The Hungry Quarterback

By Pi-Zero

Mark was just starting to change when Northern’s quarterback Brian Jordan came in. He was about five-eight and was well built with none of the paunch that some of the linebackers got. His short brown hair was wet with sweat like Mark’s own from being in a helmet for so long. “Hey Jordan! Incredible game man, you guys are the only team that’s been able to give us ANY competition, much less actually beat us.” Brian smiled, “Call me Brian, and you’re not so bad yourself, I actually had a little difficulty getting passes through! Your one fast little bugger!” Mark blushed a little. He was smaller than Brian at five-six and not quite so muscular, relying on the speed of a tight, toned body. He laughed, “You certainly didn’t LOOK like you were trying very hard. You bowled over some of our best guys! Ned’s nearly twice your size!” Brian grinned back, “I guess I did, didn’t I?” As they started to strip out of their heavy, sweat-stained pads Mark asked, “How do you do it man?” Brian looked up, “Do what?” “Knock those guys over like they were bowling pins! I mean really, Ned hasn’t ever been smashed like that, and you just kept running! With the ball no less! What kind of exercises do you do?” Brian had been waiting for this, “It’s a real special diet Mark, hard to find stuff, and there’s this whole process you gotta go through to eat it.” Mark’s eyes got big, so there really WAS a silver bullet! He had to know what it was! “Can you show me? Please?” Brian grinned, the fish had swallowed it hook line and sinker, “Of course I can Mark, I’m graduating this year and you won’t catch up in that little time. I’d be glad to show you. But first, let’s finish getting out of these nasty clothes.” They stripped down, Brian to his jock and Mark to his pants, and Brian said they could get started.

Putting his hands on Mark’s shoulder’s he started, “First you have to stretch your jaw out, otherwise the next part won’t work.” Mark followed suit as Brian rotated his jaw around, trying not to laugh at the comical image they must make. “Ok, now the food. Raw meat is the only thing that can build you real muscles. Not ordinary muscles like most guys have, these muscles are much stronger though they’re smaller. And I don’t mean rare meat. Raw. Raw as you can find it.” Mark grimaced at this, he didn’t want to eat raw meat, but he would if he had to, to be the best. “And one more thing about the meat. You have to eat it whole, no chewing, no biting, and no cutting. It’s an odd thing but it works better that way. Now for the final part, you have to stretch your mouth as far open as it can go, and mean FAR open.” At this he opened his mouth. And opened his mouth. And opened his mouth. Oh my god! Mark thought, it’s huge! He tried to pull back from that gaping maw but Brian’s hands were tight on his shoulders. Brian’s mouth closed and Mark relaxed, that was too weird!

“Oh, and one more thing about the meat. Normal beef or pork won’t do. It’s got to be REAL meat.” “What do you mean?” stammered Mark. Then he saw the gleam in Brian’s eyes and the way he was massaging the muscles on his shoulders, “You, you can’t mean. No! I won’t! That’s disgusting! Illegal!” Brian smiled, “Oh I DO mean. I mean REAL meat, human meat, and raw, raw and wiggling. The more muscular the better.” “But, even with that mouth of yours, you, you’d have to eat BABIES man! That’s truly evil!” Mark gasped, futilely trying to break free of Brian’s iron grip. “Oh you poor foolish boy. If I can stretch my mouth this far, who’s to say I can’t do other things as well? I’ve eaten men larger than myself before, and two men, once. And now, it’s time for the meal!” Mark screamed but was quickly cut off as Brian pulled his head up and kissed him hard on the mouth. “Oh God!” thought Mark, “Not only am I going to be eaten. He’s gay too!” Brian pulled off and opened his mouth wide again, to that yawning red chasm stretching down into darkness. Mark screamed as he was pulled towards that maw and Brian licked his face. His head fit easily between those impossible jaws, face mashed into Brian’s tongue. As Brian closed his lips around Mark’s neck creating a tight collar, Mark expected to be plunged into darkness. He wasn’t. “Great” he thought ruefully, “it’s not enough that he’s got to eat me, I’ve got to watch it too. What the hell, why am I thinking about this now? I should be fighting!” And so he did.

Brian would have smiled if his mouth weren’t full, he liked them to fight. He hadn’t expected quite this much fight and had a rough time because Mark had his hands on Brian’s shoulders and was pushing. He was a smart one, usually they tried to pull his hands or mouth off. Pull his mouth off, what were they thinking? It was always a simple matter to open his mouth a little further and pull their arms in. But no, Mark was pushing on his shoulders, making it a) impossible to get him any further into his mouth and b) infeasible for Brian to let go to grab Mark’s arms (then Mark might escape). Finally, Brian let go and grabbed Mark’s wrists anyway. Not surprisingly, Mark managed to pull his head free from Brian’s mouth with a pop. Mark experienced a surge of hope as Brian released his shoulders and grabbed his wrists, maybe he WOULD escape this!

