The Interview

By Anonymous

Elaine Sostak had arrived just before lunch for the interview. This was to be her first job. Getting the job did not concern her, her hunger did. She had years of training in French and the school needed a French teacher. She had black hair cut just above the shoulders, deep brown eyes, cute slightly upturned nose and full lips. For the interview she had chosen a knit sweater pulled tightly over her ample breasts, and a short plaid skirt revealing soft, smooth legs. She was directed to the principal's conference room and entered confidently.

There were three middle aged males doing the interview. Mr. Joseph Beezy, a balding, turkey necked man with glasses, taught English. Mr. John Hopstitch, overweight, belly pushing out his white shirt and a tendency to sweat, taught biology. Finally, Mr. Robert Alweiss, the coach, in excellent physical condition. They wore the usual tasteless gray suits that typified education administration. They would sit semi-circle just in front of the perspective candidate in open chairs, note pads in laps, asking questions in turns. The applicant had only a chair with a small stand beside.

Entering, Elaine examined each one in turn. Hmm, Turkey meat, fat boy and, oooh, prime fillet. Involuntarily, her tongue moved over soft red lips. She moved seductively toward the trio, head tilted forward as though she could eat the room. She took the applicant seat as though it were her throne, slowly positioning herself to her comfort. The silky legs crossed, hiking up the short dress, revealing more of her luscious thighs. She placed her purse on the stand and opened it.

"Well, Gentlemen?" she said giving them permission to speak.

They were enthralled. Mesmerized. On fat boy's forehead tiny droplets appeared. Turkey meat cleared his throat, and his head, "Oh, do sit down, Miss Sostak."

"I have." She replied in a soft hypnotic voice.

"Yes-- ha, ha. Sorry, uh--" Turkey meat continued, "This is Mister --"and did the introductions. "Well," having gained some composure Beezy continued, "You seem very well qualified--" He nervously flipped through the papers on his note pad. Elaine's hypnotic brown eyes left the fumbling Mr. Joseph Beezy and moved past the sweating fat boy to Robert. Aaah, young looking skin, nice muscular physique visible despite the cheap suit. Her eyes caressed the soft skin, assessing his flavor. He became belatedly aware of her attention and smirked. Her eyes moved back to fat boy. Hopstitch was frozen, staring at Elaine's marvelous breasts pushing out from the tight sweater. He swallowed frequently, the sweat beginning to coalesce on his forehead. Her lips parted and his eyes moved upward reluctantly from those wondrous hemispheres. He's mine, she thought and turned her attention back to the coach. Reaching into her purse she pulled out a cigarette, the brown eyes locking on Robert's. Her hand came back up, unlit cigarette held between her long feminine fingers--and waited. Robert stared dumbly held by her eyes, swallowed into them, captured entirely. He suddenly began to search for a lighter and reached into fat boy's side pocket pulling one out. She moved the cigarette to her full, red sensuous lips, closing on the end as Robert lit it. Elaine held Robert with her eyes as she sucked the smoke into her mouth. The full red lips remained partially open as she savored the flavor. Giving Robert a glimpse of his future. He had not leaned back, holding the lighter outstretched watching as the smoke was sucked inward. Following to her breasts which expanded as she swallowed. She exhaled, blowing smoke upward.

"I haven't had lunch yet." She announced.

"We thought we would do the interview first, Miss Sostak," volunteered fat boy.

"Which one of you should I have?" Elaine said thinking out loud. Her eyes rested on the coach. "I think you. Strip."

The coach stared and then smiled and began to pretend to loosen his tie. Then he stopped waiting for her to laugh.

Elaine sighed and put her cigarette down. She got up from her chair and grabbed the coach's shirt collar on both sides. In one move she ripped the shirt and overlaying jacket completely off his torso. He sat there shocked, naked from the waist up. He started to object but Elaine moved her hands up to his temples massaging while her deep brown eyes fixed on his. As his arms fell limp at his sides, she began to lean forward opening her mouth to accept him. He could see into that beautiful dark home, past the red lips, white teeth as his head entered her. Her tongue tasted his flesh, sucking his face, probing him. His head was now completely in her mouth as the other two interviewers sat frozen watching in terror. Elaine ignored them, sucking the coach's body further into her, pulling his head to the back of her throat. The coach could feel his head beginning to slide down her esophagus and wondered idly how she could swallow the rest of him. Elaine's red soft lips widened to accept his broad shoulders and sucked him in more. Her mouth relishing the flavor of him, her teeth nipping at his flesh to release more taste to her. She sucked harder pulling his chest and abdomen into her. She tore off his pants and her hands grabbed his tight buttocks squeezing both sides as she pushed him in. As his buttocks entered her mouth, she salivated and bit down on his ass and sucked the flavor of them. His dick was rock hard and she loved it, teasing it with her tongue, sucking and massaging it. His body began to jerk in sexual ecstasy and he came in her mouth. She sucked that in along with his ass as she began to come herself. Elaine pushed his legs together which were still jerking in spasm and shoved them into her. She reached forward and pushed off his socks and shoes as his feet disappeared between her teeth. The coach felt himself slide down into her stomach as Elaine's digestive juices began to dissolve him and absorb his body. As he lost consciousness he knew he was becoming part of those sensual red lips and full soft breasts.

