Kate and Shelley

By Sean, with postscript by Geoff Balme

Geoff and Rob were both big guys: unusually tall and big-built. They shared an apartment and would often go out together to the local bars to pick up women together.

One evening Geoff and Rob were having a good time at a bar with two young women they had just met, Kate and Shelley. The two women were laughing a little too much to convince anyone of their sobriety. Geoff and Rob finally invited the young ladies back to their apartment.

When they got to the apartment, the guys discovered they were out of beer. Rob lost a coin toss and was sent out to buy some beer, leaving Geoff alone with the two lovely young ladies.

It took longer than expected for Rob to find a place that was open, but he finally returned to the apartment with the beer. Outside the door he was surprised at the silence; where was the laughter from Kate and Shelley?

When Rob entered the apartment, he saw that Kate and Shelley were nowhere to be seen. Geoff was asleep on the sofa with a contented look on his face and an enormous bulge in his stomach.

Pissed, Rob shook Geoff awake. "Where are Kate and Shelley?" he demanded.

Geoff grinned sheepishly and patted his stomach.

"You mean you ate them both? You didn't save one for me to eat?" asked Rob.

Geoff shrugged. "Sorry, man," he said. "I was hungry. I tried not to eat them both but I just couldn't help myself."

Rob was annoyed. Rob and Geoff were good friends because they shared a ravenous appetite for perky, petite young ladies, and they often went hunting in the local bars. Rob and Geoff had often brought home two women and had each swallowed one, but Geoff had never been such a pig before as to eat both young ladies. But there was nothing Rob could do about it now; the young ladies were gone. He left the apartment to find himself another young lady to eat. Geoff lowered his head again, closed his eyes, and fell asleep with one hand on his contented stomach. Geoff responds:

what I made those poor young girls go through is the story that rob has been witness to, but missed on this particular occassion. Both the young ladies were tantalizingly liberal, they took off their sexy sandals at the door and dangle their painted toes off the sofa while Geoff hunted for the best video to plug in to set the mood. Finnally deciding on the Aliens, with the volume way up.

The women were blitzed by not totally without understanding. "ooh, this movie scares me" kate chirped "oh no, this gives me nightmares, too " added the girl whose name Geoff didn't even bother to learn. He was watchign their feet, sizing up the legs and hips. He streched his mouth around an apple and with a grin bit it in half while they squirmed on the sofa.

They smiled at Geoff as he sat on the floor by their small pale feet. One I will eat , I can eat only one. Which one. He tickled Kate's soles and decided to have her feet first. But then the other girl's hips were begging him to swallow her. she wiggled them in the most provocative and mouth watering way. How to decide. they were both entranced by the live action on the film, the flickering lights and the noise. Geoff killed the lights, and then shut off the Television while in the midst of the Alien battle. "I'm an alien, girls. I'm going to eat one of you. There's nothing you can do about it. But I can't decide which one." Geoff grinned in the darkness and ran a hand along Kate's calf. "Should I eat you?" Kate simply sat dumbfounded unable to respond yet, her glistening eyes stared blankly. "Or shall I devour you?" He said to the hippy girl. Then he showed them how far he could strech his mouth open.

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