Lord Coil

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Lord Coil

Annette sat in the dark dank cell, waiting for her fate. She was terrified but she was determined that she would face it with some dignity. See would not give the Imps the satisfaction of watching her beg. She could at least do that much and die as brave a death, if not as quick a one, as her crew mates had. It didn't matter that this same advice, show courage, was given to her by her captor, she would still have courage and show the Imps how well she could die! In the darkness, with nothing else to do, her mind reviewed how she had ended up here.

They were called Imps because they were short, beat red and looked ….well…. like imps. No one knew exactly where they had come from; aliens, genetic monsters released from some lab, actual imps from Hell, no one knew what they really were. All that anyone knew is that just over 18 months ago they had suddenly attacked all over the world. They might have looked like imps, but the weapons they used (except for the occasional wagon pulled by animals, which seemed to have some special purpose) were state of the art. They had guns, body armour, tanks, artillery and fighters off all types.

At first the police and army's of the world had been decimated by the attacks, but soon they had begun to organise and fight back. Now a stalemate of sorts had formed. The Imps seemed unable to expand the territory's they had taken but the Earth Alliance Armed Forces, after stopping the Imps advance, had been unable to push them back any further.

Annette had been a Trooper in the Alliance Mobile Artillery. Like many women, she had volunteered when the mostly male Troopers had been killed in the millions trying to hold back the first wave of Imps. Six months before her first battle, she had been happily playing on the Internet and doing her special web site. She had loved the net, for there her special fetish could be played and fantasised safely. She had spent night after night on the net, role-playing with her friends and writing her stories.

But she had been needed, so she had set aside all that, and had joined the fight. It had been a hard struggle, suppressing her need for her friends and her fetish, but she had done it. Fighting side by side with the men, they had finally stopped the Imps, but the cost had been horrible. And Annette had been among those who had paid the price. After 6 months of hard fighting, Annette had finally run out of luck.

When her tank had been hit she had been blown clear out the hatch, and she had been the only one to escape the wreckage alive. She had hid in the woods where the battle had taken place until her wounds had healed enough to let her walk. But by that time, the Mobile Artillery had retreated 100 miles to their safe zones, and Annette had been left for dead. After that she had stayed in the woods, living off the plants and the animals she could catch. Like any good Trooper she had also tried to cause the Imps as much trouble as she could. She had set fire to their supply dumps, laid explosives where she could, and killed Imps by the score. But there always seemed to be more. Worse, the Imps used humans as slaves, and often she could not sabotage equipment without causing death to the innocent human victims in the way. This tore at her heart.

She had also managed to find her way to civilization. She had found that many people had learned to survive by co-operating with the Imps. She understood why they had done it, but she could not trust them, and so she had watched from the outside, sneaking in at night to steal supplies and food. It was on one of these raids that she had seen a "harvest", as she learned the Imps called it. They had arrived in 2 huge wagons, pulled by strange beasts that looked like a cross between a rhino and a dog. Then they had rounded up and taken almost all the women from the town. She had raged silently at her helplessness to save them. "Can't I save at least a few," she had cried silently to the stars.

The men of the town who had co-operated in the hopes of saving their loved ones had tired to fight, but too late. Without modern weapons they were slaughtered. The women who tried to fight were butchered as well, and soon the youngest fittest adult women where taken away in one wagon, while the youngsters and the few survivors of the fight were put in another.

She followed the Imps carefully, and this led her to their largest base in the area. It had once been an Alliance air base, but they had turned it into some giant fortress, looking like something out of a movie. She had seen it many times, but knew of no way to do anything useful here. She had watched the women enter, but after 2 days of watching with a telescope from the top of the valley, they had never come out. Whatever uses the Imps put them too she had never seen them among the slaves she saw working in the open areas.

By following the Imps "harvest" raids, she found out that that is what they were here for. They wanted slaves; some for work some for breeding more slaves, and some for a purpose she could not find. She did know that once that purpose was served, they would leave and go back to whichever hell they had come from. She even got lucky and was able to blow up a couple of the raids before they got to the local towns. But it was these direct, bold attacks that finally pushed the Imps to try to hunt her in force.

Hundreds had combed the woods for her. Always before she had been able to elude them, but this time they seemed to have a way to follow her, no matter how hard she worked to cover her trail. She knew it was a matter of time before they killed her, so she had made them pay a dear price. Mines, booby traps, pit falls, and grenades had killed dozens, but finally they had cornered her in a small valley. She was completely out of ammo, and had no way out. She pulled her knife, intending to fight to the last.

With the Imps was a being she had never seen. He looked like some giant black coloured version of a man; he must have stood at least 12 feet tall, dressed all in black leathers. He carried no modern weapons that she could see and when he was close enough she could see that his black skin was actually a shiny scaled hide, like that of a snake. The only place not covered by scales that she could see was his scalp, which was covered in a mane of glossy hair, as dark as his scales were. His eyes, remarkably human, were a deep, deep green.

He had taken one look at her, then in a voice that sounded like grating steel he had spoken. "Yessssss, she is the one. I've been looking for her ever since she attacked her first camp." Then he looked closer at her, and his eyes went wide, as if seeing something only he could see. "Yessssssssss, she is the one indeed. You will take her alive!! If she is so much as bruised I will eat the heart of the one who made the bruises!"

She managed to kill 3 more of them, and cut several more before they got a net over her and trussed her up like a bear in a trap. She tired to slash her wrists, but she was too wrapped up in the net and they were able to wrench it away before she could.

"Excellent you cretins, for the first time in months you have done well. She will make the perfect Gift for Lord Coil. After all these months, I have finally found my prize for Father." The …..Demon…. looked very pleased with himself, and he leered at Annette. For all her courage, she felt her spine grow cold at his words and the hot look her gave her.

"But your Highness, she has killed hundreds of us! This whore must be punished! We'll rip her limb from limb for our murdered brothers!!! She deserves no such honour Prince Ebony!!!" The Imps were clearly enraged at what the Demon wanted done with her.

"Princes' Blood and Talon have taken their prizes and Gifts from the harems and towns! You can take yours from them as well!! This meat is OURS!!!" This last one came from one of the Imps she had cut in the final fight, and in his rage he launched himself at the Demon. "For my Prince!! DIE!!!" The Imp pulled a strange looking knife and dove headlong at Prince Ebony.

With a flick of his finger, a seemingly light touch, the Imp was disarmed and sent reeling back into his cohorts. Then Prince Ebony made another gesture, and every single Imp that had raised a hand or said a word of protest caught on fire, like a flare being lit. They shrieked and screamed, running in circles and beating at the flames, but they would not go out. It took several horrible minutes for the last of them to stop screaming. Not one of those who hadn't been immolated tied to aid those that had; in fact several surrounded Annette to stop them from running into her and taking her with them. As the last of them burned away, Ebony threw the knife onto the fire, where it suddenly flared up and began burning like it was made of flash paper.

"Fools, she WILL die! But she will die for a much higher purpose than to satisfy your thirst for revenge and to cover your shame for your incompetence," Ebony said in his horrible voice. "Now, if there are no further protests, let us proceed." The Imps picked her up and tossed her to the Demon, who caught her and gently placed her on the floor of one of the wagons, between his huge feet. She gritted her teeth and tried not to give into fear. It was one thing to have courage while fighting, but now that she did not have combat lust to divert her mind, it was hard not to be scared. She did not want to die; at least not helplessly tied like this. If she must die, she wanted it to be something special.

The Demon whispered to her as they rolled along, bumping over rough terrain. "Have courage little mortal. Embrace your destiny and your death. There are rewards; rewards that are worth the price. But you must have courage, and you must accept willingly." His voice had softened, but was still terrifying. She managed to summon up enough courage to spit at him, "Fuck you asshole!" He gave an evil chuckle at this. "If you were not the type of woman I suspect you to be I would indeed be fucking your ass little one."

"But alas," he continued, "Lord Coil demands his Gift, and my idiot brothers have been sending ridiculous choices to him. In their haste they have made him angry and impatient. Now he demands I finally bring him a Gift. I have been looking for you for weeks, and personally have lead this search for days."

"You didn't come after me for the raids?" she couldn't help but ask. "Oh you were making quite the nuisance of yourself my dear," he said in his broken grating voice. "The Imps most certainly had orders to stop the guerrillas that were causing all the problems. But when I found out it was a lone woman who was thought to be responsible for all the attacks, well then I had to investigate. When I first sniffed your trail 2 months ago, I was shocked to my core. Not only had you what I needed, but you had courage as well." He had moved her so that she rested on his feet, and was using them to cradle her like a baby. His scaled skin was cool to the touch, but felt smooth and soft. As his feet shifted his scales rubbed her exposed skin, and she was surprised at how good it felt. Its smooth soft surface caresses her.

He continued to talk as the wagon rolled, still holding her on his feet. "When you finally started direct attacks, I knew it was time to make my move. But it was not for those that I joined the hunt for you myself. It is quite possible that you might have escaped from these fools if not for my skills. And those idiots were going to simply butcher such a unique Gift!! When I saw you pull that knife, ready to die fighting, I knew you were, at the very least, a better Gift then any my brothers have ever given our Father. And if I am right, then I will be the one to present Father with the greatest Gift of all."

"You have courage, no doubt of that. But if you have the courage needed to follow the desire I see within in you, then this night you will transcend your mortal life. If we had more time, I could test you to make sure, but I am 2 days late as it is. Father is not forgiving and I must take you to him this very night. As I said little one, have courage, face your destiny with the same strength you have faced these fools around us and you will be rewarded as you could hardly imagining."

Annette was very confused as well as scared. This monster was talking very pleasantly with her about giving her as some kind of gift. One where she would be required to be brave about something more than just her impending death. And what good would a reward do her if she was dead anyway? She tried to stall for time, and to get some info. "Well, at least tell me what it is I'm supposed to do. Then I can prepare myself." She tried to sound resigned to her fate, needing no faking to add the hint of fear in it. She could see now through his legs that they were passing through the gates of the fortress.

Again the Demon chuckled, a very chilling sound. "By The Eternal Fires woman, if you show half this strength and spirit to Lord Coil, then we will both be rewarded this night. You are tied, netted and at my feet, and you STILL try to find a way out." He looked her in the eyes, and she felt a strange sensation ripple up her body…part fear, part strange attraction for this being. "But your efforts are wasted. By my Fathers orders, you may not be told anything of the ceremony until the moment my Father presents himself. He wishes you to make your choice on the sight of him, not on the advice of I or my brothers." He looked away, and the feeling stopped. What was she doing?!! What was she feeling?!! She turned her head away in disgust at herself.

"Stop fighting it and embrace us my dear, it is your destiny. I'm more sure of it by the moment. You should find this quite the experience my dear." Then the wagon stopped.

