Having Some Friends Over For Dinner

By Cinnamon DeWolf

Having Some Friends Over For Dinner
By Cinnamon DeWolf
Cinnamon (C) B. Thomas
Shadow (C) M. Fox
All other characters in this story are not
meant to represent in any way, shape or form
any other person or character I know. Anything
seeming to is completely coincidental.
Dedicated to: The MicroErmine and Shadow
Shadow gets another one. :-)

The doorbell rang with a soft chime, the sound just audible over the classical music playing. Cinnamon looked up from his book at the quiet, slightly frightened-looking fox in the corner, the dim reading light playing shadows over both their faces. With a short nod the fox padded out the room to answer the door, the various rings in his nude body making soft tinkling sounds as he walked. Smiling to himself, Cinnamon returned to his reading and awaited the entrance of his invited guests for the evening.

Voices in the hall outside the room made Cinnamon put the book aside and stand to greet his guests. With a straightening of his shirt he turned up the lights and positioned himself in what would be considered an unthreatening pose, by the fireplace, and waited. After a moment the door opened and the servant and four other foxes walked into the room, smiling nervously and talking quietly among themselves. It took them a moment to notice the wolf by the fireplace, and when they did the talking stopped, leaving a nervous silence.

Erik, the servant, took his usual place next to the door and announced softly, "Master DeWolf, if I may present Miles, Shadow, Richard and Lance." He looked at neither Cinnamon nor his guests, seeming unwilling to meet anyone's eye.

Cinnamon smiled pleasantly and walked forward, extending a hand. "My friends, welcome. I'm glad you could come this evening. I was somewhat afraid my invitation would be rejected."

He shook hands with each of them, his grip firm in contrast to their slight holding of his large hand. They all stayed silent, some of them looking at him while others looking around the room. Finally Miles spoke up, his voice not at all that of a confident person.

"Erik... Erik said you were having a party of some sort, and that we were invited... That he could bring guests, so we all thought... Well..." He trailed off.

Cinnamon's smiles widened all the more. "Why, so I am having a party. Please don't be disturbed by Erik's presence or appearance, I assure you he is well-paid for his service to me." He gestured to a table full of food, all of it obviously well prepared. "Please, help yourselves to the refreshments. Dinner will be served shortly, but don't be reticient to sample as much as you wish."

Miles again was the only one who spoke. "Um.. Cinnamon, right? If this is a party where's everyone else?" He looked uncomfortable asking.

"Other guests will be arriving shortly, I assure you. That is, if they're not otherwise engaged for the evening, " Cinnamon replied pleasantly. "There's plenty of food for everyone, don't be concerned about that."

The conversation and the wolf's disarming voice had apparently relaxed everyone, with perhaps the exclusion of Erik, and the four guests padded to the food and began taking small samples of the various delicacies. Cinnamon joined in as well, offering suggestions to each fox what they might like best and eating, in very small amounts, his favorite appetizers. They all stood talking, occasionally commenting on one of the pieces of art or sculpture that adorned the room. Cinnamon was all too pleased to discuss each piece as it was inquired about, giving the anecdotes for the appropriate ones. They all laughed appreciatavely when he told them, now helping themselves to the wine provided with the food. After an or so everyone but Shadow was listening to Cinnamon telling a story about a Nagel he had aquired, the demure fox instead trying to strike up a conversation with Erik.

The nude fox looked at Shadow nervously as he approached. "So you're Miles' friend, are you? He said you and he had known each other for along time," Shadow said softly.

Erik nodded nervously, looking more over Shadow's head then at him. "Yes... Quite a long time."

Shadow nodded in return, trying to look friendly. "You work here, for Cinnamon? However did you get a job like this?"

For the first time Erik looked him in the eye. "Yes, I work for Mr. DeWolf. He... Asked... Me to work for him so I said yes."

"Ah! And is it a good job?" Shadow sipped his drink, looking over the glass into the other fox's eyes.

Erik blinked. "Yes... I suppose it is. Look, Shadow, is it? Yes, well, I'm not supposed to really be talking while I'm working. No offense, but I'm afraid I'd rather we discuss this..." He swallowed. "At another time."

Shadow looked abashed, and said softly, "I'm... I'm very sorry." He gave a last longing look at Erik before turning away and joining the rest of the group.

Unseen, Erik shook his head and watched Shadow for a moment before steeling himself and looking detachedly at the far wall.

