Joe's Temptation

By Sean

"So at last we meet," said Joe. Sean had just arrived, and he and Joe were sitting on Joe's sofa.

"Yeah, it's good to meet you," said Sean. "It's good to see what you actually look like. You certainly live up to your description of yourself, I'm pleased to say."

Joe chuckled. He had already had the impression that Sean tended to be a flirt. But that was fine with Joe; the afternoon looked to have fun in store for both of them. He offered Sean a drink of water and got it for him, and then the two of them made small talk as if they had been friends for a long time, talking about their jobs and their lives.

"That's an interesting ring," said Sean presently, noticing the piece of silver jewelry on Joe's hand. It was shaped like a snake with its own tail in its mouth.

"Yeah, I got it--" Joe waved vaguely northward. He didn't seem to want to say more about it.

Sean didn't say anything more about the ring, but looked at Joe, considering. Then Sean cocked his head back and looked at Joe. "Well, now that you've met me, do you still want to eat me up?" asked Sean.

Joe didn't answer for a moment, and then he licked his lips, but whether from hunger or from nervousness Sean wasn't certain. "Yes," he murmured. "I would love to eat you." Joe placed his hand gently on Sean's leg. "Come here and let me eat you up," said Joe. The younger male and older male drew together, and for a while there were no more words, and a tangle of interlocked limbs and embracing mouths developed. Buttons gradually came to be unbuttoned, and there came a time when two unclothed chests were pressed firmly together by two determined sets of arms.

There came a pause where the only sound was of deep breathing. "Why don't we go lie down upstairs?" suggested Joe. Sean nodded. Joe led the way, and Sean found his eyes fixed on the male, jeans-clad ass flexing as Joe climbed the stairs in front of him. The two reached the side of Joe's bed and melted back together into a single creature of male flesh. Belts came to be unfastened and buttons and zippers were undone, and presently Sean was dropping down to his knees before Joe amidst a litter of discarded jeans, socks, and underwear.

Sean spent a few moments gazing with fascination at the curls of pubic hair, and at the cock which was bobbing lazily right in front of Sean's nose; and he was enjoying inhaling the soft, earthy scent of man. Joe placed his hand at the back of Sean's head and urged Sean forward with a gentle but firm pressure. The young man obligingly wrapped his mouth expertly around the cock. He reached behind Joe to caress and massage his ass cheeks. Watching and feeling Sean at work, Joe smiled and sighed; this young man had obviously been born to suck cock and appeared to be quite at home in a man's crotch.

"Let's get on the bed," said Joe. The two clambered onto the king size bed. Joe laid on his back, and Sean climbed into Joe's crotch to suck him some more, to which Joe had no objection.

After a while of enjoying this, Joe turned Sean around so that he could 69 with him. There was a time of mutual cocksucking. Sean kept sucking even when Joe presently stopped to do something with Sean's legs and feet. Looking down, Sean could see that Joe was gently moving Sean's leg into a kind of cross-legged position so that one of Sean's feet was right next to his cock. As Sean continued greedily devouring Joe's dick, Joe began softly nibbling on Sean's toes. Sean gradually felt the warmness of Joe's tongue on more of his foot than he would have thought possible. He looked down and was surprised to see that Joe had managed to stretch his mouth almost around Sean's whole foot. "That's quite a mouth you've got there," said Sean.

"I was just thinking the same thing about you," said Joe, obviously not meaning the same thing. Sean smiled, and then resumed sucking.

Joe watched Sean suck for a while. Then, to see what Sean's reaction would be, he experimentally said, "If you keep sucking me like that, you're going to make me so horny that I'll have to just swallow you all up, all at one bite." Sean gave a quick and clear reaction to the words: he squirmed and his eyes opened wider, and he sucked Joe even more ferociously than before, obviously turned on.

Pleased with these results, Joe tried a second time. "Look at my stomach here," he said, rubbing and patting his belly. "You could end up inside it here in a few minutes. How'd you like that? I think I'll eat you up, whether you like it or not. I can't wait to take your whole body in my mouth and get you inside me safe and sound." Sean reacted again, squirming in Joe's embrace without stopping his sucking.

Then Joe fell strangely silent, and he looked down at Sean with an ambiguous expression. He placed his hand on Sean's head to stop him sucking.