"In you go mortal, I will be back shortly." the Demon said, and she was gently picked up in one of the massive hands. He then carefully undid all the ropes and netting draped around her. She tired to move, but Ebony was unbelievable strong, and she could not get out of his grip. He reached into a pouch on his side, and pulled out a metal collar, similar to what she had seen all the human slaves wear, but in a coppery colour instead of dull metal. He snapped it around her neck. "You are mine now little one, to do with as I please. I wish we had more time for you to learn the benefits of obedience, but we do not, so this collar will have to do." He carried her into a cell, and without further words, left her alone and shut the door. She tried to remove the collar, but she could find no seam on it, as if it were now one solid piece of metal around her neck.

And so Annette waited alone in the dark cell, growing more afraid by the moment. She tried to summon up her courage. If she had to die, she wanted to die well. She managed to summon up some gallows humour about the fact that of all people, she should be able to face death well. She managed to calm herself down somewhat, and while she was still very afraid, she knew that she could face it now. To hell with her destiny and to hell with Prince Ebony, she was going to show courage because SHE wanted to. Not because he wanted or needed her to. And so she waited

Then the door was opened and in walked Ebony along with several female human slaves. Unlike others, they looked well fed, clean and in good shape. They ran the gamut from young to old, beautiful to plain, dark to pale. They were all wearing black silk robes with silver trim, belted at the waist and open part way down the middle to show their cleavage and the inside curve of each breast. All had rather long hair and seemed to have little make up. They wore soft slippers instead of shoes and each had a ring on her left index finger as well as a collar like hers around their throats. She couldn't help but notice that despite the fact several of them seemed to be in their late 50's or early 60's they all had tight figures; graceful curves with very little fat or signs of sag from age. Apparently Ebony liked his women fit and trim, it not exactly beautiful or young.

He gave Annette that hungry look again, the same one that made her afraid of and attracted to him at the same time. He smiled at the slight shudder that went through her body at the look, then turned to a grey hared older slave. "She must be prepared Therre. You know what I wish done. Do it correctly and you will be rewarded handsomely; you know the fate of us all if you fail. I have waited too long as it is to present a Gift, and if this goes wrong ……" He left the last sentence hanging, but it was not hard to see that for all his massive size and obvious power he was afraid of "his Father", this Lord Coil he spoke so reverently about. "NO! I am right, I am sure of it. My brothers' haste will only make THIS Gift all the better for Father. I must tell him that I have returned and that I have his Gift." With those words he turned and left.

"As you wish my Prince," the older slave said as they all bowed to him. "Well woman," she said, turning to Annette, "come with us. We have much to do and not much time." The woman took her arm, and tried to pull her from the cell. Annette was not about to go quietly, and she slapped the woman's arm away. The woman made a small face of irritation, then simply said the word "pain."

Annette shrieked in agony as the collar around her neck suddenly became as hot as molten metal. She fell to the floor, unable to stop the helpless screams of pain as she writhed on the cold stones. This lasted only a few seconds, then the woman said "enough." Instantly the pain went away, and the collar felt like cool metal around her throat. She lifted shaking hands to her neck and was surprised to find there were no burns.

"The pain is real, the burns were not. Please don't make me do that again." The woman looked at her in sympathy, holding out her hand to help Annette up. "I truly do not wish to hurt you, but there is far more than just you at stake here, and I will not let you get away or give us trouble. Have courage….from your clothes you are obviously a warrior of your people. Face your destiny as you would a battle." The woman pulled her to her feet.

At that point Annette had had enough. "What the fuck are you talking about?! What GodDamn destiny?! What the fuck is going on here?!" She was almost in tears at this point. Everyone around here seemed to think that in killing her they would be doing her some kind of grand favour! "Will someone please tell me what is going on here?" She had to breath deep and hard to stop her sobs.

"What is going on is the salvation of my world the possible end of fighting on this planet. If you are the Gift Lord Coil is seeking and his son has indeed picked correctly, then the war will be over and we will all go home. I could be roasted alive for telling you this but if it will calm you down then so be it."

Annette looked at her stunned. She could somehow end the war? She grabbed the woman by the arms. "Please! Tell me how then. I don't care if they roast ME over a fire; if it will end the war I'll do it, and gladly!"

"No," she said, shaking Annette loose, "I can say no more. I've said too much as it is. Lord Coil himself ordered that no Gift was to know what was to happen. And besides, if you knew and he found out he may well reject you. And at this point, that would doom Prince Ebony and I wouldn't do that if every human on this planet was about to die."

Annette was shocked. "How can you serve those monsters?" she cried.

The woman gave her a hard look. "Keep this firmly in mind woman. I am Therre, the personal slave of Price Ebony, and a servant of the House of Lord Coil himself. I serve my master out of love and loyalty, as has my family for almost fifty generations." The words held great pride and she was touching her slave collar as she spoke. Annette noticed that is was the same copper colour as her own. All of these women seemed to have copper collars, even though the man she could see cleaning through the door was wearing a dull coloured metal one. Therre's collar was different in one way though…there was an extra symbol of some kind on it. All the others had only one symbol…a small black disk. Therre's had a golden band running around the collar, meeting on either side of the black disk.

"I did not tell you this to save your Earth, but to save my Prince, and to save my world. I have never before been to Earth. I was born a slave on Soulworld and I feel as little towards your people as you would feel to any enemy." Then her face softened. "But I told you the truth; if you prove an acceptable Gift, then Lord Coil will return home and his army with him and our Price will be exalted over his brothers. I will have served my Prince, and you will have saved 2 worlds .…. now will you come quietly with us?"

She still didn't understand, but this Therre seemed to be very earnest. And Annette felt a growing feeling inside…a strange desire that she could not explain. 'Embrace your destiny'……and it could save so many. She held out her hand.

"Very good. I know you've doubtless heard it too many times already from the Prince, but have courage. The reward you will receive is wondrous beyond imagining. Any of us here would gladly give up our lives to receive it. But the Gift must come from Outside and we were all born to this life. Now let us go." Therre took her hand.

She was led from what turned out to be the former air bases brig. Still holding Therre's hand, and followed by the dozen or so other women, Annette was taken to the imposing fortress itself. None of the Imps gave Therre any hassles. In fact they even looked a little afraid of her. After going down several corridors and up and down different flights of stairs, she was taken into a large bathing chamber like the kind the Romans used to have.

"Firstly we have to get the stink off of you. Lord of the Eternal Fire woman, how long have you been in these clothes?" Despite the situation, Annette found herself blushing. She had long ago become accustomed to her own stink. The women around her obviously found her offensive.

They pulled out small utility knifes, and very carefully began to cut the clothing off of her. She had flinched at first at the sight of the knifes, her combat reflex's automatically kicking in, but she held herself still. If her life would buy the Earth some peace it was a small price to pay. Soon, after much work and a lot of what sounded like cursing in a language she had never heard, they had her stripped. One of the women carried the clothes away, holding them out from her face like they were poisonous snakes.

The women then took several buckets of warm water from the bath, got some soap, and turned to wash the months of accumulated grim off her body. They began scrubbing her filthy body.

"Lord Coil save us! What happened to you woman?" This came from one of the younger women, and she looked shocked as she saw the burns and scars on Annette's legs from the tank explosion. In some places her legs were untouched, smooth skin with soft hair still growing. But in most places long deep scars and burns marred the skin.

"Like you said, I'm a warrior. Warriors get hurt; simple as that." She had long ago become accustomed to her scaring, but this was the first time anyone else had seen it, and she felt some pain at the loss of her once beautiful legs.

"No matter….you have a wonderful body none the less, the life of a warrior certainly gives one a strong body and excellent figure. And you appear to have a very pretty face under all this grime." This was yet another women, about the same age as Therre, who was busily scrubbing the worst of the dirt from her face. " Lord Coil prefers spirit to beauty, although beauty does help."

"That is something Ebony's brothers have never learned. Our Prince was fortunate that your face was not touched. Lord Coil should be most intrigued, even before he tests you. The strength it took to go on after such wounds shows great will. That should catch his eye." This last was from Therre herself. They soon had most of the filth off her skin. She couldn't help but sigh with pleasure….it has been so long since she felt even THIS clean.

"Now," Therre said, "into the water." And with that she gave Annette a hearty shove. By the time Annette had resurfaced Therre along with 3 of the youngest woman had undone their robes and joined her in the water. They had cloths, bottles of soap and small kits tucked into the waistband of the small black underwear they wore. The other women stayed by the side of the pool, holding towels and watching.

"Lord woman….who cut your hair last? Its looks like it was hacked off with a knife." Therre was behind her, and Annette could feel her breasts pushing against her back. "I cut it.…and it WAS a knife." Therre poured a bucket of water from the pool over her head, and began to work her fingers through it, trying to wash the dirt out while untying the snarls and knots. "Well, this was once beautiful hair, lets see what we can do about making it so again."

While Therre washed her hair, the three younger women began to cover her body with soap. Warm suds tingled against her skin, a sensuous caress. They rubbed her skin with the cloths, repeating the process until the last of the grim was gone. She held her breath when they neared her pussy and tits for the feel of warm soap and soft gentle hands, for the first time in almost a year made her shudder. She had repressed her strong sexual side far to long to be able to ignore those soft caresses, no matter what the situation.

She closed her eyes and let the warm feelings fill her. She could not help but sigh as one of the cloths was rubbed over her pussy, scrubbing gently. The scrubbing stopped, and Annette opened her eyes. The young woman was looking at her, a small smile on her face. Then she began to scrub again, but this time putting more pressure on Annette's lips and clit. Annette, who had not felt anything like this for so long, couldn't stop the moan that rose from her throat.

All three young women began paying much more attention to her then. While they still scrubbed and cleaned her whole body, each touched her with her other hand, fingers trailing down her back, along her breasts and belly. Therre's fingers were busy in her scalp, rubbing and scrubbing out the knots. That felt almost as good as what the girls were doing.

Then she jumped as she felt the touch of cool metal on her leg, and she looked down to see that one of the women had taken a straight razor from the kit tucked in her belt and was shaving her legs. She held very still, afraid the slightest move would cut her. But quickly and smoothly they shaved her legs where there was still hair and not scars. Two of the women started to shave her arms while the other began on her pussy hair. "Why are you shaving me there?" She was honestly curious, her fear fading more and more as the hands and the smooth scrape of metal was making her more and more aroused.

"Lord Coil prefers that his Gifts only have the hair on their heads. He prefers a smooth body." This was from the woman who was shaving her pussy. All three continued shaving her entire boy, except for her head. They worked quickly, but were obviously experts as they did not nick her even once, and soon her skin was completely bare. When they were done she could feel a strange unfamiliar sensation of water swirling around her mound with no hair to impede its movements. Then all three women began a last wash of her body, leaving her feeling truly clean for the first time in months. The feel of their hands and the cloths on her tingling skin was wonderful.

