Little Red Riding Hood-TWIOTB 2: the She-wolf

By The Wolf [Email]

Once upon a time, later, there lived a beautiful 19-year-old girl named Red and a handsome gentlemanly wolf. The two had lived in an isolated cottage in the woods together for two years now, a cottage that used to belong to Red’s old boyfriend Gram, until he disappeared under mysterious circumstances, namely being eaten by the wolf. The wolf and Red spent most of their time in sexual activity and having him swallow her and bring her back up, two of their favorite things. On the day our story begins, the wolf was sitting on the floor slowly slurping in Red’s feet and gulping them down, finishing another meal of her. Over the course of the couple years, the wolf had learned to control his body enough in order to actually put Red fully in his stomach for a brief time and hold off digestion, then bring her back out. So now he sat, his belly full and squirming as Red moved about inside.

Inside the wolf’s dark, tight stomach, Red wriggled about gleefully, running her hands between her legs and bringing herself to multiple orgasms once again as the walls squeezed her. She always loved the warm, wet feeling of being trapped inside the body of her wolf lover and as she stroked and fingered herself, her movements increased and she could feel the wolf’spaws rubbing all over on the outside. She moaned and became lost in her climaxes, in sheer bliss as the walls quivered around her.

After a few moments of enjoying her writhing movements inside, it was time to bring Red back up, before digestion could set in. With a bit of concentration that he had learned, the wolf opened up all his inner tubes and invoked a mild gag reflex, bringing her slime-covered body up and out, spitting her onto the floor. As she got her bearings back outside, Red purred a bit and wrapped her arms around the wolf’s neck.

“Oh, that was wonderful. You really know how to treat a girl to dinner,” Red giggled as she ran her fingers through his fur.

“Thank you my dear,” the wolf said smiling, “You were delicious as always, but now I have to go out as you know.”

Red knew this well, as he always had to go out and hunt after one of their special dinners. Still being a bit on the slow side, she did not fully understand that this was because the wolf’s digestive system was already working from getting her inside and would cause some pain if he did not feed it quickly but simply accepted that he always went to the woods to hunt afterwards.

“Come back soon, and maybe we can have some more fun tonight!” she said with a sultry smile as the wolf headed out the door.

The wolf quickly found a deer to bring down to sate his hunger and give him the nutrients he needed but did not hurry home. He sat by a tree, meat drunk for a bit after his meal, and then continued walking for a bit, stretching his legs and enjoying nature. Unbeknownst to Red the wolf was tiring of her a great deal. Granted the sex was exquisite and during their special meal times she was just as delicious as the first time he had caught and eaten her, but the simple fact remained that Red was a few sticks short of a bundle. Beyond the sex and meals there was certainly no room for conversation or any other type of mental stimulation, and every time she said or did something idiotic, which was fairly often, the wolf had to work more and more to hide his annoyance. If it weren’t for her taste and sexual ability, he would have gotten rid of her a long time ago, but the fact was he didn’t know where he would find another partner with whom he could do what they did, and he didn’t want to lose his plaything.

As he walked along one of the many forest paths, pondering the situation, the wolf was pulled out of his thoughts by a familiar smell and a rustling from one of the bushes. As he took in more of the scent he couldn’t help but pant a bit in disbelief. It smelled like a female of his species, which he hadn’t seen around this area in a long time. And it smelled like she might even be in heat.

He followed the scent into the bush and found sitting there, apparently waiting for him, a lovely she-wolf, about his size only a bit more lithe. She had a beckoning look in her eyes and he slowly moved toward her, feeling a bit dazed at the discovery and the scent. As he got closer, eyeing her and feeling a bit aroused, she quickly stood up on her footpaws to greet him. Then in a lightning quick move that shocked him for a moment, she brought her paw up in a back fist and smashed him across the muzzle. The blow was amazingly strong and sent him to the ground in his surprise, not unconscious but very dazed. As he laid there, the world swimming a bit, he heard the she-wolf speak, the voice sending a shiver through him in its sensuality. With a smirking tone, she simply laughed a bit and said, “You boys always fall for the pheromones.”

The she-wolf looked over her prey as the wolf tried to regain focus on the world. It was always so easy to lure them in, and now as she examined the male before her on the ground, she could not help but think about how delicious he looked. This particular catch was nice and meaty, and as she watched the toned form on the ground, she almost thought about mating with this one. But the simple fact was that it was not that time and she was very hungry. So she merely turned the wolf on to his front and grabbed the footpaws, lifting them to her muzzle. The she-wolf licked her chops as she caught the full scent of the delectable male meat and opened her muzzle wide, placing the paws inside and running her tongue over them as she gently nipped at the flesh and enjoyed her first taste of the meal.

