Linda and the Frog

By Jack

Slowly, Linda walked into the meadow, her lycra bathing suit shimmering in the sunlight coming through the leaves of the tall cedars surrounding the meadow. The warm summer breeze blowing across the meadow felt good on her body. As she walked, the soft moss yielded under her feet, spreading apart, allowing her feet to sink slowly into the warm mud below.

She slid her hands up her body, rubbing her stomach, then her young, teenage breasts as her feet were slowly enveloped by the swampy mass. Up farther the mud crept on her legs as she untied the top of her suit, slowly peeling it down her body. As she slid the suit off her naked body and down her legs, she buried her hands into the mud that was now greedily consuming her thighs. When she tried to lift her legs to remove the suit, her movement quickly pulled her father into the mud, covering her hips.

She loved the feel of the soft mud against her flesh as the swamp consumed her. Her hands worked the flesh between her legs as each little movement she made allowed more of her body to sink beneath the firm grassy surface of the meadow.

Suddenly, she heard a movement behind her. Since her body was firmly trapped in the mud, she could only turn her head to see what the noise was. Out of the corner of her eye, she could make out the shape of a very large frog. With her bare breast resting on the surface of the swamp, she could only giggle at her predicament.

She watched nervously as the frog crept slowly up behind her, its mouth was even with her head. It curiously ran its tongue across her back. Linda found herself enjoying the warm, wet tongue as it moved up across her shoulders and around her neck.

She then felt the frog take her hair in its mouth, chewing it thoughtfully. Each bite pulled her head closer to its mouth. Soon she felt the Frogs lips on the back of her head. He swallowed a mouthful of her hair, pulling her head into his mouth.

She watched in amazement as the his mouth enveloped her body losing sight as her head slid up into his throat. As her shoulders rubbed against the back of his mouth, she felt his lips closing firmly on her breasts. She felt him start to pull on her body, trying to free her from the mud.

"Great, " she thought, "now the mud and this frog are battling to see who gets to consume me." She was totally helpless, her arms pinned to her sides by both the frog and the mud.

As her feet won free of the swamp, the frog pulled her a couple feet from the mud hole, her body still hanging from his mouth like a dog with a bone.

"Here we go, " she thought as she readied herself for the deep plunge.

Suddenly, instead of going in, she felt herself sliding out and plopping down on to the soft mossy surface of the swamp. She lay there for a few seconds looking up at him trying to collect her thoughts.

"I thought you were going to eat me, " was all she could think to say.

"Why would I eat someone I was trying to save ?" His deep vibrant voice momentarily frightened her. It seem to set the entire swamp jiggling including her.

"Wow, I didn't know that you could talk, " she replied. She sat up. "Thank you for saving me, " she said as she tentatively reached up and put her hand on his throat. "OOPS, " she giggled, "I got mud on you."

"How 'bout you come back to my place and we get you cleaned up" he said as he was turning away. She looked at her arm, then down to her naked body which was still coated with thick mud which the hot mid-day sun was starting to harden.

She got unsteadily to her feet. Her mudcovered body were working against her. She managed to keep up with him as he was not moving all that quickly to begin with. They entered the forest surrounding the swamp and followed a path though the heavy underbrush.

As they walked she decided to ask a few questions. "I've never met a giant frog before, what kinds of things does a giant frog eat." she tried to make the question appear nonchalant.

"Oh, about anything that I can fit into my mouth. I've eaten muskrats, beavers, snakes, deer, frogs." He answered easily and without malice.

"You've eaten a whole deer," she said, surprised at her own curiosity. "I guess that took you a couple days."

"No, " he replied, "I eat all my meals whole and alive. The smaller animals I can just pop into my mouth and swallow. On the deer I had to start on her rump and pull her into my mouth. I took lots of cooperation to eat her. "

"Cooperation, " she asked, " was someone helping you eat the poor deer."

"Why yes," he smirked, "the deer was. Do you think that I could catch a deer by myself? She lowered herself so that I could get my lips around her tail then she dug her front hoofs into the ground as I pushed myself forward over her flanks. I could bearly fit my mouth around her middle, she was much bigger than you."

"Bigger than me? " She stopped where she was "Are you going to try to eat me?"

"I only eat creatures that offer themselves to me," he replied carefully, "I was only saying that if I did eat you, you would fit very easily into my stomach."

"But you are NOT going to eat me!" she stated flatly.

"I could only eat you if you would willingly offer yourself to me."

They soon came to a tangle of brush that he seem to suddenly disappear into. As she came up to it, she saw him holding the branches aside so that she too could enter.

"Come in and get cleaned off," he said. She stepped inside careful to stay away from his large mouth.

The inside was spacious with a water fall on the far side. She walked over and stepped into the water. It was cool and invigorating against her skin as all the mud and dirt was washed away. As she step out of the stream he motioned for her to come towards him.

She warily stepped towards him. Would he try and grab her now?

"Rest here, " he said motioning towards a large mossy table, "you've had a tough day. The sun will help dry you."

As she stepped up onto the table, she noticed the sun coming down through a hole in the roof. It was warm on her skin. She didn't realize how tired she was as she laid down on the table. The moss was soft on her skin as she drifted off to sleep.

She woke up suddenly as she felt something hit her in the stomach. She opened her eyes and she saw a small frog crouching beside her. It hopped over to her face. She wondered what happened to the frog to make him so small and wondered if it was all a dream. She slowly yawned as she laid there on the table. The little frog suddenly launched itself right into her open mouth.

She sat up and spit the thing onto the table. As she looked down at the frog she exclaimed, "what are you doing!"