Annette closed her eyes again letting the women slowly stimulate her. God, it had been soooooo long. The she gasped as she felt something warm inserted between her pussy lips. She looked down to see a small tube, connected to a device held by one of the women. Then the woman pushed down on a handle and she felt a warm current of water move deep inside her pussy. She could feel the turbulence of the water moving inside her, cleaning her deep side as the woman pumped the handle in and out in long smooth strokes.

She was getting more and more aroused; the warm water spraying inside her, the other two women still washing her body, their hands busy on her breasts. And the whole time Therre's fingers massaging her scalp, her breasts pushed up against Annette's back. Soon she was breathing heavily, her nipples hard, her stomach taunt, and her pussy thrumming. She could feel the women around her getting excited as well.

She felt Therre's lips kiss her shoulder as the last of the soap was rinsed from her hair. To her surprise, once freed from its snarls and knots it came almost half way down her back. Then the lips slid up her shoulder to her ear. "You are enjoying this aren't you?" she whispered, and slide two fingers into Annette's pussy as the douche tube was pulled out.

Annette gasped in pleasure, "yessssssssss oh god yessssssssssss." Therre kissed the side of her face, "My Prince was right. This night you will transcend your mortal limits if you let go of yourself and follow your feelings and your….."

She never finished the sentence for at that moment a voice like the croak of a crow came from the doorway. "And what do we have here? Some animal our brother picked up from the gutter? From the smell off her clothes it may have even been the sewer." Therre pulled her fingers out of Annette's pussy, but she did not move away. She placed her hands on Annette's shoulders while the other three women moved so that they were between Annette and the speaker.

In the doorway stood what looked at first glance like a man. But on second look Annette could see that he was far to skinny. He looked like a skeleton with the skin, which was chalk white, stretched tight as a drum over the bones. His hands were much longer than would be on a human and they were tipped by long claws. He was naked and his penis looked totally out of place on his emaciated body. It was huge and thick, at least 14" long and as thick as Annette's wrist. "And a slutty animal at that," he leered at Annette, his mouth a forest of needle like teeth. Lank greasy looking hair hung from its head in sparse patches.

Behind him stood a Minotaur; bulls head, tail, hoofed feet, massively muscled human body, the whole nine yards! Like the walking skeleton he was nude, and his cock and balls were even bigger. His head and various places on his body were covered in course curly hair. He was a dark reddish-brown all over, whether or not there was hair it was all the same colour. His huge tongue was lolling out of his mouth, dripping drool onto the floor. "I don't know brother Talon," he rumbled in a voice like stone grating on stone, "I think she looks more like a tasty morsel for our tables. Then again, I like my meat a big gamy."

"Your Highness'," Therre said giving each a bow, "this is my Prince's place of cleansing. May I ask what you are doing here?" She said this very respectfully, but there was a hint of steel in her voice.

"We are Lord Coil's children slave. We go where we wish when we wish. Hold your tongue or I'll give one of your pets there such agony that she'll drown in that bath." Talon lurched forward into the room. The women on the rim of the bath moved out of his way, but Annette noticed that as the other, who must have been Prince Blood, followed Talon into the room one of older women quietly left.

"Come here cunt!" Blood said to Annette, placing one hoofed foot on the edge of the bath. Therre gripped her shoulders tighter and whispered, "don't move. Stay with me."

"She is not yet ready your Highness, and we have our orders directly from Prince Ebony himself." Therre still spoke very respectfully, but the hint of steel was still in her voice.

Annette felt no desire for these two creatures. There was no polish to them, as had been evident in Ebony. Despite his horrible appearance there was a strange appeal to him. Talon and Blood were simply disgusting and dripped evil.

"Did he ask if she was ready?" said Talon in an ominous voice. Then he made a gesture and the three women who had been helping clean Annette all screamed and fell back into the water. "Bring her to us Therre, or these three will drown trying to scream their pain into the water!"

Therre hesitated, looking at the three young women struggling under the water, the surface rolling with their thrashing movements. Then she gave Annette a gentle push and moved with her towards the edge of the bath. As soon as she moved the three women stopped writhing and 3 others jumped into the water and helped them to the surface. They stood coughing and gasping for air. As Annette and Therre reached the edge, Blood reached out, grabbed Annette around her neck and hauled her out of the water like a toy doll.

He spun and dropped her onto the tiles at the edge of the pool then he shoved her down onto her back. "Well look here my brother, this little piece of meet seems to have been carved on before." He ran his rough hands over her scared legs.

"Oooooooohhhhh now isn't that nice," said Talon. "Maybe we should make the rest of the body match those legs. I find them very appealing personally." He also ran his hands over her legs and then up to her pussy, his fingers roughly entering her. "Do you have any idea how much pain our Father is capable of giving you? You'll think the collar is a kiss compared to what he can do. You're going to die shrieking your lungs out." Blood was grabbing her tits as Talon used the sharp edge of one of his claws on the edge of her pussy.

Annette gasped in pain, and then felt both their hands suddenly withdraw. She opened her eyes to see Therre standing over her with the same kind of knife the Imp had gone after Prince Ebony with earlier. Both Talon and Blood suddenly backed up, getting some distance between her and them. "You dare?! I'll have you dipped in acid and then roasted to the bone….and I'll keep you alive for all of it," Talon screamed at her.

"This is my master's house, Prince Talon, and I have been charged with getting this woman ready for your Father. You may have MY body for your pleasures if you wish, but you will NOT have her. Prince Ebony himself made this blade, and bonded it to me. If you try to touch her again, with regret I will use it. You can't use MY collar, I am Ebony's handmaiden not yours, and I can cut you at least once before you kill me." Therre did not speak disrespectfully, but neither did she give them any real respect. There was no fear in her voice and the blade was rock steady.

Suddenly Talon's hand shot forward, wrapped around Annette's ankle, yanked her out from under Therre's legs and tossed her to Blood. Blood grabbed an ankle in each of his ham-sized hands. "Drop the Soul Dagger Therre….or I'll rip her legs out!"

Then a massive dark shape moved into the room incredibly fast and there was a loud slap as it reached Talon. Talon flew across the room to land with a splash in the water. Blood dropped Annette to the floor and ducked his head, trying to gore Talon's attacker but suddenly the dark blur moved back and Blood stumbled over the edge and into the bath as well.

Ebony stood there…his face a study of murderous rage and his eyes glowing a dark and malevolent green. He stood over Annette looking at his sputtering brothers in the bath.

"This is MY House! How dare you touch my slave's without my permission!" Ebony's voice was once again that terrifying metal grating sound. His hands were clenched and Annette could see that his scaled body was tense. "By what right do you touch Father's Gift before he does, and in my place of cleansing? And why do I find my handmaiden holding you both off with a knife?" His voice got louder and louder, until it was crashing back from the high ceiling over head.

"That cunt refused a direct order brother. And she pulled a weapon on a Prince of the Blood. I demand she be punished." This came from Blood; Talon stood glaring at Ebony, licking dark black blood that was oozing from the edge of his mouth.

"Oh she will get exactly what she deserves….have no fear of that. Now answer my question….what were you doing with Father's Gift?" He gestured to Annette.

"Ooooooooh, dear brother I AM sorry," Talon said with a oily smile, "we didn't realise that she was your Gift to Father. You've never brought one before, so how could we know? We simply thought she was a new whore for the barracks."

"With my personal collar on her neck, being attended by body slaves and my handmaiden in my personal cleansing room?" Ebony's voice showed clearly that he did not believe either of them.

"There was given orders from me to get this one ready for Father. You know better than to interfere with that. Perhaps I should inform Father that you may well have damaged his Gift?" This last was asked with a sinister edge in his voice.

"Oh no need brother…we had not yet done anything much. She is still fine for Father. So sorry for the misunderstanding. We'll be going now." Talon grabbed Blood by the arm and pulled him towards the door. "One question brother; where did Therre ever come across a Soul Dagger? Father has forbidden them to all but those of the Blood." Blood sneered at Ebony, obviously thinking he had something to hold over Ebony.

"I could ask you two the same question. One of the Imps you sent to help me catch my Gift carried one. He even tried to use it." Ebony gave both of his brothers a very arched look. Neither of them answered the question.

Talon paused near Therre, who still stood fearlessly facing him, the dagger still in her hand. "When this whore runs from Father in terror, Ebony will be finished once and for all. Then I will take you for my own ….and you will beg me to burn you alive to end the suffering I will give to you. This I swear." Then he pulled Blood out the door, slamming it with a boom so hard that pieces of marble fell from the ceiling into the water.

Ebony looked down at Annette; his face still filled with anger and his eyes still glowing. "Did they harm you? Speak woman! Did they violate your body?" Ebony had no allure for her now….he was very scary when he was angry.

"N-n-n-no. Talon tried to finger me, but he was just starting when Therre stopped him." She looked over to Therre, who had moved over to comfort the 3 young women, who were still coughing water out of their lungs.

Like a faucet being turned off, all the anger in Ebony seemed to fade away. He took a deep breath and his body relaxed. He reached down and pulled Annette to her feet. "All is well then. They must be less secure than they pretend if they are afraid enough to try something this stupid."

He turned to Therre, who was now standing by his side. "I wish you had not revealed that dagger to them Therre. I gave it to you to protect yourself from the Imps while I was out hunting this one…..not to use it on one of the Blood." His voice sounded genuinely regretful. "If they tell Father you may be in for severe punishment."

"I knew that my Prince, but if she were violated or frightened too badly then she would probably fail as a Gift. After this long a delay, and after the trouble you have had back home that would finish us all anyway. If I must pay the price so be it. I will see you win over your brothers, and help your Father restore Soulworld, no matter the price." She looked Ebony directly in the eyes as she said it and Annette could see that she meant every word. "If your brothers win it will spell doom for our world. And it is time, more than time, for you to take your place beside your Father."

"Indeed," agreed Ebony. "Well I gave my word that you will be given what you deserve and my word is my bond. Let us just hope that 'what you deserve' will be a reward." He then turned to the three girls who were still getting back their breath. "What happened to your pleasure pets Therre?"

"Talon used them to make me bring your Gift to him. He would have let them drown if I hadn't. We had begun to arouse her desires when they came in, and these 3 stood between your brothers and your Gift. Talon didn't like that." Therre's voice was a mix of anger at Talon and pride for 'her pets'.

"Ah, then your slaves have done me a favour ….and been punished for it. Well I think that deserves a reward….with your permission of course Therre." Annette was once again struck by the smoothness of Ebony. Despite his monstrous appearance he had a smooth and cultured manor. She began to feel that strange desire once again…and this time she did not fight it.

