Dragon Delight

By Magus T. Fox

Hyrash's pupils adjusted as lights suddenly snapped on.

He strained to look up and grunted as he found that he couldnt move an inch of his scaled body.

He hears a door open, and the sound of slithering.

"My friend, it looks as if I've finally caught you."

He recognized that hiss.

A serpent about as large around as his tail slithered over and proped Hyrash up so that he could see what was going on.

He groaned at his plump belly and felt numb all over.

The snake merely smiled and slithered around to the end of hyrash's tail, and he gasped as her jaws unhinged.

The serpent slowly moved forward onto his tail, greedily sucking it into her vast maw with a slick gulpin sound as he saw it's shape form, then begin to spread along the serpent's body.

He tried to cry out, but no sound emerged as his temptress moved ever so steadily, engulfing his long thick tail in her gullet, and then quickly swallowing his digitigrade feet in haste.

Locked in place, hyrash watched her now slow her pace, content that he was her's for the taking.

A long, continuous gulp as she swallowed more and more, first his calves then knees dissapearing under her scaled muzzle.

Feeling began to return to his body, and he felt a slick warmth encompassing his lower half.

She continued her ravenous, constant swallow.

Slurping audibly, she got her head over his hips and just pressing against the bottom of his tasty belly.

He tries desperatly to struggle as he sees her face slowly ascending his plump stomach, and watches onward as it begins to move into her throat as well.

She makes such satisfied mmmms as finally, the soft flesh's peak is inside her mouth, and begins to move forward at a new descent.

His form can be seen inside her, and she stops after engorging herself on his arms and chest.

Hyrash begins gasping for air, staring into her eyes as she sadistically swallows some more.

Only his neck and head remains, and she begins to slide easily forward now, for his neck is smaller than her body.

With a final swallow, his snout dissapears inside her and she gasps in satisfaction.

Cooing in her fullness, she lays on her side and watches the bulge in her form slowly begin to shrink.

It was a good meal, no?

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