The wolf’s daze was almost instantly broken as he felt the warm wet enclosure around his paws, and the actually erotic feeling of the tongue slowly coating them in saliva. As everything came back into focus, he looked up his body to see an upside down world and the she-wolf obviously enjoying the taste of him as she gently nibbled on his toes and paws. The wolf was no fool, and he had gulped down enough girls in his earlier days to know exactly what was going on and what was probably about to happen. Avoiding the panic that had probably gripped some of his predecessors, the wolf examined the situation for a second and realized that he couldn’t do much in the awkward position with no legs available and that he would have to think quickly. Not easy with a fair amount of blood still trying to rush from his brain to his groin.

“I assume,” he said matter-of-factly, “that you intend to eat me; swallow me whole, correct?”

The she-wolf blinked as she actually heard him talking coherently already. Normally she would have ignored the question and taken the first swallow, but for some reason she felt like giving him a real answer. She opened her muzzle and removed the footpaws, keeping a tight grip on the ankles with her paws.

“How very perceptive,” she said in that same sultry voice, which the wolf soon realized was natural for her, “You know, I’m impressed. My prey normally don’t come around this quickly at all.”

“And I’m guessing your diet normally consists of male wolves like myself? Have you ever thought about the fact that we’re an endangered species and cannibalism isn’t exactly the best way to keep our numbers up?”

The she-wolf gave an exasperated look; this was almost too much. She had never had a debate with lunch before. “Yes I thought about that, but there are two factors. One being that I mate with one of you every couple times just to whelp some pups and keep the species going, and the other being that you just taste too damn good. Now would you be a good snack and be quiet? I’m starving.”

With that she shoved the paws back into her mouth and began to lick over them again, preparing for the first gulp. The wolf quickly realized that appealing to some higher moral sense with her would not work and that he would have to think of something else quickly.Though he could not deny that the sensation of her gently gnawing on him and preparing to devour him was wonderfully erotic. He was beginning to understand why Red had stuck around after the first time he captured her. Still this would do no good if he were digested, so he had to get out somehow. Suddenly he had a flash of inspiration.

Using his forepaws to spring off the ground, he slammed his feet into her mouth. With the she-wolf not expecting such a move, the desired effect was achieved and the two went tumbling to the ground, the she-wolf on her back and the wolf on top of her, facing opposite directions. Unfortunately the wolf found that the she-wolf had kept a tight grip on the paws in her muzzle, even through falling down, and did not intend to let them go.  Analyzing the position that he was in, the wolf grabbed her footpaws and shoved them into his muzzle, clamping down hard in order to keep her from making the first swallow. If she did that, it would certainly be over.

The she-wolf gasped and growled around the paws in her muzzle as she fell on her back and felt the teeth grasping her own dainty paws. It was unbelievable; none of the others had given her this much trouble. Yet the thing that was most surprising to her, as she tried desperately to dislodge her paws and swallow his, was that this was actually somewhat exciting. There was something about catching a male who could actually challenge her that sent a shiver up her spine.

The wolf began to relax a bit as now he had time to think, keeping a firm hold on the paws as the strong female worked against him. He was safer now, but they could not hold this position forever and he had to think of something a bit more permanent. Then an idea hit him, and he couldn’t suppress a grin around the paws as he realized exactly what to do. Slowly he began to lightly suckle on the furry toes in his mouth, gently pulling them in and using his tongue to tease and tickle them. As he did so, he was surprised to find out just how good the paws tasted and felt in his muzzle. The tongue slurped all around them and ran over the pads on the bottom, finding them a bit smoother than his own, but just lightly rough, the texture wonderful on his tongue. He smiled a bit as he worked the paws a little deeper into his muzzle, nibbling on them gently as he suckled, and heard the she-wolf beginning to moan around his paws. She was not the only one that could use sexuality.

As the she-wolf felt the first beginnings of the wolf’s attention to her paws, her eyes widened with surprise at just how erotic the feeling was. Already she had been mildly turned on by the wolf challenging her, but the warm feeling of him slowly devouring her footpawsand stroking them with his wet tongue was almost more than she could bear. As the attention continued and went further along her paws, the shiver along her spine increased and she began to feel a light tingle between her legs. Before she knew what was really happening, she found herself returning the attention on his footpaws, no longer trying to swallow them, but merely suckling and licking them in time with his motions. Her tongue ran gently over the hard little claws and rough pads, all around the paws, slowly caressing them like a lover. The combination of tasting him in her mouth and feeling that warm, moist feeling surrounding her own paws drove her to ecstasy as her breath began to quicken and she could feel her sex beginning to flow. Her hunger was no longer for food.