"All that I am, and all that I have is yours my Prince," Therre replied, her voice softening soon much that Annette realised that Therre was deeply in love with Ebony.

"That is true, but I will follow the old ways. My brother's lust and greed has brought our world to the edge of disaster. You may be my slave and handmaiden, but these 3 are your slaves, not mine. My brothers greatest failing is that they believe that everything our Father rules is theirs to do with as they please. Including Soulworld itself. And with Father so weak I'm afraid they…..I babble to much."

Ebony walked over to the three young women, who bowed deeply to him. "You love your Father my Prince," The tallest said, "it is that love that makes you so worried. Your brothers love only his power. We will do all we can to help you save our world from them. We love you both as well."

"And that loyalty and love shall be repaid," Ebony said and then he touched each of the women's collars. The three women suddenly gasped and trembled all over. The tallest would have fallen backwards into the pool if Ebony had not caught her and lowered her to the tiles. The other two sank down beside her, moaning loudly and shuddering from head to foot.

What was he doing? These women had tried to help her and he was punishing them? Then she saw one of the women snake her hand down to her pussy….her fingers shaking and clutching at her black panties, the nipples on her breasts hard as rock. The other two were caressing each other, their breasts pressed together, as least as much as their spasming bodies would allow. Then the tallest threw back her head and screamed a long cry of pure pleasure and joy. All three women were obviously in the throws of an incredible orgasm!

"Enough," said Ebony, "at least for now. Assuming we are all alive tomorrow night, I will take you 3 to my bed and truly reward you." The three women lay panting on the tiles, recovering from their cumming but each gave him a smile and nodded her head.

Ebony turned to Therre and Annette. "How much did they tell you?" he asked looking directly at Annette.

Annette was still staring at the 3 women, who were shamelessly kissing and touching each other, obviously still somewhat affected by whatever the collars had done to them. Remembering the touch of those same hands on her own body, she felt her desire returning.

She felt Ebony's cool scaly fingers gently grab her chin and turn her to face him. He was smiling though, and she felt her desire rising further at the touch of his hand. It felt so good, soft yet strong and so smooth. "Now," he said, with a hint of amusement in his voice, "what did my brothers say to you?"

"They said that your Father would hurt me very badly….that I would die in great pain." Annette felt a bit dizzy. This was all happening much to fast. These people were going to kill her, but she could not stop the desire she felt rising in her. It was so confusing, but after all these months of denying her strong sexuality she hadn't the strength to fight it.

"Then they are fools who can not see what I can. Then again, they have ever seen the world as they wished it to be, not as it is." Ebony still held her face in his hand, his eyes boring into hers. She could feel her desire strengthening into genuine need now. He was looking less and less horrible by the moment; his deep green eyes seemed to bore into her soul. He smiled again, and then released her. "Well, if frightening you was their goal, they do not seem to have succeeded. Hold onto that desire little one, and match it with your courage."

"Finish your work Therre, it is very nearly time." He turned away then, looking out over the bath, absorbed in his own thoughts.

"As you wish my Prince." Therre took Annette's hand and guided her back to the edge of the bath. Then they sat her down on a marble bench and began to rub some kind of oil into her skin. The oil soothed her skin where they had shaved her and made her skin shine. It felt very good, especially on her scared legs, leaving behind a soft warmth. They rubbed her entire body down with the oil, making her more aroused by the minute. Annette had all but forgotten her vow to die fighting, her body and her soul making demands far stronger than her pride. While her body was oiled, Therre combed out the last tangles in her hair, leaving it a flowing main that spilled down her back in waves.

When every surface on her body had been oiled, and her hair shone with renewed vitality, the helped her to her feet, and gave her a robe the same as their own. The fabric was not silk after all, but some strange fabric she had never seen that clung to her body and caressed her skin.

She stood for a moment, looking at herself in the mirror that they showed her. Was that really her? It had been at least a year since she had looked this pretty, if ever. Whatever made Ebony's Father accept his Gift, she would not be rejected because she was ugly, scared legs or no. She was feeling very aroused, but at the same time there was no one target for her desire and need. She simply felt ready to be touched and to touch.

"She is ready my Prince. More than ready I think." Therre took Annette's hand, and kissed the palm. "I wish they had not interrupted….I would have like to continue our bath." Therre looked deep in her eyes. "Tell me woman, what is your name?"

It was only then that Annette realised that no one had asked for her name. "My name is Annette," she replied, taking Therre's hand and kissing it as well.

Therre pulled Annette into her arms, and gave her a kiss like no other Annette had ever received. It seemed to fill her very soul with pleasure. Annette returned the kiss, not caring one wit that there were so many others around them. Therre broke the kiss, pulling Annette into an embrace. "Do well by us all, both your people and mine Annette. Give yourself over to your destiny, take the reward you will be given, and don't lose courage." Therre whispered this into her ear, the words filled with hope and longing.

Then Therre put Annette's hand into Prince Ebony's. "Take her my Prince. Take her to your Father."

Ebony said nothing, simply scooped Annette up into his arms and carried her out the door. Annette felt the return of her fear as she was taken to what she knew was her death, and she snuggled into his arms, trying to take comfort from the strange yet lovely feel of his skin on hers.

He carried her down a long corridor, saying nothing until they reached a set of ornate double doors, large enough to let 3 or 4 elephants walk through at once. He set her down in front of them, and turned her to face him. "I have never lied to someone who is about to face this. What is the sense in lying now? No matter what happens this night Annette, you are going to die. But the manner of your death is up to you. Hold onto your desire and your destiny will be glorious. One last time; have courage." Annette nodded to him, trying to push her fear back down again. Now matter how horrible her death would be, no matter how much agony this Lord Coil needed to inflict on her, she would do it to save everyone. She took a deep breath, and then turned to the door.

Ebony then opened the doors, and gently pushed her into the room beyond. The room was the size of a large church, with high vaulted ceilings. It was some 80 or 90 feet long and about 30 feet across. The walls and floors looked like they were made of basalt and black marble in intricate interlacing patterns.

There was no carpet and her slippers whispered as she walked with Ebony down the long room. There were no windows but despite the dark colours the room was well lit from hundreds and hundreds of candles. They made the room hot and it was humid was well. The candles gave off a strange spicy cent, but underneath it there was another smell that she could not quite catch. As she got further along, Annette felt her fear rising further as she detected an all too familiar smell. She had been in too many battles no to recognise the smell of carnage. Blood, urine, faeces, and the heavy cloying odour of fear could be smelled faintly in the background. She stopped breathing through her nose, trying to breathe just through her mouth. She knew it wouldn't stop it completely, but it would help. Annette tried to hang on to her desire and ignore the fear, but the blood smell brought back to the surface her memories of battles. She had to be brave! She must not let her fear take possession of her.

"My brothers have brought many women here, trying to find someone, anyone, whom father would accept as his Gift. The constant stream of poor choices enraged Father, and has weakened him further. After their attempt to panic you I am beginning to believe that that was their intention all along. I am no longer first in line….if Father dies Talon gets the throne and Blood will be there lick up the crumbs Talon will give him." She could feel Ebony's rage, but it was hard to tell whether it was for the women who had been slaughtered or for his brothers' schemes.

They had now reached the far end of the room, and Annette could see that 'Lord Coil' took his name seriously. The end of the room was decorated in a snake motif. Annette looked at the beautiful coiled serpents that decorated the walls and columns and tried to summon up her own special desire, the fetish she had been forced to leave behind more than a year ago. She felt her old familiar desires start to rise, but it did not overwhelm her fear.

The most impressive sculpture made up a dais upon which rested a massive black marble throne. The dais was a giant coiled snake, dark black with green flecks and bright green eyes. It was as thick as a rain barrel in the middle and would have been some 50 or 60 feet when uncoiled. God it was beautiful….and looked so real. She looked up to the throne and tried to judge the size of the being that would sit on it. If it were at all proportional then Lord Coil would be twice the size of Ebony. At the foot of the dais was a large deep pool, filled with clear water which was steaming a bit.

Then the doors boomed open again, and Talon and Blood walked into the room. Blood was dragging behind him a woman on a chain. She was cleaned and washed and wearing a robe like Annette's but she was obviously not willing. With Talon were three very young women, girls really, all of whom had a vamped look on their beautiful faces, and were fondling his grossly huge cock. They seemed to hardly notice where they were.

"Well brother, I see she didn't run away. Watching her scream when Father confronts her may be the highlight of my day. This ones silent defiance is becoming tiresome." Blood gave the chain a tug that yanked her off her feet and flung her to the floor in front of his feet. "Pain," he said, and the woman began to writhe and squeal, clutching her throat.

"Enough," cried Ebony, and the woman stopped screaming. "You will not punish her unless she tries to escape. You will follow the old ways here and now, if at no other place in the cosmos."

Blood gave Ebony a hard look, but seemed unwilling to press the point. He gave the woman's chain another yank, telling her to stand up and not to move or talk. Whatever happened here, Annette hoped the poor woman would die quickly. She obviously had no choice at all. Annette might have no choice either, but at least she was willing to give her life to save her world. She doubted that Blood would have had the same pity as to tell this woman what was at stake.

"Well I think I've found three ladies just up Father's alley. From what they tell me they would enjoy Father's attention." Talon looked down on the vamped girls, who from the dull but lustful looks on their faces had little brains. Annette could not help but feel both pity and contempt for them.

ENOUGH….I GROW WEARY OF YOUR BICKERING. The voice seemed to fill both the room and Annette's head at the same time. It echoed in the vaults of the ceiling and in the vaults of her mind. Unlike the voices of the Princes, this voice sounded human except that it was incredibly deep and powerful, as if it came from a giant. But despite the power that made it echo around the room and in her head, it sounded weary, as if the speaker were incredible tired.

SO EBONY, YOU HAVE FINALLY DECIDED TO HONOUR YOUR FATHER? Annette tried to see where the voice was coming from, but it seemed to come from everywhere at once and she could not see anyone besides the Gifts and the Princes. Then she heard a sound, like sandpaper moving on stone and she turned to look at the throne.

Good God!! The dais was moving! It was alive! Annette froze; her eyes locked to the giant snake as it slowly unwound from the marble platform that its body had hidden. Her heart leapt and she could feel her breath catch. God in heaven….it looked so deadly and so beautiful. This was her fantasy come to life! She felt her heart flutter in excitement.

