Dinner With The Magi

By The~Wheelman [Email]

DARK PLACES scared her, they made her feell as though she was being swallowed alive. But the pedestrian tunnel under the freeway was the only way to get home from school. until that one day, that is, when she didn't come out at the other end......

As she began to awake, her mind wondered, "Where am I?" In a bed, that much was sure. She could feel the sheets on her skin. She then realized she was naked. She opened her eyes. Purple veils hung from the ceiling. The walls were hidden by drapes, also purple. "Well, I'm not in a hospital." She thought. She tried to turn her head, but for some reason, her brain didn't. One of the drapes moved, and a man walked in. He too was dressed in purple. His long satin robe trailed to the floor. The sash was tied in a loose knot, holding the robe shut. One purple sheet was all that hid her nakedness from him. He stood by the bed. She found she could speak, at least, and he answered enigmatically. "Where you are is irrellevant. You cannot move because I have not yet told you to." He reached down and uncovered her.

Her fear made her look even more delicate, more helpless. her satiny black hair reached all the way to her narrow hips. she was small, no more than five feet tall. Petite, with good muscle tone. Her breasts, about the size of grapefruit halves, sloped gracefully out from her chest. Her body was as delicate looking as her face. He liked that about oriental women. He ran his hand down her soft, golden form, then spoke."Turn so you are lying accros the bed."

She got up and repositioned herself as he had told her to, confused and scared. He wasn't controlling her body, she did it WILLINGLY. As though it had been her own idea! As she lay back down, she saw him standing by her head. He shrugged his shoulders and the robe fell away, His naked body was well muscled, and she looked up in horror as his hard cock stuck straight out over her face. It must have been seven inches long. And it was so THICK! Why, her whole hand wouldn't reach all the way around it! He told her to hang her head over the edge of the bed. She obeyed. He kneeled in front of her. His massive cock, just inches from her face, was pointed straight at her lips!

Her heard her whimper and smiled. "Wrap your arms around me." He said. As her arms reached for him, her hair was swept over the edge. it hung down to the floor. He placed his hands on her arms, and slid them down, across the smooth skin of her armpits, and onto her breasts. "Open your mouth and throat." Her lips parted, and with a slight gurgling sound, her throat stood out against her slender neck, eagerly awaiting him. "Now I want you to pull me in. ALL the way in." He let her hands pull him towards her open mouth. Her tongue stuck out and guided him between her lips. They stretched to get around the thickest part of his shaft, but he felt no teeth. A swelling appeared as he entered her throat. He watched gleefully as it moved almost all the way down her neck. As he felt her face press against his crotch. he began to move his hips.

She had never felt so terrified, as she willingly pulled him inside her. She had never deep-throated anyone, she didn't know how (or so she thought). Only sixteen, she wanted to wait for "Mr. Right" to sweep her into his arms. So much for that idea! She felt her throat stretching more than she thought was possible. Surprisingly, it didn't hurt. Well, not too much. His rock hard shaft blocked her windpipe though, she couldn't breathe! He never pulled himself far enough out! He thrust himself into her again and again, harder and faster. Violently fucking her face. She prayed for him to come!

He watched the bulge caused by his thick organ move up and down her neck as he pounded into her. He felt her chest tighten, as she began to struggle for air. No matter, as he felt his loins tighten he knew he was almost finished. He removed his hands from her breasts and wrapped them around the edge of her shoulderblades. The heels of his palms pressed into her armpits as he ferociously drove himself into her. Her arms, still obeying his last order embrased him tightly. With her face buried deep in his crotch, he watched her throat pulse as he pumped her full of hot, white fluid.

She felt his cock squeezng as hot juices shot into her. As he pulled himself out she swallowed fast, then pulled in a huge lungfull of sweet air. she felt him lift her body and lay it lengthways on the bed and begin to caress it with his hands, mouth and cock. Let him. She didn't care. she kept taking hungry breaths untill she hyperventilated and passed out.

He felt her go limp, and her breathing slowed to normal. He continued to take his pleasures with her while she slept. But he never penetrated her. He did not wish to ruin the sweet flavor. He left her a virgin. They were becoming so hard to find these days, and he didn't want to resort to taking children.

