An Eye for an Eye

By Little Peter [Email]

PITTSBURGH -- We covered a story of the teen that was swallowed whole and alive buy one of this cities fines. Now it looks like the ties have turned on Officer Lee Smith.

Officer Smith was suspended for his unlawful actions with dealing with the youth (Tim Williams) that was vandalizing a back ally wall. Were being caught, the youth argued with the Officer, then was swallowed alive and digested.

That was a mouth ago, now a Mr. Ted Jones was brought up on similar charges. Mr. Jones was said to have stalked and swallowed alive Officer Smith. It seemed that Mr. Jones had seen Officer Smith on Television and decided to track him down, to make him pay for his way the youth was dealt with. Finding the Mr. Smith's address he proceeded to follow him for a week. He caught up with him in the same ally the youth was discovered in and proceeded to swallow him.

Mr. Jones stands at 6' 8" with dark hair, a goatee and has worked out for years. Being about a foot tall then Mr. Smith, he reenacted the crime by ripping the cloths off the Smith and then proceeded to swallow him alive. When finished he gather the officers clothe and personal items and went home for an hour to rest and to start digesting the officer.

He then turned him self in at the locale Police Station. Where he told them of the swallowing of the officer and produced the officers person items. Mr. Jones was quickly sent to the hospital for x-rays, which showed the man in his stomach. The doctors said that it was to late for Officer Smith.

The youth's mother commented "I'm not a true follower of god, but in the bible it states 'An Eye for an Eye...' and I feel that justice has been done."

"HE was good!" said Mr. Jones as he left the court, "We pay the police to protect us from harm, not to case harm. We as people are not going to be put under Marshal Law."

As he was put into the Police car he looked at this reporter and said, "In twenty years from now when I get out, I would like to invite you over for dinner!"

This reporter has moved by the time this article was printed.

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