How Much Can a Belly Hold? Gulp!

By Unicorn [Email]

Bob has always been able to eat and eat and eat anything he wanted. And guess what. The more he ate the bigger his Belly became! Yep, he liked it very much. So much warm soft fat there to massage and move around in the Belly.

Gaining was a slow process, he had been eating since he was 5'5"/18yo/200lbs,he had now grown to 400lbs. At this rate, he would be very large and much fatter by the time he reached the age of 38yo. Bob decided that it was time to get some assistance in gaining faster, from two friends of his. Scott and Billy. Bob new that he could count on these guys to move into his house and take over the fun task of feeding him! Scott liked to feed Billy already, and Billy just loved to eat and get bigger, so it seemed that Bob was making the right choice in getting these friends to help him out. Bob outlined all that he would like to accomplish. . . . . Bob would eat, eat, and eat while also getting bigger, bigger, and bigger! Scott and Billy agreed. Of course, Billy was thinking to himself that he would be able to eat much more and get bigger as well! Yumm, Yumm!

Scott and Billy had been living with Bob for 10 big years now. And sure enough, just like Bob predicted, he was now 38yo/900lbs. Keep in mind, Billy had gotten fatter himself (from 200lbs to 360lbs)and Scott had gained a few pounds himself (from 245lbs to 260lbs).

Bob was now moved to the 3 stall, two story garage! Yes, this had been specially constructed to handle the growth that Bob was going through. Also, Bob was now able to consume mass quantities of food, through a 70" food chute coming from the 2nd story kitchen! No longer was it necessary to prepare the food. Bob was able to gulp the uncut food right down, without chewing, and directly into his ever growing, quivering Belly. It was phenominal! Scott and Billy where able to place huge sides of beef into the food chute and watch it go down. . . right into Bob's mouth. . . and into his belly! Within minutes, the food was converted to belly fat, all the while Bob was rubbing his big, fat belly. . . . . . . and Bob was hungry again!

Well, Scott and Billy thought, well let's just see how much food Bob could actually swallow in a single gulp into his huge belly. They decided to go and get a full sized hog, the type used in large cookouts, approximately 400lbs in size. During the late afternoon, when Bob was always exceptionally hungry, Scott and Billy slid the 400lb hog down the food chute, into Bob's every open and hungry mouth! There was a look of surprise on Bob's face when the hog slid into his mouth. It was larger than most of the food he had received before, but the feeling was wonderful! The hog did not slide immediately down to his waiting belly, like most food, but stopped momentarily in his mouth. All he had to do was take a deep breath, open his mouth a little wider, and swallow! Gulp! Right down it went into his now wonderfully larger belly! The hog had bounced up and down for a couple of minutes while suspended in all that belly fat. . . . until Bob moved the hog to the big, fat belly as more belly fat. Yummm, Yummmm!

Scott and Billy went downstairs to massage Bob's very large, fat belly. Where the hog once bounced up and down, was now this warm big belly!

Well, all this food was making Bob incredibly large! Big Bob was now 1400lbs! He was well on his way to being 2000lbs! To do that though, he will need more food! Bob looked over at Scott and Billy for the first time with this huge wonderful grin on his face and twinkle in his eye. Bob was thinking again.

Scott and Billy had been having so much fun feeding and playing with Bob's belly fat that they began to think as well. Scott had gained in weight and was now up to 300lbs. Billy had been eating much more and was very large at 500lbs. Billy had a very large belly in his own right! Scott loved to massage both Bob'd and Billy's belly! So much warm belly fat to massage. . . . and these two guys loved it!

The next month marked Bob's 40th birthday. Scott and Billy wanted to do something very special for Bob, so that he would never forget his 40th birthday or them! Hmmmm. . . . . what is it that Bob wanted most and would be excited about getting? You guessed it. More food for his belly!

On Bob's 40th birthday, Scott & Billy rolled a 120lb cake down the food chute into Bob's now large mouth. This was an easy task for Bob, since he has now grown to be 1500lbs. Bob had asked what he was getting for his birthday, but Scott and Billy would only smile and asked him to be patient for a while longer. Of course, waiting for his present was making Bob hungrier and hungrier! Now, Scott and Billy had decided exactly what the perfect gift to get Bob for his birthday. Bob loved to eat and have his fat belly massaged. . . . . . . . and he also loved Scott and Billy! So, on the count of three. . . . . . . Scott slid himself down the food chute while Bob was not looking! Right into Bob's unsuspecting open mouth! Bob had a look of surprise on his face that quickly turned into extreme happiness! He noticed that Scott was no longer up on the 2nd story platform with Billy, just above the food chute! With a big gulp, down went Scott, right into Bob's huge belly! Bob had just swallowed the tastiest food he had ever eaten. A large, fat man was in his stomach and his belly had now gotten incredibly huge, showing another fat belly within Bob's own fat belly! It was Scott and he was still alive!