AS SHE awoke (again), she was glad that the nightmare was over! she opened her eyes. Not only was it NOT over, it had gotten worse! As she looked up his cock once again hung over her. It was flaccid, but that didn't matter. IT WAS ALMOST AS BIG AS SHE WAS!!! She tried to get up, run away, but her body remained limp. She tried to stifle a scream. Too late, she heard the Magi wake. A magi, that's what he was, a sorcerer. Who else could do this to her? His fingers grasped her by the wrists and ankles, lifted her up, and turned her over. She was hanging between his hands face down as he held her like an ear of corn. His body passed beneath her. As his face came into view, she saw him open his mouth. Desperately, she tried to escape, but to no avail. She was still under his spell. She felt his lips against her armpits and watched helplessly as his mouth closed over her chest. His mouth moved over her body as he explore it with his lips and tongue. feeling her, TASTING her!

"Oh, she IS sweet, this one is." he thought as he held her subtle form gently between his teeth, savoring the feel and flavor of her firm breasts as he massaged them with his tongue. When she had shrank small enough, he released his "hold" on her. Immediatly she began to struggle. He effortlessly pulled her in.

As soon as she felt his control on her vanish, she began to fight. She raised her hands to push her body out of his mouth. Away from his probing tongue. How she was going to get away, before he simply picked her up again, she didn't know. But she had to try! then she felt that tongue wrap around her and she was pulled completely into his mouth.

He pushed her around inside his mouth with his tongue. every now and then he squeezed her between his teeth and pretended to chew her. he held her back against the roof of his mouth with his tongue and pressed hard as he stroked it across her body. As he played with her with his teeth and tongue, he savored the different flavors of each part of her luscious body. Her fear added a slight spicyness to her normally sweet taste. Finally, he used his tongue to move her into position.

He had stopped throwing her around. She lay, panting, along the length of his tongue. Her arms draped over the sides, her feet sticking out from between his lips. Her beautifull long hair was stuck to her back. She was covered with saliva. Her chest heaved. For some insane reason, her nipples were rock hard. The Magi began to do something with his lips and teeth, and she felt herself moving further into his mouth. "NOW what?!" She said.

He picked up the mirror from the bedside table and watched as the motions of his lips and teeth pulled her deeper into his mouth. When his lips finally closed over her tender feet, he slid the tip of his tongue between her thighs and onto her pussy. Pushing her as far back as he could, he waited for her to realize her fate. As she began to scream he placed the tip of his tongue to the roof of his mouth and, oh, so slowly, began to swallow.

She was completely inside him again as she felt his tongue move between her legs. suddenly she was being pushed further back into him. She tried to put her hands out in front of her, to stop herself. She felt the top of her head push against something soft. Her arms hung down, lying on his rough tongue, which plummeted down into a black void. She never liked the dark. A sudden realization came over her, followed by abject terror! "Oh my god NO!" she thought, "he's going to SWALLOW ME!!!" As she began to scream she felt his tongue lift. Her feet, and then her legs were being squeezed as she felt herself moving forwards, down into that horrible black void. Frantic, she tried to grab something, to brace herself, to STOP HIM! It was no use. Her whole body was being squeezed as she began to slide down his throat. "NO!" she screamed, "NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NONONOOOOOOOOO......!

He heard her diminishing screams as he watched the bulge in his throat move slowly down his neck and dissapear past his collarbone. As he felt her being pushed deep into his body, he imagined in his mind the muscles of his esophogus relentlessly squeezing that soft, warm, golden, perfectly shaped body. Forcing her down that tight tube towards his stomach. The thought actually made him come!

A pocket of air proceded her, and into it she continued to scream. It was no use, of course. She knew that. She was going to die. slowly digested alive in the Magi's stomach. But she screamed anyway. Wave upon wave of pressure slowly forced her down towards his gullet. his muscles squeezed her brutally, almost crushing her as they worked her along. Her hands felt a narrowing ahead of her. it relaxed slightly with a loud gurgling sound. He swallowed again and was forced through the tiny opening. She screamed in pain this time as her breasts were smashed against her ribs. The rest of her body was forced through and she fell into his belly. It was tighter than she thought it would be. The walls churned and kneeded her. Liquids oozed from the walls which burned her eyes, her mouth, her pussy, and then her skin. Finally, she succumbed to her fate.

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