With the rest of the group, Cinnamon was good-naturedly arguing the politics of foreign policy with Lance, the others chiming in as support for one side or the other. With Shadow there they all formed a loose circle, talking, laughing and eating until during a lull in the conversation Miles asked, "So where are the other guests?"

The others quickly joined in with murmurs of assent, looking at Cinnamon. He took a sip from his glass and said, "It would appear they had other, more pressing matters to attend to this evening. Would anyone feel particularly rude if we simply started without them, and included any latecomers who appeared?"

The others jovially agreed, and Cinnamon stood and nodded to Erik. The lone fox nodded in return and left the room, disappearing through a swinging door.. The host addressed his guests, smiling. "Well. We shall begin then. Erik will be - Ah yes, thank you Erik - be bringing in something, as you can see, to help us all to enjoy our dinner better." The fox carried in a tray with four glasses of clear liquid, setting it on the table. Handing one to each guest, he stood next to the wolf. "Everyone drink up, please. It will serve to clear the palate for the dinner."

The foxes all looked only briefly at the liquid in the glasses. Failing to notice the fact that their host had no glass of his own they tossed back their drinks. They all smiled with a mixture of relief and pleasure when they found the liquid was actually quite delicious; sweet, bitter, and sour all at once. Cinnamon picked up his wine glass.

With a smile he raised his glass and said, "To all foxes, and especially the ones present here. May they enjoy the meal thoroughly," ignoring the fact that he was the only one with anything to drink.

Cinnamon put the glass down after taking a long drink from it and surveyed the room. A smiled played across his lips for a moment, as if he were trying to keep from laughing at something humorous. Finally he could hold back and began laughing loudly, the sound echoing across the otherwise quiet room. The foxes all looked at each other in confusion, and Miles stood up.

"Mr. DeWolf, I'm sure... I'm sure you... Find some.. something..." Miles looked distinctly woozy, and suddenly fell to the floor, unconcsious. The other foxes all stood in shock, but soon they all saw the room spinning around them, Cinnamon's laughter softer and softer, darkness enlosing them in it's silent blackness...

When the four foxes woke up, everything was blackness. Amidst much groaning and wonderings of what happened they each sat up and began exploring the room they were in. They found out quickly two things. First, they were all completely devoid of their clothes, and second that this was NOT the room they had passed out in. They were in a bowl-like room, the floor and walls hard metal and curving high up above where they could reach. They all fit in the enclosure with room for another maybe six or seven people of their size.

After another few minutes of searching Miles spoke up, talking softly in the echoing room. "It looks like we're all here, and stuck... Does everyone have the same last memory as me; that of Cinnamon laughing?"

The group chorused their assent.

Lance spoke next, in a whimpering tone. "My lover's expecting me home at midnight... Does anyone know what time it is?"

Over the growlings of people realizing they didn't have their watch, it having disappeared with the rest of their clothing, Richard yelled, "Guys! What TIME it is doesn't matter! We need to figure out a way out of here! Can we get that Cinnamon guy when he comes in? Or how about Erik, can we grab him or something if he comes in here?"

Miles spoke softly, "Erik couldn't have had anything to do with this... I've known him for years. Something had to have happened..." He sounded hopeful instead of sure.

Shadow began to say something, but it was abruptly cut off as what appeared to be the roof of the room lifted off, exposing a huge expanse of white and letting bright light into the room. The foxes peered upwards in confusion, trying to figure out what it all was, and where they were. Suddenly, shocking all of them, Cinnamon appeared over the room - WAY over the room! They each figured him somewhere around a hundred feet or more, until Erik appeared above them as well and realization washed over them. THEY were small, not their hosts big! Somehow, impossibly, they'd been shrunk down to only inches tall! The stunning revelation made Lance and Richard to begin shaking uncontrollably, and Shadow and Miles simply stare upwards in open-mouthed amazement.

Cinnamon chuckled, looking down at them. He was as nude as everyone else was now, various rings piercing his body as well as Erik's. After looking them over he spoke. "Well well well... I certainly hope you're all still enjoying the party as much as I am. I trust you're not all disoriented by my little modification of you... I tried to do it as painlessly as possible. I'm sure you're all full of hundreds of questions, which I assure you I'd answer if any of us had the time. But, alas, we don't, and I'm afraid your inquiries must go unanswered."

Miles shouted, angrily, "What have you done to us? Why are we so small? Erik, what's going on?"