YOUR BROTHERS HAVE BROUGHT MANY GIFTS TO ME EBONY….ALTHOUGH THEY HAVE PROVED TO HAVE POOR TASTE. The head of the monstrous snake turned towards the three groups of people. Annette felt a cold shiver go down her spine as its cold reptilian eyes swept across hers. Despite her old fantasy, the reality and the power of this creature made her cold. This was no fantasy, no Internet chat. This was cold reality. The lips did move as he spoke, the voice just seemed to be everywhere at once, including in her head.

"It took me some time to find a worthy choice Father, but I'm sure you will agree with me that my Gift has been worth the wait," Ebony replied, giving the snake a deep bow. By pure instinct she bowed with him, noticing out of the corner of her eye that both Talon and Blood did the same but none of their Gifts did.


"I took my time with my choice Father so as not to displeasure you." Ebony gripped Annette's shoulders tightly. She was sure he could feel both her desire and her fear of Lord Coil, but he gave not hint of it in his voice.

"I still say he should be punished for his lack of respect Father. Perhaps Blood and I have been a bit hasty in some of our choices, but at least we have been here." Talon gave Ebony a disgusted look.

WE DISCUSSED THIS EARLIER TALON. EBONY HAS BEEN DOING MORE THAN PILLAGING VILLAGES FOR NUBILE WOMEN. MUST I DISCIPLINE YOU FOR YOUR DISRESPECT? The voice in her head and echoing around the room was filled with anger. An anger that left Annette shivering in fear.

Talon drew back, trying to hide his obvious fear. "No Father. If you say Ebony has not disrespected you then I accept that."


Out of the corner of her eye, Annette noticed that Talon smirked and Blood licked his lips.

Lord Coil continued to unwind until enough of his massive body was free from the throne for him to slide across the floor, his head sliding back and forth as he approached Talon's Gifts first. A forked tongue slide from between his lips as he got closer, flickering, tasting the air around the women.

As he got beside them his tail finally left the throne. He pulled up to the three and coiled himself, his body large enough that when he rested his head on the top most coil it was 8 feet off the floor. He looked down at them, his cold reptilian eyes unreadable.

"Forward my pretties," Talon said, "my Father has been waiting for you." The three girls came forward, their eyes filled with unthinking lust, running their hands over the shinning green and black scales of Lord Coils' body. They took off their robes, and began to rub their naked bodies over him, sighing with passion and growing lust. Annette felt herself responding to that lust, but not with just sexual desire. That unfocused desire was back, but now it was finally focusing on one being: Lord Coil. She tried to let her old fantasy take hold of her again….her desire beginning, just beginning, to win out over her survival instincts.

Then his head moved until it was level with one of the girls, who was busy rubbing herself on his body, her legs on either side of him. She froze as his eyes locked with hers and Annette could see her mouth moving, talking to him, but her words were too soft for Annette to hear.

This tableau held for several minutes, Lord Coil's tail slowly moving more and more, twitching back and forth. His tongue would flicker out every so often, occasionally flickering over the girl's face. Annette was watching her, and she could see that despite her frozen body, her face grew more and more fearful. The other girls had stopped as well, looking at their companion, their own faces showing fear as well. Annette felt her fear returning as well…..what was he saying to them?

"No you cunt, NO!", Talon cried as he saw the girl start to struggle. "It can be as good as I told you! Don't…."

Suddenly the girl broke away from Lord Coil's eyes, screaming in fear. "Noooooooo!!!! I thought you wanted to fuck us!!! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!" and with that she bolted and ran. The other two girls cuddled together, holding to each other in their terror.

The girl got no more than 10 feet when Lord Coil struck. He had seemed so sluggish earlier but suddenly his head and 20 feet of his body shot out and looped around the girl in the blink of an eye. At the same time his tail and 3 or 4 loops of his coiled body shot out and looped around the other two girls.

IF I WANTED SLUTS YOU FOOL I COULD FIND THEM IN THE BARRACKS!! DIE COWARD!!!! The sheer amount of anger in his voice made Annette's legs go weak, and made the three girls squeal in fright. Then the massively muscled body began to tighten on them. Annette clearly heard a squeak from the two girls caught by his tail as the air was driven from their lungs.

His jaws gapped wide as his head reared over the first girl, her mouth open in a scream of pure terror. As the mouth descended the girl pissed herself, the urine spilling onto her legs and the floor. Then the jaws clamped down over her head and the girl's final terrified wail was muffled.

Annette felt her heart flutter in fear as she heard the girl shriek in agony. There was a splintering crunch and blood spurted out both sides of Lord Coil's mouth. The girls arms, which were free of the coils went into jerky spasms and her body shuddered. Then Lord Coil opened his mouth again and reared back up. It was only Annette's combat experience that kept her from being sick as she saw the ruin of splintered bone and pulped flesh that had once been the girl's head. Blood's Gift was not so lucky and she began to spew up her last meal on the floor.

Lord Coil let the girl go and her body fell to the floor spurting blood and brains as it jerked and flopped around, her throat making strange garbled noises. He turned his head towards the other two girls one of whom had fainted. The other was too busy hammering at Lord Coil's body to notice his head descending towards her. Lord Coil waited until she was finished, then lowered his head into her line of vision. The girl opened her mouth to scream but she had no air to make any sound. Then her face was cut off as he looped several coils of his upper body around her shoulders and face, still keeping his tail wrapped around her lower body and legs.

SO YOU THREE TOUGHT TO CURRY FAVOUR WITH ME IN EXCHANGE FOR GIVING ME YOUR BODY'S AS SEXUAL TOYS?! DECIEVERS!!! LIARS!!! USELESS, ALL THREE OF YOU, USLESS!!!! Annette could feel the murderous rage pouring off of him, as well as smell the girls' fear. Like her companion she was pissing herself in her terror. Then Lord Coils mighty muscles heaved and tightened on the girls body as he twisted in two directions at once, the girl giving off a final tiny squeak as the last of the air was forced from her body.

With an awful tearing sound the girl was twisted up like a dishrag and then torn in half at the waist. Blood and faecal matter sprayed around the room as the girl's internals were torn and burst out of her body. Then he flung both halves at the cringing Talon.

IDIOT!!! USLESS IDIOT!!! THIS IS MORE THAN SEX, FAR MORE THAN JUST A PHYSICAL MATING!!! BAH!!! THIS WAS NOT EVEN WORTH THE ENERGY TO KILL THEM!! And with that he raised his tail high into the air and brought it down with terrific force on the last girl who was still out cold on the floor. The slap as it hit was like a clap of thunder and blood flew out from under his body as the girl was smashed to pulp in one single blow. Annette felt drops of it pattering her face and the robe she wore. By this time the first girl had stopped moving.

Lord Coil moved over to the pool, and slid his massive body into it. He seemed to settle down, muttering to himself in words that she could not understand.

Annette was trying to hold off her own panic as she felt the blood run down her cheek. She had been so aroused at the first sight of Lord Coil for he seemed like her fetish come to life. But this was horrific! This was not what she wanted!

"Courage Annette, courage!," Ebony hissed in a fierce whisper. His hands were still on her shoulders, and he gripped them tightly, preventing her legs from betraying her. She fought her growing fear with all her might. This would buy the Earth peace if only she could figure out what Lord Coil was looking for from her death. What had he meant about 'this being far more than just a physical mating'? She was beginning to get a handle on her fear when she saw Lord Coil move once again, this time moving towards Blood's Gift. The water had washed the blood off his body, and he left a long wet trail behind him as he moved.

Blood was grinning in triumph looking at Talon who had retreated to the wall, cringing away from his Father, and missed his approach. By the time he had turned back, Lord Coil was already locking eyes with the woman. Blood moved hastily to remove the woman's robe and push her forward until her face was almost touching Lord Coil's.

Annette could she from the violent shuddering of her body that the woman was terrified. But she faced him eye to eye. Her face broke from time to time, tears spilling down her cheeks, but she never once spoke, never once pleaded with him or tried to pull away. She only moved when his tongue flickered over her cheeks, tasting her tears, and even then, it was only the slightest flinch. And each time her face clouded she managed to get herself back under control. Whoever this woman was she had a great deal of courage.

Finally, after several minutes, Lord Coil himself broke contact. WELL, AT LEAST THIS ONE HAS TRUE COURAGE. YOU ARE AMOUNG THE BRAVEST SOULS I HAVE EVER MEET WOMAN.

Blood's face was filled with joy and hope. His Gift was to be the one! Then Lord Coils echoing voice continued.


The woman looked hopeful, perhaps believing that her courage had bought her life. Blood's bullish face would have been comical if the circumstances were different. He looked shocked and chest fallen, like some little boy who had just been told there was no Santa Claus.

Lord Coil pulled away from her, and the hope in her face blossomed. Then with no warning, his tail lashed out in a blur of movement so fast that Annette did not see it moving until it was over. It struck the woman in the side of the head with a sound half way between a crack and a pop. Her head was simply destroyed; there was no time for the woman to see it coming, let alone feel it hit. Blood fountained out the stump of her neck and her body fell twitching to the floor.

YOU THOUGHT THE FACT THAT THIS WOMAN WOULD NOT OBEY YOU, NO MATTER HOW MUCH PAIN YOU GAVE HER WOULD MAKE HER A GOOD GIFT? FOOL!!! STILL YOU HAVE NOT LEARNED!!! And with that he lashed out at Blood, who was still standing in shocked disappointment. His tail slammed into Blood's chest and sent him tumbling across the room to crash into Talon.

FOOLS!!!! IDIOTS!!!! I AM NOT AFRAID OF DEATH'S CHILL EMBRACE, BUT MUST I PASS THE CARE OF MY WORLD ONTO THESE IDIOTS EBONY?!! WHY DIDN'T YOU AT LEAST BRING ME A GIFT, ANY GIFT BEFORE NOW?! NOW THEY STAND AHEAD OF YOU!!! Annette was stunned, not by the anger, but by the despair in the voice. Lord Coil obviously knew what his other two sons were like, but he seemed bound by these Rights of the Old Ways as much as Ebony claimed to be. Once again he settled down in the pool of warm water, muttering to himself, his forked tongue licking the blood off his tail in an almost absent manor.

Ebony gripped her shoulders even more tightly, once again whispering into her ear. "Now, watch him. Don't think of what you have seen. Just look at him and think of his embrace. You have the desire….I can feel it…..embrace it Annette. You can give Father exactly what he is looking for. Have the strength, please!" The last held a note of desperation, for he could no doubt also feel that she was very frightened.

