Empty Stomach

By Magus T. Fox

Sandra sighed, looking disgruntledly at her smooth scaled stomach. The dragoness felt it grumble slightly, empty.

Looking around briefly, no animal was in sight. She sighed again, retiring to her cave in hopes of sleeping it off. But as she lay down, sleep would not come easily. She was constantly aware of her cavernous hunger, and audibly groaned in discomfort.

But then, things looked up. she perked her slender muzzle, and listened intently as she heard voices from the wilderness nearby. Slowly, she crept from her home, moving silently between the trees to a small clearing.

Within it, a large lake presented itself, and to her delight, so did a female gargoyle. The dragoness smiled warmly to herself, looking at the rather lucious meal. She had lucked out indeed, for normally she had to settle for deer or smaller mammals.

But with this female, she did not have to worry about anything. No sharp antlers, no annoying fur. Just a slender, and rather soft delicious snack. Carefully, she approached the lake, not revealing herself quite yet.

The gargoyle bathed without any suspicions of danger. She did not hear the dragoness approach, and was lost in thought regardless.

Then, in a brief motion, Sandra scooped the gargoyle out of the water with her forelegs, pinning her gently to the ground. The gargoyle, too shocked to make a sound, merely stared at the dragoness as she proceeded to sniff and lick at the gargoyle, to see if it tasted alright.

Sandra mmmed openly, her eyes lighting up in delight at the sweet taste of the gargoyle. Licking her chops, Sandra stepped back and positioned herself for the meal. The gargoyle started to crab walk towards the water, hoping to escape, but in a swift motion Sandra had grasped onto her tail. The gargoyle cried out for help, but sandra merely ignored the pleas, slowly placing the large digitigrade feet into her mouth.

Closing her lips around the gargoyle's ankles, she suckled slowly, mming oncemore at the delightful taste. The gargoyle merely cried out in shock now, and started pleading to the dragoness.

Grasping the gargoyles thick thighs, the dragoness buried her deeper into her maw, sliding her calves into her gullet. Her tongue snaked out, probing the gargoyles nethers and once again she let out a muffled mmmmm. Another rolling gulp, and the gargoyles legs lurched deeper, up to her wide hips. The dragoness continued to mercilessly probe her loins, unable to resist the sweet nectar within.

The gargoyle was no longer crying out in distress, but rather, lost in the feelings of the tongues movements within her. She gasped and slowly panted, closing her eyes. Another swallow, followed by another set of short ones, and finally her hips slide past the dragoness's lips and into her warm, tight gullet.

Sandra removed her tongue from the gargoyle's groin, and snaked it out again to embrace her large soft breasts. Another swallow, taking in her naval, up to her bosom. Then, in a gentle short swallow, the dragoness moved them just between her lips and began to munch toothlessly.

Unable to resist any longer, the gargoyle let out a cry of delight, climaxing sharply, her fluids sliding into the dragoness's eager stomach. Sandra stumbled backwards slightly, head buzzing from the sudden spurt of warm juices. She purred with delight, then swallowed the gargoyle's breasts.

Carefully, she folded the gargoyle's wings, sliding them into her mouth, then grabbed her wrists, also shoving them into her gullet. Two more swallows, and only the gargoyle's head was visible. Sandra ran her tongue over it, then swallowed a few more times, the gargoyle depositing neatly in her stomach.

The dragoness retired to her cave oncemore, and laid upon her back. Slowly, she rubbed her delightfully taut stomach, feeling the lump within it, purring slowly to herself. This time, she had no empty stomach. This time, she slept contently, imagining about what she'd do the next day. Look for that gargoyle village.

End.. for now.

Magus T. Fox
"Ed! That thing is BACK!" -Unknown
"Happiness is a warm puppy." -An Anaconda
"Beware humans: For you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup." -Dragon

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