The Elephant's Child

By The Fat Bear

The elephant morph was sitting at one of the special tables near the back of the lounge. All manner of beasts were here. This was one of the newer establishments that allowed humans and animals. Things had been rough over the past five years. Unrest, paranoia and just plain hatred made their adjustment to our society all the more difficult. I often pitied them. I even wished that it was us trying to adjust to their society. At least with them, it would be easy. 

As I made my way past the wolves, hippo and elk, the bartender, a large St. Bernard, watched as I moved into the bar. I finally reached his extra large table and examined him. He looked up to see me and looked at each other eye to eye. He was enormous. The elephant was dressed in a full suit and quite a big one at that. He must either be quite smart or know someone important. He had the full size trunk and large ears. His gray skin was wrinkled and seemed to sag. It gave him the appearance of being ancient. I had never been so close to an animal morph and I found him to be fascinating. As I sat down, I couldn't help but notice that he seemed nervous. I admit, I was uneasy myself but I believe he was even more so. 

'Well, we finally meet.' I said. 'Are you all right?' 

'Yes. Just fine. You'll have to excuse me. I'm not usually around humans nowadays. I'm just a little uneasy.' he said. 

'It's quite all right. I've never been so close to an elephant before. You have every right to be nervous. But don't worry. You have nothing to fear from me.' I said reassuringly. 

He looked at me with sorrowful eyes that seemed to peer into my very soul. Maybe it's the way he always looked. I didn't know. He looked as though he wanted to believe me. But years of hatred and bigotry had made him distrustful of humans; perhaps even fearful. I wasn't sure what I could say or do to make him feel more at ease. After a few minutes of silence, he finally spoke. 

'What do you think?' he asked. 

'About what?' I said. 

'About being this close to an elephant.' he answered. 

I smiled. 

'Well, I have to admit. I'm impressed. Is there anything you'd like to ask? Anything you have a question about?' I said. 

'Well, just a few. Why did you seek me out. Is there any particular reason?' he asked. 

'I have always been drawn to your species. I've always believed that you're a noble and magnificent species. Not to mention awe inspiring. I guess I've just always like your type.' I said. 'What about you? What made you agree to see me?' 

'It is something special. I'm not sure how to explain it to you. I would rather discuss that in a more private place.' he said. 

He turned away from me as though he were ashamed. I didn't understand. 

'It's quite all right. I won't push.' I said. 

With that, a frisky looking fox came to our table and took our order for drinks. We sat there, just looking around and at each other. It was an uncomfortable silence. Finally, after we finished our drinks, he spoke up. 

'Would you have any objections to leaving this place and coming over to my home?' he asked. 

'No, of coarse not. If it makes you more comfortable. Let's go.' I answered. 

We left and took a cab to his home. It was in an affluent north side neighborhood. His home was a beautiful two story house; typical for this area. As we went inside, I couldn't help but notice the clean and tidy nature of his dwelling. He was definitely a neat freak. I sat down and we made ourselves comfortable. He removed his suit and shirt, leaving only his pants, T shirt and suspenders. I was still in awe of his enormous size; probably over seven feet tall and with a weight I could only imagine. I wouldn't be surprised if he was over one thousand pounds. So, we sat there and I listened to him. 

'I guess I've always considered myself to be an outcast. I've always had feelings for your kind, despite what you have done to our race. I don't know if it's love or just sympathy. I hope you understand that I've never talked to anyone about this, not even my own species.' he said. 

'There's nothing wrong with that. I guess I'm in the same situation. You're just a little more worried about it than I am. You don't have to be. We're on the same ground here.' I said. 

'I know. I know.' he said. 

His trunk then came up to my chin and touched me. It then touched my face and continued to feel me. He was nervous; I could see that he was trembling. I calmed him by caressing his trunk and moved my hand up to his head; his tusks, his cheeks and his skin. We knew what we wanted. Thus, he began to remove my clothes and I undid his suspenders. It didn't take long before we were naked and staring at each other. He was more immense than I could have imagined. His wrinkled, baggy skin could not conceal his tremendous bulk. He was truly massive. We laid down next to each other on the floor. As I admired him, he admired me. He seemed to relish my touch. As we continued to feel each other, his fat trunk slowly slithered up and down my legs and body. He began to lick my chest and face with an enormous tongue. At first, I was nervous. I don't  know how, but he seemed to realize this and tried to calm me. 

