By Karloon, 9-8-94

Jakar looks around the forest as he walks smoothly, with only a slight showing of fatigue. He finds a campsite near a quiet river and starts a fire. While it burns down to a cooking bed of coals, he repairs a lean-to that other travelers have used. By the time he's got supper cooking, the sun is touching the western hills. Watching the sun disappear, he remembers how hopeless he felt when the villagers ordered him to leave. "I protected them from a band of ravengers, once they were safe, they ordered me to leave." Looking at himself, he smiles. "Maybe they're right," he's a big strong 6 foot ferret morph, with some mixed ancestry giving him more muscle mass than most of his type. He stirs the stew, and listens to the sound of something approaching from the river. The sound stops near the edge of the clearing.

"Hello...", a soft female voice calls out.

Jakar almost falls over, he was ready for another traveler, or highway men, but not a sensual sounding female. He catches his balance, stands and looks toward the voice.

Standing in the bushes is a lovely woman. Maybe half a foot shorter than him, with long brown hair. His eyes follow her flowing curves. Her body is slightly full every where. But he barely notices because her large breasts billowing slightly as she breathes, make him unable to see much else.

"Do you mind if I join you?" She asks. "I've been traveling for several days alone and some company would be a nice change."

Jakar smiles and motions to the other log near the fire. "I could use some company. My name is Jakar."

The woman smiles as she moves smoothly through the brush. "I'm called Dralenna." She moves out of the bushes and pauses as she see's the shock in Jakar's eyes. "Do I frighten you? Some fear my species just because of our appearance."

Jakar had been admiring how her bosom swayed within her blouse. But as she came out of the brush, he was stunned that her voluptuous human form merged with that of a 30 foot long, furred python. Regaining his composure, he smiles. "I guess you don't need the log to rest on." He sits down, demonstrating his comfort with her.

Dralenna smiles calmly as she slithers forward. She stops across the fire from him and adjust her coils so that she is comfortable. "I've been traveling for almost one moon."

He fills a mug with mead and walks over to hand it to her. "I am traveling because it seems, once I have completed a job, the ones who hired me, prefer I depart." As she accepts the mug, his eyes gaze down into the valley between her burgeoning breasts.

She smiles and takes a deep breath as she accepts the mug. "I guess travelers like you have a more open attitude."

He barely hears her through the throbing in his ears. He steps back, thankful his fur conceals how flushed his face is. "Well I guess some one like you doesn't fear too much." He fills a bowl with stew and offers it to her.

"Thanks but I ate a few days ago," she replies with a giggle. "So go ahead," she takes a big drink of mead.

Jakar smiles as he watches her throat carry each swallow down into her deep cleavage. "I've only heard romors about your type..." His eyes follow her soft round curves, as he quickly eats. "If you don't mind me asking, you are full mammal?"

Dralenna smiles and shifts her position as she puts down the empty mug. "I'm fully mammal," she says with a slight slur. She slips down as one of her coils slides out of place. She whispers in a slurred, sultery voice, "So what females attract you?"

Jakar puts his cooking gear away and spreads out his blankets. "On a night like tonight, curling up with a warm female like youself sounds wonderful." His eyes shine in the dark as he watches her breasts try to destroy her blouse as she smoothly slides over and lays down.

"I think some one warm to be with sounds delicious...." She lays back and smiles as he begins disrobing. As he tosses his shirt off and start on his pants, she clumsely works on the buttons of her long blouse.

Jakar is breathing heavily as he struggles out of his clothes and almost falls beside her. His hands smoothly undo the buttons, starting at the top and slowly exposing her surging bosom. As her breasts are completely exposed, he nuzzles between them and licks them hotly. He sucks on one of her large nipples and feels it swell in his mouth.

Dralenna mmmrrrsss happily and smoothly undoes the rest of her buttons. Her long python-like body curls around them and slowly rolls him on top of her. She reaches betweens the and guides his hard maleness into her expectant warmth.

Jakar groans in passion as he plunges to his length into her hot, moist body. He sucks each of her swollen nipples, making her squirm excitedly and her body holds him close. With in a matter of minutes he explodes within her. "Ohhhh," he gasps exhaustedly. "Never been with one of your type." A hand strokes and squeezes one of her large breasts.

She jerks in some pleasure and squeezes him firmly, but not violently. "Ahhhh", she smiles and he notices how wide her mouth is before she leans forward and kisses him. "MMmmm," she eases her plump lips around his muzzle almost up to his eyes and sucks as she pulls back. "I hope you aren't a once a night male."

Jakar grins as he strokes his body against her's and feels himself stiffen inside her. As her coils moves excitedly around them, he begins to pump against and within her again. It takes several minutes and she squirms passionately a few moments after he explodes within her. He smiles, somewhat weakly as she smiles and licks his muzzle. "I hope you aren't tired yet," he forces his smile not to betray his tiredness.

Draleena smiles and strokes him with her coils as her hands pull his muzzle against one of her large soft breasts. "Not tired at all," she sighs happily as he sucks passionately.

After a moment, she gently squeezes him against her and squirms her lower human torso so that he rapidly becomes hard again. Smiling and moaning softly, she squeezes him into her as he thrusts tiredly.

Twice more he releases his juices into her bottomless depths. "Ahhhh," he gasps for breath. "Never met a female who needed more than you," he forces a smile.

She smiles and curls around both of them in a less sensual way. "Think you might be interested in some early morning exercise?" She kisses his muzzle as he collapses into an exhausted sleep. Quietly she sings in a long hidden language. Her coils move around him, rocking him into a sleep, deeper than he's ever known.

"Mmmmm", she sighs as she licks her plump lips. "I was warned that if I mated with some one who couldn't make me feel full...." She moves her humanoid portion downward, nuzzling his body and legs as she does. "I wouldn't be able to resist making myself feel full."

Her jaws move strangely as she reaches his feet and her torso aligns with his exhausted form. Her large round breasts surge beneath her as she lays down and gently eases his feet into her gaping maw with her hands. Inch by inch she slowly pushes herself forward as his feet and then legs begin to stretch her eleastic gullet. As his thighs push her separated jaws apart, she begins to gasp for breath as she finnaly feels sexually excited.

Her hands grasp his and she begins to pull him in, no longer moving her heavy body forward. His hips strain her rubbery torso and she works her hands up his arms until she gets a good grip on his shoulders. With strength drawn from her approaching climax, she pulls and then pushes him into her hot, moist body until only his head is still outside of her.

Jakar opens his eyes slightly. He sees the inside of her mouth and thinks he's still dreaming of finally finding a warm loving place to stay. As her gullet muscles pull him the rest of the way in, he closes his eyes in happiness.

Dralenna gulps and then groans in passion as the most powerful climax she can imagine hits her. She squirms in passion, shoving her former lover all the way into her waiting stomach. He doesn't feel a thing because her climax squeezed his lungs until he couldn't breath, not that there was a lot of air to breath with in her anyways.

Draleena struggles to roll on her side and pulls her lower length around her. She pulls the grass stained blanket over her gorged body and smiles. Her hands stroke her overly pregnant belly as she smiles. "I bet you never thought a female could take you this deep." She falls into an exhausted, gorged induced sleep.

The sun shines through the trees and she starts to roll over so she can stay asleep. Her mind slowly realises that something is different. Opening her eyes, she stares at how huge her bosom has suddenly become. She moves her upper arm and feels more fat than she remembered. Struggling to get herself up, she looks at how overly plump she is.

"How could I have gained this much overnight..." She slowly remembers last night and smiles as she realizes the cause of all her new flesh. "Mmmmm I just hope I can find a good mate before..." She closes her mind to that thought and goes through the supplies around her. It's almost noon before she adds enough to her blouse so that it fits, and gets everything she wants stored into her waterproof packs. "I hope some one can use his things." She smiles as she slithers back to the river, leaving his clothes and things under the lean-to.

Chapter 2

Marran slips out of his parents cabin and slides through the shadows. Within moments he is outside a home on the edge of the village. He waits silently in the darkness until someone climbs out of a first floor window and joins him. Without a word, they move quietly into the woods and head for a clearing.

Shila shivers in fear for a moment. "I know we've studied the spells, but what will our parents say?" She puts an arm around him and lays her head against his upper arm.

Marran smiles and hugs her close. "Once we've completed the spell of spirit merging," he releases her and kneels down beside a log. "Once our auoras are merged. They is nothing that can keep us apart."

He uncovers a hidden catch and they begin setting candles, incense burners and a few other items around the clearing. Shila unrolls a blanket and stands uneasily, listening to the sounds of night. She watches Marran lighting the insence burners. the dark brown fur of his lupine body almost shines in the full moon light. His body is muscular and mature for his age. She looks at herself and smiles at her breasts that shove her blouse out ahead of her young body.

Marran looks up and smiles and he walks over to her. "We're more mature than others our age. There's no reason for us to wait another couple of seasons." He unties the cord holding her bodice closed and waits.

Shila closes her eyes for a moment. When she opens them, they shine with her commentment to what they have planned. She undoes the rest of the cord and quickly takes her upper clothes off.

Marran smiles as she undress, and then quickly sheds his clothes. Naked, they kneel on opposite sides of the blanket. Quietly, they begin the spell, alternating who says each line. They ease onto the blanket and begin saying the lines in unison, their voices harmonizing the rhythm of the spell.

Marran keeps his excitement under control until they reach the correct part of the spell. Slowly he eases, and then forces his throbbing malehood into her. Her voice cracks as she struggles to continue with the complex spell. As Marran begins to move slowly within her, keeping rhythm with their incantation, something begins moving up from the river.

Completely lost to the spell, the couple begin to allow their auoras to flow, the candles flicker and a glow can be seen around them. as they slowly chant and mate.

Dralenna moves her plump body through the reeds as guietly as she can. She thinks to herself, 'I can't believe a village of magic users allows their young to do something so dangerous.' Her instincts drive her forward. She can feel the magic of their ritual growing, and it makes her hunger rule.

As their auora's begin to merge, she shoves herself close, her fat breasts sloshing beneath her as she quietly sings her song of enchantment. Releasing her jaws, she takes Marran's feet and eases them into her mouth. Moving foreward in time with their slow thrusting, she guides Shila's feet in as they reach her mouth.