"Aaah," Elaine sighed, tilting her head back as the last of her meal entered her stomach. "That was delicious." She turned and walked back to her seat. Picking up the cigarette she took a long slow suck on it as she rubbed her now slightly protuberant abdomen. She looked at the other two. Fat boy had sweated his white shirt to transparency. Turkey neck looked like he was trying to speak but was only managing spasmodic coughs.

"Which one of you has to sign my employment papers?" She asked politely, casually taking another drag from the cigarette.

"Uh--Uh--I do," Turkey neck volunteered, visibly relieved.

"Well," She said stubbing out the cigarette, "Why don't you do that." Turning her hypnotic eyes to Fat boy. "While I have dessert."

She pursed her lips and curled her index finger. "Come here," She softly commanded fat boy. He whimpered but obeyed. Not rising from the chair she had him kneel in front of her.

"Please, please, Don't eat me" He began to shake, "Don't eat me. I'll--I'll be your slave."

"No," she cooed, taking his head in her hands, "You're dessert."

She leaned forward and slowly peeled off the wet shirt, brown eyes widening in anticipation. Her tongue moved over her hips and then caressed his forehead. He couldn't look up at her.

"No." She said, "I like variety. Strip fat boy."

"Oh, thank you, thank you," He quickly complied hoping to save himself. He striped and assumed the kneeling position again.

"Lay on your back and lift up your feet to me," She ordered.

He complied and she took the feet and tested them with her tongue. "Yes this is better," she said as she pushed them into her salivating mouth.

"Noooo," Fat boy screamed, "Don't eat me!!"

She smiled and sucked him upward and into her. Her lips moving along his legs, she arrived at his groin. Here her tongue moved out and wrapped itself around his hardening dick. It pulled his member down into her mouth as his body went into sexual spasm.

"No. NO. NOOO." He screamed as he came.

She smiled and sucked him in to his buttocks biting down hard on his large ass. Her mouth continued to move forward over his abdomen as she moaned in pleasure. He continued to scream, adding to her enjoyment. "You're delicious fat boy," she said as she pulled him in further. He screamed and cried. His hands moved up to block but she easily pulled them against his body and inserted them into her mouth. Now they were held fast and fat boy tried to roll from side to side to break free. The squirming excited Elaine and she began to feel wet inside. She bent his head to her so he could see himself being swallowed. All that remained outside of her was his upper chest and head. Fat boy could see himself in her cavernous smiling mouth, full red lips moving forward over him, pulling him in. She stopped at his neck and looked at him.

"Do you want me to stop?" she asked

"Oh my GOD, yes, yes please stop. Don't eat me. Don't." fat boy begged.

"Ummmh," she closed her eyes enjoying his pleading as much as his meat, "Good."

She sucked his head into her mouth. And played with it with her tongue as he screamed and cried. She sat back in the chair but did not swallow him yet and reached for a cigarette. She inserted it between her red lips and lit it. Fat boy watched as the smoke entered her mouth. Her tongue tasting its flavor and then him. She inhaled and fat boy watched the smoke disappear. Her breasts expanded as she held the smoke in her. She swallowed. Fat boy watched as the rest of his body slid into her dark throat and dropped into her stomach. He screamed as he went. She exhaled, blowing smoke upward at the ceiling. Her breasts felt fuller, from the excitement and she was wet. She patted her stomach, dragging on the cigarette. "I love it when they scream." She smiled.

Fat boy was still screaming in her stomach as the digestive juices attacked him. The coach was nowhere to be seen, already part of the soup. Fat boy could feel himself becoming part of Elaine's breasts--just where she wanted him.

She turned to Turkey neck. "Have you signed the papers?" He nodded and, trembling handed the employment papers to her. She took them and folded them into her purse. Drawing on the cigarette she examined him. "Well. Thanks for the delicious lunch," nodding to the coach's empty chair. "And that tasty dessert," indicating the sweat stained pile on the floor. "I'm going to enjoy working here. Would you walk me out to my car?" She asked sweetly, rubbing her abdomen. He nodded vigorously.

They proceeded out to the car and once there Elaine turned to Mr. Beezy. "You told them to process my papers right away?"

"Yes," he replied nervously.

"Good," She said opening the trunk. "Then they don't need you anymore."

And she grabbed Beezy by his shirt and tossed him in.

As she shut the trunk he heard her say, "You're dinner."

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