By Sean [Email]

It was early evening in New York City. Sean stood on the steps outside Ken's house and rang the bell.

"Hello?" came Ken's voice on the intercom.

"It's Sean," answered the boy.

"I'll be right down," said Ken.

Sean looked up and down the street. Suddenly, the door opened behind him, and before Sean could turn, a hand was clamped over his mouth and a pair of strong arms wrestled him into the house. Sean found himself pinned against the inside of the closed door.

Ken pressed his mouth roughly against Sean's and kissed him. Sean returned the kiss and made little hums of animal satisfaction at the sensation of being pressed between Ken and the door. The evening's adventures had barely begun, and already Sean felt that he was melting into Ken.

"How's my boy?" asked Ken.

"I'm glad to be here," said Sean.

The man and the boy resumed their kiss, and then Ken put his hands on Sean's shoulders and pushed him down. In the narrow space between Ken and the door, Sean slid down until his face was level with Ken's jeans-clad crotch. Ken mashed his crotch into Sean's face and rubbed it in forcefully with a circular fucking motion. The coarse denim was rough against Sean's face. Sean wrapped his lips around the stiff bulge through the jeans, listening to Ken's appreciative responses.

Then Ken raised Sean back to his feet and led him upstairs into the bedroom. "Strip," ordered Ken. Sean slid his sweater over his head and let it fall to the floor. He unbuttoned the shirt and watched as Ken took things from drawers. By the time Sean had taken off his shoes, socks, and pants, and underwear, Ken had approached him again with a blindfold. Sean stood perfectly still as Ken fitted the blindfold over his eyes.

Ken kissed Sean again, and then lowered him to a kneeling position where he made the naked, blindfolded boy orally stimulate him again through the denim of his jeans. "Are you going to be be a good boy for me?" asked Ken. Sean nodded and then continued licking at his hero's crotch.

Ken guided Sean over to the bed and made him lie down on his back. In the following events, Sean's sense of the linear progression of time faded, as it had in previous adventures with Ken. Sean could tell that he was being tied up, but was unable to determine the particular items Ken was using to do this.

Soon Sean was firmly bound and virtually immobilized. With the care and patience of a skilled sadist, Ken worked an ever-changing pattern of pleasures and exquisite torments on his boy's writhing body. He took Sean into a wash of sensation where discre te events were of little importance. Sean was unable to tell how Ken was producing this; there were various textures and sensations that suggested leather, ropes, and metal, and Sean felt Ken's body always nearby. But even though Ken had used many of the se same elements with Sean before, this encounter, like all encounters with Ken, was a new and unique artwork.

After an extended and indeterminate time, Sean became aware that Ken had climbed atop of him and was straddled with his erect penis dangling over his boy's face. Sean could feel Ken's legs on either side, and he lifted his head up as well as he could. Ken placed a pillow behind Sean's head to hold it at a convenient angle, and then placed the head of his dick on the boy's lips. "Suck," said Ken, and Sean lifted his head as well as he was able and slid his hero's cock smoothly into his mouth.

Ken made the sort of sigh a man makes upon lowering himself into a hot tub of water. His boy's mouth felt so good on his dick, and the boy took such pride in skilled cocksucking. At first Ken stayed still and let his boy move his head up and down, but as Ken's arousal increased, he couldn't stop the natural fucking motion of his pelvis. Soon he was mercilessly fucking Sean's mouth, banging the boy's head against the pillow.

The smoothness of Sean's mouth, and the repeated impact of Ken's balls against Sean's chin, quickly became too much; he had to let go. Ken's voice raised to a great yell, and he released his come into his boy's mouth. Sean continued sucking until his hero was thoroughly finished. Sean swallowed the come, and Ken pulled his cock from Sean's mouth.

Ken put his arms around Sean. There were several moments of stillness in which the man and the boy panted until they had caught their breath. Rising, Ken loosed Sean from the bonds and removed the blindfold. As the low light in the room impacted Sean' s eyes, Ken held Sean close and kissed him. Then a curious thing happened.