Every time Marran withdraws from Shila, Dralenna ease herself another inch or so further around them. She groans in pain, ecstacy and hunger as their legs stretch her mouth wider than ever and then enlarge her throat. She can feel the magic they're generating, combining with her's. She knows her body will be able to stretch as much as she needs to. Her heavy breasts are pushed deep into the soft ground as her chest expands incredibly with her meal. She grabs the blanket and begins pulling it toward her. Their sexual and magical excitement makes them squirm in pleasure and helps her work them into her expanding body.

Shila alternately sighs and groans in sensual pleasures as their magic flows. She feels their magic forming around their feet like a warm moist total embrace. She wiggles herself deeper into the feeling.

Marran feels the magic forming hot and wet around them. moving up their legs, and then their surging hips. He gasps and groans, trying to prevent releasing himself into Shila before the spell is finished.

Dralenna groans as her jaw tendons are stretched, and strained. Her torso is enormously swollen and her fleshy breasts are buried into the soft soil by the weight of the bonded magic users within her. She pulls the blanket and her inner muscles pull their hips further into her body. Their arms, wrapped around themselves, are firmly squeezed by her gullet as she struggles to keep her teeth from touching them.

Shila feels the magic forming around them. She moans passionately to it's total, hot, moist embrace and to Marran thrusting within her. She opens her eyes as a series of orgasms wrack her surging body. For several moments, she doesn't realize what she's seeing. As the series of orgasms subsides, she looks at the upper inside of Dralenna's mouth. For a moment, she ponders and then screams in pleasures as another series hits. As the back of her head is squeezed by Dralenna's gullet muscles, her mind clears enough for her to realize what is happening. She tries to scream, but Dralenna's swallowing muscles won't allow he to take a deep breath. Her arms are held tight against Marran and her legs feel too distant for her to control. Another gulp and all light is closed off. In realization and acceptance, she concentrates on the magical lovemakeing with Marran, wondering if this will continue into their next existance.

Marran groans and hold Shila tighter as he struggles to hold back. Her climaxes try to milk him and he howls in pleasure and excitement. His voice seems muffled and he feels their magic squeezing all around him. He opens his eyes and sees a dim glow of light above him. He climaxes and pumps from what seems like an infinate supply. He tips his head back to howl and sees one of the candles as something closes the light from his vision. Howling again, he pumps more into Shila, hoping the next time will be as wonderous. With the sound and feel of something powerful throbing around him, he passes out.

Dralenna groans as she rolls onto her broad back. Her chest is so expanded that her huge breasts are pushed up and block most of her vision. She reaches past them and uses her hands to help push this heavy meal down into her waiting vat sized stomach. As the magic-lovers are slowly moved further into her depths, she relaxes and flexes her strained jaws into position.

Once her jaws are back in place, she struggles to push her torso up enough to see her body. Looking at her swollen body, she gasps in shock that where her meal is, is three times as big as the rest of her. She lies back and coils her lower body until she's using her plump tail as a pillow. As her meal finally reaches her stomach, and the flesh begins to be digested, she wraps the blanket around her. Her bloodstream loaded with nutrients, she quickly falls asleep, wondering what she'll look like with this meal digested, and bothered she wasn't trying another mate.

When the sun wakes her, she ponderously crawls deeper into the woods and covers her head with the blanket. She breathes carefully as she feels her meal making more of her. Within minutes, she's deeply asleep.

She sleeps through the day and the next night. As the sun rises on the second dawn, she finally stirs. "Uggghhhh", she groans quietly as she starts to move. She opens her eyes and stares at her expansive bosom. "I hope I can find a mate before I get too big to move." She struggles to get her humanoid torso off the ground and watches her well fattened body billow heavily. "But at least a lot of my new weight is in a place many of them find attractive." She giggles as her now ponderous bosom almost pull her over.

She looks at her open blouse and struggles to get it off. Holding it in front of her she laughs. She looks in her pack and sighs. "No way I have anything that might have a chance to fit." She looks at the blanket and smiles. Taking the blanket, she wraps it around herself and ties it in place. "There," she smiles as she looks at her reflection in the river. Her python body is thick with flesh that quivers when she slithers. Her humanoid belly bulges and her bosom is so huge it almost pulls her off balance as she moves. She puts her pack on and slowly slithers into the river. Carefully she moves downstream, staying in shallow water to keep her 'blouse' dry.

Chapter 3

For several days she travels downstream. She sees no other travelers except for a band of badger ravengers, which she carefully avoids. She eats from her supplies and what Jakar had. Finally, one afternoon, she arrives at the village of Deepwood. She slithers to the Riverside tavern. There are only two customers in a back booth as she enters. Her heavy breasts surge within the blanket/blouse as she moves toward the bar. They make a few comments she can't hear as the tavern owner comes out from the kitchen.

Haslon tries not to stare at her magnificiently swollen bosom. "You're late for lunch, and a bit early for dinner. But I can fix something up if you're hungry."

Dralenna smiles at the friendly centaur. "What I could really use is a room for a few days." She shrugs off her pack, causing the blanket to slip and exposing more of her breast flesh than she'd prefer at the moment.

Haslon's eyes gazes at the mounds of her quivering flesh before looking back into her eyes. "I never had one of your kind for a guest. I do have a ground floor room I could take the bed out of though." He leads her into the hall and turns at the first door. He goes in and holds the door opens as she carefully slithers in. "I've seen some of your kind. But never one so full fleshed, if you don't mind my saying so."

She turns and sees his smile. "Well I had a couple of good meals. She watches as he quickly disassembles the bed and removes it, leaving the mattress and blankets near the fireplace.

"If there's anything you need, my name's Haslon." He smiles and his eyes follow her well rounded contours before he steps outside and closes the door.

Dralenna drops her pack and undoes the cords holding the blanket in place. "The first thing I need after a nap", she yawns. "Is something to wear." She lies down and drifts on the edge of sleep as she listens to the village sounds through the partly open window.

She drifts awake and listens to the evening sounds of the village. After a while, she gets up and gets the blanket back on, trying to make it more secure, so it doesn't get too revealing. A knock at the door startles her and the blanket partly falls off. "Yes?" she replies, keeping her frustration under control.

"It's Haslon," he pauses and whispers barely loud enough for her to hear. "I saw the problem you were haven't with your.. ah.. clothes. A seamstress is here cor supper and I mentioned this to her."

Dralenna had slithered to the door and got the blanket somewhat secure around her. "Does she know what I am?"

A average female voice answers her. "He's told me, and that you're been eating well. Do you wish me to make some more comfortable clothes for you?"

Dralenna opens the door and a woman a head shorter than her enters with a sewing basket and some cloth. As she closes the door, the woman sizes her up.

"I'm Grensla," she smiles and removes the blanket. "My you have been eating well," she says with a smile.

Dralenna manages to return her smile. "There are those of my kind that enjoy large females." She tries not to squirm as Grensla takes some measurements.

"I've know some men that love flesh filled females." Grensla replies. "Haven't made clothes for too many, but I know some tricks." She gets the cloth she brought and begins pinning it on Dralenna. "I can get this sewed quickly so you can go out tonight with something more than your blanket."

Dralenna relaxes while Grensla works and listens to what has been happening recently in the village. In a surprisingly short time, she is clothed in a loose, but attractive shift.

"This should do until I can get something better made. I'll get started first thing in the morning." Grensla shakes her head as Dralenna gets her money sack. "Pay me when I get the other one done." She gathers her sewing things and leads Dralenna into the tavern.

The tavern is like any other she's been in. Supper is being served, roasted meats, breads, vegitables and large mugs of mead. She slithers up to a table Haslon had removed a chair from and arranges her coils to make herself comfortable.

Grensla takes a chair beside her and tears off a chunk of bread. "Do you need live food?" she whispers.

Dralenna smiles and picks up a loaf of the bread. "This smells like you have a good baker in the village." She almost swallows it whole, but smiles and tears it into chunks, which she swallows without chewing.

Haslon and his helper are roaming the tavern, refilling mugs and plates while clearing up from those who are finished eating. As the last rays of the setting sun filter through the shuttered windows. The final plates are cleared away and the evening of storytelling, drinking and relaxing commences.

Before the second story is half through, rowdy noises outside catches the attention of many. THe doors are violently thrown open and three bear morphs stroll in with the attitude, and weapons, of Ravengers.

Everyone jumps back, giving them room as they saunter to the bar. "Innkeeper," the apparent leader bellows. "Bring out your best mead..."

"And females!" the second on yells. They all laugh and slap each other with the confidence their kind always have.

The men try to position themselves so the women can slip out to safty. Haslon pours them mead in the biggest mugs he has. "Mead and meat we can give you. But there are no available women strong enough for you."

The leader drains his mug and slams it on the bar. "Me Trogur say any female is strong enough. If she don't survive the night." He grins and the others laugh.

Grensla had sliped into the back hall, but Dralenna decided she's too big to get out of sight.

One of the ravengers sees her and nudges the others. "Hey there," he smiles, drains his mug, tosses it toward Haslon, and begins to walk toward her.

Dralenna knows she can handle any one of them, but all three at once could be a problem. She smiles as a plan quickly forms in her mind. "Is it true that any of you can outlast a female until she is exhausted." Her voice is half youth, half challenge and all intoxicated.

The one approaching her stops and laughs. "Hey Brochara, can you believe this one."

The other one take his refilled mug and raises it to his lips. "You take her Kerrish. If she can outlast you, I'll come to the rescue." He tips his head back and gulps the mead.

Dralenna pretends being drunk and laughs. "What do I get if I outlast all of you?" As they laugh Haslon moves beside her. Without a word and without being seen, she passes him a packet of herbs.

"Come on you fat slitherer," Kerrish laughs. "Prove you can outlast me." Her puts an arm around her and squeezes a fat breast. "My," he grins. "You are built to keep a fellow warm and comfortable on a cold night." He half leads her to the back hall, until she turns into her room. With a happy wave to his friends, he follows her in.

Dralenna fakes a drunken smile. "You decide who I get next," she laughs as she enters her room, with Kerrish waving to his buddies. Once all of her is inside, she closes the door with her tail and latches it. "Now you were saying that you could out last me?" She weaves slightly, as if drunk, but actually keeping his eyes on her heaving bosom as one of the quickly sewed seams begins to give.