Erik simply shook his head, looking horribly sad and scared at the same time. He whimpered softly, "Please.. I'm so-"

Cinnamon backhanded the stuttering fox, knocking him out of the other's field of vision. "Be quiet, Erik. You agreed to this in advance, and I have no time or patience for people who welch on agreements."

Erik fell backwards but caught himself before falling completely, and padded forward again. He kept his hands at his sides and whimpered, in a softer tone, "Yes Sir..."

Cinnamon smiled evilly. "Good. Now then, as we discussed..."

The foxes in the bowl began yelling various threats, pleas and begs but both Cinnamon and Erik ignored them, as if they didn't exist. The wolf moved behind Erik, putting his arms around the smaller furry and beginning to run his hands up and down his body. Erik moaned softly and began running his own hands over his belly and sheath, massaging himself with a soft touch. Cinnamon's hands roamed lower, cupping the fox's balls in one hand, rolling the tesicles between his fingers and playing with Erik's nipples with the other. It was not long before the fox's cock slipped from it's sheath and stood at erection, both furry's hands stroking it occasionally and rubbing elsewhere, making Erik begin to moan louder.

Whispering soft encouragments in the fox's ear Cinnamon began jacking him off in earnest, directing his penis towards the bowl as he heard Erik's moan rise in pitch and his body begin to tighten. After only a few more moments Erik's back arched, a howl escaping his lips, and thick streams of come begin to spurt from his penis and drench the tiny foxes in the bowl beneath him. They tried to avoid it, dodging the thick spurts, but it quickly filled the bowl with what was to them three foot deep warm liquid. They huddled together, not looking up as the deluge continued for what felt like hours, but what could have only been a few seconds.

Finally it stopped, their fur soaked through with the fox come. They looked up to see Erik, barely able to stand from the force of his orgasm supported by Cinnamon, who was paying no attention to the fox. Instead he smiled toothily at the furries trapped in the bowl, licking his lips and murmuring softly, "Thank you, Erik... Please go clean yourself and come back in here when you're finished... I'll start dinner..."

Erik nodded weakly, and avoiding looking down at the other foxes, stumbled out of the room. Cinnamon ignored him and instead kept his eyes locked on the contents of the bowl. "Now... Lets see... Who would like to be first this evening? Shall it be you, Shadow? Or how about you, Lance? Hmmmm..." He pondered for a moment. "No... I think it should be... YOU!" He reached in quickly and snatched out a screaming and squirming Miles, holding the tiny fox firmly between two fingers. "You definately look like you want it first."

The tiny cries fell on deaf ears as Cinnamon stood with legs spread over the bowl beneath him. Very pointedly he began stroking his sheath with one hand, sliding the furred flesh over the thickening cock within. With his other hand he brought the still-squirming Miles to his mouth and licked his miniscule body with broand strokes of his tongue, slurping Erik's come off him. Miles muffled cries faded with the tongue running over his body, the sensations making his own cock harden despite his terror.

Chuckling, Cinnamon crooned mocklingly, "Aww... Little foxy like that... Lets see how little foxy likes this..." He brought the fox down to his hips, to where his three-quarters erect cock stood from it's sheath. He curled the fingers of his free hand around his shaft, and with his other cupped Miles against his balls, rubbing the tiny body against them. Cinnamon began moaning in a deeper and more growling tone than Erik had, pressing Miles tightly agaist his furry ballsac and stroking himself faster and faster, precome trickling from the tip of his swollen member.

As his passion increased, he now moved his hand so as to cover Miles completely, his grip forcing the muzzle of the little fox to be trapped against the skin of his balls. The foxes below could see Miles' legs kicking frantically, trying to squirm away to get some breath, but Cinnamon seemed oblivious to his plight. Suddenly, with a ear-splitting howl he dragged Miles, gasping, away from his balls and shoved him against the tip of his penis, forcing the fox's muzzle into his piss-slit. The head swelled and come pulsed forth, drenching Miles and causing it to drip down to mix with Erik's come in the bowl beneath, rising the level in the container. Cinnamon made very sure that Miles' muzzle was pressed to his spurting cockhead, cutting off his breath with wolf penis and come.

