Grand Paws: Episode One - The First Time

By The Fat Bear

Prelude to Episode One: The bear that would eventually be known as Grand Paws was born in Alaska. He started out as a normal, everyday bear; a little small but normal. The bear would grow to become a giant and would become one of the dominant bears of the region. He would also develop a taste for humankind; in a most unusual way. His very first encounter with a human would have an ending that he could only have dreamed of. And he would learn. Because bears like this aren't born with their strange ways; they learn them. 

The first time. 

The great bear belched loudly. He was thoroughly satisfied. This year had been exceptionally good. The salmon run was excellent. Food was plentiful. Grand Paws had put on a lot of weight this year. He would have plenty left for the start of the next season. As he surveyed his environment, possibly for the last time before the long sleep, the bear couldn't help but wonder about the humans. Ah, the humans. They came every year. Some would fish along the river. Others would come to look. Strange. The bear always wondered why the humans would come just to look. Of coarse, Grand Paws would leave them alone. He had seen too many of his kind killed after they attacked a human. Still, he did occasionally raid their camps and escape with many a delicious morsel. Their food was exceptional, but he still wondered about them. 

Grand Paws didn't recognize the new stranger. He was new. He didn't like new at all. The stranger was busy unpacking his gear and moving into his cabin. He was large for a human. An older fellow with a girth that made him almost bear-like himself. With some thinning blond hair and round spectacles, he seemed almost comical for a human. At first, he thought about simply leaving but something about this particular human interested him. He didn't know if it was his great bulk that attracted him or perhaps something else. Grand Paws felt something. This human deserved special attention. 

Late that night, Grand Paws returned to the cabin. Inside, the human had already gone to sleep. Grand Paws made his way to the rear of the cabin. There, he put his experience to use as he carefully placed his jaws on the door knob and opened it. Breaking into many cabins taught him that humans sometimes leave the rear door unlocked; at least around here. Experience also taught him that silent entry was preferred over barging in. Once inside, he began to search the pantry and quickly located his favorite: granola bars. He then moved on and devoured the human's other foods. Cookies, coffee cake, crackers, anything that was edible was fair game. And it was all there for the taking. No chasing, no fishing and no getting wet. Grand Paws was in heaven. He also investigated the fridge. The bear had seen humans take food out of this magic white box and now was his chance to make the box work for him. After a little pulling and prying, the box opened and he was greeted with a soothing coolness. Inside were all sorts of goodies and snacks. He started with an open jar of mayonnaise. After that, he polished off the pork chops, snuffed out the hot dogs and devoured the cheesecake. Vegetables? Bah. He threw those aside. In the freezer, he tore into a half gallon of butter pecan ice cream. As he sat back on his rump and finished licking the sticky dessert off his muzzle, he wisely silenced a mighty belch. 

After finishing all this, he made his way to the front and approached the human's den. Inside, the man was sound asleep; oblivious to the fact that the bear was inside. First, Grand Paws sniffed around and familiarized himself with this human's scent. Then he turned to him. He quietly poked his head under the covers and began to sniff around. He found the large man's scent to be arousing. He even brushed his head against his feet. The human stirred now. The bear stopped. After a few seconds, the human was sound asleep again. Although Grand Paws knew he shouldn't, the great bear couldn't resist. He opened his mouth and let out a long, sensual lick across the human's feet. The man stirred and seemed to enjoy it for a second, but suddenly, he was awake. The light came on and the bear knew he was caught. He immediately bolted out of the covers and waited to see what the human would do. He was prepared for battle. The large man was startled and could only stare at the beast. Neither knew what to do. Grand Paws was still aroused, but was frozen and had no idea what would happen next. Then, unexpectedly, the human uncovered his feet and waited. The bear was puzzled. Most humans would have panicked and run, but not this one. Strange. The bear came closer to the bed again and carefully took another taste of the man. No reaction. The man even patted the bear's snout with his feet when he came close. After several minutes of nuzzling and licking, the bear calmed down and began to taste the human in earnest. 

The fat man had never encountered a bear like this; with the exception of in his dreams. He had come to this place to be closer to these great beasts. He never expected to be this close and personal with one so soon. He laid back and let the bear enjoy itself. His hot tongue licked and tasted his feet and lower legs for what must have been hours. He decided to let the bear do anything he wanted. Thus he laid there and did nothing when the bear heaved his enormous bulk onto his bed. He uncovered himself and allowed the bear to lay down over his naked body. The bear seemed to enjoy the soft jiggliness of his vast belly. As the bear laid on top of him, he also felt the bears large gut pressing down upon him. He then covered them both in his blanket. Although the human was quite large, Grand Paws was easily twice his size. Thus they laid there belly to belly as Grand Paws licked and tasted the human. 

Incredible. The human tasted better than anything he had ever eaten. His stomach growled. Although he was already full, he wanted more. Grand Paws decided that this human had to join him for his winter hibernation. So he began. 

He started by sitting at the human's feet. Then he placed the man's feet in his jaws and sucked in mightily. Within a few seconds, the bear had pulled the his chubby feet into his throat. He could feel them twitching and moving deep inside his neck. He then gently held the man's thighs and pulled them up into his eager jaws. With another powerful swallow, the human slid deeper inside. 

The man didn't mind when the bear took his feet and lower legs inside of him. On the contrary, he found it arousing and let the bear do as it pleased. He was fully aroused as he let the bear slurp and drool over his fat legs. He enjoyed it. 