Karrish's mouth begins to hang open as the seam gives, exposing more breast flesh than the total most females have. "Well I've never met a female I couldn't...." His voice fades as she begins to hum and her weaving motions hyponotize him.

Dralenna concentrates on bringing him completely under her control. She slowly removes her blouse as she continues her dance and wordless song of control. 'I don't know why I'm doing this', she thinks as he falls completely under her control. "Why don't you take your clothes off and lay down," she whispers sensually. "I have a wonderful blanket to cover you with so you'll be comfortable."

As he undresses and lays down, she relaxes her jaws and aligns herself with him. She lifts his feet and eases them in her mouth. Moving carefully so as not to break his trance, she swallows him inch by inch. As she struggles to get his hips past her jaws and into her throat, he begins to drift back toward consciousness. She strokes his body, trying to keep him under her control as she manages to get his hips into her expansive gullet and then gently holds his arms to his sides as she gulps him further in.

Kerrish drifts to a semi conscious state. He feels a wonderous warmth around him and his maleness swells to the magnificient size that all Ravengers have, thanks to certain herbs.

Dralenna massages his shoulders as she pushes him in. She can feel his shaft bulge her throat out and she mentally smiles with the thought of him getting off while she's getting him in. She gulps in time with his semiconcious thrusts and he slides into her easier. As his shoulders are pulled into her mouth, she strokes his neck with her broad, flexible tongue.

Finally she begins to close her mouth as his head slips into her throat. As she gets her jaws into place, there's a muffled yell of esctacy as he pumps his male fluids into her depths. With each pump, she squirms so that he is forced deeper and deeper. Her stomach acids flow and his feet finally flop into her elastic vat. He tries to scream in pain, but he can't take a deep enough breath to whimper. With in seconds, he's unconscious.

She rolls over on her back, her massive breasts sloshing and her heavily swollen snake body almost keeping her rolling over. "Urrrgghhhh", she gasps. Her hands massage her gorged body firmly. "Gotta get him digested, before the others get suspicious." She slowly moves to her pack and removes a iron vial. "I hope this works," she whispers a short prayer to her Goddess and drinks the contents in a gulp. In instant pain, she grabs the pitcher and empties almost a gallon of water, washing the acid inducer down into her stomach.

For almost an hour, she whispers chants to help her digestion and fakes groans of pain/pleasure so the others will believe every thing is normal.

Finally her meal is a thick mush within her stomach, nutrients thickening her blood, and new flesh quickly filling her plump body out even more. She sets the fire so it gives off a warm glow, but not enough for the next Ravenger to see her new flesh. She puts her pack and some logs under her blanket to make it look like Kerrish is sleeping.

Haslon has been keeping the mugs of the waiting two filled and food on their plates. He's added her herb to their mead but can't tell if it's doing anything. He turns in shock as he sees her looking out of her room.

"I think I've exhausted your friend," She calls to the others in a sensual voice.

Brochara grabs Trogur's hand and arm wrestles him. Both seem heavily affected and Trogur almost falls to the floor as he looses. Brochara stands and falls against on of the tables. He struggles to stand upright and weaves his way to her room.

As he enters, she closes the door and gives him a passionate embrace. "Mmmmm your friend couldn't outlast me," she grins.

Brochara would fall over, but she slowly lowers him to the floor. "Mmmmm", he fondles her fattening bosom. "You feel even larger and softer than you look." His voice is slurred heavily as he nuzzles into her deep cleavage.

Dralenna begins to hum her song, but knows this one is already too far gone. "Crawl into my sleeping bag, and you'll experience something you've never dreamed of." She moves back and opens her mouth wide.

Brochara falls the rest of the way as she moves back. He looks where she had been and sees the open sleeping bag. "Here I come," He mumbles as he sticks his muzzle in and starts to squirm his way deeper.

Dralenna braces herself with her tail and gulps rapidly as he actually forces himself in. She groans as her chest expands mightily. Rolling on her side, her breasts swell out incredibly. 'Ooooo', she thinks as he struggle to get in her, searching for what she promised. 'I'm going to be so huge up here, Grensla will have to make something extra strong, or I'll bust out of it when I breath.' She concentrates on swallowing him as his motions become weaker because he can't breath. She lays back and pats her immensely gorged body as he moves down toward her stomach. Most of Kerrish is digested as Brochara is shoved in. She moves slowly and leans against her pack. Her hands firmly massage her overworked stomach as her enhanced acids work on digestion.

Over the next hour, she visibly fattens. Finally enough of him has become her that she can move with out being too uncomfortable. She crawls slowly to the door, opens it and calls out. "Two down, are you going to let the others hear one female is more than three of you can satisfy?"

Trogur howls in surprise. "You think they are the best of the Ravengers?" He gets up, falls over his chair, gets up, stubles into three tables and several chairs as he stumbles to the hall. "Now I will prove to you Ravengers are the best," his voice is heavily slurred and he falls to the floor while he undoes his clothes.

Dralenna had moved so the dim light of the fire barely shows where she is. As he struggles to get his clothes off, she hums, but her magic is fading because she needs it to keep digesting.

Trogur finally gets his clothes off and crawls toward her. "I'm going to make love to you until you beg me to stop." He looks into her eyes and the smell of his breath makes her wonder how he's still conscious. He puts a hand around her neck and starts to kiss her.... and then falls on his face in a drunken stupor.

Dralenna would smile, but looking at the largest of the three, and feeling how much weight she's already put on, she wonders if this is a good idea. She relaxes her jaws, and lays down. As her massive breasts keep her head off the floor, she rolls onto her side and pushes herself toward him with her tail. Using her hands, she guides his head, and then shoulders into her already stretched gullet.

Exhausted and with her blood weighed down with nutrients, she slowly swallows him, forcing herself around him. As his hips reach her mouth she has to grab him as he starts to slide away when she moves forward. Finally only his legs remain outside her and she gasps for air. "Ohhhh, I'm not going to want to eat a thing until spring." She struggles to swallow the rest of him and moans in relief as he is finally in her huge stomach. She looks at her ponderous abdomen in the dim firelight. "By the Goddess, I look like I should have birthed months ago." She strokes the huge mound of her body and falls into a deep, dreamless sleep.

Later, Haslon silently opens the door. The fire has burned down so much he has to stare until his eyes become adjusted to the darkness. They open even more as he sees how enormously swollen her snake body is. As quietly as possible, he adds wood to the fire to keep the room comfortable. As he walks by her, his hand reaches close, but he's afraid to touch her because she might wake.

During the next day and night, he checks in on her often. Each time he smiles as her feast is digested and more new flesh fills her body out with gentle softness. He watches her swelling bosom quivering gently as she breathes.

Shortly before supper on the second day, she slowly opens her eyes and stares at the fire created shadows on the ceiling. "ooohhhh," she whispers. "I'm almost afraid to see what my body's done with all I ate." She closes her eyes and tries to sense her new flesh without moving. Finally she opens her eyes and slowly looks down from the ceiling.

When the upper curve of her mammoth mammeries comes into view, she looks down further with her eyes and mouth wide open. "Goddess", she exclaims. "I'm bigger than most dairy beasts." She tries to move and quickly realizes that she's going to have to get used to her new weight.

She carefully slithers to her pack and holds her blouse up. "Won't even cover one of these now." She giggles and stops as she hears a gentle knock at the door.

"Dralenna?" Haslon calls out quietly. "Are you awake?"

Dralenna looks around for something to cover herself and settles on loosely wrapping the blanket around her. "Come on in." She realizes how dry her voice sounds and that it takes more effort to talk loudly.

Haslon opens the door and carries in a large pitcher and two mugs. "I thought you might be thirsty." He tries to keep his voice calm, but she can see his eyes roaming over her more than generous curves and his mouth is slightly open.

She struggles to get her plump coils into a comfortable position and almost loses her balance. Haslon had just put the drinks down and rushes to keep her from falling. She smiles as her fake move is rewarded by his hands and equine body supporting her for a moment. "Thanks," she whispers as she realizes she does have a hangover.

Haslon smiles and his hands feel her wonderous softness as he helps her keep her balance until her coils are in position. "I've added a few herb to this that should clear your hangover quickly.

She smiles as she sips the fruit juice slowly. "It was a good thing they were that drunk.," she whispers and rubs a plump hand against her throbing forehead. "I never could have handled the last one as stuffed as I was." She smiles slightly as she sees the concern in his eyes. "Don't worry. I've heard that one of my kind can hold half their own weight at a time, and more with the help of herbs."

Haslon continues to smile, but she can see there's something bothering him. She smiles and runs one of her hands over her fat humanoid belly, making the blanket move so it shows how magnificently buxom she's become. "I knew I was going to flesh out a bit and I feel great. Although I hope Grensla has time to make me something to wear."

Haslon was almost mesmerized by her motions and shakes his head to clear it. "I'll go get her now." He turns quickly, but not fast enough to keep her from noticing he was getting enamored by her well fattened body.

She finishes the pitcher in a single draught and lies down. "I hope he doesn't make any moves on me," she whispers as she looks her overly fleshy body over carefully. "Because I don't think I can travel too well like this." She closes her eyes and remember him as he turned. "Or maybe he will be safe." She smiles and moves slightly, trying to get accustomed to her new weight.

A knock at the door jerks her out of her dreamy state. Grensla enters and stops in shock. "I didn't believe what Haslon said," she gasps. Then she smiles and begins carefully measuring Dralenna. "I hope you know that for my cloth to keep these under some control, if you get excited," she brushes her hand near one of Dralenna's large nipples. "Any one with eyes will see."

Dralenna giggles and her fat rolls everywhere. "At my size I don't think it will matter." She tries not to squirm as Grensla continues measuring her. "You wouldn't think all this new flesh would be so ticklish," she giggles.

Grensla smiles and she puts her notes and measuring tape away. "I'll get to work on it right away. I doubt I'll have it done tonight though."

Dralenna nods and her fat echos her motion. "I couldn't expect you to have it done sooner." She pats her fat humanoid belly. "I don't think missing supper will be any problem to me." As Grensla leaves, Dralenna lies down and meditates.

