, Moldarin heard Devin's stomach growl as Moldarin slid closer and closer to his destination deep inside of Devin. Coming down from his sexual high, and feeling himself being gulped even more quickly now, Moldarin saw the bulge his body was forming in Devin's neck start to pass into Devin's chest and become invisible. At the same time, Moldarin's head had almost begun to enter Devin's mouth. Now, fear arose in Moldarin, and he began to struggle futilly. His hind legs already well within Devin's chest, only the flailing of his arms could be seen through Devin's neck. His head thrashed a bit, but it was quickly immobilized as Devin's mouth began to take it in. Feeling Moldarin's struggles, Devin gulped faster and more powerfully, and Moldarin's head slid faster into Devin's mouth. Moldarin began to roar in fright as his head slid completely into Devin's mouth and continued to head toward his throat. Moldarin watched as his field of vision began to fill with the inside of Devin's mouth, his white teeth, his soft red tongue. As Moldarin's roars were silenced by the pressure from Devin's mouth against his jaws, Devin's tongue curled around and worked its way into Moldarin's mouth, affectionately teasing his tongue one last time. Moldarin's view was cut off as Devin closed his mouth. Devin tilted his head straight up and gulped as hard as he could, sending the rest of Moldarin's head down his throat and pushing more of his behind into his stomach.

As Moldarin's head slit backwards down Devin's long throat, he could feel increasingly more of his back being freed up as more and more of it entered Devin's stomach. Moldarin was aware that his head had finally left Devin's long neck and had entered his chest. He felt and heard Devin's huge heart beating as his head slid through Devin's chest, almost at the end of its journey. Finally, the pressure around his head was released as Moldarin's head slid out of the long, muscular esophagus. Tail to head, Moldarin was now completely curled up inside of Devin's warm, soft tummy.

Moldarin couldn't believe the ecstasy he was feeling. Being inside of Devin's stomach was like being in a warm, soft bed. Moldarin felt the movement as Devin rolled onto his back. Devin's belly was enormous, and Devin smiled at it as he realized how silly he must have looked with that much food so obviously inside of him. He reached up with both hands and gave his belly a few gentle pats. Moldarin could feel the thumping, and he knew that Devin was contentedly enjoying the sensation of a tummy absolutely stuffed full of live food.

"We'll never be apart now," Devin said as he reclined and rubbed his belly so that Moldarin could feel him stroking him. Devin's stomach was already digesting Moldarin, and Moldarin began to contently feel sleepy. As both dragons, one inside the other, began to fall asleep, their love for each other never felt stronger. They fell asleep together, one last time. By nightfall, Devin had digested his lover, and Moldarin was now just a very slight bulge in Devin's belly. Energized and happy with the feeling of Moldarin inside of him, Devin took wing, flying higher and faster than ever before, knowing he wouldn't have to eat again for a probably a whole day...

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