By Ken (adapted from "Janet and the Snake" by Anonymous)

Ken broke into the clearing in the remote woods. He was a handsome young man with brown hair. He had been hiking all day and was tired, so he decided to rest in this idyllic spot. He took out a towel from his back-pack and threw it on to the ground. Being an avid nature lover, he had always been proud of his all-over tan. Quickly he removed his T-shirt revealing his hairy chest and nipples. His shorts followed exposing his athletic, hard and rounded ass. Kicking off his hiking boots and socks, he stretched out a few times and lay down on his back to soak up the late afternoon sun. At thirty, he had the mature body that drove men wild, and laying there on his back his hand caressed the hair on his chest. His brown hair glistened with sweat in the sun. His mind drifted wistfully back to the previous evening when he had laid in a similar position on his bed as his partner had lain on top of him, between his legs. Cozy, sensual feelings flooded through his body as he drifted off to sleep.

The huge snake slithered from the undergrowth. It was hungry. It had not eaten for a week, and now it was hunting again. It's forked tongue darted in and out of it's mouth as it searched the air for a scent of prey. It was immediately rewarded by traces of the breath and perspiration of a warm blooded creature - it's favorite prey. Such a sweet smell to the hungry predator. Silently and effortlessly the snake made it's way to the doomed man. He was not moving and the snake wondered if he was already dead. But no, the huge animal detected the rise and fall of his chest as he drew in his breath. It circled the man a few times, deciding on the best plan of attack. Suddenly it made it's move. It grabbed Ken's left leg in it's powerful jaws, and held it fast in a vice-like grip.

Ken was shocked into sudden wakefulness. At first he was disoriented and did not realize what was happening. He felt a crushing pressure on his leg. As sleep cleared from his mind he came to the awful realization that an enormous snake had his leg in it's mouth. Larger than anything he had seen before in a zoo, or on television. He instinctively started to struggle. He kicked with his other leg, it's head, it's eyes, and it's body, but to no avail. He pushed his free foot against it's reptilian lips. The snake saw it's opportunity and grabbed at his other leg. Ken gave a short sharp scream and started to panic. What was he going to do. He had not yet come to the full realization of the awfulness of his predicament, and felt in no immediate danger. Well, it was pretty scary, but he would manage to escape somehow. He tried kicking his legs inside the snake's mouth but he could hardly budge them. He looked around him in a vain hope that something would be available to help his escape. A large rock or branch maybe, something he could hit the snake with.

The snake slowly moved it's upper jaw forward. Ken screamed as the small spiny teeth scraped along his shins. He saw small droplets of blood forming on his skin. And then to his horror the snake pulled back with it's top jaw, pulling his feet into it's throat. Ken gasped. This was not supposed to happen! He was supposed to get out, not get pulled further in! He looked down across his naked body in horror. He was up to his knees in the mouth of a huge carnivore. It intended to eat him; make him it's next meal. The snake repeated the motion, moving his upper jaw forward again, this time scraping along the skin of his thick thighs as his calves were pulled into the cool throat.

Ken was rocking from side to side trying to dislodge himself as best he could. The snake held fast on his legs however and then it's tongue shot out of it's mouth underneath Ken and slapped at his groin spraying saliva everywhere. The snake's tongue moved over Ken's cock and balls and down in between his legs. A thick film of saliva dripped from Ken's crotch. The tongue slithered down and started to poke at Ken's hole. Ken tensed his legs but the tongue pushed hard and began to slip into Ken's tight ass. He felt the powerful throat muscles pull at his legs again, sucking him in further, while at the same time, the snake's tongue seem to be pushing against Ken's hole. The firm tongue worked it's way past the hole and began to pulse into his rectum. He could feel his bowels being filled with the steady flow of thick mucus from the snakes tongue. Ken realized with horror that the snake was pumping digestive juices into his bowels. There began to be a tingling sensation deep within his intestines. The steady fucking sensation on his hole was making Ken's cock hard despite his predicament.

Ken began to realize that he was not going to escape; at least not on his own. His attempts had been futile and without purpose. The snake knew exactly what it was doing. It was pulling him slowly inside of it's body, something it had long practice at doing. Ken on the other hand was improvising - badly. Maybe there was someone nearby.

"Help!" He shouted. Not very loud; his throat was dry and his voice was harsh. He cleared his throat - a strange act in his predicament.

"HELP! HELP ME!," he screamed much louder. The sound seemed out of place in the quiet, serene setting. He heard noises in the undergrowth; animals scurrying away. Birds took flight from the nearby trees.

"ANYONE THERE" he screamed at the top of his voice. "PLEASE, IS THERE ANYONE THERE, I NEED HELP." His voice trailed off.

The clearing fell silent. The snake pulled on his legs again, and his thighs slid effortlessly into the snake's throat. "Oh no," he breathed as with horror he felt his ass being pulled into the snakes mouth. "Oh no, please, me. I don't want to die. Not yet. Not like this."