What did Lord Coil want? What was it? It couldn't be just the desire she had felt for him earlier. The first three had been rejected because of their lust. And the last poor woman had only earned a merciful death with her courage. What did he want? She looked at the coiled body and tried to figure it out. She did not want to die like those poor girls had! What was more important was that if she could be the Gift he was looking for, she could save the Earth more bloodshed, and keep Talon and Blood from getting the throne and ruling the human slaves. Even in her fear, even though they had invaded her world, she would not wish THAT fate on any being. She kept her eyes glued to Lord Coil as she fought her fear, tying desperately to find within herself that thing Ebony said Lord Coil was looking for. She watched his muscled body slide back and forth, the scales making a dry scraping sound as he moved. The water washed the blood from his body as he turned around several times. She had loved snakes too long not to admire his beauty; the green flecks making the black seem all the darker. He was beautiful….even in her fear Annette could not help but see it. Then she gasped as he suddenly slid from the pool, his head arched off the floor, slithering across the floor towards herself and Ebony.


"Then come my Father, and look into a truly wonderful soul." Ebony gave her one last squeeze, then he pulled the robe off her shoulders and she stood naked before the power and beauty of Lord Coil.

Annette felt her heart thumping in fear and her body tremble in a mix of terror and longing as the massive snake slid towards her. She still did not know what Lord Coil wanted. She wanted to save her world…she would give him whatever he needed if only she could find what Ebony said was inside her. But she could not. She held her breath, determined that if she could not prove a good Gift, she would at least follow her original idea and die with as much courage as the last women had shown.

For all that, she felt her legs go weak as Lord Coil got closer. Her eyes locked to his sinuous body, and she found she could not look away. He was so beautiful and so frightening at the same time.

His head moved down until he was staring at her legs, his tongue flickering out, brushing across her scars. She gasped as she felt it touch her skin; she had though it would be cold, but it was warm….warm and wet. Now that he was close she could see that it was much longer than that of a normal snake. It was coiled in his mouth, only a small part of it touching her. And it was thick as well; as thick as a large cock. She stood trembling as he slowly moved up, his tongue flickering over the marks on both legs. He reached her thighs, then pulled back so that his eyes were level with hers. His tongue continued to flicker in and out, tasting her scent and the air around her. Then his eyes locked directly on to hers.

Annette could feel those eyes! They bored right into her and she found that she could not move; not so much as a hair. She could feel a strange sensation deep within her, as if somehow his body was coiling around her very soul. She could not move to look, but she was sure he was not actually touching her. Yet she could feel his dry smooth body wrapping around her entire being. She could not stop the moan that escaped her lips as Lord Coil's soul enveloped her own. Those cold reptile eyes became all that she could see, and then she heard him speak, but this time it was only in her head, not outside as well.

I AM THE LORD COIL, THE HIGH LORD OF SOULWORLD. YOU ARE NOW MY PREY, BUT YOU MAY YET BE MY GIFT. AND TO BE MY GIFT IS TO BE REWARDED BEYOND MEASURE. THE CHOICE OF PREY OR GIFT IS YOURS TO MAKE NOT MINE. ANSWER MY QUESTIONS WOMAN AND DO NOT LIE FOR I WILL KNOW. She could feel him! She could feel the touch of his soul on hers….and it felt good! His voice was now soft and deep, reaching far into her mind, impossible to ignore, but not so frightening now.

HOW WERE YOU WOUNDED WOMAN? She was startled by the question, but she answered immediately. "In battle with your army. My tank was hit."

YOUR ARE A WARRIOR? PART OF THE ARMY WHICH OPPOSSES US? "Yes," she answered. "But I was left for dead when I was hurt. I had to survive on my own."


His head was just in front of hers now, and she could feel his tongue flicking over her face. It was warm, and far from smelling bad, his breath had a faint spicy order that was actually pleasant. She felt him lick the drying blood from her cheek and she felt his saliva wet her skin. She could still feel his soul entrapping hers, and as frightening as it was, it also felt very good. So warm and encompassing. She was still afraid, but that old familiar feeling from her Internet days began to thrum in her body.

DO YOU FIND ME BEAUTIFUL MORTAL? I SAW THE WAY YOU LOOKED AT ME WHEN YOU ENTERED THIS ROOM. He sounded amused. "Yes. I've never seen anything like you. So deadly, so powerful, but yet so beautiful in form." She meant it to. There was no mistaking the power in the body. He was lethal, and yet like many powerful snakes, he was beautiful to behold.

TELL ME LITTLE MORTAL YOU ARE AFRAID OF ME, ARE YOU NOT? His eyes bored into hers. "Y-y-y-yes. I'm scared. But I won't run." She could not stop the tremble in her voice.

THEN YOUR ARE VERY BRAVE OR VERY FOOLISH. TELL ME….WHY WOULD YOU NOT RUN IF GIVEN THE CHANCE? WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN TOLD? This last was on a slightly angry note, and she could feel his soul tighten on her own. Although she could breath easily, she found herself gasping for air.

"I-I-I-I was only told that I was going to die, but if I was the Gift you wanted you would go home. And that it would save not just Earth but your home as well." As she said it she felt his grasp on her soul lessen. "I'll do whatever you want me to Lord Coil…willingly…..I want to…..," she continued, but he cut her off.

WHO TOLD YOU THIS? WAS IT EBONY? She did not answer right away. If she didn't speak he couldn't know if she was lying she hoped. TELL ME!!! And she gasped as she felt him squeeze her soul and mind. It didn't hurt, in fact if felt comforting in a strange way, but she knew that it was to show his power over her.

"It was not Ebony," she gasped out, and the pressure lessened.


DO YOU WISH TO DIE LITTLE ONE? "No," she answered immediately, "but I'm willing to. I'm not scared of dying….only how I die." She had not meant to say the last, she just blurted it out.

His tongue was flickering all over her now…touching her everywhere. She could feel its wet touch and wondered what he was tasting and smelling. She could feel her desire growing steadily now, her fear getting less and less as he wove his soul around hers. She wanted to move her hand…so she could touch and feel him. She was sure that if she could actually feel his body as well that she would be able to conquer her fear. One of the strongest parts of her fantasy had always been imagining the feel of the snake.

YOU FEAR ME….AND YET YOU FEEL DESIRE FOR ME AS WELL? SPEAK WOMAN; DO YOU LUST FOR ME? She could feel his anger again, and she was sure that this was the same question he had asked the first girl he had killed.

She considered the question for a moment before answering. "N-N-N-Not just lust…it's more than j-j-just lust. I don't know how to say it….it is desire….but it's for you….not just for your body….I can't explain it."

YOU LIE, AND YET YOU DO NOT LIE. YOU DO NOT LUST FOR SEX FROM ME, BUT YOU DO KNOW WHAT YOU WANT FROM ME! YOU CAN EXPLAIN IT! SPEAK!! He was getting madder, and she felt her stomach flutter in fear. She had only ever told of her desire, her fetish, over the net. Never before had she told anyone face to face. And once she said it, she knew it would be too late. If she was not the Gift then he would kill her in the manor she spoke….and she was sure it would be nothing like her fantasy's. She felt his grip on her soul tighten once again, and this time it went from comfortable to restricting, causing her to gasp and shake, even though he still had not touched her physically.

SPEAK WOMAN!! TELL ME OR KNOW THAT YOU HAVE CHOOSEN TO DIE AS THE OTHERS DID…..AS A USELESS PIECE OF MEAT!! His eyes seemed to glow in the candle light….and she could see out of the corner of her eye that he was finally beginning to move. To her surprise, she found she could move her eyes just a little bit.

"I-I-I-It's not your body…..oh god…..its my body…..I……..," she couldn't say it. The words where stuck in her throat. She felt her heart flutter in fear, and she fought it with all her might. His grip on her soul tightened, and she found that all she could see was him…nothing else at all, even though see should be able to see beyond him. Please no….she didn't want to die like those poor girls!

Lord Coil brought his face closer until his dry lips were all but touching hers'. SPEAK WOMAN, OR DIE A COWARDS DEATH!! His tongue was flicking all over her face, and she realised that she was crying. She had not felt the tears before. She could move her eyes now…and she could see the tip of his tail, thumping up and down on the floor.

Annette brought all her courage to bear, forcing the words out her lips in a stuttering whisper, "I-I-I-I want to be c-c-c-c-consumed by y-y-y-you….to have y-y-y-you t-t-t-take me into your body….to have y-y-y-you swallow me alive….." Even as she said it, she felt her heart leap in fear. She held her breath to stop from screaming, expecting his jaws to split her skull in rage for her strange dark fetish.

But then the pressure on her mind and soul released, and his presence around her soul felt once again like a comforting grip. Lord Coil fell silent and still, his eyes staring into hers. Annette felt a warmth pass from his soul to hers. In her mind, she reached out to it, to try to touch it, and suddenly she could. She could feel it filling her.

THIS IS YOUR DESIRE? YOU WERE NOT TOLD BY EBONY OR THERRE WHAT WOULD HAPPEN HERE? The voice was quiet now, all its anger gone. It even sounded a bit doubtful and nervous. It was also said aloud, not just in her mind, although it echoed there as well.

"We told her only that she could save us all, and that she would die here tonight. And that if she had the courage she would be rewarded greatly. I give my word on that Father." Ebony's own voice came to her…and she was shocked. It was not that grating steel sound. It was smooth and polished, much like his Father's.


Annette could now move her hands. She realised that Lord Coil was slowly releasing his hold on her soul without actually letting her go. She brought her shaking hands up to his head. His tongue flickered out, to caress the palm of her hand, the feeling warm and wet and very sensual. "I've dreamt of it for many years….but I never thought it could be real."


"I know….I've always known…..but I want it so bad……" She could feel her fear fading more and more. She had said it now…and she realised that her fantasy, so long wanted, and so long repressed might yet indeed come true. She ran her fingers over his dry smooth body. She had expected it to be cold…but it was warm. Very warm.

NO….YOU ONLY THINK YOU UNDERSTAND. YOU WILL BE TOTALLY CONSUMED IF YOU LET ME TAKE YOU INTO MY BODY. NOT JUST YOUR BODY, BUT ALL OF YOU. YOU MIND, YOUR SPIRIT, AND YOUR VERY SOUL WILL BE MINE WOMAN. Annette could still feel her soul enwrapped by Lord Coil's, and he was gently cradling her. But just as he knew if she was lying, she could feel that he was telling the absolute truth.

I AM BOUND BY THE OLD WAYS WOMAN. I AM BOUND BY HONOUR TO TELL YOU THAT THERE IS LIFE AFTER THIS ONE. IF YOU SIMPLY DIE HERE THEN YOU WILL MOVE ON TO THE NEXT REALM. BUT IF YOU LET ME CONSUME YOU THEN YOUR EXISTANCE ENDS FOREVER. YOU WILL GIVE ME MORE THAN YOUR BODY, YOU WILL BE GIVING ME ALL THAT IS YOU. She could hear Ebony behind her, quietly whispering a litany over and over. "Please Annette, embrace it." She could hear that Talon and Blood were saying something as well, but she could not hear the words.