Finally, satiated, Cinnamon brought the choking and gasping Miles back to eye level and grinned at him. "Awww.. Foxy all a mess! Here, let the wolf clean him off..." He looked down at the foxes below, winked and opened his mouth, dangling the little fox above it. Miles' eyes widened and he began shrieking, begging and howling when he realized what was happening. Likewise, the furries still trapped in the bowl began yelling incoherently, their words tripping over each other. Cinnamon simply tilted his head back and dropped the struggling fox into his open mouth, shutting it quickly and looking back down at the other three microfoxes. That same smug smile was on his lips when his throat worked once, and all present could hear Miles' muffled screams suddenly cut off and a struggling lump slide down Cinnamon's throat.

Licking his lips once, he patted his stomach and sighed happily. "Mmm.. You all have good taste in friends, I'll say that." He laughed again, turning and fetching a towel to clean himself off from the table next to him. Just as he finished cleaning off his softening penis Erik re-entered the room, obviously trying to not be noticed. When Cinnamon heard him enter he turned to him. "Ah! Erik. I just finished the first course, and I must say you prepared him excellently. And it is *so* nice to not have to listen to that little chatterer anymore, wouldn't you say?"

Erik only nodded faintly, eyes wide and frightened.

"Of course. Now, if you would be so kind as to... Hmmm..." He looked back into the bowl, where the remaining foxes were staring in fascinated horror, the sight they'd just witnessed apparently not registering with any of them yet. "If you would be so kind as to fetch Lance out of there for me."

Lance let out a startled squeal and ran to the side of the bowl, scrabbling madly to get out. He seemed to be calling out his lover's name over and over again, and Erik looked at Cinnamon pleadingly. "Please... Please Sir, I have to face his lover... Can't we let him go, or something? Please?"

Cinnamon only raised an eyebrow and looked at Erik pointedly. "You'd make a fine dessert, Erik, if you'd like to continue this discussion I'm sure you'd be willing to argue your friend's case all the way down my throat." A snarl crossed his muzzle. "Now get him and bring him here."

Erik only let out a frightened whimper and padded quickly over to the bowl, reaching down and picking up Lance from where he was still trying to climb out of the bowl. Holding a napkin under the come-drenched fox he brought him over to Cinnamon, who was now sitting in one of the comfortable chairs, still in view of the bowl. He whispered a furtive, "I'm sorry... I'm so sorry..." before handing the little fox over, then fairly running back to his spot in the corner.

Placing Lance in his palm, Cinnamon looked the little furry over. "You keep talking about this lover of yours... Perhaps you should tell me a bit about him... I'd be interested to hear."

Thinking this was a chance to be let free, Lance began talking as fast as he could. "His name is Steve! He's this fox, and we've been together for almost three years now. We have this house, that we bought after we saved our money a long time and my parents helped out... It's really nice! He worries so much about me, always thinking I'm going to get into trouble..." The fox was speaking almost speculatively now, remembering. "He's always been sort of protective, in a silly sort of way."

Cinnamon nodded, looking off into the distance and listening intently. "And you two love each other?"

Lance nodded frantically. "Oh yes! Very much! Like I said, we've been together a long time, and been through a lot..."

Cinnamon grinned broadly, rolling Lance between his fingers. "Erik..."

"Sir?" Erik murmured.

Cinnamon licked his lips. "Invite this Steve person over for a visit sometime in the next few days. I think he'd like it here almost as much as his lover does."

Erik's barely-whispered affirmation could be heard over Lance terrified howl. "Oh please Mr. DeWolf! No! He's never done anything to hurt anyone! Please don't hurt him..."

Cinnamon's only response to the impassioned pleas was to bring his lips to the fox in his hand and croon softly, "Oh, but Lance... You've both been through so much together..." With a wet sound, he slurped the tiny fox into his mouth and tilted his head back as before, grinning. He opened his mouth slightly, allowing the other foxes to hear Lance's cries before he swallowed the struggling bulge down his throat and into his belly. The softest of whines came from Erik as Cinnamon licked traces of come off his lips. "Hmmm... Much firmer than the last one... Squirmed quite a bit more on the way down. The poor thing is still kicking down there, as well. He definately had pluck, that one.."

Dabbing his muzzle with the napkin, he looked back into the bowl. "Well. Who would like to be next, hmm? No, no, don't everyone jump forward at once, I'm only going to have one of you at a time..." Suddenly, with an evil grin, he looked at Erik. "Oh, my goodness... My poor Erik... Having to watch me eat and having nothing for himself! Well, we'll just have to fix that, won't we?"

Erik's eyes widened and he shook his head violently. "No! I mean, no thank you, Sir. I'm really not hungry at all."