She wakes to the sounds of dinners in the tavern. She pulls a book out of her pack and struggles into a reading position. Her fat arms and huge, pillowly breasts gives her problems until she finds a comfortable way and soon she is lost in the story.

She looks up as Haslon knocks at her door. "Come in," she calls after adjusting the blanket.

Haslon enters carrying a large tray and mead. "I know you aren't too hungry. but large beings such as us should have some everyday." He puts the platter down and lays down near her.

She smiles as her almost empty stomach quietly agrees with him. "I guess some food and good conversation would be nice." She accepts a plate of roasted beef and a mug of mead. "Since I'm planning to be here for the winter," she takes a long drink. "Why don't you tell me about this village." She begins eating, trying not to just swallow whole chunks of beef, bread and vegetables.

Haslon smiles as he watches her consuming more food than she realizes. He tells her about the winter and spring festival, while secretly moving his food onto her plate.

She drinks her mug and accepts the last of the mead. "So those three Ravengers have bothered you before?" She gulps half the mug's contenets and then tosses the rest of the bread into her wide mouth.

Haslon pauses, not sure how to answer. He decides the truth is the best. "I'm afraid they were just a vanguard of the group. Every winter they decend on a village and force them to give them food, lodging and other pleasures for the winter. There are four other villages that share their visits."

Dralenna's eyes have grown impossibly wide as he spoke. "There's more of them?" She gasps. "How many?"

Haslon looks at her more than abundant curves and smiles inside, before returning his thoughts to her question. "Last year they stayed at Breezeway. There were 12 of them then. I've heard rumors that a few others may have joined them." His eyes start to show fear as he realizes what they'll do when they learn of their comrades' fate.

Dralenna thinks for several minutes. Thoughts of feeling happy about having a place to stay, and the inner feeling that this tavernkeeper might be safe with her. "Is there any reward out for the one who eliminates them?" She almost hisses as a horrifying thought drifts into her mind.

Haslon looks into her eyes, wondering what she's thinking. "All five villages have agreed to give a reward, but never came out on a sum, since each year they take more from us." He follows her curvaous body with his eyes and stares at her serpentine body for a moment. "But if the victor decided to stay in one of the villages, we would build a home worthy of their deeds and take care of them."

Dralenna looks deep into Haslon's eyes. "If no one takes them out before they arrive, they'll probably tear this town down." She sighs and watches Haslon's eyes follow her heaving bosom. "I take it there are none here willing to go after them."

Haslon nods, "Against them," he shudders. "They're stronger, bigger and better with swords than any of us." He looks into her eyes. "Do you have knowledge of herbs that could help?"

She closes her eyes as her hands feel how much soft fat she's put on from three of these ursine Ravengers. She smiles slightly as she realizes that Haslon as barely eaten anything and he's happy that she's eating so well after the feast she recently had.

"I have an idea," She grins. "I need to talk with the village wise woman and Grensla." As Haslon tries to ask more, she places a plump finger against his lips, pretending not to notice that her ponderous bosom is pushing against his chest. "Just trust me, there may be a way." She moves back, her breasts jiggling as she does.

Haslon is lost to the feel of her softness and doesn't move for a moment. Then he realizes, jump up, and tries to hurry out of her room as fast as his condition allows.

She checks the remains of her herbs. After a moment, she twists slightly, looking at her serpentine body as it moves slowly to keep her balanced. "I hope I don't get so fat I can't curl up around myself." She jarred out of her thoughts by a knock at the door. Billowing as she slithers, she opens the door and moves back as Gensla and a midaged woman enter and then closes the door.

Grensla introduces them as she gets some material out of her sewing basket. "Mala, this is Dralenna."

Mala smiles and looks the plump lamia over carefully. "Grensla told me what you've done." She cautiously touches Dralenna and then begins to probe and the lamia nods in understanding. "So you have a plan and need some herbs?"

Dralenna nods and looks at the half done blouse as Grensla holds it against her bloated torso. "What do you two know about the Ravengers?"

Grensla sits down and sews while Mala tells what she knows. "Every winter they chose a town and take it over. Any one of them could defeat several of ours so no village has had a chance. If we tried to get every one to fight, we'd have a lot of dead to bury. The three you consumed were chosen by lot to come into town and check it out. The others will probably be here in a couple of days." She looks at Dralenna and shakes her head. "When they find what's happened to them, I fear to think what they might do."

Dralenna nods, "So something must be done before they get here." When the women nod, she continues. "I have a plan I believe will work, but I'd prefer to do something else. If they show up tomorrow or before we can find them, it will be more difficult."

She waits until both are looking at her. "First we need to find where they are camped, second I need some herbs, and third," she looks at Grensla. "I need some thing very sensual and enticing to wear."

Grensla looks at her wide eyed as she know what the plan is. Mala is completely confused but nods. "Tell me the herbs and I'll see what I have or find them. I can send words to the surrounding lands and learn where they're camped. I suspect they are waiting until all are together before coming into town."

Dralenna nods and tells her the herbs. Mala nods. "I have most, maybe all of the in my store room. I'll send my cousin out tonight to some of the farms. We should know their campsite by tomorrow eve." She hugs Dralenna, allowing their energies to merge momentarily. "I'll see you in the morn." She turns and silently slips out.

Grensla is still in shock at the plan. "You hope to entice them like you did the three here?" Her voice emphasizes her concern. "How can you hope to do it?"

Dralenna doesn't smile. "I don't have another idea. If I can find them, put the herbs in their food, water, or mead. And take them one at a time." She takes a deep breath to inflate herself. "I might have trouble moving for awhile, but I should be able to stretch enough." She takes the partly finished blouse. "I'm afraid this won't fit me though."

Grensla gulps and then agrees. "I'll go home and get everything I need. If you don't mind me working here and waking you several times during the night. I can have something that will barely contain your massive bosom. And lots of frills to excite them." As Dralenna nods, she leaves quickly.

Haslon sticks his head in the open door. "Anything I can do?"

Dralenna smiles and moves so that her bosom surges beneath her blanket/blouse. "Grensla and I are going to be working all night. A few pitchers of juice and snacks would help keep us going." She smiles as Haslon almost falls over as he backs out and trots to the kitchen.

A little while later, Grensla enters with her sewing tools and materials. Haslon is seconds behind her with two large pitchers, mugs and a heavy platter of breads and cheeses. "If you need anything else," he says with a smile. "I showed Grensla where it is."

Grensla smiles and shoos him out. "I have to get this ready by tomorrow. And you have to sleep so you can take care of customers without falling over yourself." She follows him to the door and latches it before rejoining Dralenna. "While I'm working, maybe you could tell me more about your kind." She puts the partly finished blouse on Dralenna and begins to mark it. "I get a feeling you're worried about Haslon's unsaid affections to you."

Dralenna tries to explain why she left her kind because of the control the males held over the females. But some females have a special, ah, ability and curse. The ability is to be able to swallow more than would seem possible." She tries to find a way to continue. "The curse is that unfulfilled sex makes us ravenous...."

Grensla continues to work as she thinks. "I take it that you've already tried a few before you got here." She pauses while she shows what her plans are and Dralena nods in agreement. "Is it number of times or size that's the problem?"

Dralenna sighs, "I think it's size. But I haven't had a male that outlasted me."

Grensla laughs and almost falls over. "Unless one of them was like Haslon, I think he'll impress you." She refuses to say anything else and continues working on the dancer outfit.

Dralenna nibbles and naps while Grensla work through the night.

By dawn, she has it most of the way done. When Haslon knocks on the door, Dralenna half dives under the blanket, giving him a view of her flesh billowing as he looks in. "I see you're out of food," he jokes as he puts a full platter and pitchers down and retrieves the empties.

Grensla manages not to laugh. "I've alway known he prefers extra well fleshed females. When he sees you after you 'entice' the Ravengers..." They both struggle not to laugh too loud at the joke. Finally they regain control of themselves. Grensla takes a break and finishes the outfit by lunch.

Dralenna had taken a few naps so she'd be well rested for her 'dancing'. She gets it on with little problems and blushes as she realizes how little of her is actually covered. "I didn't admit how much of me there is until now." She smiles and practices some moves that even Grensla is impressed by.

Mala had sliped in during the dance and manages to smile. "How are you going to keep them from mobing you?"

Dralenna smiles. "I think if I challenge them by saying I can outlast all of them, they'll be willing to take turns. As to them noticing me being 'fuller', that's what I need the herbs for."

Mala nods and pulls a pouch out of her clothes. "I think I'll go with you then. I can move silently and put this in their food and drink while you dance." She takes a light blanket from the pack on her back. "You can wrap up in this. We wouldn't want every male that sees you getting too excited."

Dralenna puts her dancer outfit in her pack and lets her wrap it around her and tie it in place. "I take it you know where they are?"

Mala nods, "If we get going, we can reach their camp tonight. I've been told that the main group is waiting for the last three before they come into town. One more day and they'd be here."

Dralenna nods and puts her pack on. "Let's get going." She moves smoothly to the door. "I only hope I can move as fast as you think I can."

Mala nods. "Fortunately they're camped downstream." She leads the large, fleshy lamia outside and toward the river. Grensla watches them disappear and then returns to Dralenna's room and collapses into an exhausted sleep.

Dralenna moves slowly toward the river, struggling with her new weight and how much her large bust changes her center of balance.

Mala takes her pack and watches her slide smoothly into the river. "I think we should make good time now." She moves quickly as Dralenna almost floats in the water. She looks up at the sun and thinks for a moment. "We should reach their camp about sundown."

Dralenna nods and lets most of her serpentine body sink into the cool water. "I really wish I could think of a better way. But if they come to the village and don't find their buddies..." She looks down the river and they travel silently for a while. "What can you tell me about Haslon?"

Mala looks at her smiling smoothly. The blanket/blouse has gotten damp and does little to conceal her more than ample form. "Well he bought the tavern several years ago. From the few times I've got him almost talking, I believe that his herd had rules about all males choosing a mare by a certain age and he never found one he thought was attractive." She smiles warmly as Dralenna's flesh surges with in the cloth. "He never admitted it, but every time a large, well fleshed female came through, he seemed to take extra attemtion to make sure she was taken care of. But none of them seemed to realize, or weren't interested in a centaur." She gives a wink. "If you've heard any of the rumors about them, I can tell you they are closer to the truth than most."

