Long Live The Croc

By Mr. Yum [Email]

The misty rain mingled with her tears as Stephanie walked out through the swamp. She reflected back on the day's events -- events which had brought her here. She thought back to her mother as she planned Stephanie's wedding. Too bad it would never take place now. She remembered Joe, and how he used to touch her. She would miss that most of all. She trudged on through the underbrush, thinking about how her entire life had changed in one short day.

It all started that morning. Her boss had been having an affair with one of her co-workers. His wife found out and confronted him. He named Stephanie as his lover and she was promptly fired. The word got out and Joe believed the rumors. He broke up with her on their daily lunch date. She was so upset that she didn't see the truck coming and totaled her car. When she called the insurance company, she was told that her policy had lapsed. She was arrested for not having insurance and running the stop sign. And before she was released, she was served a summons from her ex-boss's wife, who was now suing her for breaking up their marriage. In one short day, she had lost her job, her reputation, her fianc e, her car, and her freedom.

She walked on in despair, wondering what to do next. The swamp was peaceful and serene, just what she needed to clear her mind. She found herself wishing she could be part of the calm that surrounded her. She removed her dress to feel the air on her body, then her bra and panties. She walked on, now naked, reveling in her freedom.

She sat down by a cypress tree and relaxed, letting her firm young body fully experience its nakedness. Looking around, she was startled to see an old crocodile sunning itself not far from her. It didn't move. She stared at it for a long time, expecting to see some movement, but there was none. Was it dead? She moved closer to find out.

The old crocodile could see her coming, but did not move. It was old and tired, having lived a good long life. Now, as its body began to falter, it knew that it was time to finally relinquish its place at the top of the food chain to the younger crocodiles. Stephanie moved even closer. The mouth was open wide, as is the nature of crocodiles. The scaly body, at least 30 feet long, did not even flinch. The girl was no threat to this magnificent beast, and food was not a priority at this time of life.

Stephanie was now close enough to see the eyes following her every movement; she could tell that the croc was still alive. Sensing that she was in no danger, she sat down a few feet away and looked at the creature.

"So you have come to die." She couldn't think of anything else to say. "You're lucky. You are a part of a wonderful place. No problems, no hassles, no boss, no fiance, none of the stuff I've had to put up with."

The eyes stayed fastened on her as she continued. "You know, I wish I could be part of all this." Her eyes widened as she realized the opportunity she had. "I could be! You could eat me! I would be part of you, and you are part of all of this. Oh, Mr. Crocodile, I am begging you, please eat me. I have nothing left to live for!" tears welled up in her eyes, but not from pain. This time it was from joy at what she could do to end all her suffering.

But the croc didn't move. It couldn't understand what she was saying anyway. It simply was too old to feed, so it was ready to die.

Stephanie moved closer to the massive jaws. "Please. I promise I won't try to get away."

No movement. She edged closer. She was now right up next to the huge maw. She could see the teeth shining, and the throat behind them. "Don't you understand? I want you to eat me!" Stephanie moved right up against the jaw, her head entering the mouth. "If you won't eat me, then I'll have to make you!"

Her hands rested inside the croc's mouth as she pushed her head forward toward the throat. The croc did not move. She positioned her head at the front of the dark tunnel and began to push. It yielded and she could feel her head enter the throat. Her legs pushed again and her shoulders entered as well. It was pitch black now around Stephanie as she continued to work her way into the croc's mouth.

Her arms were now useless, so she began to push with her legs. Her upper body slipped in, pressing against her breasts and pinning her arms to her side. She repositioned her legs for another push and could feel the sharp teeth as they, too, entered the mouth. She stopped and repositioned them again so they would not be cut on the teeth. Another push and she was swallowed up to her pelvis.

Stephanie was wishing the croc would help in some way, swallow or something. This getting eaten was turning out to be a lot of work. She could still breathe, and she could feel the croc's breath as it flowed past her. She decided to rest for a minute.

The croc was still unconcerned about the girl trying to enter its stomach. It had already given up. Weeks of unsuccessful hunting had left it weak and drained of strength. It simply lay there, unmoving, with Stephanie's lower legs hanging out of its open mouth and her body wedged down its throat.

It was time to try again. Stephanie once again pushed with her legs, driving herself another foot inside the throat. Her pelvis was now engulfed as well, and her legs were becoming useless to propel her further in. She managed to get traction on the side of the mouth and push with her feet. It worked, but it was much slower. She began to twist inside the throat, trying to continue her journey.

She managed to work her way in up to her knees before losing the use of her feet as well. Now all she could do was squirm and try to push with her hands. Slowly, ever so slowly, she slid deeper and deeper into the croc. Finally, her head entered a larger chamber, followed by her shoulders. Pulling her arms out as well, she used them to push herself into the stomach. The walls stretched to accommodate her as she curled into a fetal position and waited on her end.

The croc lay for several more hours. Its digestive juices quickly went about their task of digesting Stephanie and her nutrients were pumped to every part of the croc's aging body. Then, rejuvenated from its meal, the crocodile raised itself up, closed its mouth, and returned to the swamp to retake its rightful place at the top of the food chain.

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