Cinnamon's eyes narrowed. "I SAID I'm going to feed you. Is that clear?"

Erik let out a shuddering sob and nodded, tears coming from his eyes.

"What was that? I didn't quite hear that, " Cinnamon growled.

With a deep breath, Erik managed to whisper tearfully, "Yes.. Yes Sir. Thank you Sir..."

Cinnamon nodded, satisfied. He padded over to the bowl and picked it up, smiling down into it and sloshing it around a bit. "Did you know, that as a child my favorite game was bobbing for apples? Every Halloween we'd go for those apples in that barrell, and I was always so good at it." He looked speculative. "Do you think I'm still any good?"

Of the two remaining foxes, only Richard made any noise at all, Shadow opting for sitting with his arms wrapped around his knees, shaking. The come almost came up to his muzzle and sloshed over his muzzle occasionally where he sat, but he appeared not to notice. Richard begged and pleaded like the others had, offering anything he could, just to please let him go.

Cinnamon murmured, "Well, we'll just have to find out.." and jabbed his muzzle downwards, come sloshing all over his muzzle and some on his chest as he opened his mouth. He searched with his tongue and mouth until he found something firm, which he immediately sucked into his mouth. Taking his come-covered muzzle out of the bowl, he peered into the bowl to see the result of his search. Richard struggled uselessly in the wolf's jaws, only Shadow remaining in the bowl.

Cinnamon turned to Erik, come dripping from his muzzle. He reached out and beckoned with one finger, not swallowing but not opening his jaws either. Erik padded forward, very nervously, until he stood before Cinnamon with his hands clasped behind his back. Growling, the wolf took the smaller furry in his arms and kissed him passionately, using the momentary surprise to force his tongue, and the still-struggling microfox, into Erik's mouth. He let the kiss linger, feeling Erik shift a little in his embrace as he tried to get away from the it, knowing he had realized what was now in his mouth.

Shifting his grip, he held the fox with only one hand and put the other at Erik's throat. He broke the kiss only long enough to murmur, "I'd better feel this throat moving very soon, or it'll be you who's next on the journey to my gullet." He kept the hand loosely at Erik's throat and resumed the kiss, drawing the fox's tongue into his own mouth, suckling on it briefly before driving his own tongue into the vulpine's mouth. Erik was sobbing constantly now, the tears mingling with the come already flavoring their kiss.

Finally, after much kissing, and implied encouragement, he felt Erik's throat contract briefly, and the bulge that used to be Richard slide past his caressing fingers. He broke the kiss finally, not letting Erik free. The fox looked up with tear-stained eyes, licking his lips without realizing it. Cinnamon smiled kindly at him and whispered, "Now, my fox... That wasn't so bad was it? They tickle all the way down. I'll bet you can still feel his dying struggles in your belly... Fading slowly... He's feeding you now, Erik. He's nourishing you. Doesn't that make you happy?" Cinnamon's tone was half-mocking.

Erik howled a cry of anguish and fought to get away from Cinnamon's grip, but the large wolf held him tight. "Oh no, little fox... We have to have dessert now... One final course, then we'll go to bed." He roughly turned the fox around, so the smaller furry's back was to his own front. "And this one, we're going to savor... He's been the quietest and the friendliest, so we'll give him the most fun of all."

Still holding Erik tight, Cinnamon reached down and grabbed the bowl, still half-filled with semen and one micro fox. Using one hand to hold Erik he pulled his hips back a tiny bit, his own cock already hardening with anticipation. Bending the fox over somewhat, he began to pour the contents of the bowl down Erik's back and over his asscrack, making sure to go slowly. The thick fluid flowed around the raised tail and dripped onto the floor in large droplets, running also over the wolf's erect cock and balls. Finally the fox slipped out as well, sliding down the soaked fur towards the the tail and around, falling, falling...

Erik let out whimper, not daring to put his pleas into words, and simply stood where he was held, knowing the conseuquences of defying Cinnamon. As the tiny fox slid down his back, Cinnamon grabbed the small body against his own cock, now fully erect. Throughout all of this Shadow only whimpered in tiny little sounds, and made a grab for some slickened fur as he slid down Erik's back. All was in vain, however, as Cinnamon's hand closed around him, squeezing him against the throbbing, slick flesh of the wolf's cock.