"He's trying to get himself eaten," she heard the giant frog say from across the room.

"But why?"

"Eating and being eaten is very erotic, " he said as he moved towards her. "Take this frog for instance." He lifted the little frog of the table and put it in her hand. "He wants the thrill of being consumed by another. Bring your hand up to my mouth" She knelt on the table in front of him and brought her hand up to his mouth. The little frog jumped in and sat on the giant frogs tongue. She watched as he slowly tilted his head back and frog slid to the back of his throat. He swallowed once and she watched the frog slip down his gullet.

"Wow," she said, "could you do that with something bigger?"

"Sure, come here."

She couldn't believe it. She was knelling vulnerable on the table in front of him and his large gapping mouth was inviting her in. She trembled momentarily then slowly lower her head towards the waiting lips.

"No, no," he replied, as he pulled away from her, " I only want willing meals. I was calling over to that fox. " She looked over as the fox jumped up to table beside her.

"Now, sit down and hold your legs out straight," he told her. As she put her legs out over the edge of the table the fox climb out on them and curled up at her feet facing her.

"Now, sit still," he gently told the both of them. He open his mouth and moved forward over her feet until the fox was totally in his mouth. He closed his mouth over her legs and the fox. He started moving forward until her feet were at his throat, her knees slid into his mouth. She waited breathlessly as he moved forward again but she slid across the moss as he pushed forward.

As she leaned back and dug her hands into the moss she felt her feet enter into his throat. He smiled as he pushed his mouth forward, her thighs were quickly engulfed.

When he opened his mouth, she could see her legs disappearing into his throat, the fox's head was still peaking out, it's eyes half closed and a contented smile on its face. She felt something grasp her legs firmly just below her ass. The Giant frog was holding her with his strong forearms.

She felt him swallow heavily and the fox's head disappeared down his throat. She could feel the sopping fur slide down passed her feet and into his stomach. As she felt his powerful throat muscles rumble down her legs she knew that if he didn't hold her, she would have been pulled down with the fox. She had a sudden erotic urge to have him let go but after a moment pulled her out and let her legs hang of the edge of the table.

She rested there, getting her breath back. Watching the fox get swallowed and almost being consumed herself was the most erotic moment of her young life.

Linda pulled her legs up on to the table and kneeled on the edge in front of the frog. She was embarrassed with what she was about to ask.

"C-c-could you swallow..." She hesitated. "...something Bigger," she finished.

"Sure," he smiled, "come here."

She saw another giant frog start walking across the room towards them. She was taken aback . "You'd eat one of your own kind?" she asked incredulously.

"Of course," he replied, "I'd swallow anyone who enters my mouth." His giant lips were opening and closing just in front of her.

"Would you swallow a human?" she asked brushing her hand across his lips that were just inches from her knees.

"I love the taste of human flesh, do you know of one that wishes to be eaten?" As he was saying this, she felt the other frog climb up onto the table but instead of getting in front of her, it climbed around behind her.

"I think there may be one close by," she giggled nervously as her hand explored his face. His skin was slick to the touch but not slimy. Her eyes kept going back to the full lips that seemed to take up most of his face. She ran her fingers across his mouth then brought them back to the middle. Her vision was fixed on his mouth as she slowly slid her fingers in. It slipped in easily so she let her hand and forearm ease in after it. She felt his tongue in her hand as he wrapped it around her arm.

As she leaned forward, she felt a large tongue on her ass. She looked back over her shoulder and saw her butt framed by the mouth of the frog behind her. She looked back at the frog in front of her and saw his smile with her arm still sticking from the middle.

"Should I make Susan stop?" he asked.

"Her name is Susan?" she stammered. More of her slid into Susan's mouth.

"Why yes, She is Susan and I am Fred," he replied, "and your name is?"

"Linda, " she smiled at the surrealness of this conversation. Here she was being consumed by two ravenous frogs while she passed pleasantries with one of them.

Susan's tongue found its way between Linda's legs which made her gasp. After a moment she looked down at Fred still munching on her arm, "I don't think it will be a problem," she grunted.

Linda ground her ass further into Susan's mouth as she slipped her other arm into Fred's mouth. "How are you both going to eat me," she asked.

Fred just smiled and said, "I'll start swallowing you until I get to Susan...then I'll eat you both."

Linda felt the tongue between her legs become more animated.

"You should lift your legs up to your ass so Susan can have a smoother swallow, " Fred stated.

Linda looked back as Susan's mouth opened wide. She lifted one of her feet into Susan's mouth, then she nestled her other foot in the soft opening. Susan closed her mouth trapping both of Linda's feet inside. Now Susan started swallowing in earnest. Linda felt Susan's tongue guide her further down Susan's gullet.

Fred was still sitting in front slowly chewing on Linda's arms. Linda felt Susan's lips surround her knees and slid up her back until she was resting firmly in the frogs mouth with just her shoulders sticking out.

Susan then moved forward pushing Linda into Fred's waiting mouth. Fred openned wide as Linda's arms slid down his thorat. Her head entered his mouth followed by Susan's.

With a gulp, Linda felt the strong throat muscles caress her arms and shoulders, pulling her anxious body further down into him.

He swallowed again and just Susan's legs were still sticking out of his engorged mouth. He swallowed twice more and these too disappeared into his gullet making a satisfying slurping sound as her feet slipped between his lips.

He then climbed heavyly onto the table to rest in the warm sunlight.

"The other animals would have to wait," he tought to himself, " It will take several hours to digest this lusious meal."

He quickly fell asleep.

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