Annette was now stroking Lord Coil's smooth head, feeling his body getting warmer and warmer. Lord Coil's tongue was flickering over her face and neck now. It was a very sensual caress.

BUT I CAN NOT TAKE THESE THINGS….YOU MUST GIVE THEM TO ME. His voice sounded very excited now, and he was the one who seemed frozen in place now.

And now she finally understood. 'Have courage' everyone had said. Not the courage to die, or to say what she wanted, nor even the courage not to run from him. But the courage to end her very existence. It was one thing to die when you believed there might be an afterlife. It was another to do so knowing that she would be giving that all up.

That was the Gift! Not only must she have the courage to die, to be completely destroyed, but she must be truly willing to do so. Not to be a martyr, but a willing sacrifice that actually wanted Lord Coil and to be consumed by him. And not someone who longed for death either, but a person who had the will to live and was still willing to give herself to Lord Coil.

She felt the last of her fear melt away. What was there to be afraid of now? She had never believed in an afterlife, so why should the loss of it now make her afraid? And this was her fantasy. The fantasy she had had for years, and that she had been forced to abandon when this war started. And lastly, she could save two worlds with the Gift only she could give.

She turned to look at Ebony, feeling a warm gratitude to him now. As she looked into his eyes, she could see that he knew what her choice would be. His eyes filled with joy and hope and an incredible pride and gratitude towards her. As she turned back to Lord Coil her eyes swept pass Talon and Blood. They were still cringing at the back of the room their expressions a mixture of fear and loathing. Talon glared at her, and she returned the look with absolutely no fear. Then she turned back to Lord Coil.

It felt right to say something formal. "My Lord Coil, High Lord of Soulworld, I am Annette and I give to you my body, my will, and my soul. Take me my Lord; consume me. I give you myself as your Gift." She stepped forward, holding her arms out to him, so that her hands framed either side of his head.

Lord Coil's tongue darted to her lips, flicking gently across her lips. It felt soft an warm and tasted like cinnamon spice. She felt a sudden burst of warmth flood her soul and she heard, in her head only, THANK YOU BEAUTIFUL ONE….I PROMISE YOU THAT I WILL HONOUR YOUR MEMORY ALWAYS. Then aloud to the rest of the room he spoke again.

THIS GIFT HAS PROVEN HERSELF WORTHY. I ACCEPT YOUR GIFT MY SON. This last was said to Ebony, who cried out in exultation, "YES!!!!!!!!!" At the same time she heard Talon and Blood scream in frustration.


Annette felt something smooth and warm slide around her feet, and she looked down. Lord Coil's tail was slowly winding around her feet. Then it began to slide around her legs and up, more of his body following. Slowly her legs were wrapped in his coils and he continued to slide around her body. She held her arms high, so that they would not be trapped, and as he reached her breasts she brought them back down and ran her hands over his smooth scales. The power of the body under the soft skin was incredible.

Lord Coil's skin felt incredible as it rubbed on her body. The scales were smooth and slick, but not wet or slimy as so many people thought. The skin itself was soft and supple, yet each individual scale felt strong and hard. As he slid over her skin it felt very good, like the caress of pearls being rubbed back and forth. They rubbed every inch of skin that he covered, and stimulated her pussy, clit and breasts. She closed her eyes and sighed in pleasure. He continued this movement for several minutes, until her pussy was filled with warm wetness and her nipples were rigid. She ran her hands over his coils, feeling him tremble slightly as she did so.

Then the coils tightened in a warm pleasurable hug and he lifted her effortlessly into the air. She opened her eyes to see that he was lifting and turning her so that her feet were pointed towards him. She watched as he let the coils around her feet slip off so that they were free. She held them together, toes pointed as he brought her to his mouth. The sight of his jaws opening to take her in made pussy clench and begin to drip.

COME TO ME MY GIFT….BECOME ONE WITH ME. His jaws gapped wide, and Annette cried out in passion and long suppressed desire as he slid her feet into his mouth. His tongue ran over her soles and toes, wet and warm, until her feet were dripping in his saliva. She felt a tingling on her skin, a soft pleasant stinging, just enough to stimulate without being painful. She knew that it was his saliva beginning to digest her, but this though brought only excitement, not fear. Then she moaned as his lips closed over her calves, and she felt his first powerful swallow. It was all she could do to keep from screaming in pure joy at the sight of her calves disappearing into Lord Coil's mouth.

She felt her calves being drawn past his lips as the strong swallowing muscles wrapped around every surface of her feet and pulled them into Lord Coil's throat. It was warm and wet and it felt smooth and oh so good. The strong throat muscles constricted around her feet, seeming to touch everywhere, even between her toes. At the same time, the warmth that came from his soul continued to fill her, until she felt filled with light, her mind filled with as much pleasure as her body was beginning to feel.

She could feel his tongue, strong and long enough not to be completely trapped under her legs, lapping and licking all over her calves. It flicked and tickled along her scars, as if he found them as appealing as the rest of her. The stinging felt so good on the old abused flesh. She could see the tip of it flickering around the edges of his mouth. His saliva dripped out the corners of his mouth running down along her legs to drip onto the floor.

She knew most would find the sight disgusting, but it only made her more aroused. She could smell it; it had the same cinnamon spice smell as his breath. She felt his mouth and throat relax a moment as he took a deep breath, then they tightened again.

MORE LITTLE ONE…..FEEL YOURSELF ENTER MY BODY. And she had to stop another scream of pure pleasure as he swallowed again and her calves were drawn down his throat, his lips now just past her knees. The feeling as her feet and lower calves slid down his tight, warm, wet throat, gripped the entire time in a sensuous embrace was, pleasurable beyond belief. As good as her fantasy's had been, this was that much more intense.

She could feel tiny pricks along her thighs and knew these must be his teeth, but they did not hurt, did not cut her flesh. His skill was exquisite, and they simply held her in place as her licked her flesh. The tiny pricking sensations even felt good.

Out side his mouth, his coils continued to rub and caress her body. Her body was becoming one mass of shuddering pleasure. This was her true destiny…to be swallowed like this and to die in pleasure like few women would ever know.

His tongue now caressed and licked her scared thighs…soaking them in the spicy stinging liquid from his mouth. It was now pouring out his mouth, and she could feel it dripping onto her pussy lips. The pleasure as the warm thick liquid slid down her crack towards her butt before dripping to the floor made her shake from head to foot. Her pussy responded with a gush of moisture of its own….she had never been this wet in her life.

To her surprise she felt a deep groan shake Lord Coil's body. The shudders of it coming up his throat made it slide and grip her calves and feet, and made her echo it with a groan of her own.

DO NOT SURPRESS YOUR SCREAMS MY GIFT. CRY YOUR JOY TO THE STARS. I FEEL IT WITH YOU. NOW...DEEPER! And he swallowed again, this time with a slight slurping sound, and she was drawn in up the top of her thighs. As her thighs slid into his mouth, her calves and feet slipped down his throat, the warm wet walls gripping every cell of her skin, the pressure of the swallow squeezing her bones and muscles. She threw back her head and screamed her joy.

"YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! Take me my Lord!!!!!" Never in her life had she felt more aroused. The orgasm she felt building might well kill her it felt so intense!!

Now his tongue began to lick and lave all around her upper thighs, her butt and her mound. He did not, however touch either her pussy or her hole. He even seemed to go out of his way to avoid them. The feel of the hot wet tongue on her freshly shaved mound brought her to the very edge of cumming. She shook and shuddered, holding onto the coils that still wrapped her belly and breasts. She could feel him quiver as well, long shudders which started at his tail and moved in waves to his head. She could feel the vibrations in his throat.

She looked down her body at her legs, saliva dripping around the corners of Lord Coil's mouth. She felt an incredible excitement along with the pleasure; the excitement of seeing herself being swallowed whole and alive.

I TASTE YOU….ALL OF YOU….I TASTE YOUR JOY….GIVE YOURSELF TO THE PLEASURE….DO NOT FIGHT IT….LET IT TAKE YOU AWAY….AND MAKE US ONE….TAKE YOUR REWARD MY GIFT. Annette could feel Lord Coil's throat working around her calves and feet, gripping and releasing, massaging her flesh, until he seemed to have a good grip. His mouth opened and closed, his lips working back and forth. She realised that he was preparing to take in her hips.

She felt him take a deep breath, his throat and lips tighten, and then he gave another swallow and her hips were pulled into his mouth, her legs now almost completely in his throat. She closed her eyes and cried out in pleasure again as his throat closed around her legs, pressing and squeezing her flesh. She could not move her legs at all now; they were too far down, and too strongly gripped. This brought no fear, just more pleasure as every tiny muscle of his throat was gripping and squeezing her legs….the sensation was beyond belief.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!", she moaned, long and loud, as she felt the movement of his jaws and lips round her hips, and the squeezing of his throat. He answered this with a deep rumble from his throat, and another quiver of his entire body. She was breathing heavily now, on the very edge of cumming. She could feel a deep throbbing begin in Lord Coil's body, slow, powerful and steady. And then she felt his tongue.

Its thick base was directly under her asshole, and its wiggling and pushing as the rest of it moved around caused her to gasp. Then she sucked her breath back in through her teeth as the tip of that tongue probed her pussy lips. Her legs were pressed tight together, but Lord Coil thrust and pushed and forced his tongue deep inside her, the top part of his tongue sliding across her clit as he did so. She felt every inch of it slide inside her, her pussy spread wide by its thickness. The stinging sensation the rest of her body felt was nothing compared to what his saliva did to her pussy, clit and asshole. Then he began to plunge his tongue in and out, long deep strokes, flickering with incredible speed over every nerve of her pussy and clit. Her eyes flew open and her mouth wide as her clit and lips sent screaming signals of joy up her spine.

SOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOD….LORD OF THE FLAME WOMAN….IT HAS BEEN MILLENNIA SINCE I HAVE FELT THIS MUCH PASSION. AND YOUR TASTE…. Suddenly his thick tongue started to curl inside her, lapping the juices that were pouring out of her body. The walls of her pussy were spread wide by this, her lips pressed against her own flesh. Annette was moaning and gasping in pleasure, her body above the mouth writhing in joy.

This entire time, he had been using his lips to carefully position her in his mouth. Now he closed his mouth, and his sharp teeth prickled her skin in dozens of places. She felt several sharp tips seem to lengthen and press down on her clit and pussy lips as she felt his throat squeeze her even harder for a moment, holding her perfectly still. There was an instant of intense sharp pain as Lord Coil's jaws quickly pressed down and released, his teeth puncturing her body, clit and lips. And then a split second later his tongue slipped out of her pussy and licked the wounds.