Dralenna thinks for a moment, before knowing what rumor Mala's talking about. She smiles at the pleasant thought as they travel down river. When Mala asks to take a break, Dralenna moves close to the bank. "I hadn't thought about how much you're walking." She turns her torso slightly and pats her serpentine body as she makes it float up. "If you don't mind getting your legs wet...."

Mala checks the pack straps so it's high on her shoulders and steps into the water. She climbs on to Dralenna's round body and wraps her legs around her plump body. "It's a good thing you're soft or I'd be rolling off into the water."

Dralenna grins and moves smoothly down the river. Mala looks at the bank and shakes her head. "We should have thought of this before. We'd almost be there by now."

Dralenna agrees. "I want to stop away from their camp until dusk. If I come slithering in too early, they might not have started drinking."

Mala laughs, "From what I remember of them last time they invaded our town. If they aren't fighting or robbing, they're drinking and chasing womenfolk." She looks at the shore and then the sun's position. "But I agree with you. We can stop and I can sneak in and get a look at who's there. We do want to get all of them."

For several hours, Dralenna swims slowly downstream. Her new fat makes her float easily, even with Mala on her. Finally they reach a place where Mala tells her to stop. Dralenna slithers to the bank and Mala jumps off.

"Might be good for you to get out and dry off," Mala suggests as she hides the pack in some bushes. "I'll be back soon." She silently slips into the woods and disappears.

Dralenna lies down beside the pack and checks the herbs. She prepares the vial for her and several for the Ravengers. "Much better to over dose them and me suffer a major hangover." She puts her dancer outfit on, takes a deep breath and meditates as she makes the final preparations. Once done, she closes her eyes and guides her thoughts within, preparing for what she feels none other of her kind have ever tried to do.

Mala moves silently, but by the sounds filtering through the trees, she doesn't have a thing to worry about. She slows as the flickering fire light shows though the trees as the sun begins to touch the mountain tops. She moves effortlessly from tree to tree until she can watch them with little chanch of being seen.

The campsite has several rough tents with a main fire that is blazing in the center. Several pack horses are teethed nearby. Their poor condition makes Mala winch slightly and make her more commeted to Dralenna's plan.

After a few minutes, it becomes apparent that several of them had just arrived and the others were upset that they had to wait. The only thing good was that the latecomers had brought a keg of a well known mead. One of them taps it and fills their mugs while others cut thick slices of meat from a deer roasting on the fire. Mala doesn't need to watch long as they seem ready to do a last night in the wilderness party. She slips back and then returns to Dralenna.

Dralenna had been meditating, but opens her eyes as she smells Mala approaching. She surprises Mala by turning toward her as she comes into the clearing.

"How did you hear me...." Mala begins and stops as she remembers Lamia's well developed sense of smell. She sits down beside her. "They are all in the campsite and begining a last night party." She smiles as Dralenna moves, showing off the dancing outfit as it barely contains her bountious flesh. "I think I could put your herbs in their mead while you distract them."

Dralenna nods. "There have been some of my species that travel as dancers. I'll pretend that I am on my way down river. Hopefully they'll want to enjoy my dance before jumping me. If not...." she smiles. "Well I'll have to do whatever I can." She turns and wraps the blanket around her before going to the trail and slowly following it toward their camp.

Dralenna can hear their celebrating and the first traces of alcohol. She slithers through the trees until she is on the edge of their campsite. "Hello all", she calls out in a sensual voice.

Within seconds, every one is staring at her. One of the largest gets to his feet and walks toward her. "What have we here?" He calls to the others, "Some one who lost her way?"

Dralenna smiles as she looks up at his seven foot, sturdy build. "Well I'm traveling down river for the winter."

He looks at her blanket/blouse and frowns. "Looks like you're leaving a poor town." He motions for her to join them and fills a large mug for her. "So what are you planning to do when you get there? Chase rats?" Every one laughs raciously at this crude joke.

Dralenna smiles as she pulls some cymbol chimes from a side pocket of her pack. She begins to squirm sensually with her entire humanoid and serpentine body as she chimes and hums. Slowly she allows the blanket to loosen and then fall to the ground. As her heavy, billowing bosom is exposed, she can tell all eyes are rivited to her. She moves so that Mala can reach the keg, dump a packet of herbs in, and disappear back into the trees.

Dralenna moves as smoothly as she can, almost losing her balance as her newly aquired mass sloshes with in the cloth of her outfit. She smiles and begins to sing as several refill their mugs and chug the druged mead down. It doesn't take long before she's breathing heavily and finally stops.

No one seems to notice as they watch her flesh bloated breasts surge with her heavy breathing. Finally one of them drains his mug and moves closer to her. "You hope to make money just by dancing?" He asks with a sneering laugh.

Dralenna smiles and looks up into his eyes. "That's just to get their attention. I have wonderous ways to please..." She tries to make it sound like she's bluffing.

"I'm Krachur, and I don't think you could satisfy one of us, if you had an entire night." He turns to the others. "What say we teach her?" The others begin to cheer, refill their mugs and chug down the contents.

Dralenna's eyes flash like she's trapped, but has already seen two moving behind her. "I accept your offer," her voice has fear in it and she hopes they can't tell she's faking. "But I'd like to please one of you at a time." She pauses and looks at them as they nod to her suggestion. "If I can satisfy all of you, what do I get?"

The largest one gets up from his reclinded position and looks down at her from his full heigth of nine feet. "I'll agree to go last." He grins as he slaps his round belly. "Very few have ever managed to satisfy me, and I wouldn't want to spoil the fun of those under my comand." He turns and looks at the others. "We throw knives at the target. First to hit the center gets her now. The rest of you will continue until all turns are decided."

The two behind her have moved around her as she spoke. One of them smoothly draws his blade and throws it at the target in a smooth motion. His blade touches the edge of the circle and he shrugs.

Two others throw before one hits the center clear. The young Ravengers smiles as he retrieves his knife. "I'm Gorlun,"

He grins broardly as he fills and drains his mug. She slowly slithers toward him, making sure her breasts are jiggling as much as possible without destroying the fabric barely containing them.

She gently takes his hand and looks around. "Is it possible I can please him without an audiance?"

Several grab the tents, strip them and set up a large covered area down by the river. "Don't wear her out," Krachur shouts as he and the others return to their knife throwing and partying.

Gorlun holds the tent flap open as she slithers inside. He follows her in and smiles as her flesh billows. "Never had one as large and luscious as you." He quickly drops his belt and clothes on the ground.

His breath is slurred with the mead and she can see his eyes can't focus. a sign her herbs are taking their effect. She smiles and removes her outfit and finger chimes. "Do you like all you see?" He voice is sing/song and she begins to hum the melody that will bring him under her control.

He starts to sway unsteadily. She puts her plump hands on his shoulders and eases him down to his knees. She smiles and unhinges her jaws. Moving her lips against his, she slowly opens her mouth as her soft hands stroke his arms. Controlling her breath, she inhales as he does, slowly reducing the fresh air his intoxicated body is getting.

He nuzzles the inside of her mouth and rubs his face against her broad tongue as he tries to move closer to her. As his shoulders stretch her mouth, his muzzle is in her throat and he squirms toward the loving warmth he knows is before him.

Dralenna mmmrrrrrsssss passionately and tries to make sounds that will keep the others from wondering what's happening. She massages his arms, while pulling him deeper. She struggles to reach under him and get his large male rod into her mouth as most of his body swells her torso. Her fat breasts make her roll from side to side as he squirms deeper into her.

Gorlun feels more excited than he can ever remember as his entire body seems to be massaged. He shoves deeper into the fat lamia than he has in any other female since the Ravenger herbs enlarged him. The massage begins to reach his upper thighs and he squirms further as the massage works down his legs and then reaches his feet. He screams in unbelieved estacy as he erupts in her and feels himself pumping more into her than he thought possible. Exhausted, he loses consciousness.

Dralenna feels him surging within her and rolls on her side as he helps move himself toward her huge belly. As his motions stop, she moves her fleshy body to get him into her waiting stomach. She grabs the iron vial, downs it's contents and empties the waterskin she had brought. Sighing in feeding estacy, she relaxes for a moment. She feels him jerk within her as his body reacts to being digested, and then stills as it surrenders to becoming more of her flesh, she prepares for the next one.

She gives several screams of pleasure and then groans from the exertion. Struggling to get into a position where the next one might not see her swollen belly, she calls out. "MMMmmmmmm that was wonderful, who's next?"

Several of the Ravengers almost fall over in surprise. One of them gets to his feet, falls over a log and crawls into the tent. "I'm Kakuran. And I'll make you beg for more." His clothes are half off as he comes through the opening.

Dralenna has lit a candle and holds it so he can see her golden serpent eyes. "Yesssss, I will beg for more." She strokes his chest, feeling the flesh within. "You want to be in me.... don't you?"

Kakuran was already losing it to the druged mead and is quickly under her spell. "I'll do what ever you want," he answers with a slur. He stares into her eyes until her open mouth is all he sees. He begins to crawl forward like he's following her into a dark tunnel. As his shoulders push her throat wider, he pushes hard with his feet and feels the warmth all around him. As her gullet muscles pull him deeper, he screams in pleasure and forces himself in as fast as he can. His shaft is hard and large. It slides against her moist throat and he begins to pump his liquid love down her before his legs are all the way in. He gasps for breath and tries to scream again. Gasping for air, he passes out.

Dralenna groans in sexual and hunger pleasures. She grabs his feet and pushes him in. She curves her body, forcing him into her belly where the digestion of his friend is rapidly proceeding. His body jerks weakly as his is forced in and she can feel her digestive juices begin breaking his flesh down. She knows her bloodstream is becoming loaded with nutrients and knows she's already adding their flesh to her own.

She gives a long scream that merges with a passionate groan and then breathes heavily as she strokes her overly pregnant looking abdomen.

Smiling she gets her candle and looks toward the fire. "Well if these two are a taste of your best. I'm going to make lots of money downriver." She manages not to laugh, because her hunger is running wild.

The youngest of them jumps up, falls on his face and scrambles to the tent. "Jakur will prove he's on his way to best every other Ravenger." He falls into the tent and looks into her golden eyes as the flame flickers.