"Sean, I have to tell you something," said Joe in a serious voice.

"What is it?" asked Sean.

Joe was silent for a moment. "We're on real dangerous ground here," he said. "I can make your fantasy come real."

Sean blinked. "How?"

"You noticed my ring earlier," said Joe. "It's not any ordinary ring. Up until just a few months ago, I would have laughed at anyone who seriously thought there was such a thing as magic. But then I stumbled across this ring in the old woman's shop, and-- and I'm still not sure I believe in magic or anything, but-- well, this ring lets me do some things that I can't explain."

"Like what?" asked Sean.

"I can make myself larger," said Joe. "A lot larger. I've found I can make myself into a giant big enough to fill up this whole room. And I really want to do that now, because I know it would be a turn-on for both of us; I know from your stories how you would feel about fooling around with a man that much bigger than you. But I don't want to get something started here that gets out of hand, if you know what I mean."

"Oh, God, I've got to see it though," said Sean. "Can you just make yourself a little bigger?"

Joe hesitated. "Well, all right, just a little bigger," he said, and then concentrated. Sean watched in astonishment as Joe's body size increased visibly.

"That's incredible!" said Sean.

"But it's got me worried," said Joe, in a slightly more booming voice corresponding to his increased size. "Every since I read that first story you wrote-- you see, you've awakened desires in me that I never knew I had. I absolutely don't want to do anything to hurt you, but just looking at you is making my mouth water. I'm not sure I can resist the temptation..." He ran his fingers across Sean's cheek and did not finish his sentence.

Sean was silent, thinking this over. Then he answered. "I'd kick myself forever if I didn't at least play-act a swallowing scene with you. This is just too good a chance to pass up; I've never run across a guy who can do what you just showed me. How about if you make yourself enough bigger that you _could_ swallow me, and then you can tell me more about how you're going to eat me up, and we can jerk off together?"

That sounded reasonable enough. Joe concentrated again, and grew quite a bit larger. The bed creaked under Joe's new weight; it was a good thing the bed was king-sized, or Joe would no longer fit on it. As it was, Joe had to have his arms and legs bent to keep on the bed; it was now no bigger to him than a cushion would be to a normal-sized man, and Joe had to be careful to leave a little space on the bed for Sean.

Joe nuzzled his giant's nose against Sean's chest and planted a series of kisses with his very large mouth across Sean's chest and abdomen. Joe's face was huge to Sean; the big lips alone were about as big around as the belt Sean had discarded on the floor. Sean squirmed under the giant's kisses.

Then Joe stopped and raises his ponderous head, and looked at Sean with burning hunger in his eyes. "How about this?" said Joe. "I'll take you in my mouth starting with your feet instead of your head. That way, as soon as you feel like I've gone far enough, you can just tell me so, and I'll let you go then."

"Okay," agreed Sean. He knew he'd better decide now where his limit would be, but he was anxious to see what it would feel like to be at least partially enveloped in Joe's mouth.

Joe hesitated again, looking at Sean with doubt in his eyes. Just where was this going to lead? But, following his body's drives against his better judgment, Joe climbed off the bed and knelt at its foot, so that only his head was up over the bed. He grew larger still, and the floor creaked as Joe shifted. "Okay, I'm going to start with your feet," said Joe, taking hold of Sean's feet. "You be sure to tell me to stop when you want me to stop."

"Okay," said Sean.

Sean was breathing heavily as Joe opened his mouth, using his big hands to guide Sean's feet in. Joe saw and then felt Sean's toes involuntarily curling and uncurling in excitement as he guided them into his mouth.

Sean felt the wet warmth of Joe's mouth on his feet. There was a gentle sucking as Joe took in the feet to Sean's ankles. "Mmm," hummed Joe; the feet felt so nice and soft and smooth in his mouth. Joe felt the feet twitching inside his mouth in response to the vibration from his throat.

Joe leaned forward and took Sean's lower legs slowly into his mouth, up to his knees. Sean's feet were hitting the back of the giant's mouth, but Joe did not gag; he would have never guessed how sweet and pleasant it would be to actually take another guy-- or part of him, at least-- into his mouth. Sean just plain tasted good, and Joe knew he would be reluctant and disappointed when the time came for him to draw Sean back out of his mouth. Sean was doing his best to stay still, but he couldn't help squirming in excitement, not just from fear or from the thrill of acting out his odd fantasy, but also from the tactile pleasure of having his feet and lower legs in the warm wet safety of Joe's mouth.