Ken realized now that he was going to die; that his young life was about to end. This huge, hungry predator was going to eat him and there was absolutely nothing he could do about it. He realized that it would have no trouble swallowing him. The thought was more horrifying than anything he had ever imagined. And it was not an imaginary fear. It was real, and it was happening to him - right now! He tried to imagine himself being swallowed whole and alive by this huge animal. How could he possibly face this awful ordeal, this unspeakable horror? What was it going to be like as his head was pulled inside the snake's throat. How would he bear it? But, ready or not, prepared or unprepared, somehow he would have to spend the final moments of his life suffocating and drowning in the belly of a snake.

His thighs were in the throat's slimy, powerful grip. He could feel the smoothness of the throat muscles against his own powerful thighs. The slimy sensation felt erotic. Soon his head would be in that same slimy throat. He was moving his legs around in the snakes body in an effort to try to wriggle himself free. From the outside, his efforts were clearly visible. He was tiring however. The emotional impact of what he was going through as well as the physical exertion was started to wear him out. As he came to the full realization of his predicament, he felt his muscles relax; go completely loose. He was resigning himself to his fate. He could feel himself loosing control of his bladder and bowels. A powerful stream of pee gushed directly in to the snake's mouth as he involuntarily emptied himself. The flood of mucus in his ass caused shit to exploded from his hole with such force that the sound resonated around the clearing, splattering not only the snakes mouth and head, but also the grass around him.

The snake moved again. He felt the muscles in the throat ripple and contract. He screamed as he felt it swallow. He thought he heard a slurping sound as his ass and cock slid into the throat, and his hairy belly was pulled into it's mouth. Saliva from the snakes mouth was glistening on his abdomen and matting the thick carpet of fur there.

"NO!" he screamed again. Nothing happened. The snake was undisturbed by his pitiful wailing and his futile struggling. He felt no animosity from the animal. It was merely doing what all carnivores do - eating to stay alive in the only way it knew how. A sort of incongruous peace came over him. In a strange way this made him feel one with nature. He was prey; the snake predator. This scene had been played over countless times since the world began. Animals eating other animals. He had eaten meat last night. He had felt nothing toward the poor cow that had given it's life so he could live, anymore than this snake give his a thought, other than his meal. Soon, nearly his entire body mass would be converted to nutrition for the large animal. The rest would be discarded as waste. Ken found himself strangely bonding with the snake. He realized that he felt no animosity toward the snake either. After all, he would soon become part of it's body. He wondered if he tasted good; if he would be nutritious. He began to almost welcome the thought of becoming a meal.

Once again the snake's powerful tongue slithered out and this time wrapped itself around his throat. Ken could feel the slick tongue begin to tighten around him, cutting off his air. Instinctively, Ken reached up and grasped the tongue trying to get hold of it in an attempt to free himself. The snake took advantage of this and quickly released Ken's throat and wrapped itself instead around both of his wrists. The tongue rapidly pulled back into the snake's throat pulling Ken's arms down to his waist. He felt the throat pulling at his body again, as this time he was pulled into the snake up to his chest with his arms now firmly trapped in the snakes throat. Almost unconsciously Ken found his cock, warm and hard between his legs. Ken began to pull on his shaft the best he could, he did not quite comprehend why he was doing this, but the feeling he was getting from the act was the most satisfying sexual pleasure he had ever felt. His cock had never felt more hard and wave after wave of pleasure came over his groin and spread throughout his body as he was gently pulled deeper into the bowels of the snake.

Ken's head, shoulders and nipples were still outside of the snake's mouth;. It was almost a erotic. The firm youthful body contrasted sharply with the cold reptilian features of the snake's head and eyes. But the sight was not going to last. Another series of swallows and Ken's chest was quickly gulped into the snake's mouth. In spite of his euphoria, he did gasp as the spiny teeth scraped over his tender nipples. It was quite painful. Ken could not scream; he had no energy, or even inclination any more to scream; he merely sobbed. His arms were being held tightly in place, it was becoming more difficult to continue to manipulate his engorged cock.

"No...someone, please help me." It was almost a whisper. Ken sobbed again. It was very painful, but he realized it was just part of being eaten. It was not his snake's fault. He was not deliberately trying to hurt him. Ken closed his eyes and his mouth opened to scream, but instead the tongue pushed against his lips and began to slip into his head. Ken quickly tried to close his mouth to prevent this, but his weakened state and the strength of the snake overcame him. The tongue slithered over his tongue and he could feel a large amount of mucus filling his mouth. The thick muck tasted vile, a mixture of saliva, and Ken's own piss and shit. The tongue began to pump in and out and Ken found himself, involuntarily sucking on the flesh, swallowing more of the snakes digestive fluids into his own stomach. He felt the snake swallow again. The rippling muscles strained and gripped his stomach and thighs very closely. It was a cool, intimate embrace that contrasted with the surrounding air and it aroused him even more. He could feel his cock rub the snake's throat and he gently let go of his hard on, and felt a powerful orgasm slowly building. He sighed with relief as his chest slipped from the pain of the spiny teeth into the slimy, and comforting embrace of the throat. He could smell the powerful breath of the snake filling his nostrils. The lips of the snake were now gently closed around Ken's neck, his head the only part of his body still outside of the snakes mouth. The body of the snake clearly showed how Ken's body filled up the area just behind the head of the snake. An observer would have been able to see Ken's useless attempts to free himself as he flexed his arms and legs. All of this added to the heightened sensuality of his predicament. He felt the muscles of the throat moving up along his naked body. The lips parted and he felt his shoulders squeeze into the snakes throat as his head was pulled inexorably inside the snake's mouth. The tight muscles at the entrance of the snakes throat closed up around his neck. He grimaced at the bitter taste that encroached into his mouth as the snake repeatedly opened and closed it's lips. Ken felt as if the large predator was tasting his head. The taste his own urine and feces, continued to mixed with the acrid bitter taste of the snake's saliva. He spat out and grimaced. His entire body, from the tips of his toes to his neck, was tightly held in the embrace of the animals throat muscles.