"Mmmmmm," she hums softly. "So you think you can prove better than the others?" Her fat body sways slightly and her bountious breasts surge hypnotically. As she sees where his eyes are staring, she begins to open her mouth. "If you think they'd feel good from the outside, come in and enjoy them as if you're part of them." She opens her mouth and waits.

For a moment he pauses, then his fogged mind make a decission. "Yes, I'll make you remember me." He almost dives into her mouth, shoving with his feet while his hands pull him in.

She swallows as fast as she can and she is rocked violently from within as he forces himself into her flesh swollen body. By the time his feet enter her mouth, he's having trouble breathing and his motions stop.

With a powerful gulp, she shoves him into her stomach. Her bloated belly surges violently as he is forced into her acid vat and he struggles for a few moments. She groans in her feeding frenzy and strokes him through her fat body. As he finally gives in, she begins gasping and screaming in sexual pleasure to impress the others.

Krachur takes a long drink as he listens to her cries. "I don't remember any of her kind. I guess she might be right about being able to take all of us." He moves to get in a more comfortable position as his body starts to respond. "Lumra, You came from the same lands as her kind..."

Lumra nods, his black fur makes him stand out from the others. But in night, he's almost invisible. "I met one of their males once, but it was a chance meeting in the woods and we barely spoke. They may not be as skilled as us with weapons, but in a non weapon fight...." He tips his head back and drains his mug. "If she can survive to my turn. I'd like her to join us for the winter." He turns as she calls out from the tent.

"Oooooo", she almost howls from the tent. "You may not be able to wear me out, but I want to have all of you tonight."

Murraka gets up and drains a half full mug before stumbling toward her. He crawls into the tent and the others half listen to the sounds of her enjoying him.

"Like I said," Lumra belches. "We should keep her for the winter." As every one agrees, (and as drunk as they are, they'd agree with anything) he looks toward her tent, imagining the fun he's going to have with her though the long cold winter.

Dralenna's appetite has been magnified by her receiving their sexual drive energies. Her thoughts want them all within her and doesn't even think how much her stomach is going to have to stretch. She smiles at Murraka, her mouth partly open and her long broad tongue playing over her fat lips.

The flickering light from the candle reflects off her wet lips, Murraka's eyes are enhanced by the sparkling and moves closer to see. As she opens her mouth wider, he looks in, wondering about the interesting smell and the warm moistness. He becomes so arroused he tries to hold that part up, until Dralenna's broad tongue reaches out and tries to wrap around it. Murraka gives a long cry of excitement as he tries to dive into the warm darkness before him.

Dralenna reaches around her fattening breasts and pulls him in with strength from his sexual excitement and her passionate hunger. She pushes him in so fast she can feel him squirming and then go limp as he can't breath. With a powerful push and gulp, his feet dispear into her huge maw. She relaxes as her well exercized gullet muscles push him deeper into her body. She groans loudly as she feels him enter her stomach and feel it stretch almost painfully. She gasps for breath as her thoughts scream for more.

Finally she catches her breath, she knows she should rest and let her stomach expand and digest, but her mouth seems to be beyond her control. "My kind must be much better than any you've ever met. I've completely worn 4 of you out and still want more."

Lumra would grin, but the mead has his face already smiling. He nods to Gronura. "Give me a moment, then follow me in." He puts his mug down and stumbles toward the tent, his clothes tossed aside like those before.

Gronura gets up and almost falls as he tosses his cloths away and stumbles slowly after him.

Dralenna has lit another candle and her incense burner as her stomach groans from it's load. She hums sweetly as she hears Lumra stumble closer. "Come inside," she calls out sensually before opening her mouth wide.

Lumra crawls into the smoky tent and into her mouth without realizing it. The previous ones have stretched her mouth and throat so much that he finds little resistance.

Her plump arms have to squeeze into her fat breasts as she grabs his arms, legs, then feet as she pulls him in. She just starts to close her jaws when she sees Gronura fall through the tent opening. She opens her mouth wide, grabs his head and guides him into her voracious body.

Lumra crawls deeper, feeling his entire body being massaged by her sensual body. Enjoying her more than he has any other female, he passes out.

Gronura isn't sure what's happening, but the hot humid feeling around his head and shoulders makes him want all his body to experience it. As her fat tongue slurps his maleness, he erupts uncontrolably. In sexual fever, he shoves violently with her feet. Suddenly, his face is shoved against some one's feet. He tries to think, but the mead and heat around him makes this impossible. All he hears is a powerful thrumping in his ears as he falls into darkness.

Dralenna groans and tries to scream as the first of them is shoved into her straining belly. She struggles to roll on her side and gets her upper hand far enough to rub her swollen belly. She tries to concentrate on digesting and allowing her stomach to grow enough so she's not in pain. Her jaws move back ing place as more hormornes are dumped into her nutrient overloaded bloodstream that lessen the pain. Unfortunately, it increases her hunger for the remaining ones.

Krachur looks at the tent as she screams. "Looks like she can't handle two of us at once," he laughs.

Marru nods and almost knocks his mug to the ground. "Then we get to drive her further." He refills his mug and crawls back to the log he was sitting on.

Bulakur looks at them, but his vision is blurred by the herb spiked mead. He looks around and doesn't notice, or care that every one else is similarly affected.

Dralenna lets her jaws slowly ease close. Her lower arm is trapped under her obese and growing bosom. Her upper hand moves over her ponderously gorged stomach and can't reach the top of the curve it makes. She tries to turn her head enough to look, but her massive mammeries are all she can see without struggling more than she wants to.

Dralenna can feel the thoughts moving toward her mouth but is so wondrously blissed by her food bloated body, she just allows the words to flow from her mouth. "I've had half of you and I'm still hungry...." She doesn't realize what she said as she adds herbs to her incense burner.

Krachur turns and falls over, before stumbling to her as he undresses. Marru follows him, but stops against a tree to disrobe. He sways and then half stumbles, half crawls after him.

Still laying on her side, Dralenna is humming her tune of control as Krachur enters her tent. "You going to satisfy me.....?" Her voice is thick, and sensual.

Krachur nods and tries to get his eyes to focus. "Have you grown a bit?" He slurs as he almost falls over.

"I'm inside my sleeping bag, come on in." She turns her head, opens her mouth wide and guides his head with one hand toward her cavernous maw.

Krachur's eyes are blurred by the mead herb's and her voice. He shoves his head between her fat lips and starts to wiggle himself into her. The thrumming of this wondrous massage makes him push himself in as her shaft grows to it's full size. Her tongue wraps around it for a moment as he pushes himself deeper. He gasps for air as his body approaches climax. Finally he erupts and yells in pleasure. He starts to lose consciousness and collapses, gasping for breath as her muscles struggle to force him into her expanding stomach.

She starts to close her mouth as his feet are pulled in, but stops as she feels the head and hands of the next one entering her mouth.

Marru's vision is so out of focus, he doesn't even know what he's looking at as he follows Krachur into the hot, humid sleeping bag. His breath is slow and deep because of the mead almost knocking him out. He gets his shoulders into her gullet and pauses as her tongue strokes over and around his shaft. He relaxes and moves against her wet, fat tongue..... before passing out partway in her mouth.

Dralenna pauses, hoping he is only drowsy. After a moment, she hears him snoring soundly. She closes her fleshy lips around him so the others don't hear him snoring while she tries to finish swallowing him. Struggling to get her flesh loaded upper arm around her fat bloated breasts, she tries to get a hold of him, but can't find any thing she can get a grip on. She thinks for a moment, and then decides she has to get him in. She groans loudly around him as her swallowing muscles push Krachur into her impossibly stretched stomach and she thinks she hears her skin stretching.

She slowly moves the lower part of her serpentine body, wondering why it moves so sluggishly. She tries to feel anything she can to brace against and then pushes herself forward as she opens her mouth wide to grab more of him. She barely moves an inch before her tail slips on the ground. She keeps working him in a little more each time she pushes. Her heavy breasts and impossibly gorged belly drag heavily and she is having trouble breathing from the exertion. As she finally gets his hips between her fat lips and her swallowing muscles are finally able to start pulling him in, she hears the others calling out.

A voice calls, "You two wearing her out?" They seem to be talking about something she can't hear clearly.

Dralenna struggles as much as her overgorged condition allows. As his feet are pulled into her mouth, she relaxes and begins to relax her jaws.

Janur swings the tent flap open and looks into the darkness. "So what have we here?" He drops to his knees and looks into the dark tunnel of her throat. "Hey guys, she has one of those magical bags you can get lots of stuff into. Lets join the others." His voice is slurred. As he puts his hands into her mouth and starts to crawl into her, his male rod bounces heavily on her tongue.

The sensation of an overfull belly fuels her desire to sexually please them and then force them inside her. Her gullet muscles work harder than she has ever known to get the last one into her stomach. By the time she shoves him into her overstretched, elastic belly, Janur is most of the way in. As his knees reach the beginning of her throat, she feels other hands inside her mouth.

"Ok, if she has the others inside. It's up to us to join them." Bulakur laughs and then belches loudly as he follows closely behind Janur.

Dralenna groans in passion, pain and over excited hunger as Janur begins to pass out. With strength she never knew she had, her gullet muscles force him into her stomach, The creaking of her skin makes her worry she's going to burst. but the pain fuels her desire to have them all in her. She starts to roll in ecstacy and then freezes as she feels the night air as the tent flap is thrown open again.

"Ok Rumuk," Rulkra booms drunkenly. "Let's see what she's doing to wear out our lads." She hears one of them fall in front of her wide open mouth. "In ya go ya drunken brute."

Rumuk is partly shoved into her as Rulkra gives him a hard push. He crawls without getting all the way off the ground, or bottom of her mouth. Her throat is already so stretched that he barely has to shove his way in. Suddenly he's shoved in faster than she can swallow and she fights her instinct to move.

"You get in there," Rulkra laughs as he forces Rumuk in. "Or I'll pull you out and toss you into the river." He drops to his knees and shoves his own way in.

Dralenna groans around them as Rulkra stretches her more than any of the others. Rumuk is already unconscious and she valiantly swallows as fast as she can. Thinking prayers to her Goddess, she concentrates on swallowing both of them, and not the screams of protest from her stomach being forced out with more meat than she would think possible in a month.

