Goodbye Sean

By Mo [Email]

I woke up this morning very groggy. It was a Saturday so I slept in, but it still wasn't enough sleep. I rolled over on my side to hoist my huge belly out of bed. Rather I was hoisting all my men out of bed. Gulping had been very good to me over the last month. There were four men in there somewhere -- all nicely turned into bellyfat.

I waddled into the bathroom for my morning measurement. Swallowing men sure makes being a gainer a whole lot easier. Scale says: 480. Measuring tape says: 68.5 inches. I'd weigh more if my fat was spread out all over my body but its almost all in my huge belly. I poke it and massage it. Trey, Bobby, Stan, and Ernest feel real good in there. But its feeling a little soft this morning. I can squish it and poke my fist way in -- especially on the sides. Hummmm -- empty. I'd better take care of that.

Stomach satisfied for now, I plop my butt in front of the computer. Its getting hard to type with all this bellyfat in the way. I check my email. There's one from Sean. This is one guy that really needs to experience the inside of my cavernous stomach. "I'll be in Indy tomorrow", the mail says. Hey that's today!

Just then the doorbell rings. I open the door to be pushed back against the wall by this little hairy guy. "Swallow me, swallow me NOW!!" he exclaims.

"Sean, I presume" I say as I sandwich him between my big belly and the closed door.

"Swallow me!!"

Sean almost tries to dive between my lips. "Whoa" I say, but my stomach is already starting to quiver deep inside me. We head upstairs where Sean immediately strips out of his clothes.

"Ok, how do we do this?" I say.

"Just swallow me".

Sean takes a punch at my firmer but still pliant gut. "OK". I reply. We lock eyes. Small flashes of red light flow from my eyes to his. Sean begins to shrink very slowly. Smaller and smaller -- now about 3/4th's his real size. ?. He stops at about 2 feet tall. I have to lean a little forward to see him over my belly.

To my surprise, Sean seems a little scared as he stares up at the bottom of my hairy belly. "You're sure you want to do this?", I ask

"Swallow me"

"OK, but I'm not going to ask you again. You're as good as bellyfat now". My stomach would never let me stop anyway. It was flopping around inside my belly like a basketball. "Here you go!"

I picked up little Sean and held him above my gaping mouth. Even a little guy like him would take a bit of finagling to get him into my throat. I look into his eyes for the last time and surprisingly see fear. I guess even something you dreamed about and desired so much -- like ending up inside a magnificent belly -- can be scary when its about to really happen.

In goes his head. That's the easy part. The shoulders go in next. I stretch my lips around the right one then use my finger to get them around the left one. Sean doesn't have a big old belly to force in, so the rest will be easy. His head starts down my throat. He's going down diving with his hands above his head -- how sporting on him. I feel my throat stretch around his shoulders as the next gulp draws him in up to his butt. I gulp again but his doesn't move down much. Sean has grabbed the sides on my throat with his hands and is stopping his descent! As I take a breath, he tries to push his way back up my throat. I guess maybe Sean wasn't as ready to be digested into my bellyfat as he thought. I chuckle at the thought. Imagine, living all your life wishing to be swallowed, but being so scared to actually do it!

"Oh no you don't" I mumble around his butt. This is going to be even more fun, for me anyway. I gulp hard. The sucking force of my stomach is too much for Sean's little arms and they give way. In goes his butt. But Sean isn't giving up. Once again he grabs at my throat, only this time his arms have entered my massive chest and things aren't so confining. Too much of his body weight is now heading downward for him to try to push backwards this time. A smile surrounds his thighs as my flopping stomach smacks the inside of my fat. It knows there is big food just a little way above.

Another gulp. Its real easy now. Sean's fingernails scratch the inside of my throat as he is pulled farther into me. Another gulp. Only the feet remain of Sean. Sean will soon not exist in the world -- just inside my belly. "Sean, meet my stomach" I mumble around his ankles. Indeed, Sean's head is now entering my cavernous stomach. I wonder how he feels now with his head out of the constriction of my throat. All those smells of men and food that have been in there before. My stomach flips side to side. It can't wait!

"Goodbye Sean" I whisper as the last gulp starts the continuous flow of him into my stomach. A moment later I feel his only escape close as my stomach seals him in and the final plop of Sean on the bottom. That is the moment that I always cum, and cum I do. Putting Sean inside my belly has been a fantasy of mine ever since we started corresponding. And now he's there.

I stumble to the couch. Sean's 50 pounds weigh heavy on the bottom of my stomach pushing my bellyfat down on my thighs. Little Sean is thrashing wildly now. I try to push my fist into the side of my jiggling belly -- but now its rock solid. Guess Sean was just what it needed! I sit there reveling in the feeling of a man struggling in an inescapable dungeon. I wonder when my stomach will start to digest him. Sometimes I think it loves a man more than I do.

I pick myself up and wobble to the bathroom. Time for another weigh in. The scales say 532. The measuring tape says 76 inches. Not the biggest growth I've had after a gulping, but Sean was certainly no porker. I head back to the computer. Poor little Sean. He'd dreamed about this day for years, but freaked when it really happened. Oh well, his day will end soon. I begin to type --

Note to read to Sean before he's gone:

Sean, you feel incredible inside my stomach. I hope that will comfort you a little as you are still thrashing around in there as I type this. You got your wish. I got mine. My stomach is about to get its. Remember that you will always be a part of me -- somewhere inside my belly -- forever. Every time I poke it or hug it I will think I'm hugging you, which I will be. I don't know what happens to your consciousness inside me. Maybe you will bump into Trey, Bobby, Stan, or Ernest and will meet many more guys who will follow you down my throat. All I can say is----


Well, time is short. My stomach just expelled all its air. Digestion will commence in a couple seconds. Goodbye buddy! And thanks for the fat!

I head into the bedroom and flop belly first on the bed. I just love the feeling of my fat belly growing beneath me --

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