'You don't have to be scared. We're on the same ground, remember?' he said. 

His voice was soothing and I immediately relaxed. 

'I'll never do anything to hurt you. Always remember that.' he said. 

I could have stayed with him forever with just those comforting words. He hoisted his thick leg over mine and I could feel his organ rubbing up against me. I couldn't see it, but I definitely knew it was there. Although his tremendous belly prevented him from hurting me, I knew he was still enjoying himself. We were like that for a long time. Finally, he groaned loudly and could feel his enormous bulk tremble. A powerful stream over my lower body indicated that he was done. Again, we laid there for several minutes. Then he wrapped his trunk around my back and pulled me towards him. 

'Would you trust me enough to pleasure you as you did me?' he asked. 

'Yes. I trust you.' I replied. 'I would trust you with my life.' 

'Then do not be afraid. Remember, I will never allow any harm to come to you, my love.' he said. 'Prepare yourself.' 

'For what, my friend?' I asked. 

'To return to the beginning.' he said. 

His trunk then moved down to my feet and wrapped around them. Slowly, carefully, he raised me above his head. He then opened his mouth and slowly lowered me. At first, I was horrified. Gradually, his enormous maw unfolded around me. I panicked and grabbed his jaws. Despite this, he continued to lower me in. My head was now inside his smelly mouth. I held on desperately. His thick tongue then wrapped around my face and began to pull. He wasn't going to let go. With great strength, he pulled me further inside. I had to release his jaws or risk having him break my neck. As I landed in his throat, his huge tongue released me and began to slither all over my body. Suddenly, I was no longer scared. The gentle touch of his tongue over my body soothed and calmed me. I suddenly understood. His throat seemed to expand all around me. My chest was now sucked into his mouth. He suckled on me like a huge baby on a bottle. His powerful throat muscles caressed and pulled me deeper into his gullet. I was bathed in his saliva and was beginning to slip faster into his body. I could no longer hear anything outside of him. All I could hear were the sounds of his enormous body; his heavy breathing, his heartbeat and a disgusting yet inviting grumbling sound. I knew that this was his stomach waiting to greet me. With another powerful gulp, he swallowed most of my body. Now, only my legs were still outside of his tremendous maw and I could feel his trunk wrap around them. He seemed to hold me there for several minutes. He then sensuously ran his fat tongue over my belly and groin. Deep inside, I groaned. I knew what he wanted to do. He explored and tasted every inch of my body. He wanted me to enjoy this. I was. Although I was still a little scared, his loving touch comforted me and I let him do as he pleased. After what felt like an eternity, his trunk loosened it's grip on my legs and I resumed my downward trip. With a grotesque yet sensual slurping sound, he pulled my feet into his mouth. Still aroused, I felt him building up for the last swallow. I looked down into his throat and could see the opening to his stomach. It was pulsing and trembling as it waited eagerly for me. It had become so hot and the smell from his stomach was foul; I could barely breathe. As he prepared to finish me, I curled over and looked back up one last time. I could see a faint light from his mouth. Then, he groaned loudly. My feet slipped over his tongue and down his throat. As soon as I reached his stomach, it opened widely and pulled me in. The tremendous organ sucked and pulled me into itself. After a few seconds, I was completely inside. The elephant's stomach was so large, it easily accommodated me. After a few minutes, we settled down. 

'Are you all right?' he asked loudly. 

'Yes.' I answered. 

'Good. Don't worry. I will take care of you. No harm will come to you. I will love you forever.' he said. 

With that, he patted his swollen belly. His stomach trembled and quivered all around me. I had been aroused by his throat. Now I was gently held and smothered by his stomach. It was too much and I climaxed inside his gut. I pushed myself into his belly and made love to his stomach. It was more erotic than anything I had ever felt. Tired from my experience, I fell asleep inside his great gut... 

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