A Hungry Python

By Ken [Email]

He thought to himself that he must have covered about 10 miles since morning. The air was thick with mist as he made his way through the dense forest. All around him, it seemed like everything was alive. This had been the most successful day yet. He'd managed to track a large specimen for about 2 hours and was finally able to capture very good images on video to take back to the center for study. He was very excited about that. The creature was not terribly large for it's species, but getting some good pictures of it's hunting and eating habits would be of tremendous value. Ken had long since had the reputation for being able to hunt down and capture large snakes and for being very skillful at getting visual evidence to catalog the creatures. He'd come to respect the animals for their patience and skill at capturing prey and been amazed at how they would be able to manipulate their form to engulf animals much larger than would seem possible. Ken had long since gotten past the horror of seeing the poor lesser creatures be eaten alive by these impressive beasts.

If he was to have any luck the remainder of the day, he was going to have to refresh himself and get some rest. In the distance, he could hear the sound of running water and headed off to find it. There was no clear path to follow, but the sound was growing louder. Ken was looking forward to a nice pool to relax in and recharge his body. At last he came upon a place that was Eden-like in it's beauty. Wonderful green lush plants overhanging a clear pool of water so deep that it appeared to be black as the night sky, even in the bright afternoon sun. Ken set his pack down and took out his notebook to jot down some of the notes that he had been making to himself only mentally so far. He could here animals scurrying about all around him. No doubt, wondering who this new intruder was. It all felt so peaceful and serene. After completing his diary, Ken stretched out and began to undress. He was really looking forward to cooling off in the inviting water. After stripping down naked and taking off his boots, the loose sand felt great under his aching feet. Ken was proud of the way he maintained himself. All of his hiking had helped him to keep himself lean and fit.

Ken was an excellent swimmer, having grown up near the lakes. He lazily swam back and forth along the length of the large pond and then just floated around enjoying the cool water. It seemed like hours had gone by. The area became very peaceful and quiet and Ken felt himself start to drift off. Instinct was what helped Ken be successful in his profession and instinct was telling Ken that something was not quite right. It had become a bit too quiet nearby. In fact, it was dead quiet. Ken began to stiffen as he came to the realization that he may be in trouble. The lack of animal noises may mean that a predator was nearby. Not himself, but some other kind of animal. He very cautiously began to move and look all around him, being quiet so as not to draw attention to himself, just in case. He started to make his way out of the water and knew it would be best to be on his way now. He reached the shore and began to walk up the loose sand to where he had left his gear. Just then he heard a loud splash and whirled around just in time to see a very large, slender form slipping into the water from just around the side of the pond. Half startled and half intrigued, Ken watch for a moment. Just under the water's surface, he could see a large snake, a python, making it's way in his direction. Ken bolted towards his gear but lost his footing and fell to one knee. Getting up quickly, he began to move faster away from the water. He could see his pack just ahead of him, but at the same time, heard the sound of water breaking behind him. He looked back and saw the head of the python, it must be at least two feet wide, moving out of the water towards him. Ken was absolutely frozen with panic as the snake came upon him with lightning speed and knocked him to the ground. He felt as though he'd gotten the air knocked from his lungs as he struggled to right himself. Faster than he could however, the snake began to coil itself around him. Ken fought feverishly, managing to escape the first set of coils and wrestling himself free. The snake was not giving up easily though and it quickly made another attempt at capturing him. With amazing agility and speed, the snake was now wrapping it's wide coils around Ken's naked body and beginning to tighten.