Sean knew from his previous adventures with Ken that when Ken was in charge, all conventional notions of size and proportion were repealed, and the universe seemed to contract to a small area whose boundary was just barely out of Sean's reach. In previous encounters, Sean had perceived himself to be an aspect of Ken, and it had occurred to Sean that perhaps the universe space was also an aspect of Ken as well, some emanation from Ken like the heat of his body.

It did not surprise Sean greatly, then, to discover that his own body was becoming smaller now. Sean did not know how Ken was doing this, but he trusted his hero and waited to see what was going to happen next.

Ken's body remained at its normal size, but from Sean's perspective, it seemed that Ken's body and the room were growing larger. Soon Ken was like a giant. Ken's cock, still wet with Sean's saliva, was now far too large to fit in Sean's mouth. If Sean had stood up in Ken's pubic hair, the hairy curls would have come up to Sean's ankles like socks. Sean wondered if Ken would let Sean explore his hero's body. Sean pictured peeking inside Ken's giant ear to see the various curves that gave shape to it. He imagined curling up in a ball in Ken's armpit and resting while inhaling Ken's male scent. He thought about taking a nap while hiding in Ken's underwear, snuggled up against the colossal cock and balls.

"I know what you're thinking," said Ken. "Maybe a different time. I need to go to work tomorrow, so I'd better get to sleep. But for now, I'm hungry, so I'm going to eat you."

Sean trusted his hero, but he panicked as Ken lifted him toward his mouth. Sean felt Ken's strong hands holding him gently but firmly, and watched in horrified fascination as Ken's face came closer and closer. Ken's mouth opened as Sean approached it. The mouth was like a dark cavern with a moustache for a gate. Sean struggled in Ken's grasp, but Ken was far larger and stronger than Sean, and Sean's struggling served only to amuse Ken.

Ken's hands fed Sean into the mouth, and the tongue welcomed him inside. Sean felt the lips slide from his head down to his feet and Ken took him in. A few dangling moustache hairs tickled Sean's back as he entered. Then Sean was completely inside Ken's mouth, and the mouth closed. Sean was in warm darkness, lying face-down and naked on Ken's rough tongue.

Then Ken swallowed. Sean felt himself being pushed along by the peristalsis in Ken's esophagus. If it had not been for Sean's fear, the smooth sliding all around Sean's body might have almost been pleasant. Then the tightness of the esophagus ended, and the motion stopped. Sean realized that he had reached Ken's stomach.

Outside, Ken sighed, stretched, and scratched his chest. He turned off the lamp and gave his stomach a satisfied pat for the boy he had swallowed. Then he pulled up the covers and went to sleep.

Still not over the fright of having been eaten, Sean was wide awake and alert inside of Ken. Sean opened his eyes and discovered that the darkness was so complete that it made no difference whether he opened his eyes or not. He began to take in the characteristics of the place he was in. It was very warm. The walls of the stomach were smooth and pliant and slightly moist. Sean struggled around a bit, and discovered that there was a small amount of space in Ken's stomach to move around in.

Sean had no clear sense of direction, but he felt around in the darkness until he found one opening. Sean took this to be the Ken's esophagus. But the way was shut; until Ken decided to let Sean out, Sean would have to stay where he was. Sean felt around further until he found another opening. This was the opening to Ken's small intestine, but that way also was shut. Sean would not go that way unless Ken decided at some future time to digest him.

Sean stopped to listen for a moment. There was no sound at all from the outside; a sound would have to be fairly loud to reach Sean through the layers of Ken's skin and muscle. Nearby, Sean heard the beating of Ken's heart. All around were tiny muffled sounds of the various parts of Ken's body at work; even in sleep, Ken's metabolism was running efficiently, carrying oxygen and replacing cells.

Sean realized that he had been breathing comfortably since reaching Ken's stomach. He wondered about this; it did not seem possible. Well, when Ken was in charge, remarkable things happened. Sean wondered how Ken had contrived to get his boy a steady supply of air, but there was no answering that question at present.

There seemed nothing else to do. Sean was by now over his initial fright at having been swallowed. Now that he had been inside for a while, Sean found Ken's stomach to be a rather pleasant place, and realized that he was quite safe. Entirely enclosed by Ken's stomach walls, Sean relaxed and gradually drifted off to sleep.