Joe and Sean stared into each other's eyes as Joe took more of Sean's legs into his mouth. Joe was halfway up Sean's thighs now, and he could feel Sean trembling. To calm Sean, Joe reassuringly placed his giant's hands on the part of Sean's legs still outside his surrounding lips. He gently stroked his hands up Sean's abdomen and chest, caressing the young man's much smaller body. He fondled Sean's stiff cock. Then, getting back to business, he placed his powerful hands under Sean's ass, took gentle but firm hold of the boy's waist, and pulled more of Sean into his mouth.

Joe had to stretch his jaw wide open to get the waist through his lips, but he managed, and then Joe's lips were around Sean's waist like a snug belt. Joe felt Sean's ass inside his mouth, resting on his tongue; Joe teased the young man by flicking his tongue back and forth across the ass cheeks, causing Sean to spasm in pleasure. The top half of Sean still hanging outside of Joe's mouth flopped from side to side. If Joe could have smiled with the young man filling his mouth, he would have smiled; but Sean saw the amusement in Joe's eyes.

Inch by inch, Joe gradually sucked more of Sean's body inside. Joe was surprised as how natural this felt. He had a young man's legs completely inside his mouth and throat, and yet he felt no discomfort. It was the most natural thing in the world to be gently swallowing this young man up. "But I'm not swallowing him up," Joe reminded himself firmly. "I'm going to stop as soon as he gives the word."

Joe was far enough up Sean's body now that Sean could easily caress Joe's face and hair with his trembling hands. Sean seemed to be paying special attention to Joe's moustache; Joe remembered that Sean had a fascination with moustaches, and he let Sean play with it for a little while. But then Joe took hold of the Sean's smaller hands with his big hands and guided them into his mouth, so that Sean's lower arms were trapped in Joe's mouth as well. Joe's lips were up to Sean's navel and elbows now.

Joe worked his way up Sean's torso, sometimes pulling Sean in with his hands, and sometimes sucking him inward with just his mouth. As a respectable-sized giant, Joe's throat muscles were plenty strong enough to draw in a normal-sized young man without help from his hands. Sean felt this sucking all over his body, and wriggled with frantic pleasure inside Joe's mouth and throat.

Joe had now reached Sean's neck; his lips were around Sean's neck like a gentle collar. Sean felt as if he were in a wonderful sleeping bag. Joe strained his eyes to look straight down into the young man's face, which was all that was still visible, and waited for Sean to tell him to stop. But Sean just breathed heavily. With a shock, Joe realized that Sean did not have it in himself to tell Joe to stop; Sean wanted this too badly, even if he knew what the consequences might be. Joe knew he should have realized this some time ago, and that he should have set his own limit if Sean had been unable to set one.

But now here Joe was, with Sean completely inside him except for his head. "Well," thought Joe, "even if I don't swallow him, I should at least take him all the way in my mouth for just a moment, just so he can remember that he was once actually completely inside of a man." With a little more gentle sucking, Joe drew Sean the rest of the way inside. Sean's hair tickled Joe's lips as the throat muscles pulled him in.

Sean saw the roof of Joe's mouth, and then the light was cut off as Joe very slowly closed his mouth. There was enough space between Sean's face and the roof of Joe's mouth that Sean could still breathe, and Sean was able to breathe adequately. But Sean needed extra effort to make his lungs expand, for the upper half of Joe's throat was tight all around Sean's body. There was a long pause, and as comfortable and happy as he was in the mouth, Sean wondered why Joe didn't do something; why was he waiting like this? Why didn't he either go ahead and swallow him, or else let him back out again? Sean's cock was throbbing, ready to come; but Sean's arms and hands were too firmly pinned in by Joe's throat for Sean to be able to do anything about this need.