For a second Mark and Brian stood face to face, Brian still holding Mark by the wrists and Mark getting over the shock of it all and dripping saliva. Brian smiled and Mark’s hopes fell, “You are a worthy meal Mark, none, not even my first has ever given me such a struggle. You will make a wonderful addition to my might. It has been a good fight, but all things must come to an end.” His arms shot downwards, pulling Mark closer by his own arms, and wrapped around Mark’s lower back and ass. His face close to Mark’s he whispered, “One last goodbye kiss.” He leaned forwards and kissed his unwilling captive. Slowly though, Mark realized Brian’s kiss was covering more and more of his face, first his whole mouth, then his nose, chin, his eyes slipped in and he could see that horrid throat, he felt his hair being slicked back, and his head was again in Brian’s mouth. He continued to flail valiantly but aside from a bruised shin, Brian just smiled, this meal would be his. Mark watched, horrified, as the pulsing tunnel of flesh that would bring him to his death inched closer. Some strange magic allowed him to see all this, though there was no visible light source. He felt the slippery wet of Brian’s lips slip down over his neck. There was a pause and the tunnel before him expanded. With a squeeze from Brian’s hand on his butt (yet another indignity) and a lurch, he felt the top of his chest come to rest on that awful searching tongue. Also with this jump, his head was plunged into Brian’s throat.

Brian laughed to himself, now that Mark’s shoulder’s were in, his upper arms were pinned and there was nothing his struggling would do except make Brian’s meal more enjoyable. He slid his tongue around over the cup of Mark’s neck and tickled at his underarms, tasting the salty sweat that seasoned only his finest meals. He slid his mouth down a little further, encompassing Mark’s large pecs in the warmth of his mouth. Pausing for some personal pleasure he licked at Mark’s nipples, swirling them around and enjoying the shudder that swept through his prisoner. It still amazed him when he could see his lips stretched out beyond the sides of his face, surrounding the broad chest of a full-grown man.

Mark shuddered as he head was pulled downward, massaged by the wetness of Brian’s throat. The tongue was at it again, licking his nipples, causing waves of disgust to flash down his body. He was not gay! Why couldn’t Brian just eat him for goodness sake? Finally the torture stopped. But the swallowing didn’t continue, what was Brian doing? He felt strong hands grip his buttcheeks and pull them apart through his pants. What did Brian think he was doing? Then he felt a popping against his ass and with a sinking heart, he knew. Brian had ripped his pants along the butt, creating a hole. As if to confirm his horror, a blunt, slimy object pressed its way between Mark’s now tightly clenched cheeks until it came to rest against his tight hole. “No, please, anything but this.” he moaned to himself as he tightened his hole as much as he could. But the object, Brian’s cock of course, was not to be denied; with a heave that seemed to rip him in two, it jammed it way in. Aargh, it must be as thick as a beer can! Slowly it pushed its way in, further and further, invading not only his ass but pushing into the exit from his intestines. Finally he felt the damp brush of Brian’s pubic hair. He expected Brian to start fucking him then but instead he had the feeling of a controlled forward fall as the world spun and he had the feeling of being turned upside down.

Brian was about to swallow Mark to his waist when he noticed a pain in his crotch. His dick, rock hard from the sense of power he had, was being bent at a very uncomfortable angle in his constricting jock. Releasing one hand for a moment he pulled his jock down and off. Freed from its constraints, his massive prick sprang out, pointing away from his body at an angle, straight at Mark. “Hey, why not have some fun with my meal. I can play with my food if I want to.” But how to deal with those annoying pants? He didn’t want to have to try to strip them off. As the hand on Mark’s ass brushed across a seam he smiled. Grabbing a buttcheek in each hand and placing a finger on the seam, he pulled apart, simultaneously pushing with his finger. He was rewarded with a popping sound as the seam split, making a nice hole. He pushed his dick forwards, squeezing it between the tightly clenched muscles of Mark’s ass until the oozing tip rested against Mark’s puckered, virgin hole. He paused for a moment to let Mark’s ass be lubricated by his precum and to let Mark realize the size of the man that would be entering him. Then, with a giant shove, he pushed his plum-sized head into Mark’s resisting ass. Wow, Mark’s ass was SO tight, and he was wriggling SO deliciously! Slowly he pushed his monster dick up into Mark’s innards, filling him completely until his groin rested against Mark’s ass. Before he could begin to fuck Mark, he decided he didn’t want to wait to swallow him, so why not combine the two? He pulled Mark forwards as he sat, then lay down on the locker room floor. With a great effort he pushed his but up a locker until it was over his head. Now he could begin. Holding Mark tightly so the swallowing would be controlled he began to fuck Mark. He pulled carefully out and then drove back in to the hilt, shoving Mark a couple inches further down his throat. It was a good thing he had a long prick because otherwise Mark’s tight ass would have made him climax before he was done.