Many hours later, Sean was awakened by gentle motion. It was as dark now as it had been before, but on the outside, the morning light was streaming through the windows of Ken's house. The motion was that of Ken standing and stretching, although Sean co uld not tell this from the inside.

Since Sean was filling up the space in Ken's stomach, Ken wasn't hungry for breakfast that morning. Feeling invigorated from his sleep and from the boy he had raped and eaten, Ken sang bits of operas in the shower as he rubbed the soap over his chest, arms, and legs. Inside of Ken, Sean heard muffled bits of this singing and couldn't help smiling.

When Ken did his stretching exercises in front of the television, Sean felt Ken's motions and heard bits of the voices and music on the television. Perhaps Ken had turned up the television good and loud so that his boy could hear parts of it too.

Ken shifted his back. Something wasn't quite right. "Sean, can you hear me?" said Ken in a loud voice.

Sean responded by squirming inside Ken's stomach.

Ken smiled at the motion. "As long as I've got you inside of me, do me a favor," said Ken. "Push down and back as hard as you can."

Inside Ken, Sean wondered what that direction was. All directions seemed the same in the warm darkness. Making a best guess, Sean pushed as best he could.

"No, that's to the front," said Ken. "I guess you can't really tell directions very well in there. Try pushing in the opposite direction."

Ken felt Sean shift inside him, and then Sean pushed again.

"That's close," said Ken. "Push a little lower and a little harder."

The walls of Ken's stomach were soft and moist, and didn't give Sean much to push against, but Sean did as Ken said, and pushed as hard as he possibly could. Finally Sean and Ken both felt something pop. "Thank you," said Ken. "That's much better." Ken patted his stomach in affection for the boy inside it.

Then Ken put on his jogging clothes and walked to Central Park. It was a brisk, sunny morning, and Ken was getting chilly before he started running, but Sean was still warm inside Ken. When Ken jogged, Sean was rocked in a pleasant up-down motion.

Later, Ken changed clothes and went to work. He was giving a lecture today. None of the dozens of people listening to Ken would have guessed that Ken had swallowed a boy. Under Ken's neat coat, tie, and shirt, under Ken's skin and muscles, Sean was listening to the lecture as well.

After the lecture, Ken returned home and relaxed. His dick had been satisfied by the blow job Sean had given him the night before, but now Ken was growing horny again. Ken scratched his balls and gave his cock a few strokes. His cock needed to be sucked. Ken decided to let Sean out for a while, and went to the bedroom to lie down.

Inside Ken, Sean felt a rumbling. Then he felt himself being pushed back up through Ken's esophagus. Then he was out of Ken's mouth. A confused moment later, Sean found himself back at his proper size, anomalously clean and dry, with Ken's arms around him.

Ken immediately forced his tongue into Sean's mouth and kissed him. Then he drew his mouth away. "I'm horny," he said. "Give me a blow job."

Sean moved toward Ken's crotch, and Ken's hands pushed Sean down in that direction as well. Sean took Ken's cock in his mouth and sucked. He sucked in gratitude for Ken's protection. He nuzzled in Ken's balls and licked them. Then he resumed sucking Ken's dick. As he sucked, he looked at Ken's abdomen and thought, "I was inside there. I'm probably going to be in there again."

Ken rolled Sean over on his back. Then Ken mounted Sean's face and fucked his mouth. Sean's vision was filled with Ken's pubic hair. Sean' hands reached around and gripped Ken's ass cheeks. He felt the cheeks pushing forward and back as Ken fucked. Sean's vision dimmed, and he went into a kind of cocksucking frenzy. He felt Ken's cock becoming harder, and knew the moment was near. Ken yelled as he had before, and came in Sean's mouth.

Ken pulled his cock out of Sean's mouth, holding the boy pinned down on the bed. "You are such a good boy," he said. "Is it any wonder I like having you around?"

Then Sean felt the change of size again, and Ken again swallowed Sean. This time, Sean knew what to expect, and was not as frightened as he had been the last time. He passed through the smoothness of the lips, the roughness of the tongue, and the tight ness of the esophagus. Then the motion ceased again. It felt good to return to the warm darkness. It was where Sean belonged.

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