Grand Paws-The Cookout

By The Fat Bear

They had no idea what awaited them. They were quite the stereotypical couple enjoying their summer in the woods. An older gentleman, retired and happy; without a care in the world. He used to work as an electrician. Now, without the strenuous schedule or long workdays, he had grown considerably. Surely, he approached the four hundred pound mark if he hadn't passed it already. The lady, a typical housewife, had led an ample and enjoyable existence as well. She had swelled to just under four hundred pounds herself. Both were happy and content. 

It took a while but they eventually unloaded a couple of chairs, a table and a bug screen off their enormous RV. The Winnebago was the largest recreational vehicle available to mankind. These two spared no expense. They later cooked a generous helping of barbecue ribs, burgers and hot dogs. After this generous feast, they sat back and relaxed. Thus, they spent the warm afternoon lounging, sipping beer and listening to the radio. 

The bear smelled the food almost the instant it hit the grill. It was easy. Humans always made a spectacle of themselves anywhere they traveled. Although he was enjoying berries and roots, Grand Paws dropped everything. It was too early for the salmon and he was quite hungry. He normally didn't associate with humans until later in the year; but the smell of that good old fashioned cooking was enough to make his mouth water. With that, he shuffled off into the woods in search of those goodies. With his nose, it wouldn't take long. 

It was late and the couple were tired. The woman retreated to the coolness of the RV, leaving her husband outside. He sat there, sipping away at his cold brew. He began to doze off; staring at the hot glow of the grill. He had no idea that he was being watched. 

Grand Paws skulked into the area. He always used caution around the humans. Now he watched and waited. Eventually, the human would retreat inside and the coast would be clear. He carefully observed the human. He seemed typical, save for his immense size. Unfortunately, he was impatient. Grand Paws began to prowl around the outskirts of the human's territory; carefully testing and probing for a weakness. After several circles, he discovered that the bug screen was relatively weak and easily penetrated. He muscled his way inside. Now he was a few feet away from the man. As he approached, he could smell something completely unfamiliar; a scent unlike anything he had ever encountered. Something bitter yet sweet. As he got closer, he could see that the human had fallen asleep on his chair. A shiny bottle was spilled on in his enormous paunch. Grand Paws took a good whiff and liked what he smelled. He took a couple of licks and took an immediate liking to booze. As he sat there, slurping and licking up the man's beer, the human stirred. Groggily, he looked up and saw the enormous bear looming in front of him. He was more amused than anything else. He sat there, smiling as he petted the beast and allowed it to have more beer. Half asleep and half drunk, the large man spilled the last half of the beer all over himself. Grand Paws needed no invitation to clean up the mess. He dutifully licked up the booze. The man even removed his shirt to assist the animal. As the bear continued to lick the human, he could taste his flesh. The beer was like a sauce on him; making him sweet and irresistible. The soft, hairless man, drenched in beer and sweat from a hot afternoon, was delicious. Grand Paws decided that he had to have this one; even if it was early. The man looked over and spoke. 

"Look honey. A bear." 

He could say no more. Suddenly, his balding head was engulfed by the bear's enormous jaws and he was pulled irresistibly off his chair and onto the ground. Although he was in some pain, the man was more confused than anything else. He could not comprehend what the bear was trying to do, or what it hoped to accomplish. He grunted in discomfort as the huge bear dragged several feet across the ground. With a tremendous swallow, the bear pulled the man in. He could see the bear's deep red throat expanding around him. He could barely understand what was happening. 

Grand Paws stood up on his hind legs and held the man firmly with his paws. Using the ground to assist him, he pushed himself over the large human until enough of him was inside his maw. Then, confident that his meal could not escape, he raised his head up high. The fat man slid in easily. He encountered no difficulty until the man's huge gut reached his jaws. Grand Paws had to lower his head and set the man down again. Slowly, ever so slowly, he chewed and massaged the man's malleable fat until it squeezed into his mouth. It took a lot of time and effort. 

The man was being pushed quickly into the bear's gullet. All around him, the bear's wet throat pulled and pushed him deeper into the beast. He felt himself rise into the air and realized he was looking straight down into the bear's esophagus. He slid down gently, until his middle could no longer fit into the bear's mouth. Then he began to feel the bear gently push and massage his belly fat; slowly pushing him deeper inside and squeezing his body into it's jaws. All over his body, the man could feel the bear's loving touch. So gentle, so kind. It was irresistible. He barely noticed when the bear ripped off his shorts and underwear. 

The bear had succeeded in swallowing the man's belly and middle. Now, only his legs were left. It was a matter of simply finishing his supper. He didn't even have to let gravity assist him. With a series of powerful gulps, the man's legs disappeared into his mouth. Already, he could feel the tremendous sensation of the human moving down his gullet into his stomach. With one last gulp, the man's toes disappeared and the bear swallowed him whole. 

The man was now afraid though it was too late to do anything about it. He slowly slid down the bear's throat and landed in the stomach. He laid there, stretched out inside the huge sac. He tried in vain to push and poke his way out, but was truly trapped. Struggling, he could feel the ground just beneath him; as the bear's huge belly now dragged along the floor. He was bathed in smelly mucous as the stomach began to work upon him. Still drunk, he called out. 

"Honey! Honey I think I'm stuck! Can you hear me?" he said. 

The bear was engorged. He could barely sit there on his rump. Sensuously feeling his own bloated belly, he could feel the man inside of him struggling to get free. He then noticed several bottles near the now empty chair. He painfully waddled over, allowing his belly and the man to slosh back and forth, and picked one up. It took several minutes, but the clever bear managed to open one. It went down the hatch. As did the rest of the pack. Grand Paws was so full of meat and beer, he fell into a stupor. 

The man was bathed in beer. He floated inside the stomach; awash in booze and stomach juices. He could barely breathe. All the while he continued to struggle as the stomach churned and trembled. All he could do was stare into the hot darkness of the bear's gut. After a short time, the bear began to skulk away. Tired, sleepy and stuffed, he wanted nothing more but to slumber. The man could do nothing but bounce along inside the bear's belly. He kept struggling though, which made the bear uneasy and uncomfortable. Eventually, he reached his den and crashed on his rump. Due to the man's struggles, he began to hiccup and did so for a while. Inside, the man was becoming weak from fighting the bear. With each hiccup the stomach jumped and it's contents sloshed about. The man was too heavy to move but he could feel the stomach's contractions under him. Then he felt an enormous trembling and a rush of hot air blew past him. He realized that bear just burped and he had seen it from the inside. He began to kick and struggle in horror. But the stomach did not give. Instead, the bear began to rub his bloated belly with his paws. He could feel the man just below his skin; still fighting. It was a sensuous feeling. The sensation of so much food still moving in his belly was arousing. Grand Paws groaned in pleasure. He continued to rub and caress his huge gut. Deep inside, the man could only lay there and accept his fate. Slowly, he began to settle into the hot stew of beer and stomach fluids. His struggles grew weaker. He could barely remain conscious. He knew he had little time left. As he drifted to sleep, the last thing he would remember would be the feeling of several soft, affectionate pats. The bear was enjoying the little time they had left together. The man relaxed and let the great sac tenderly fondle him. 

Grand Paws knew the man was tiring. He was almost sorry to see him go. He really enjoyed consuming the human. In a loving gesture, he patted his bulging belly; knowing that this would soothe and comfort the man. He leaned back against the wall of his den and slowly dozed off. The man soon followed. They both laid there, sleeping. Slowly, surely, the man would eventually be digested. He would join the bear and leave his mark on the bear's ever growing waist. But for now, they slept and dreamed.

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