Ken screamed as loud as he could, not as much from the pain that he was beginning to feel, more from the frustration and sense of defeat. He had been an observer to the skills of the animals he admired, now he found himself the prey. The coils continued to wrap around him as the python moved along his body. The snake was wasting no time in securing him as it's prey. He could make out the tail of the snake close to his head and knew then that the head of the snake was off somewhere around his feet. The two coils around his head parted just slightly and he was able to see some of the surrounding area and the rest of the snake in some detail. It was huge, at least twenty feet in length. The head was larger around than anything he'd seen in the wild before. Ken's body was being held by the snake in a lying position. The pressure the snake was exerting on him was making it difficult to draw a breath. He was having some trouble, but could breathe adequately. In between labored breaths, Ken called out for help in the chance that someone would be nearby. At the same time, he realized that he had not seen a single human in days and was most likely all alone with this animal. The snake was moving around a lot, he found himself rolling all over as the snake continued to manipulate him. He felt completely helpless and quite vulnerable. The coils of the snake were repositioning him into an ever changing position. He felt the coils open around his midsection momentarily and had some movement of his hands. This changed quickly however and his hands were suddenly pulled tightly back against his hips. The snakes grasp on him was incredibly tight. The feel of the cool, smooth surface of the snake's skin was arousing Ken in an odd way and he felt his dick getting hard. He had let his guard down and this animal had taken advantage of that. There was just no way that the snake was going to let go of him, he knew this and he knew quite well what the snake intended to do with him.

All of the repositioning the snake was doing was moving Ken's body further down towards it's tail. This allowed the python to free up the area of it's body near the head which was now very stretched out in a long shaft. Ken could make out through the gap in the coils around his head the area of the snake where his feet were. "This animal is huge", he thought to himself. The coils near his feet began to loosen and he could feel his feet become free. At the same time, the coils around his hips and chest grew tighter. He tried to struggle best that he could. He looked down and could see the snakes mouth moving towards his feet and begin to open incredibly wide. The awfulness of his predicament began to set in as he accepted the fact that he was about to experience first hand, what he had cataloged for so many years. The coils at his feet relaxed and parted and Ken tried kicking feebly. There was just nothing that Ken could do to stop the inevitable. He cried out "NO, please somebody help me", as the large mouth moved in and Ken could feel and see clearly as his feet began to slip inside the snake that was about to eat him alive. Ken screamed out as his body began to enter the snakes. He felt the mouth engulfing his feet and the feel of the throat muscles on his soles as the snake began to bear down and push him inside it's body. The rest of Ken's body was completely immobilized in the tight grasp of the coils. The snake repeatedly bore down on his legs. He felt as if he was being pushed back into the coils of the large predator as his legs were being swallowed up. He was now into the snakes throat up to his calves. Any movement of his feet was now quite impossible. . He tried to move his arms and shoulders but they were held too tightly by the animal. The coils around him shifted again and he could feel the ones around his waist grazing past his cock which was now fully erect with the pressure upon it. The sensation sent a chill through his body and he experience a momentary erotic shudder. The shifting coils now exposed his thighs and he felt and watched as the snake bore down on him again, this time taking him into it's throat up past his knees. His feet and calves were tightly enclosed in the cool throat of the animal which had begun to bulge. The inside of the snake felt very slippery along his legs. An observer would have been easily able to see the wriggling of Ken's feet as they were pulled inside the python. Ken realized that it would not be long before his head would be squeezed into the pythons throat. He could feel a tingling sensation along his lower legs. There was no way for him to see that the hairs there had begun to dissolve with contact to the snakes digestive juices.

In one motion, the snake release the coils around his waist and stomach and pushed down hard on Ken's body and took Ken in right up to his groin. The python stopped and seemed to rest there for what seemed like several minutes. He began to wonder if maybe he was too big for the snake to swallow and wondered if maybe the snake was giving up. Ken's arms were still pinned tightly against his sides. He could then feel a powerful sucking sensation all along his legs and the mouth bore down on him and he was helpless to feel his ass and cock slip first into the mouth and then very quickly into the cool throat of the snake. With a couple of more quick swallows, Ken was drawn in so that his arms were now inside the snakes throat and all that was remaining to be devoured were his shoulders and head. All of his work in the field had not prepared him for this. He never imagined that he would one day become the meal for an animal. He wondered if the horror that he was experiencing was the same for all of those animals that he watched get eaten, and taken pictures of, in the past. His perspective on this was certainly rare. Too bad he would never get the chance to tell anyone about it. There was no way for him to stop what was happening. He was coming to grip with that fact that his fate was to become a meal for this animal and he was actually wishing it would be over with. This python was going to swallow him whole and alive. How was he going to face it when his head was finally pulled inside that mouth and then into the snake's throat. He really did not have long until that time came. It would only be a matter of minutes before the python had his entire body safely inside it's throat and on the way to the stomach.

