Grand Paws

By The Fat Bear

Ever since I was young I had a fascination with bears. I nearly worshipped the animals, their size, their strength. I came to know every species, their sizes, ranges and diets. As I grew older, I studied and collected everything I could about them. I had assembled quite a collection of photographs and came to recognize several outstanding bears which lived in our parks. However, nothing could prepare me for the sight of one special bear. I first caught glimpses of him on some of the newer nature shows. He was an Alaskan kodiak bear and he was enormous. To call this bear fat was an understatement. He was short and stout for a bear, yet he carried a belly that was simply magnificent. It was so large that it dusted the ground and even caused him to waddle. At this point he was simply an image in my mind. It wasn't until several weeks later that I would see him again. I was browsing through some nature books and stumbled upon his extraordinary picture. In fact, the book contained a whole section just on this notable bear. I couldn't pay for the book fast enough.

After rushing home, I immediately sat down and read. This bear, who would become known as Grand Paws, inhabited one of the yearly fishing grounds in and around Alaska's Kodiak Island. It seems that he had originally been the runt of the litter and had trouble competing for food. Still, he mastered the difficult task of survival and grew up to be a big bear. A very big bear indeed, for no one could have guessed that he would grow so large and dominate the fishing areas. Whenever he lumbered into an area, all other bears would skulk off to find some other area to fish. Only the largest and fiercest bear would challenge him. Even under these circumstances, Grand Paws would retire peacefully. It seemed as though this bear had it made, although one question still went unanswered. Grand Paws could be seen eating fish all day long. Live fish, dead fish, old fish, red fish, green fish and even rotten fish were consumed by this beast. Other bears would catch a fish and eat the choicest parts. Grand Paws on the other hand was quite fond of catching a fish and gulping it down whole while it was alive and jumping. No other bear ate in this fashion. Still, it couldn't account for his vast girth. Scientists were at a loss to explain his fatness. Other bears fattened for the winter as well, but not to the degree of Grand Paws. Even after hibernation he was still quite large. It was a mystery. I came to my own conclusion and assumed that it was simply in his genes. Now that I knew this much, it was time to go to Alaska. 

Although it took several months, I finally managed to book a trip to Kodiak Island. Although I was to be part of a tour group, I had already made my plans to ditch anyone else and set off on my own. To that end, I stocked up on supplies and carried enough equipment to survive for a moderate length of time. As soon as I was set up in my motel, I bought a few more last minute supplies and arranged transport to the park. Once there, I set off on my own. The target sight was closely watched by park personnel and only a lucky few were allowed close to the bears' feeding sight. I on the other hand would not be restricted and moved around the area as I pleased. I had to limit my searches to the early morning and evening hours to avoid detection. Although I saw many bears, I could not find old Grand Paws. I did not lose hope though. 

It wasn't until my third night that I saw him. I had just finished my patrol and was retiring for the night. I slept in a small tent and took the usual precautions of keeping a clean site and keeping the food tightly sealed and stored a short distance away. A few hours into the night, I was awakened my a loud snoring. At first, I was reluctant to get up but after a few hours of not being able to sleep, I had no choice. Lantern in hand, I walked around outside and found him. Several feet from my food store, old Grand Paws was snoring away with my breakfast bars in his clutches, though they were still in their wrappers. I couldn't believe it. I quickly and quietly retrieved my camera and began to shot pictures. After several shots, he awakened. Although startled, he barely acknowledged by presence. He was massive, probably weighing over 1500 pounds and a lot of it being pure fat. I shot away and photographed the great bear up close and personal. Then I had the idea of opening up several of my breakfast bars and tempting him. I walked the short distance and retrieved the bars. I kneeled down near him and opened one up. Within seconds old Paws was wide awake and lifted his enormous bulk. He shuffled over to me until he was just arms length away. I wisely surrendered the bar and watched him devour it.

At this point, I reached for another bar while still photographing him. He impatiently moved closer to me still, until his wet muzzle was directly in front of me. Startled, I fell back on my butt and dropped the camera. He made it quite clear that he was not stopping. I was now on the virge of panicking but I tried to stay cool and let him have what he wanted. He was like a freight train rolling over me. His huge body pinned me down and his belly pressed down hard against mine. He then became agitated. At first, I thought he simply wanted more food. He began to bite and tear into my clothes. I tried to hold him back but was easily overpowered by his strength. I had no escape as his fat body pinned my to the ground and his powerful jaws tore at me. Although I was scared and tried to fight him, I quickly realized that he was not biting me. On the contrary, I was doing more damage to both of us than he was by himself. He was tearing away only at my jacket and other clothes.