Ken turned his head sideways inside the mouth and looked out at the idyllic clearing. It looked strange, framed by the jaws of this enormous beast. His eyes turned to look at his new surroundings. He could see the insides of the snake's mouth clearly. The ripples of the roof of the mouth were very pronounced. Saliva dripped from it's cheeks all over his face, in his mouth, matting his brown hair. He lifted his head slightly and looked down to where his neck disappeared into the animals gullet. He knew that it would not be long before his head was forever squeezed past that very same point of restriction The snakes tongue moved all over his head, continuing to coat his face with mucus. Every part of his body except his face and head was being squeezed and caressed by the powerful muscles of his snake's throat. Erotic images filled his mind.

He realized that the snake's throat gripped him just like his hand or a buddies mouth or ass gripped his cock. And just as Ken's mouth gripped and hugged different sizes of penises, so the snakes throat gripped the different bodies of it's victims, completely surrounding and molding it's shape to the shape of the prey. Ken was very aware of every part of his body being help tightly in place by the flesh of the snake. The thought was quickly dispelled as he felt another powerful swallow beginning at his feet, working it's way up his legs and thighs, gripping his stomach and chest. He felt his orgasm peeking as the pressure continued to build in his balls. He wondered what the snake was feeling, if he was enjoying eating him. Wave after wave of the most intense sexual pleasure he had ever experienced filled his young body as the throat opened and his chin was sucked past the throat sphincter muscle and his head began to slip inside.

"Here I go." He thought. He was submitting, completely, ultimately to the desires and needs of this snake. The was no way out for Ken, other than to pass through the entire digestive process of the snake. The throat muscles wrapped themselves around his mouth and nose; he couldn't breathe. He panicked and forced his face upward, looking back toward the snake's mouth. With great relief he took short gasping breaths. He could still see the tops of the trees and the sky through the snake's mouth. But gradually even that last look at the outside world disappeared as the throat muscles closed he watched helplessly as the walls totally enclosed him in his new world. The pulsating, rhythmic swallowing continued as Ken slipped toward the bowels of his devourer. His dick was still pulsating rhythmically as a powerful orgasm overtook his body. His cock shot a flood of cum into the snake's throat. As Ken was pulled further into the snake, the cum that had streaked the inside of the snake's throat coated his lips as his face was pulled past the same spot by a series of powerful swallows.

As the throat closed over his head, Ken knew that now he had been completely eaten. The collapsing throat walls above him propelled him effortlessly down and down into the bowels of the beast. Swallowed whole, alive. Now he could breath the small amount of air pulled in along with him. His orgasm was dying, and the euphoria that had filled his mind was also fading. He tried to gulp some air, but he could not breathe. His orgasm had robed him of any remaining strength. He panicked and his body began to spasm involuntarily. He felt a strong ring of muscle pass up over his feet, his legs, his belly and realized that his body must be passing into the stomach. The pulsating continued until his head slipped past the ring of tissue as well. His body was at rest, deep inside the beast. He realized he must have reached the stomach. He tried to kick and punch, not even considering the futility of his efforts. He felt more and more digestive juices washing over his whole body. He felt his skin burning, and realized that the snake had started digesting him. Ken's efforts could be seen clearly from outside of the snakes body.

He made one last futile effort to gasp for air, but all he got was a mouthful of foul tasting acidic digestive juices. He coughed and gasped trying to expel the disgusting liquid, but all he managed was to take an even bigger lung full of juices. The rippled wall of the stomach began to close in around him and to massage his entire body with juices from the pit of the animal. He finally felt his life slipping away. He was losing consciousness. Mercifully he would be dead before the real digestive process started. This is it, he thought. I have been eaten and killed by a snake. I am dead. As he passed from this life, flesh started to fall from his body, to be reduced to liquid that the snake could absorb into it's body.

The snake slithered back into the undergrowth; satisfied and content. It would sleep and rest for a few days as it's body effortlessly and efficiently completely digested it's victim. There would be very little left of this once handsome body in a few short days.

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