Little Red Riding Hood-The Way It Ought to be

By The Wolf [Email]

Once upon a time there was a beautiful 17-year-old girl named Red. She had brunette hair, long luscious legs, a flat stomach, and large, perfectly round breasts. Unfortunately despite her good looks Red was not too bright. On the day that our story begins Red was on her way through the woods to her boyfriend Gram Dumass's house with a basket of "goodies". Among the goodies were handcuffs, chains, and a small whip. She was planning on a fun time. On the way she met a gentlemanly wolf who greeted her kindly.

"Hello little girl," he said.

"Little?" she said in an angry, not-too-bright-teenager sort of way.

"Pardon me. Hello mam. That better?"

"I guess so. Hi."

"So why are you walking through the woods today?" the wolf said thinking about what a wonderful meal this girl would probably make.

"Not that it's any of your business but I'm going to see my boyfriend."

"What is he like?" She began to describe him but the wolf was not really listening. He was inhaling her aroma deeply to see how she would probably taste. It was wonderful. He could almost feel her tender, delicious flesh in his mouth. She was not very plump but still very meaty and the taste would make up for any lack of amount. Besides the fact that he would doing the world a favor getting rid of the flippant little bitch. He overheard her say where Gram lived and got an idea.

"Well," he said, "the path your taking will take much too long that path is much shorter. I'm surprised no one ever told you." As he said that he pointed to a detour that would get her lost but not so lost that she could not find her way back. After all the plan wouldn't work if she got lost in the woods for good.

"Oh whatever," she said and went along the path without so much as a "thank you."

The wolf then proceeded to head down the real path to the fellow's home. He would take out the boyfriend, which he saw as just more food for him, and lie in wait for the beautiful, tasty little morsel there. He would have just eaten her in the woods, but then her scream and pleas-a part of a meal he always enjoyed-might attract the attention of someone, who might contact Detectives Woods and Mann who had been on his tail lately. Too many "might"s. This plan was much safer and bound to work.

Gram waited for Red anxiously. He loved it when she come over with her little basket, because it was always the same. They would talk for a brief few minutes, or sometimes not at all, and then get right to screwing each other's brains out. They did it every which way, but for both of them the favored way to get of was oral. Giving or receiving they were both as happy as possible. He had searched a long time for a girl who loved to give blow jobs, and Red was it. He could always vividly recall the time he had decided to surprise her by opening the door with his erect cock already jutting out of unzipped pants. To his delight she had gotten down on her knees without even closing the door wrapped her lips around it immediately. After he came he tried to go down and reciprocate when she pushed him back up and sucked him off again. But that was not even the best. The best was on rare occasions when she would lick the tip of his dick to orgasm. It created an ecstatic longing during which he wanted her to go all the way but did want her to stop licking the tip. Their relationship went well because they both wanted the same thing: not a lot of flowery talk and romance, just great sex all the time.

There was a knock at the door and Gram figured that she had finally arrived. Open the joyfully shouting "Red-" he stopped dead. Instead of Red there was a wolf standing there with an evil hunger in his eyes.

"Sorry, not yet. She'll be here in a bit, but you won't be."

The wolf leaped on Gram and bit a chunk of flesh out of his neck. He gasped in pain but died quickly as the wolf's jaws had severed several major blood vessels. The wolf chewed meditatively savoring the flesh and blood then swallowed the piece of boy.

"Not bad. A little stringy and tough, but you'll do fine as dinner."

He proceeded to eat the rest of the boy in a few quick chomps. He saved the pelvis, the best and tenderest part of a human to him, for last then he lapped savory blood from the floor and his lips. The boy had tasted better than most males he had eaten, but he only ate a male as a functional purpose to get to a female. They were the best and he savored them by swallowing them slowly whole. And from what he had smelled, he considered Red to be among the best of the best. He licked his chops in eager anticipation as dinner digested to make way for dessert.

After a long time of searching Red finally found her way back to the path that actually led to Gram's. Stupid wolf, didn't even know his own woods, thought Red as she came in sight of Gram's house. She bounded up the walk already excited at the very thought of his tongue probing inside her. She knocked at the door and waited for him to answer. "Come on in Red. I'm feeling anxious!" He sounded like his nose was stuffed up, but that wouldn't effect what they would be doing so she open the door and walked in without a second thought. The wolf who had been standing by the door slammed it shut as soon as she was in and blocked her escape.

"Hi Red. Remember me?" he said.

"Of course! You led me on the wrong path you idiot! What are you doing he-?" reality hit Red like a lightning bolt, "Oh God! What did you do to him?"

"To who?" he mocked innocently as he picked his teeth with one of his claws.

"OH MY GOD!!" she cried desperately.

"Don't be so upset," he said with a sinister casualness as he advanced slowly toward her, "You'll be with him soon enough."