After several seconds, he breached by outer coat and ripped my t shirt. I half expected him to bite into me now, as most bears would do. Instead he began to lick and muzzle me. His hot breath was unlike anything I had ever experienced. He did this for some time. He continued to lick my body, then my face and back down by chest. It didn't take long for him to nuzzle down to my pants and he was soon tugging away at those too. Rather than have him tear them to shreds, I obliged him and simply took them off. At this point I was down to no clothes at all. Grand Paws had stripped me down completely. Although the night air had some bite, his soft, warm body kept me toasty warm. Now he simply continued to lick and taste me all over. I in turn nuzzled up to him and massaged his flabby stomach. I never knew a wild animal could become so massive. I had heard of zoo bears that had become quite fat from inactivity, but to see one grow so heavy in the wild was unheard of. It seemed like he was on me for hours. Then, after  satisfying himself, Grand Paws climbed off of me and sat down in front of me. I sat up and was bit by the cold air at once.

Then, with calm and deliberate grace, the bear grabbed me by my sides. Before I knew it, he lifted me up and shoved my head into his waiting jaws. I struggled with all of my might, but it only made him more determined. He pushed me into his mouth again. Now my head was completely inside his mouth. I could see the deepness of his throat like some bottomless pit. His throat twitched and pulsated in anticipation as he pushed a third time. My shoulders were now on their way inside. He now put me back down. Using the ground to help him, he pushed himself over me so that my shoulders were soon engulfed. Another strong push and my chest was now on his lips. With a tremendous heave, he hoisted me up into the air and allowed gravity to assist him. I was now dangling out of his jaws, he let go of my sides now and let his great maw do the rest. With another tremendous swallow, I slid further inside him. I was now deep in his esophagus.

All around me, his throat muscles massaged and bathed me in bear saliva. He was breathing quite heavily now and his stinking hot breath made my breathing difficult. He lowered his head slightly and allowed his thick tongue to feel my midsection. It tasted me all over again. I realized to my horror that Grand Paws was enjoying himself, tasting and relishing me. The beast wanted to take pleasure from this for as long as possible. As I stared into the abyss of his gullet, I came to realize....that I wanted this. Although I was scared, deep down inside I wanted to be the bear. I wanted to be just like him. I wanted to be Grand Paws. With that I stopped struggling. He seemed to understand. I knew he would. He swallowed mightily again. My wide waist was now in his mouth. I could feel his teeth poke into me, yet he was still gentle, at no time did he draw blood. We had come to an understanding. I was now deep within his throat and was continuously bathed in more of his saliva. Wave after wave of bear slobber lubricated me. All the better to ease my descent to his waiting stomach.

As he gulped again, my crotch came to rest over his powerful tongue. He sensuously began to envelope and caress my organ, tasting and enjoying more of me before I was all gone. We could have stayed like this forever, but I knew he had a schedule to keep. After what seemed like an hour, he raised me up and swallowed again. Now my legs were in his muzzle. Inside, I could hear him breathing more rapidly now. He was becoming anxious. He wanted me in his stomach. I could hear it gurgling heavily in anticipation. His saliva was now coming down in torrents, softening my flesh and preparing me for his stomach. I knew all this slobber was a prelude. He was pre-digesting me even before I reached his belly. I was so anxious for him to eat me. I even began to wiggle inside his throat to speed my trip. His throat muscles tightened around me and pulled me down further. The hot stench of his stomach was now upon me. I could see the opening just ahead. With another great swallow, he heaves me deeper into his body. My knees were now in his maw. His playful tongue wraps around my legs and tugs, as though even his tongue was doing its best to help.

Now, with most of my bulk within his, the bear raises his jaws towards the sky, takes one last great gulp and swallows me whole. He finishes me by slurping in my feet like fat strands of spaghetti. I slide down completely in his gullet. Washed in more saliva and caressed all down the way by his esophagus, I finally see my end. I slide into his thick, sac like stomach which has to stretch to accommodate me. Then I hear him. As I begin to settle into his belly, he begins to moan loudly. His stomach is so painfully full, that he bellows into the night somberly. Yet he also groans from the pleasure from having so much food in his belly. It takes some time for his stomach to finally position me comfortably. It was hot and stinking. Any small movement I made would cause him to grunt in response. Sitting there on his rear, the bear looked down at his swollen paunch. He was very satisfied and even rubbed his belly. I could feel his massive paws massaging me. His stomach walls caressed me all over. All I could hear were the sounds of his heavy breathing, his heart and the gurgling of his now content gut. I could barely breath and could feel his stomach begin to work upon me. He sat there for a while, enjoying the small movements I made inside of him. 

It began to snow. Grand Paws stayed there for a while before finally heaving himself up and waddling off into the woods. No one else saw him again that year. He shuffled straight for his secluded den. Now, warm and cozy, he would sleep. A deep sleep that would shut down most of his body. The bear laid on his side and allowed his massive belly to spill sideways. He would live off me and his fat for the winter. Even in hibernation he would still digest me, though now he did so ever so slowly. I would live in his stomach for sometime. My flesh and blood would slowly be changed to rich fat. I laid there, in his stomach, warm and secure within him. As I drifted into unconsciousness, I realized something. I knew how Grand Paws had become so fat. I knew now how he had become so grand. I smiled as I snuggled up against his stomach. It would be a long winter.

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