Bob had become quite adept in absorbing food into his belly. This time, with some thought, he moved Scott into the belly Fat area without changing Scott into fat Incredible! Scott was able to swim around in Bob's big, fat belly and massage the belly fat from within Bob! What a wonderful birthday present from Scott!

Now, all this time Billy was observing this activity from the food chute above Bob's head. He had seen how easily Scott was gobbled up and swallowed by Bob. And Bob had such a wonderful glow about him with Scott inside his big, fat belly! Well, Billy wondered, since he was much larger than Scott, could he fit in Bob's belly with Scott? Only one way to find out. Down Billy went into the food chute, right down into Bob's mouth. Now remember, Billy was much larger and had a very large fat belly of his own. Billy made it down only into Bob's waiting mouth. . . just far enough before Billy's fat belly got hung up on Bob's lower lip. . . . . jiggling there from the force of sliding down the food chute. Bob again, with greater expectation, used his big hands and grabbed Billy's big butt, and pushed him all the way into his mouth. . . . Bob's large tongue moved up and down Billy's big, fat belly, and then finally, another big breathe, and gulp down went Billy. All the way to Bob's stomach!

You have never seen someone more ecstatic than Bob was at the taste of Billy - a fat flavored, big man! Yummm, yummmmm! Bob looked down at his enormous fat belly and noticed Billy's belly was making his own belly stick out even further than before, and jiggling with belly fat excitment! Bob licked his lips and rubbed his fat, huge belly where all that food, Scott and Billy were stored, and discovered the best food in the entire world - two large fat men - now in his belly to enjoy! Scott and Billy tasted soooooo good going down! And they fit so snugly into Bob's fat belly that Bob was going to hang onto them for the rest of all their lives. Again, with great adeptness, Bob moved Billy into his great big, fat belly where Scott was waiting.

Bob was now a whopping 2300 pounds of great, big, jiggling, belly fat! What a great birthday present for his 40th birthday. Bob's friends had given him the best present he could possibly ask for: to eat two very large, fat men, and store them within his huge belly. Yummm. Yummmmm.

Bob did notice that there was more movement in his big belly than was ever there before. It was Scott and Billy massaging and moving around in there. And when Bob noticed his big, fat belly was moving from side to side, in a rhythmic motion, he knew that Scott was making love to Billy in his big, fat belly! What a wonderful feeling! It made Bob cum right then and there with a huge 50lb load! It was nice to have his friends so near and all were having fun!

As the years went by, Bob had continue to eat and eat and eat, but this time some of the food was routed to Scott who then fed Billy! Billy was getting to be a big boy, now at 800lbs himself!Billy loved to be fed, just like Bob did.

Finally, Bob noticed a great movement of belly fat inside him (that was different then the love making motion). Billy was getting so hungry and so large, he looked Scott right in the eye and asked to be fed the best possible food there was! Scott looked at Billy and remembered the delight that Bob enjoyed when he first swallowed him whole. So today, while swimming around in this huge mass of fat, Scott fed Billy with some food . . . but continued to slide down Billy's throat himself. Gulp!, right into Billy's huge fat belly! Billy licked his lips and looked down at all the fat in his huge Belly and saw what had happend! Billy had swallowed Scott whole and Scott was now down in his belly! Yummm, Yummmm! Now Billy understood the delight that Bob enjoyed when he swallowed both of them! Billy had just eaten the best possible food . . . . another fat man!

So today, we see Bob, this huge person, with an enormous big, fat belly, that jiggles every now and then. Billy is inside with this huge, big, fat belly which jiggles every now and then when Scott moves around in side of him! What a sight!

Bob feeds his big, fat belly with more food, some of which he passes on to Billy!

Billy feeds his big, fat belly with more food, some of which he passes on to Scott!

Scott feeds his big belly with more food and all of it goes to his fat belly! It is getting fatter and softer! All the time.

Scott is massaging Billy's belly from the inside. Billy continues to massage his big, fat belly, but also continues to massage Bob's big, fat belly from within. All the while, Bob continues to eat and massages Billy and Scott from the outside of his belly and has a twinkle in his eye that will never go away!

By: unicorn@texas. net

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