The wolf also found himself gripped by the amazingly delightful feeling as the two devoured each other’s paws, his own trapped in her soft mouth while he enjoyed the delicious taste of hers. It was not long before his sheath rose and released a full erection to the mutual attention. As he felt his member throbbing his tongue became more rapid as did hers, both soaking the respective paws in saliva as their bodies pulsed underneath each other.

For several moments they lay stuck in that position, enjoying each other’s paws with the rising current of sensuality, until finally as if by instinct each released the others paws and shifted position, locked in a lovers embrace in a matter of seconds. As their muzzles met, licking and kissing each other passionately, their bodies began to roll about the clearing in their excitement, sensually wrestling each other as more of their passion mounted. Soon the wolf was on top of her once again, their bodies intertwined together as he quickly entered her, driving into her sex hard. The female’s sex was already flowing freely as his throbbing erection entered and became locked there. It did not take long before twin howls of ecstasy echoed through the forest as both wolves climaxed at almost the exact same moment, an orgasm lasting several moments for both of them. As their orgasm hit and slowly began to subside, they simply lay there panting, locked together by the wolf’s flaring base knot. As it finally began to shrink back down, he slowly slipped out of her and rolled to her side, the both of them panting and lying there, a bit wide-eyed from the experience.

“Well…” the she-wolf spoke first through her panting breath, not exactly sure what to say or what would happen next.

“Ah…yeah…” the wolf said, also out of breath and a bit surprised himself now that the heat of the moment was beginning to fade.

The two wolves lay in the clearing, both trying to figure out exactly what had just happened for several moments. The she-wolf finally spoke the first full thought. “Well I can tell you, this kind of thing has never happened to me before.”

“Yes, I kind of figured that. A bit of a surprise for me too.”

The she-wolf rolled onto her side and gently began to play through his chest fur with one of her claws. “If I had known, well, just what kind of male you are I wouldn’t have tried to eat you.” She smirked and gave him a lick on the cheek. “Sorry.” The voice was smooth and sultry, but now full of love and with a bit of humor.

The wolf could not help but chuckle a bit at the simple apology as he placed a furry arm around her shoulder, holding her closer. “Don’t mention it. To be honest it was something of a turn-on.” The wolf suddenly grinned as he had an idea. An idea that would solve all his problems and probably a few of hers. “Speaking of eating, you were going to swallow me whole, alive. Do you think that you could learn to swallow someone whole and bring them back up again?”

“Well I suppose. It certainly wouldn’t be that difficult, just using the knowledge I do to swallow someone and then reversing it. Why do you ask?”

“Ah, good. I’m sure I could help you with it too. Now I have a lot to tell you…”

The wolf began to explain to his new lover about his affinity for swallowing females, the meeting of Red, their life, and his idea. As the she-wolf listened to everything she had a slowly spreading smile, laughing a bit at times as they began to plot…

Red sat in the small cottage bored out of her mind. She was always bored when he went out to hunt, and this time he had been gone for hours now. It normally didn’t take this long and she was getting a little perturbed, she wanted him back home. She strolled absent-mindedly, as for her there wasn’t really any other way to stroll, around the cottage, getting more annoyed at having nothing to do.

Unbeknownst to Red, she was watched as she wandered about the room by the two wolves that now peered through the window at her. They watched her intently, as they might watch any prey.

“I still can’t believe you shacked up with a human,” the she-wolf whispered teasingly as they watched, “There’s just something wrong with that, they’re revolting except as food.”

The wolf shrugged. “What can I say? I was thinking with the wrong organ. At least I met you.” He gave her wolfish half-smile, “And now we’re about to remedy my situation.”

She smiled back a bit wryly. “Yes that is a problem with you males, confusing your privates with your brains. I still say we just rush in there and take her; it wouldn’t be that hard.”

“Maybe, but I don’t want any chance, no matter how remote, that she could escape. She could make a great deal of trouble for me if she got away somehow. You ever heard of detectives Woods and Mann?”

The she-wolf rolled her eyes and groaned a bit at the mention of the names. “We have more in common than I thought. They’ve been a thorn in my side before.”

“Exactly. Just stick to the plan and watch. You’ll know when you can come in. She has to trust me for now though.”

With that he slipped around and went into the front door, as though nothing out of the ordinary were happening. As soon as Red saw him, she bounded up to him in that all too bubbly way of hers.