The bear used all of his strength and pulled upon the man again. Now, his legs had disappeared down his hot throat. Next, he would have to squeeze that gargantuan gut into his hungry mouth. Slowly and gently, he caressed and massaged the fat until it slowly compressed into his mouth. It was a slow process, but nonetheless arousing. It would take almost an hour just to squeeze all that fat into his jaws. 

He noticed that the bear was working eagerly to squeeze his belly into his maw. He could feel the gentle massaging and compressing of his fat as the bear worked to tuff him into his mouth. He was now almost completely drenched on bear saliva. The bear was breathing heavily and struggled to shove more of him into his jaws. The bear's breath was hot and stunk of old fish. He didn't care though. He was in ecstasy. 

Finally, the bear squeezed the man's great belly completely inside of his mouth and with a powerful swallow, sent him further down his throat. Grand Paws stomach was rumbling in anticipation. He eagerly worked harder to pull the fat man into his body. Now his mouth was filled with the taste of the fat man's sweat and flesh. He raised his jaws up and swallowed again. The human disappeared up to his chest and arms. 

The man was now squeezed tightly inside the bear's throat. The bear's esophagus was like a hot, wet cocoon. He could feel his belly being squashed and compressedby the bear's throat muscles. All over his lower body he felt the hot, rhythmic pulsing of the bear's throat. He knew it was working hard to pull him in deeper. His organ was now caressed and bathed inside the bear. He was painfully aroused and even began to move as if he was mating inside the beast. He never thought that the bear might actually finish him. 

With another painful swallow, the bear pulled him in deeper. Now, his flabby breasts were pressing against the roof of his maw. The human's lower half was well on it's way down his throat. As the bear slobbered and tasted him again, he raised his head up high and again gulped him down. Now, the man's arms were the only thing stopping him from being swallowed whole and alive. 

The fat man felt his organ throbbing deep inside the bear's hot throat. Finally, he climaxed inside it's esophagus. After several minutes, he regained his strength. But it would be of little use. He realized that the bear had swallowed him almost completely. He struggled, to no avail. Frightened, he used his chubby arms to try and push himself free of the beast. But the bear would not release him and raised his again in anticipation of another gulp. He slid in further. He had to fold his arms in to avoid breaking them. But now, he realized, there was nothing to stop the bear from finishing him. He held on to the bear's jaws for dear life. 

Grand Paws was almost finished. Already he could feel the lower half of his dinner approaching his stomach. With another great swallow, he engulfed the fat human. Only his fat fingers were visible now. The bear could feel his throat bulge tremendously as he prepared to push the human down the hatch. But it would not be that easy. 

The fat man was terrified. He couldn't believe that the bear managed to swallow him whole. Now, as he held on, he was bathed in more bear saliva and the hot stench of the animals breath almost choked him. The only thing stopping him from sliding down completely was his grasp on the bear's upper jaw. He knew the bear was annoyed and it closed his mouth around him, smothering him in darkness and drool. He felt the bear's tongue trying to pry him off and push him down it's throat. He couldn't hang on much longer. Then to his horror, he saw the bear's jaws open and without warning shut around him. He was suddenly crushed against the roof of the bear's mouth. Again and again. Although he wasn't hurt, he knew what the bear wanted. All he could do was grunt in discomfort as he was compressed and squeezed inside the beast's jaws. He let go. 

After a little bit a fight, Grand Paws felt the fat man let go and raised his head in delight. With a last, powerful gulp, he swallowed the human. The feeling of the man slowly sliding down his throat was so erotic, that the bear was aroused. Slowly, the huge lump in his throat disappeared into his body. His stomach painfullydistended to accommodate more food. He was in such pain, and yet such ecstasy. The feeling of having so much food alive inside of him was enough to make him climax. He spurted a good gallon all over the fat man's bed. 

All around, the red of the bear's throat turned to black. Slowly, he could feel the esophagus pull and push him down and down, until he reached the bear's stomach. A huge, wet sac that was already filled with dead and dying fish. He thus, came to rest inside this sac and was bathed in a thick, slimy soup that was already working hard to digest the salmon and other food. The stomach had to stretch tremendously. It was already full to begin with. Now, the man could barely move as the great sac was stretched to it's limit and probably a little beyond. The stomach gurgled and trembled in anticipation. Finally, the great bear let out a tremendous burp and settled. 

Grand Paws stayed on the bed for a short time; enjoying the feeling of being absolutely engorged with food and the smell of the human's bed. Still, he knew he had to go and painfully rose to his four feet. As he climbed off the bed, he could feel his stomach's contents sway and shift inside of him. It was arousing again. As he waddled out of the cabin, his belly was firmly dragging along the floor. He looked back upon himself and could see that his gut had ballooned both downward and to his sides. He thus made his way back to his den and settled down. He quickly went into hibernation, knowing the sooner that he did, the longer the human would last inside of him. Hopefully, all winter long. 

The fat man could feel the bear settle and drift off into sleep. Although he tried to poke and shove his way free, he was completely trapped and eventually settled. The great stomach lulled him to sleep inside. He stirred only occasionally to drink of the foul soup that made up the bear's stomach. But little else. He would sleep now with the bear; for many months to come. 

Thus, Grand Paws learned about humans. His curiosity was satisfied as was his tremendous appetite. He learned to give humans a lot of space and, occasionally, to enjoy one. And if he had one at just the right time, he would enjoy it all winter long. 

Epilogue: Grand Paws was on his way to becoming a legend. He would eventually outgrow all other bears of the region. Despite this, no one ever knew of the truth behind Grand Paws. It would be a secret that he shared with a lucky few. Indeed, no other bear enjoyed the company of humans as much as he did.

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