Lizard Lips

By Magus T. Fox

Jamie sat quietly in her bedroom, the door locked tight, and a metal box in front of her. She eagerly listened quietly, hearing the car door close, then the car leave. Success! She was finally alone for her own ideas....

Slowly, she removed all of her clothing and sat eagerly looking at the box. She unfastened the lid, then moved backwards and watched anxiously.

Within moments, the opening slid down, and a large lizard shuffled slowly out. She started to quickly rub some olive oil all over her body, and spread it hastily. She tried to get as much on herself as she could, and to get as slippery as possible. The lizard caught sent of her soft flesh, and carefully scuttled closer.

She gasped and held her breath, watching it lightly sniff at her foot, then she watched it's long slimy tongue snake slowly out, and lick her foot. Her body shivered at the feeling, and she lay down clearing as much space as she could.

The lizard wrapped its tongue around her ankle, and with a great slurping noise drew her foot into it's mouth. She moaned slightly feeling it suck gently on her foot, and wash it over with it's tongue.

Jamie moved her other foot in front of it's mouth, and pressed her toes against it's scaled lips. The lizard greedily accepted the other foot, and began chewing toothlessly on the tender tasty flesh. She moaned some more.

Then, the lizard cautiously crept forward a bit, and with a large gulping noise drew the rest of Jamie's feet into its mouth as well as her ankles and lower calves. She cooed with delight, eagerly awaiting it and almost mentally willing it faster.

As if by magic, the lizard seemed to comply and glumped up more of her slick, sweet legs. It sucked tenderly on them, and she felt her feet get massaged into it's esophagus.

With another large slippery slurp, the lizard sucked her legs in up to her knees. Jamie thought for a moment, then reached for the oil and started glopping it all over her remaining body. She globbed large amounts, emptying the bottle and making her extremely slick.

The lizard continued to slowly suckle on her shapely legs, and with a sluggish gulp brought her lower thighs past it's leathery lips. She quivered now, wanting sooo badly for it to continue.

The lizard moved its tongue out of it's mouth, and lavishingly licked her upper thighs. She gasped as it's tongue snaked between her lips, and deep into her depths.

Jamie stifled a scream of passion, and yearned for the lizard to continue. It snaked it's tongue about inside her almost viscously, as it continued to slide her large thighs into it's gullet.

With a splortch, her hips were now halfway engulfed. With it, the lizards tongue had gained it's full length and hammered its way toward Jamie's womb. She gagged from the intense feelings, and tried to slid into the lizards mouth.

With another rolling gulp, her hips seemed to disappear and its mouth moved over her flat belly. She moaned passionately, clenching her eyes shut in a great pleasure. The lizard continued to swallow.

With a massive shaking slurp, she slid down vastly at a great speed into the lizard's gullet, but the journey shook and stopped when it's nose contacted her large breasts. She cooed softly, and waited.

Slowly, she saw that same tongue snake out, and wrap itself around one breast. It gripped it, and pulled, until it disappeared into the lizard's hot moist mouth. Soon the other breast did the same with coaxing from the tongue. All that was left was her head and arms, so she obliged and slid her hands and elbows into it's esophagus.

With only her head remaining, the lizard swallowed some more, then waited thoughtfully. She felt her whole body being massaged and stretched and pulled and pushed all at once, inside a warm slick grip. With a splorch, her head disappeared, and the lizard laid down with a bulging belly, content with it's meal.

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