Red tried to get the whip out of her basket to use as a weapon, but she could not match the wolf's speed as he bounded on her and grabbed her, using one set of claws to shred of her cloths off. He then used both paws to pin her arms to her side, picked her up, and turned her over, still facing him. He usually swallowed women feet first as they had two tender areas, and swallowing feet first almost left the breasts untill last.

He began to nibble lightly on her toes, not enough to draw blood but to get a taste for her. He licked and nibbleed the succulent meat, thinking that it was perhaps the best he had ever tasted and that, if her feet tasted this good, the rest of her must be almost unbearably delicious.

Red was beyond terrified at the thought of being eaten alive, yet was strangely excited by this creature that would soon devour her licking her feet. She looked up and saw the wolf's furry dick and almost wished that she could have it inside her before she was eaten.

The wolf opened his jaws and took in her feet. He rolled his tongue over the feet and ankles, realizing he would have to take this slowly and savor every moment as he was not like to taste someone this good again. He made an incredibly small swallow, taking her feet to his throat and her ankles and the first part of her legs into his mouth. He savored them for a while and made another small swallow that took his lips to the bottom edge of her knees. Each "bite" seemed to taste better than the last.

Red could feel the sensation of being slowly pulled into the warm, moist, all-encompassing body of the wolf. The feeling was wonderful on her legs, and just the thought of that feeling around her pussy got her hot. She began to get wet. She did not know whether it was the smell of her vaginal juices or her taste in his mouth, but looking down her body she saw that the wolf was getting an erection. She smirked a little as she had an idea of how to save her life and give herself a bit of pleasure at the same time.

The wolf continued to slowly swallow his delectable little morsel. He was almost to the best part of the best meal he had ever had. Her luscious, tender pelvis and buttocks were right in front of his lips. He prepared to take it in and hold it in his mouth for a long time.

Red was now in the right position. She quickly moved forward, grabbed his erect cock, which she noticed was fairly larger than Gram's had been, and began to suck it. She was deep-throating the wolf and enjoying every minute of it, because the added sensation of being in his mouth and throat with her pussy so close to his lips put her in ecstacy.

The wolf stopped- just as he was about to get her pelvis into his mouth-when he felt her lips around his malehood. He was in Heaven. With her scrumptious flesh in his mouth, her warm, moist lips stroking the entire length of his cock, and her tongue playing with it inside her mouth, it was the most pleasure he had ever felt. He came quickly, and she swallowed without thinking in her moment of passion. After that was over the wolf made another swallow, taking her pelvis into his mouth. It tasted better than he could have imagined and her juices made it even better. He held it in his mouth for a long time that seemed like forever to Red. He rolled his tongue all over the area, around the buttocks, across the perinium, into her box, trying to get every wonderful taste he could from her.

Red enjoyed this emensely. She seemed to have one orgasm after another as his tongue probed her all over. Finally he moved her pelvis into his throat and began to work her torso and arms, which he had pinned to her side again, into his mouth. He was moving her a bit faster now, as the best part was over, but still relished every bit of her sweet meat that he sucked down.

Red was now finding that she enjoyed being eaten alive. It was not the bloody, bone-cracking experience that she had expected; more like being slowly pulled into a safe, warm, moist blanket of flesh. It was a feeling of comfort and pleasure.

The wolf had taken in her abdomin and was now at her breasts. He took them in and savored them for a long while. He moved his tongue over them and around them and played with the nipples. The whole experience gave Red a bit of pleasure before she realized what must come next; the end of comfort and pleasure due to digestion. She resigned herself to her fate knowing that at least she could die happy with this experience. The wolf regreted that it was almost over as well. This girl was so mouth-watering and gave the best blow job he had ever had. Realizing that all good things came to an end, he took in her head and prepared for the swallow that would empty her into his stomach. Then he stopped as he had a thought.

Using the same knowledge and feeling he had always used to swallow females whole he regurgetated Red. She was covered in slime and a bit woozy but was otherwise uneffected by being eaten.

"Wh-Why did you stop?" she said with an air of disappointment.

"Because that was the absolute best meal of my life between your taste and... talent. And now that I know what I can do with you, I want to experience it many more times. Because of what you have given me, however, I will give you free will. I will go out to hunt now as I am still hungry. I hope you are here when I get back."

The wolf went into the woods to hunt. He killed a couple of rabbits and one wayward traveler, then headed back to the isolated cottage. He got to the door hoping beyond hope that Red had decided to accept his offer. He opened the door to see her naked with whipped cream and chocolate syrup all over her body and a sultry smile on her face.

"Eat up lover," she said as she licked some topping of her finger, "I'm delicious"

And as he had before and would many times after, the wolf had his tasty morsel Red for dessert.

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