Mark couldn’t really tell what was going on, though he did guess some of it. He could tell he was upside down, and given that Brian was beginning to fuck him (an incredibly painful experience, how did gay men do this?) Brian must be upside down too. With every painful drive of that inhuman organ he was shoved further down Brian’s throat. After a couple thrusts, however, ‘down’ the throat became ‘up’ in the world. His head slid up and out of the throat, and into Brian’s stomach. It didn’t seem a large place. He still didn’t know how he would fit. And if he did, how would Brian wear clothes after? His hips began to enter Brian’s mouth and he felt the tongue slither under the band of his pants to tease at his cock. It refused to get hard, thank God, THAT would have been the final indignity.

Brian savored the raunchy taste of Mark’s crotch, though he was disappointed that his cock absolutely refused to respond to his administrations. Oh well, such is life. He had always been very flexible in all his body parts, allowing him to suck himself off. Now as his latest thrust pushed Mark’s butt into his mouth he held him there. He began to fuck Mark faster, climax aided by Mark’s tight ass combined with his own lips. He came in a rush, filling Mark’s already full ass to bursting. Satisfied, he pulled out, to finish his meal.

Mark began to cry as he felt the blast of white hot cum fill his ass. What had he done to deserve this? With relief he felt Brian pull his cock from Mark’s abused ass. His worn hole slowly worked its way back to an approximation of its former size. Again the world spun as his body was straightened and there was a sense of motion. Abruptly his head ran into the ‘far’ wall of the stomach as his chest followed him in. It didn’t stop there, however, the rest of his body quickly tried to follow, forcing Mark to ball up uncomfortably. He felt Brian’s lips slide over his toes, squirming as Brian’s tongue lashed the bottoms of his extremely ticklish feet. There were two great squeezes of the throat around his ankles and he was completely in Brian’s stomach. He had actually fit! He sure hoped there was a heaven after this ‘cause he had to be able to tell someone.

Brian, finished with Mark sexually, stood up again, lifting Mark’s legs above his head, allowing gravity to speed the process. In two swallows he was up to Mark’s ankles. One more and Mark’s feet were in his mouth. He delicately swept his tongue across the bottoms of Mark’s feet, savoring the funky taste and the wriggling in his stomach. It was time to finish it. Two more swallows and Mark was gone. He smiled down at his belly, only a little stretched, wiggling about. He laughed, “You can’t escape Mark. You’re going to be part of me, part of these gorgeous muscles, you’ll make me faster and stronger, my cock and balls bigger. But I’ve got to go now, the bus will be about to leave.” He patted his stomach.

Mark wished desperately that it wasn’t true. The stomach had seemed stretched tight. He had thought if he just pushed hard enough perhaps it would snap and he could escape. But those soft wet walls wouldn’t yield. The unseen light source faded and Mark was left in darkness, only the wet and soft swinging motion of Brian’s gait to tell him where he was. He felt a thump as Brian stopped talking, a pat he supposed. Though he had needed no air while being swallowed, he did now. As the small amount of air in the stomach ran out he drifted off to sleep, barely noticing as Brian’s stomach acids began to dissolve his body.

Brian jumped onto the bus next to his teammates. ‘Where were ya man?” Asked Tom, a cute halfback, “You almost missed the bus!” Brian grinned, “Just getting a little something to eat.” Mark let out a last sigh, filling Brian’s stomach with air. Brian, in turn, produced a massive belch. Tom laughed, “Woh man! What the hell did you eat? It smells like football pads and ass after a sweaty game! Get some breath mints!” Brian just smiled benevolently and punched Tom in the arm. He liked to have the after taste of man in his mouth.

A couple days later Brian coughed up a class ring, a jockstrap and a pair of football pants with a hole in the butt. He saved the jockstrap as a memento, burned the pants, and stored the ring in case he was ever in need of funds. He could already feel Mark’s energy fueling his body and making his muscles larger, and more importantly, stronger. Tasting the jock he began to plan his next meal, Tom wasn’t really very useful to the team, but he did have some nice muscles, and a cute ass…

The End

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