As Rumuk begins to swell her stomach out to more gigantic proportions, Rulkra passes out from too much mead and too little air. Instead of resting, she keeps pushing him deep into her over stuffed body. She can feel her stomach and skin stretch as he's forced in by her powerful gullet muscles.

She tries to stay conscious against the solid pain of her expanded to the edge of bursting body. Her upper arm feels her swollen body but can't feel more than it curving outward from her previously fat body. Her jaws slowly move back into their normal position and she mentally commands her throat to reduce to it's normal size. As her stretching skin finally expands enough so she's only uncomfortable, the hundreds of pounds of nutrients loading her bloodstream push her to unconsciousness. Her final thought is the tent not being big enough for her to wear.

Mala had been watching from the bushes and moves close as Dralenna quietly groans from her feasts. "Any thing I can do to help?"

Dralenna opens her eyes slightly, "I won't be conscious for some time. Just try to keep me safe....." Her voice fades as her eyes close.

Mala listens to the quiet sounds of the approaching dawn. She looks at hill Dralenna's impossibly gorged stomach makes under the collapsed tent. "At least we won't have to worry about the ravengers any more." She lightly pats her and can feel the fat quickly being stored under her pelt.

Using her forest skills, she conceals Dralenna with branches and leaves. She takes down the remnants of the ravengers tents and packs them and their belongings. Hiding them nearby, she watches and listens for any one approaching. All that day and the next night, she keeps alert for any one approaching. She takes many quick naps, often waking to the sound of a forest creature moving through the autumn leaves.

The sun is high two days later when she hears hoofbeats come down the trail. They slow near by and quietly step into the campsite the ravengers had been in. She moves toward the river, preparing to divert whoever if he approaches the still unconscious Dralenna.

As Haslon come into the campsite, she moves silently from her hiding place. "She's still asleep," she whispers, looking toward the barely visible rolling form of Dralenna. "I wouldn't have believed she could have taken them all in one night if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes."

Haslon stares in the direction and is barely able to tell what is her and what is the forest. He walks quietly forward as Mala goes to where she's kept watch.

"If you could stand guard," she yawns and lays down. "I'll be fine in a few hours." She lies down and is quickly asleep.

His eyes strain to follow the overly voluptuous curves of her sleeping body. He moves close and affectionately strokes the fat serpentine portion that is outside of the tent. Her flesh jiggles under his touch and his desires begin to grow more than he can control. He removes the branches and leaves until only the tent covers her humongous, fat swollen body, Her stomach is still bloated with some remnants of her feasts, but the rest of her is so impossibly obese that he can't be sure. Slowly he moves the tent, uncovering more and more of her as his mouth goes dry and an urging grows with in him.

Dralenna moves slightly as he carefully uncovers her massive bosom. Her fat nipples swell slightly with the cool fall breeze. She's laying on her back and he has to stand beside her head to see her round fleshy face. There's a happy smile and she breathes easier than he thought possible considering her huge size.

He closes his eyes as he tries to regain control of himself. Unable to resist a moment longer, he struggles to climb on top of her rolling with fat body. As he finally gets on top, his hooves don't touch the ground and her fat actually engulfs his legs. His equine body sinks deep into her blubber so he feels like he's floating in a warm pond. His maleness begins to grow and he moves so it can grow into her. His equine chest is nestled between her wondrous mounds of breast fat. Holding his arms out wide, he tries to hug them but can't reach half way around each.

Haslon smiles in the wondrous warmth that is surrounding him and tries not to move. For a few moments he survives, then he gives in and begins to move on and within her mammothly obese body. His shaft grows longer and wider, he's thankful that his kind becomes aroused slowly.

Dralenna had been dreaming of having prey after prey forced into her until she was almost spherical from nose to tail tip. She begins to drift into another one where she remembers the ferret morph she took when she began her journey. She feels his maleness within her and her hunger starts to grow. She moves her hands toward him, but for some reason all she feels is herself. Then the ferret seems to change and grow. He grows within her until she begins to finally feel the warmth in her loins and the hunger of her stomach moves there. As he finally stops growing, she feels so warm and happy, she wants to wrap herself around him, but seems to have trouble moving.

Haslon feels her inner body warmth reaching into him and begins to pump into her obesity. Her fat billows and flows around him as he moves within and on her massive belly. He leans forward and nuzzles his face into one of her huge, cushiony breasts as he tries to get his lips around one of her large nipples. He begins to suckle like a foal, as he thrusts his maleness deep into her and her fat body surges hotly around him.

Dralenna sighs happily in her dream. She begins to slip into consciousness and her eyelids flutter occasionally. She wonders how she can be awake and still feel her true lover moving on and within her loving depths. Looking down slightly, her eyes open wide as she can only see the huge fat swollen cushions of her monstrous bosom. They surge in rhythm to the thrusts and she moans in passion as she feels one of them being suckled. She tries to move with but her new flesh weighs her down and her muscles and skeleton hasn't started to adapt. She feels the male thrusting vigorously into her depths. She yells in ecstacy as she sexually climaxes again and again, until he floods her waiting womb. Gasping in contentment, she doesn't feel hungry, only desire for the one on her to stay with her.

Haslon feels like a small boat on a rough lake as he pumps into her with no thought of what she might do. He gasps and buries his face into her silky soft bosom as he pumps what feels like gallons into her. He hears some one yelling, muffled by her breast fat surrounding his head, but doesn't care. Finally he's drained and sinks deeply into her soft flesh. He breathes deeply, listening to her breathing and strong heart beat.

Mala had been asleep, but their cries of passion woke her. She stands and watches the centaur almost lost on Dralenna's obese body. Her eyes can see their auras merging and she know's he's safe. Exhausted, she lies back down. Knowing that everything will work out she falls into a deep restful sleep.

Haslon floats on and in her living ocean of blubber. He drifts in and out of a wondrous nap until the sun touches the mountains in the west. He moves as carefully as he can and tries to look at her face between her humongous breasts. All he can see is her long golden hair. He tries to move off her, but her fat engulfed body excites him and his shaft begins to grow rapidly. Smiling, he begins to move slowly, enjoying the sloshing of her fat as it surges around him. He imagines sinking deeper into her with each thrust.

Dralenna had also been napping. She often smiles as she feels her lover trapped by her luscious flesh. As he begins to grow within her again. She tries to hug him, but all she can touch is her own super obese breasts and body. She looks down and smiles at her increased growth in breast flesh. "I hope you want me extra buxom," she whispers sensually. "Because mating while I have a tummy loaded with food makes them really grow." She moves slightly, making her flesh surge more. Her skeleton and muscles are finally beginning to increase as her body learns how much weight she's gaining.

Haslon grins and buries his head in the valley between her soft hills of fat. His scream of passion is muffled, but Dralenna feels him explode within her depths and reveals as her blubber sloshes around his shaft, encouraging as much from him as he has to give.

As the moon starts to rise, Haslon opens his eyes again and some how manages to climb off her flesh bloated body. "I really want to stay." He nuzzles her plump face as one of her ponderous breasts rolls onto his shoulder and over his equine body. "I'm going back to the village to get a place for you until we can build a home worthy of what you've done."

Dralenna smiles broadly, the edges of her mouth disappear into her long hair. "I should be able to travel in a day or so." She moves her arm against his side, feeling her fat mold around him.

Haslon smiles and starts to relax. Then shakes his head to clear his thoughts. "I have to get going." He steps away and watches her luscious fat jiggle. "See you in a few days." He turns and moves carefully toward the river. A few seconds later the sound of him jumping into the cool water makes Dralenna and Mala quietly laugh.

Mala looks at Dralenna's massiveness and smiles. "I have heard legends of a few of your type becoming huge. But never this big so fast."

Dralenna grins and tries to roll onto her side. "I knew this was possible." She groans from the exertion. "I need to get my muscles working so they'll grow enough to move me." She rocks her obese body until she rolls over on her fat belly. Her enormous bosom more than supports her head so she can look Mala in the eyes. "If you would like to help...."

Mala grins, "I'll do what I can." For a couple of hours they work on simple motions. After Dralenna tries, they rest. By dawn Dralenna is able to hold enough of her massive torso upright that her massive mammeries are safely above the ground.

By late afternoon, she can crawl enough to move into the river and out, but is completely exhausted. "Maybe by tomorrow," she gasps as she lays down in exhaustion.

Mala nods and covers as much of her as she can with the tents. "I know tonight will get cold. If you think a fire will help?"

Dralenna grins and slaps a fat bloated arm against her massive body, causing her flesh to jiggle for many seconds. "I've got plenty to keep me warm for one night." She lies down and Mala moves several packs to form a pillow for her. "We should be able to go home by noon tomorrow."

Mala curls up beside her, keeping her senses alert to any non-night noise. The warmth of Dralenna helps her sleep deeper than she planned.

As soon as Haslon arrives in the village, he summons the leaders to his tavern and tells them what Dralenna has done. "It was agreed that who ever eliminated the ravengers, would be given a home and taken care of."

For several moments the leaders argue. Finally one of them turns to Haslon. "Are you sure that she poses no threat to any in the village?"

Haslon nods, "If she did, I wouldn't ask her to stay. If you wish, I will stay with her."

Several of them laugh, knowing his attraction to a certain overfed wolftaur in a nearby village. "I doubt we could start the house until spring. Where can she stay for the winter?"

Haslon grins. "Very few travelers have ever used the barn I built out back. It wouldn't take much to put a floor in it, insulate it and make it a home. We all know that in the spring, planting must be done. But harvesting is done, so if we got every one together, we could get it fixed up in a matter of weeks."

All agree on this. They quickly decide what runners should be sent to the other villages in the agreement and what men in the village can be called upon to help tonight.

Haslon checks his helpers and they prepare food for the workers. In less than an hour, the lumber workers have arrived and measured the floor of the barn. They leave with a request for two others to be sent to carry the planks as they cut them. Others arrive and begin working on cleaning the place up.