“There you are!” she said, “Where have you been, I’ve been bored out of my mind here. It’s never taken that long before.”

Typical Red, she didn’t really catch on to anything or care. That was good for the wolf though, he knew this would be very easy. He smiled down at her disarmingly and stroked her hair a bit. “I just had to do some exercising, I’ve been getting a little soft lately. The good news is it’s given me my appetite back and prepared me for the evening.”

Red giggled a bit and slowly began to drop to her knees before the wolf. She knew what she wanted tonight, but the wolf stopped her before she could get all the way down with a paw under her chin.

“No,” he said quietly, “bend over…”

Red’s eyes went a bit wide and she did what she was told, a smile forming on her lips as she stripped her clothes off. She had never given the wolf her ass, but she was more than willing as she moved into position before him.

The she-wolf watched through the window as Red switched positions a couple times for the wolf. “You better not…” she began to mutter with a bit of menace in her voice as she saw the wolf kneeling down a bit and slowly beginning to run his tongue over Red’s smooth rump. As he did so, she saw him wink through the window, a wink that was surely for her as he began to widen his jaws around the buttocks. She smiled, realizing what he was actually doing.

Red giggled a bit more with delight as she felt the wolf’s tongue running over her rump, teasing and tickling both it and her nether regions as it did so. She ground her ass into his tongue as it worked its way all around, apparently lubing her up.

The wolf moaned a bit as he slurped the smooth, delicious flesh of Red’s cheeks, enjoying their taste for the last time, as he had always wanted to try this with her. He opened his muzzle wide now and slowly moved forward, clamping his jaws around the area and a bit of her upper thighs as he prepared to take her in. He worked a bit more forward, until the whole butt was trapped in his mouth, his tongue working over it a bit more inside.

Red jerked a bit with surprise as she felt the warm tight feeling spreading around her buttocks and sex. She looked back to see the wolf beginning to actually take her down that way and giggled a bit through moans of pleasure as the tongue caressed her softest areas. “This is interesting…” she said as the wolf began to take a firmer grip on her.

The wolf slowly ran his tongue over the flesh for long moments, the fact that he knew he could keep her this time made the taste even better as she wriggled before him, the soft flesh squirming eagerly, completely oblivious to any danger. Working hard, he managed to take the first swallow, her rump filling his throat more than it had ever been before as her thighs were gathered to her abdomen, the knees pressing just against her breast. The tip of his lower jaw came to just about under her knees as his lips spread wide and his tongue stroked the succulent, tender thighs, enjoying the scrumptious flavor of every bit one last time. Now that she was firmly in his grip, he used his paws to help pick her up and stood, trapping her as he prepared for the next huge swallow that would gorge his throat. It was at this moment that the watching she-wolf knew she could make an appearance and slipped to the door.

Red wriggled and squirmed in delight, the warm undulating muscles around all her privates wonderful as everything was stroked by either the throat or the tongue. She moved her hands down to massage her own breasts for just a bit until the wolf made the next swallow taking her further in and trapping her breasts and lower thighs inside. Her arms and calves hung down from his muzzle as her head stuck out of his lips now. As she moaned in pleasure she managed to get out, “Oh, this is great…we’ll have to do this more often…”

“Unfortunately for you my dear, this is the last time you’ll ever do this,” said a sultry female voice from behind Red and the wolf.

As Red jerked in surprise, only adding to the wolf’s pleasure, she saw a she-wolf walking slowly into view, smiling evilly at her. In a look of utter horror, reality once again hit Red hard, for the last time in her life, as she realized what the wolf had actually been doing.

“That’s right babe,” the she-wolf said, smirking, “You’re headed out, or should I say headed in, for good”

Red screamed in terror and began struggling even more violently to the delight of both wolves as the wolf nibbled gently on her bent body, slowly lapping at the tender, ripe breasts inside and enjoying their flavor.

The she-wolf smiled as she watched the whole scene and ran a paw over the wolf’s huge, bulging throat. As she began to massage gently down to his chest, she looked down and was not too surprised to see that his sheath was rising in a growing erection. She smirked and slowly began to kneel down before him, planting a few little licks along the chest and belly fur as she did. “Let me show you what else I can do…” she said as her muzzle came level to his crotch. In one smooth motion, the she wolf snaked her tongue out and made a long, slow lick along the wolf’s privates, beginning with the hard, hanging balls and slowly working up to the tip of his sheath.