Cinnamon snarled low, "Now Erik... This little friend of yours is going to help me fuck you... Isn't that nice of him? I think it is. Now loosen up, dear, or this'll hurt more than usual..." The wolf thrust his hips forward hard, and all nine inches of thick wolf cock sank into Erik's hot ass, the tiny squirming fox disappearing into that tight warmth as well. Not wasting any time, Cinnamon began thrusting, ignoring the pain-filled whines and howls from the fox he was buried in. He stroked Erik's cock as he pounded all his force into the fox's small body.

Erik arched his back as soon as Cinnamon spread him open from behind, gasping with the pain of the huge cock in his ass. However, the pain quickly abated as Cinnamon kept up the frenzied pace he started with, forcing the vulpine to loosen quickly under the onslought. And somewhere, deeply in the back of his mind, he could feel the tiny squirming fox back there, pounded just as hard as he was. After a few more moments he gone almost completely limp, a fucktoy of the wolf abusing him.

It wasn't long before Cinnamon's breathing came in harsh gasps, his thrusts becoming more and more frantic. Erik braced himself with a tightening of muscles, and sure enough a howl echoed across the room and Cinnamon thrust himself deeply one final time, his cock twitching and pulsing thick streams of come into the tight warmth surrounding it. The wolf's grip on Erik's body was vicious, holding him tight while he emptied his balls into the fox's ass, gasping at the pleasure.

After a short pause following the abating of his orgasm Cinnamon yanked his cock from Erik's backside, eliciting a squeal from him. That squeal quickly changed to a murr of pleasure as Cinnamon fell to his knees behind, holding up the fox's tail and and burying his muzzle in his ass cleft, tonguing the ass he'd just finished abusing. Erik heard a murmured, "Push..." and an abrupt sucking sensation at his backside as Cinnamon began suckling at his opening, lapping up the wolf come as it dripped out. Without thinking he pushed, as ordered, as hard as he could. It was only a moment before he felt a kicking body squeeze from his ass, drenched in come, into Cinnamon's waiting mouth.

Instead of swallowing, however, Cinnamon opened his mouth to give Shadow some air while he grasped Erik's hips, turning him around roughly. As he suspected, a VERY hard fox cock was presented to him, dripping a light amount of precome already. Cinnamon chuckled to himself and began running his tongue over the tiny fox in his mouth, stroking the larger fox cock with expert fingers.

Shadow felt the huge tongue press him against the roof of the wolf's mouth, rubbing insistently along his belly and crotch. Despite his fear he felt himself thrusting back against the tongue, his hips bucking of their own accord, his cock hardening. Suddenly more light was let into the hot warmth of Cinnamon's mouth and Shadow saw a huge cock slipping past Cinnamon's parted lips, the shaft taking the place of the tongue forcing him against the roof of the wolf's mouth. The taste of precome overcame the taste of come in his mouth for a moment, and a muffled moan escaped him as he thrust his hips faster and faster against the cock beneath him.

With sharp gasps and a shudder running through him, Shadow's orgasm washed over him with fire-like intensity. It felt like his entire groin was forcing his balls to drain themselves, the fluid dripping onto the slick foxcock below him. In the middle of the wonderful onrush of pleasure the felt the cock beneath him twitch, and abruptly the entire mouth was filled with thick, white fox come, gallons of it. He felt the cock beneath him slip backward a bit and he tumbled off the tip, the suction of the mouth overcoming him and dragging him towards the black opening of the throat beneath him. He grasped for anything he could, but the deluge of come washed him towards the back of the wolf's mouth where he stuck, headfirst and kicking, in Cinnamon's throat. After only a moment the silky walls of the throat pulsed around him, and his kicking legs were squeezed together on either side of his tail and he disappeared into the wolf's throat, on the journey to Cinnamon's belly where he was thrust, still struggling, to be digested.

Cinnamon drew his lips slowly off of Erik's cock, licking his chops contentedly. He looked up at the sobbing fox and stood, hugging him and murmuring, "There there..It's all right... We're going to bed now... I'll go upstairs, while you finish cleaning up down here, and if you beg very prettily I'll let you sleep in the bed with me."

Erik nodded, wiping tears from his eyes, while Cinnamon released him from his embrace and padded upstairs. Halfway up the staircase he turned and looked down at the fox, smiling evilly. "And Erik?"

Erik looked up, questioningly.

"Don't forget to contact that Steve person tomorrow."

Erik nodded sorrowfully and padded off to fetch a mop to clean the floor with.

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