For much of the night, every one works quickly, with jokes and songs. By breakfast, much of the floor has been framed and some of the floor planks laid. The hearth has been cut into the wall and much of the stones have arrived. Others who have slept during the night, get up so work can continue. By midmorning others have arrived from the nearest village. By noon the work is going fast but well done. The Hearth is finished and work on the chimney is only slowed by the rocks having to be brought from a nearby quarry.

Mala is awake before dawn and washes up in the river while Dralenna continues to sleep. She heats some water for tea and meditates until it comes to a boil.

Dralenna sniffs the boiling herbs and wakes. While Mala drinks and eats, she loosens her muscles and feels the increase in bone and muscles. Rolling onto her large cushy stomach, she leans up and smiles. "I'm surprised I can carry this much frontal weight." She turns her head and looks back as much as she can. "Of course there's a lot of more of me back there too." Carefully she uses her new strength to push herself around the camping area. "Guess we could get going any time you're ready." She turns a bit fast and her monstrous bosom surges an pulls her off balance.

As Dralenna lays on her side laughing, Mala recovers one of the tents. "Let's see if I can make something to keep your frontal weight from doing that again." Once Dralenna has gotten herself upright again, they begin working on making the material into something that can keep her overly weighty mass of breast blubber under some control. Mala has lunch and then packs everything of the ravengers. She ties them onto a quickly made raft and stands by the river.

Dralenna smiles as she heavily slithers into the river and then magnificently floats in the water. "Climb on and lets be off."

Mala climbs onto her wide body and sinks partly into her cushiony flesh. She puts a loop of the raft's rope around her shoulder and lays down. "I hope Haslon warned them how much you've grown."

Dralenna giggles and begins weaving her body, slowly propelling them upstream.

They stop several times as she tires, but she recovers quickly. As the sun sets and the moon begins to rise, the lights of the village can be seen through the leafless trees.

At the boat landing, Mala jumps off and secures the raft. Before she has all the packs on shore, hoofbeats can be heard coming from near the tavern.

Haslon stops and smiles as he sees her huge magnificence. "We've begun work on your home." He takes her very plump hand in his, gently squeezing her softness. Leading her to the barn, he smiles as her obese body bumps softly against him as she moves. He opens the sliding doors and leads her into the floored area. "I know this was a barn," he grins as his hand strokes over her fleshy body.

Dralenna giggles and watches his eyes go crazy trying to watch her luscious body jiggle all over. She whispers, "I'm not used to all this weight yet and I'm exhausted."

"I hadn't thought about that," he gasps in realization. "We haven't had time to make you a real bed room yet." He motions to an area covered with a thick layer of straw.

She smiles, slithers slowly over to it and curls up as much as her new obesity allows. "It's much better than sleeping on the ground."

Haslon grabs a large soft cushion and puts in under her head as she lays down. "I just couldn't resist when I saw you...."

His voice fades but she can see under his equine body enough to see he still can't. She looks toward the open door. "Well when you finish up in the tavern," she moves her fleshy arms against her fat body and tries to push her massive bosom. "I bet I can keep us both nice and warm."

Haslon's tongue starts to lick his lips, then he turns and walks uncomfortably out. As he closes the door, he looks at her, his face lit by the sole lamp. "I'll take you up on that offer." He closes the door the rest of the way and his footsteps fade away.

Dralenna smiles and closes her eyes. She didn't realize how hard it was for her to swim upstream and she is quickly asleep.

A couple of hours later, Haslon carefully opens the door, comes in and closes it behind him. The lamp illuminates her massive form and he becomes aroused as he watches her flesh bloated form move with her breathing. Not wanting to wake her, he carefully lies down beside her and curls up into her flabby body. He tries not to move and concentrates on sleeping. Finally her gentle breathing and silky fur against him lulls him to sleep.

In the morning, Dralenna wakes first and rolls slightly, trapping him beneath her. She only releases him after he gives up trying to get out on his own. They have passionate love, Dralenna only able to hug him with her massive bosom but he doesn't try to get lose. Finally he goes to take care of the tavern.

For several days, Dralenna gets used to her heavy, obese body. Her skeleton, muscles and organs adapt until she's moving comfortably. Her incredible weight makes her motions some what slow and ponderous, but all this does is excite Haslon more.

The workers finish the chimney, and insulation. Grensla almost moves in so she can finish a couple of blouses that barely cover Dralenna's humongous charms. Some of the women bring decorations to make the place more home-like.

One night Haslon comes in shivering slightly. The fire place has been going gently all day and he comes over and squeezes himself into her warm massiveness. "Looks like we'll get snow any time."

Dralenna nods and moves so her obesity billows lusciously. "Well I've got plenty to keep us nice and warm."

He tosses his cloak off, grabs their huge blanket and climbs on top of her. As his body sinks into her, his shaft begins to rapidly grow, plunging into her depths. "I think I'm going to love this winter." He begins moving slowly within her and manages to last until she has climaxed several time. Exhausted, they both fall into a deep sleep. The wind out side grows, but neither of them here it.

The next morning comes, but only a dim light comes in through the window. Haslon rolls off her and looks out. "Well winter is here." He turns and grins. "And once the snow gets here, it stays until spring. He takes a couple of quick steps and leaps onto her mammoth body. Her fat rolls and jiggles as he struggles to get in position to mate again.

Dralenna gasps in pleasure and surges around him as they savor each other. Finally she wears him out. "You know," she giggles as her stomach rumbles hollowy. "I haven't had a thing to eat for several days."

Haslon smiles and hugs as much of her mammoth mammeries as he can. "I've got lots of supplies put away. The last few years we've been storing extra foodstuffs for when the Ravengers come." He manages to roll off her and strokes her ponderous belly, pushing gently to see how incredibly soft she's become. "So I guess you've earned it. "Next spring, we'll work out with the other villages on their contributions." He wraps himself warmly and opens the door. Snow falls in as he shoves his way into the deep powdery cold, and then closes the door.

An hour later, she hears some one shoveling a path through the snow and clearing it from her doorway. Haslon arrives a few minutes later with a platter loaded with breadstuff and juice. "I don't know what you'd prefer to eat, so I brought what is the standard fare around here."

Dralenna slithers heavily toward him and struggles to get her fat arms around her massive breasts. "I eat what ever is available." She begins eating and Haslon tries to move with out getting more excited.

He smiles and starts to open the door. "I'll see you after dinner." He goes out as more snow begins falling.

Dralenna finishes the meal and thinks on what she can do to help, rather than every one having to supply her with food. She closes her eyes and weaves heavily as her thoughts reach out to the surrounding forest. Almost an hour later, there's a pawing sound at the door. She shoves herself to the door and opens it. A well muscled and fleshed deer-like animal walks in as if it's asleep. She closes the door and opens her mouth wide. It doesn't seem to see her as it stands there and allows her to close her fat lips around it's neck and shoulders. Within minutes, it's sliding effortlessly into her large stomach. "Ahhhh", she sighs happily. "The magic works better the bigger I get. Just like aunt Janluna told me." She moves near the fire and lies down to digest.

For many weeks, Haslon brings her meals and sleeps on her wide soft body. Their lovemaking never seems to lose it's excitement. Within a week of coming home, Haslon's sucking on her fat nipples have caused her breasts to grow more and begin producing milk. She supplements the food he brings with various prey animals. As enormous as she is, she only knows she isn't losing any weight, and possibly adding some, even though she's nursing.

As the coldest months of winter falls on the land, many of the villagers from outlying homes move into the tavern. As a few fall victim to a weakening illness, Mala is lost at what is the cause and what the cure could be. The upper rooms and then first floor rooms are filled with the sick. Mala succumbs to the disease and uses herbs to keep herself going.

Late one night, she stumbles into Dralenna's home and falls against her. She sinks into her spongy flesh and sighs in exhaustion. "I have no idea what can be done. Almost every one is sick or showing signs of it." She turns her head and snuggles into the huge lamia's fat. "Except you and Haslon. Since you don't see very many and your species may be naturally immune this doesn't interest me too much. But Haslon has been around those in the worst shape and he's fine."

Dralenna reaches over and manages to pull Mala deeper into her warm fleshy body. "You know I've been using abilities to call fresh prey animals to me. But Haslon hasn't had any....."

Mala nods. "I think there's something in your species that protects you, but is there anything about Haslon that can explain his immunity."

Dralenna looks at her massive mammeries as they seem to slosh heavily. "Well, since he's so affectionate with my breasts, I've been nursing him almost as long as I've been here."

Mala's eyes open wide and she struggles to her feet. "If your kind is naturally immune, your milk may be a cure." She pushes the blanket aside, exposing one of Dralenna's enormous breasts. She begins sucking strongly as she massages as much of the wondrous fur covered flesh she can reach. Almost instantly, rich sweet milk begins to flow. Mala keeps nursing until she can't drink another drop. "I can almost feel myself getting better." She moves the blanket back and lies down beside the ponderous lamia.

Haslon enters a few hours later. His face shows his exhaustion, but no sign of the sickness. He looks at Mala. "I hope we don't lose any one before a cure is found."

Dralenna smiles and moves a hand against her mammoth bosom. "She thinks the reason you're still healthy is my milk. She drank her fill and I think we'll know soon."

Haslon is too tired to talk and climbs onto the living bed. He tries not to get excited, but the hope that she is the cure, and her flesh rolling around and under him, makes part of him find enough life to take control. Neither of them think of Mala. Only their desires and the wonderous energies they share.

In the morning, Mala wakes and stretches. "I feel better than I have in weeks." She looks into Dralenna's smiling eyes. "If you're willing, I can milk you, or we could bring them here to nurse from you."

Dralenna shakes her head, her long hair flows slowly. "I prefer only nursing Haslon." She rolls onto her side, her heavy breasts surging out in front of her.

Mala nods and gets an empty water jug. She milks Dralenna and takes it to the ones who are the weakest. The results are rapid and most promising. It takes almost 3 weeks before all are better. Dralenna increases her milk production easily and her humongous bosom also grows noticeably. By spring, every one is drinking a mug of her milk once a week. Mala begins making cheese with the extra. Every one wants to make sure she's getting enough food and she begins gaining even more fat.

As the years pass, she produces more milk as her body becomes impossibly obese. Haslon sells her cheese in the tavern for more gold than any one would have believed possible. Mala moves in to help take care of her. The villagers keep the secret of her milk as they find it keeps them healthy and extends their lives.

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