In actuality, Joe was waiting because he was torn by indecision. On one level, he knew that he has already let this go much too far. He had known when he had invited Sean home that he might not be able to control his drives; oh, curse Sean for awakening in Joe this inexplicable desire to swallow his sex partner! And when Joe had found it increasingly difficult to stop taking Sean's hands and feet into his mouth, he should have backed off from the situation while he could. Now, Sean was balanced on Joe's tongue, completely inside Joe's mouth, and one little gulp was all that was needed to slide this delicious young man down into Joe's hungry stomach. Joe wasn't sure that he could resist the temptation to do just that.

"It would be wrong", thought Joe to himself. "This could turn into a snuff scene really quick here, and I just can't deal with that kind of finality." But then it occurred to Joe that he could swallow Sean down into his stomach for just a minute, just so that they could live the fantasy out, and then Joe could let Sean back out. Sean would probably be okay; there should be enough little pockets of air in Joe's stomach that Sean should be okay for a minute or two. Even as he thought this, though, Joe wondered if here were making excuses to himself; would he really have the willpower to let Sean back out once he had swallowed him?

But Joe's resistance was weakening; all the moral considerations seemed too far away next to the very immediate, mouth-watering, animal desire to feel Sean slide down his throat. And Joe knew that Sean had been aware of the possible consequences when Sean had met Joe, come home with him, gotten undressed with him, and allowed him to take Sean into his mouth. Joe knew that Sean's strange need to experience the sensual warmth of being swallowed alive was at least as strong as Joe's need to swallow. Sean wanted it. Sean had consented. It couldn't be wrong. And anyway, Joe couldn't breathe as long as Sean was halfway down his throat; he had to do something now.

Inside of Joe's mouth, Sean felt the comfortable tongue flex and lift, and he felt a gentle constriction all around him. The tongue slid across Sean's back, and the warm wet smoothness was sliding all around Sean's body, massaging every bit of the surface of Sean's skin. Sean knew that he was being swallowed. "He really did it," thought Sean, a little surprised and afraid, as he slid down Joe's throat. But this was only one little corner of Sean's thought; Sean's awareness was taken up by the most erotic experience of his life. Halfway down Joe's throat, Sean came. But all of this lasted far too short a time, and a moment later, Sean felt himself curled up safe and secure inside Joe's stomach.

Joe rolled over and laid back on the bed, a little shocked at what he had done. He looked down at the bulge Sean was making in his belly. Joe had promised himself that he would absolutely not let this happen. But even at the same time that this image dismayed him, Joe could not help being turned on by the act of complete domination he had just performed on Sean. Sean was totally his; in spite of the squirming Joe could feel in his stomach, there was nothing Sean could do to escape unless Joe let him out. Joe's balls felt big and heavy. Almost without thinking about it, Joe reached for his stiff cock and stroked it, thinking about the young man he had imprisoned inside his own body. It was up to Joe whether he let Sean back out or not; he had complete control over Sean, and it was up to Joe whether Sean would live on as an individual or else be absorbed into Joe's own being. Sean had no say in the matter. And, quite aside from that, the wonderfully full and satisfied feeling that Sean made in Joe's stomach was a turn on also. Joe felt the satisfaction of a mighty lion which has devoured his prey and was resting. It only took a minute or two of such thoughts before Joe came himself; the white flecks sprayed from Joe's cock onto the bulge of Sean. Joe sighed with complete bodily contentment.

But now Joe had to decide what he was going to do. If he was going to let Sean back out, he'd have to do it within a minute or two, or else Joe knew he'd digest Sean and absorb him into his own body. If Joe let him go now, Sean would be still undigested, still alive and unharmed. But even though Joe didn't want any harm to come to Sean, he could almost not stand the thought of losing Sean by letting him back out. Having such a complete domination and control over the young man in his stomach gave Joe such a warm feeling of power and satisfaction. And Sean had _wanted_ Joe to eat him up; in case case, would it still be wrong for Joe to go ahead and digest him?

Inside, Sean was wondering what Joe would do. It was so nice and safe and warm here in the dark closeness of Joe's stomach. The stomach walls were smooth and firm around him, and worries were far away, out in the cold outer world outside the warm safety of the world of Joe's body. Sean thought it was too bad that he couldn't just stay here without getting digested.

Joe, too, was wondering what he would do, with one hand on his stomach. Should he let Sean out, or should he leave him there? He twirled a loose hair at the edge of his moustache and considered. Finally, thinking of the consequences both ways, he reluctantly made his decision.


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