The wolf moaned around Red as he felt the long wet tongue on his sheath. In an instant, he came to full erection at the wonderful attention of the she-wolf. Compared to the way her tongue could move, Red was nothing. He lapped between the thighs at the breasts in his mouth for a few more moments, as the she-wolf made a few more of those long slurps on his erect member. He then swallowed again, taking Red’s struggling form deeper inside and her thrashing, screaming head into his maw along with a bit of her upper calves, leaving only her arms and lower legs failing outside as his chest bulged to unbelievable dimensions.

As the wolf swallowed again, the she-wolf devoured his erect member to the root with almost perfect timing. The long soft muzzle enveloped the rock-hard erection as she eagerly filled her mouth with it, slowly gliding up and down it and teasing it with her tongue as she enjoyed the musky, male flavor. She moaned around it as she licked and sucked the tasty chunk of meat in her mouth, desiring to pleasure her lover as he fed, and to enjoy his taste for herself as she could feel that tingle in her own sex yet again.

The wolf could not remember a time when he felt this wonderful. The flesh in his mouth was still as delectable as any time in the past, even more so, and the feeling of the she-wolf’s soft talented muzzle bringing him slowly to orgasm with his meal sent unbelievable shivers up his spine as Red filled out his chest and throat now, the feeling doubled as she was bent in half. His hips pumped as much as they could with his body being so full as the long muzzle continued to pleasure him, working all over his erection and balls in a way that Red’s mouth had never even been able to come close to. As the tongue snaked out around his balls and he could feel the she-wolf swallowing his cock head and letting it out over and over, he knew it would not be long. With another hard pull, he sucked Red in deeper, leaving only her hands and feet kicking outside of his muzzle now, her buttocks bumping up against the entrance to his stomach now. As he licked over the ankles and wrists trapped in his maw, he moved one hand down to stroke the she-wolf’s lovely head and the other to rub the gigantic bulge in his chest that would soon be filling his stomach.

For Red the experience was a nightmare. She knew that nothing could save her this time as the wolf slowly devoured her and her jaw framed view of the world slipped into darkness. Her feeble mind still could not grasp that she was only food now, and she continued to struggle violently in the tight confines, only serving to delight the wolf more and add to his experience.

The she-wolf continued to suckle and lick the hard cock in her mouth, her movements increasing as she felt the wolf coming closer to orgasm and as her own sexual thrill grew. Already as she devoured the member, tasted the pre-cum on it, and felt his paw on her head, her own paw had slipped down between her legs, gently rubbing herself as her lusty frenzy mounted.

The wolf could feel himself about to go over anytime now to the she-wolf’s wonderful talent. As his passion mounted, he quickly slurped in the hands and feet twitching outside his muzzle and made a final gulp, at last sending Red to his stomach for good. As his gut grew out with the squirming, writhing meal, his chest emptied and he felt the she-wolf sucking as hard as she could, he suddenly exploded in possibly the most amazing orgasm of his life, spilling a flowing river of seed into the she-wolf’s muzzle as his member began to spasm in unrivaled pleasure.

The she-wolf’s eyes went wide with delight as in the same moment; she felt the squirming belly bump her nose with a glide downward onto the shaft and the resulting orgasm of the wolf in her mouth. She locked her lips around the base of his cock and sucked and swallowed hard with the orgasm, eager to get every last bit of the creamy seed down her throat as the member pulsed into her. Even as she gulped fast, a bit of it spilled out along her muzzle before the flood began to subside.

As the orgasm finally ended after several moments, the wolf stumbled back a bit and crashed to the floor, spent as he sat rubbing the writhing bulge in his belly, happy that he could finally digest this wonderful meal. The she-wolf smiled as she licked her lips clean, taking the last bit of cum and padded over to the wolf on all fours. She put her paws on his belly and began to rub it gently as she could feel the human struggling inside. The struggling did not last long as the wolf’s stomach was already full of acid from the excitement of the experience. Soon it was just a mild twitch, and then nothing as the wolf’s belly gurgled happily around its meal. He sighed as he placed one hand on the belly and used the other to scratch his new lover gently, sitting against a wall of the cottage. “That was wonderful”

“Yes,” the she-wolf said with a smile and licked her chops again, “and I must admit, that was very tasty. But I think I want more.” She grinned wryly. “Shall we get some practice on that technique you told me about?”

“Mmmm, certainly. This should be very interesting for both of us. Just as long as you remember that I’ll want to play the predator with you sometimes.”

“Oh of course. Having seen how willing our dear Red was I imagine I’ll enjoy it. But for now…” she paused and gave a long lick along his muzzle and nose, sending a shiver through him, and smacked her lips a bit, “You look delicious!”

And as she had almost done before, and would many times after, the she-wolf had her wolf lover for dinner.

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