The remaining coils around his head were released. Ken could now lift his head slightly and look down to see where his body disappeared into the creature that was eating him. The texture of the snake was very detailed this close up. He could see very clearly into the snakes mouth and how the soft flesh there was pressing firmly up against his naked body. The snake took a short rest and then abruptly lifted it's head off the ground holding Ken in an almost upright position. He felt a powerful swallow building up along his body as gravity helped to pull him into the python and his shoulders slipped into the tight throat. It seemed amazing that his body could move that easily inside while at the same time be held so tightly in place. His head was now inside the mouth and he felt himself being lowered back down as the mouth closed up on him. He was now completely inside of the monster. Totally in the dark, he could feel saliva all over his head. The smell coming up from the throat of the python was foul. Every inch of his body was being massaged, pulled, and pushed by the slimy grip of the powerful snake. Very slowly he felt another powerful swallow and the throat relaxed just slightly and his head was slowly drawn in, the tight muscles there enveloping him in the embrace of the esophagus. He could feel the soft tissues grow tighter around him as the throat muscles closed in first over his chin, then his lips and nose, over his forehead and then finally the throat walls collapsed over his head.

He began to move inside the snake more smoothly now as the peristalsis of the throat began to push him towards the stomach. He heard a distinct clicking sound that he recognized as the python reconnecting it's jaw bones, locking him inside. He was now completely eaten and felt his body moving slowly down the throat towards the stomach that would soon be digesting him. As his body moved along the slick surface of the pythons throat, he was finally able to move his arms and legs just a little. Ken reached down and took hold of his hard cock. The saliva from the snake made an excellent lube and Ken began to pull on his dick feverishly. The friction against the throat as it moved him further inside the snake and each wave that moved over him brought another pleasurable sensation from all over his body. He felt the pressure building up in his balls. He had never felt so aroused in all his life. His cock felt huge in his hand. He wondered if the snake had gotten as much pleasure from swallowing him as he was now getting from having been swallowed.

From the outside, Ken's body formed a large bulge about five feet behind the snakes head. The snake had begun to very slowly move off into the shade. The movements that Ken was making inside the python were barely discernible. Ken was furiously pulling on his dick now and feeling somewhat lightheaded. He knew that he was getting close to shooting his load inside of the snake. Ken could feel a tingling sensation all over his skin as the digestive liquids began to do their work. The tingling began to deepen within him as his body gave itself in to his approaching orgasm. From the outside of the snake, it could clearly be seen that Ken was now moving about violently as he began to shoot. A muffled cry could also be heard as he shouted out as loud as he could when he came. The snake did not even notice that the meal within it had just satisfied itself inside it's throat. Ken's huge load spurted out all over himself and coated the snake's insides, Ken's juices mixing together with those of the python. The snake moved off, tired out from swallowing it's large prey. It would take many long hours for Ken to be completely digested. Ken was completely unaware of the snakes movement through the forest. To him, his world was now this tight, slippery cocoon of flesh all around him that was holding him captive. The python would be satisfied with this meal for many days to come.

The area all around the pool began to return to a tranquil state. The only thing that was left behind were a few footprints on the ground, some patterns left in the sand by the slithering snake, and a backpack full of video tape equipment left behind by a vanquished explorer.

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