Annette had been trying to hold off her cum, to build the pleasure, but the screaming joy that ripped out of her pussy simply picked her up and flung her head long into the most intense orgasm she had ever had. She locked her arms around the coils that wrapped her upper body, her nails digging into his scales and shrieked her joy.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" She wailed, her voice echoing off the walls and hammering into her own ears. Lord Coil's entire body convulsed and her cry was cut short as his coils tightened around her body, pressing her breasts into her chest.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS…..LET YOURSELF GO MY BEAUTIFUL PRIZE….ACCEPT MY REWARD FOR YOUR PRICELESS GIFT TO ME! His own voice was filled with pleasure and joy. Even in the throws of her orgasm she felt the burst of warmth that flooded her soul from his, as intense to her spirit as what his tongue was doing to her body. His coils relaxed on her chest, and she took in a lung full of air, once again screaming it out in one long cry of absolute joy.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Then she collapsed into shuddering as the wave of pleasure slowly ebbed.

"Oh God," she gasped, barely able to get her breath, "oh God, oh God….I've never….Lord Coil…..oh God……" It was all she was able to say. The pleasure was fading, but not stopping entirely. His throat still gripped her legs, and his tongue was still licking and stroking her flesh. She was amazed that she had not passed out from so intense a joy.

AND THIS IS BUT THE BEGINNING….DO NOT FIGHT IT….ACCEPT MY REWARD….YOU WILL NOT FALL UNCONCIOUS….YOU WILL FEEL IT ALL TO THE VERY END….AND I WILL SHARE IT WITH YOU. Then he pulled his tongue from her pussy and began to lick and stroke her belly and the sides of her hips.

She looked down her body, seeing it almost half way engulfed by Lord Coil. Her breath was panting in and out, and she stared in wonder and joy at this creature who was giving her pleasure beyond anything she had ever imagined. She could also feel a weakness slowly enveloping her body, a weakness that did not effect her pleasure, only the strength in her muscles. She knew he was consuming her strength, even as he slowly swallowed her body.

She no longer cared about her death. If this was the reward, then Therre had been right. It was worth the price. She ran her hands over his coils….loving the feel of them under her hands. The hot tight confines of his throat gripped her legs and feet in a wet loving embrace. It felt so good, as good as his tongue on her skin and she wondered what it would feel like as her whole body slid down it. She felt another burst of warmth flood her soul, followed by a wave of weakness in all her muscles.

Her belly and hips were dripping in his saliva now, and she held her breath, waiting. She could feel his lips and throat tightening, getting a firm grip. He paused for a moment, letting them both savour it, and then she felt him take a deep breath.

MORRRRRRRRRE….DEEPER. And he gave a massive swallow, a loud slurping sound coming from around his lips as he forced her hips, pussy and butt into his throat. She cried out in pleasure as her wounded pussy, butt and hips were suddenly engulfed by the warm wet tunnel of his throat.

"God yessssssssssssssssssss!!" she cried, looking down her body as she slid almost a full foot deeper into him, her breasts just above his lips. He relaxed his coils, which had been holding her and she was suspended 10 feet off the floor in his mouth alone. A shudder ran up her spine as his throat closed over her from the hips down, pressing into her flesh, making it quiver in pleasure. She was panting in excitement and pleasure and she looked at herself, being slowly sucked into this massive snake. She glanced over to Ebony, who was watching her with passion filled eyes. She turned back to look at Lord Coil, watching as his lips worked and moved on her rib cage. "Take me my Lord….oh god…….take me!!!"

AS YOU WISH MY GIFT. This time he did not pause, but opened his mouth wide and gave another convulsive swallow. She gasped in surprise as she watched her breasts pulled into his mouth, her stomach sliding into his throat. It was gripping her body from just above her belly button to the bottom of her feet. The warm slick tunnel gripped every tiny bit of her flesh in a strong intimate embrace. The feeling was incredible, and was getting more and more intense the further in she went, despite the growing feeling of weakness in her muscles. Her feet were tingling almost as much as her pussy and clit were as his saliva began the process of her digestion. The orgasm she felt building was almost frightening….and the build up was almost unbearable.

I HAVE TAKEN MANY WOMEN THIS WAY BUT MOST WERE FOR FEEDING. THEY FELT PLEASURE AND JOY BUT NOT LIKE YOU WILL FEEL MY GIFT. NOT EVEN MY PREVIOUS GIFTS HAVE GIVEN ME SO MUCH. I HAVE NEVER FELT SUCH PASSION IN MY LIFE…. The voice echoing around the room and in her head was filled with passion and lust, the sound very close to a pant. She could feel that deep pounding rhythm in his body begin to speed up, and she knew that she must be feeling his heart.

He began to run his tongue over her breasts. He started in long slow circles, slowly circling her breasts, getting closer to her nipples with each pass, moving from one breast to another. She could feel its length sliding along her ribs and back as well. Then the tip began flickering over her nipples them selves. The feel as his stinging saliva began to digest her breasts sent another blast of pleasure through her body, building her orgasm yet further. She let her head fall back and moaned in pleasure as he licked and tickled and flicked his tongue over her breasts. He lapped in long strokes underneath them, and then he licked each side of her rib cage and into her underarms. She was soaked in his saliva now, and she longed for the next swallow.

"ooooooooooooooohhhhh. Oh my Lord….it's so beautiful, please….again…..take me in again….." she panted. Her breath was coming in pants now, her body thrumming in pleasure from her toes to her breasts. She wanted to feel that wet tunnel of his throat wrapped around her entire body….wanted it more than anything else she had ever wanted. She raised her head, and then raised her hands, holding them out over her head, the fingers laced so that he would have no trouble swallowing her shoulders. It took more effort than she had thought. She was getting weaker and weaker. She looked like a priestess praying to her god as she was sacrificed to some snake. She was quivering from head to foot, as her next orgasm built and built. "Please my Lord…*GASP*….deeper… take me deeper……"

I TAKE YOUR STRENGTH….I TAKE YOUR BODY INTO MY OWN….YOU GIVE ME YOUR VERY SOUL WOMAN…. Lord Coil's voice now matched her own for pleasure and passion, and she could feel his heart hammering in a massive pounding rhythm that shook them both. Then she felt him tighten again, and he swallowed once more.

"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!," Annette cried out as she felt her breasts pulled into his throat. Instantly they were pressed hard against her chest, the warm wet muscles pressing on every single cell of her tits, seeming to suck on her rock hard nipples. She felt his lips slide past her underarms and her arms were forced straight up by the pressure of his mouth. She felt no pain….only a sense of tension in her shoulders which faded quickly as another burst of warmth flooded into her soul and a wave of weakness shuddered up her body. Her fingers came unlaced, too weak now to hold each other. The cinnamon spice order of his breath was now very strong. Then she felt his tongue moving at the back of her neck, and felt its tip touch her face.

OPEN YOUR EYES, MOST BEAUTIFUL OFF ALL MY GIFTS … She opened her eyes and gasped. Her head was in his gaping mouth, saliva dripping onto her face. Some dripped onto her lips, and onto her tongue. It tasted wonderful, just as it smelled but subtle and not overpowering. She could see rows of needle like teeth, and she was amazed at the skill he had used them with. His tongue caressed her face, and she turned for one last look at the world. Ebony was standing there….and she could see a massive cock straining to escape his pants. She had only one regret now; she wished she could have got to know both Coil and Ebony better before he took her.

Then his tongue gently probed at her lips, licking and kissing her. She did not hesitate, but opened her lips and groaned in pleasure as it slipped between them and into her mouth. It was thick and smooth and so soft. It felt so good as it swirled around her mouth, licking all over. It ran over her teeth, lapped at the roof of her mouth and, of course, her own tongue. She licked at it as well, swallowing the saliva that poured off it. She did not feel the slightest disgust, she was far to gone in passion and besides, it tasted so good and it felt wonderful as it entered her body. The tingling that was bringing her closer to orgasm by the second now started happening inside her body as well as outside. She moaned in pleasure, as he pushed his tongue down her throat and licked her there as well. She could feel him flood her throat with his saliva, and she swallowed it into her stomach. She moaned once more as a wave of pleasure flooded outwards from her gut.

She had closed her eyes as the kiss continued, and did not see his jaws close. She felt his lips close around her arms, and in her minds eye, pictured what she looked like; stands of her hair and her long arms and hands sticking out of his mouth. The picture made her moan against the tongue again. The strange kiss continued for some time…..and the entire time her orgasm built and built. She was too far gone in the beauty and pleasure of the moment to wonder why she did not seem to need to breathe anymore.

Her body and soul were both filled with beautiful warmth, both held in a hot wet embrace. Her body was soaked in his salvia and her own juices, slick and wet. She wanted to scream as much from the tension of this build up as from the pleasure itself. She felt the tongue sliding past her lips as it pulled out, and she sucked on it as it went. She could feel the hammering beat of Lord Coil's heart, and could feel a massive shuddering begin. His throat and mouth gripped her tightly as he began to convulse.

NOW MY GIFT….NOW….TOGETHER NOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! Lord Coil screamed in her mind and Annette felt an incredible burst of hot wet heat flood her soul.

Lord Coil's throat gave a massive contraction and the rest of Annette was swallowed in one long slurping gulp….her head, arms and hands joining the rest of her body in a single movement. The wet warm tunnel closed over her entire body, squeezing and grasping every part of her; pressing on her breasts, her butt, her clit and her pussy. Despite the muscles that clamped down on her face and mouth, Annette's scream could clearly be heard outside Lord Coil's body as she came with him.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" they screamed together as pleasure beyond her wildest fantasy ripped through her. Not just her pussy and clit, but every single cell of her body and every last shred of her soul! Her earlier orgasm, the strongest of her life, was like a candle next to the sun compared to this. She could feel nothing but intense screaming pleasure….the was no sense of it being anyone place….she was simply one massive ball of orgasmic joy. And it did not fade….it did not have time, for just as it was easing off it was followed by another!!

Lord Coil's throat clutched her again, and she slid deeper inside him as he swallowed again. The slick warm feel of it sliding all around her triggered her again. She could feel the shuddering of his body, even through his tightly grasping throat.

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII !!!!!!!! Annette shrieked in the confines of his throat….she had no air to make sound, but her soul screamed out in joy beyond belief. She could feel an answering scream from Lord Coil's soul. The pleasure was so intense she lost control of her bladder and pissed herself, the hot urine mixing with Coil's saliva to run down her legs.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS…..SURRENDER TO YOUR JOY …. TAKE MY REWARD WOMAN…..EVEN AS YOU SURRENDER YOUR SOUL….. YESSSSSSSSS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Lord Coil's voice trained off into a howl of joy and Annette answered his scream with one of her own as his hot wet throat gripped her entire being again. He swallowed and she was pulled yet deeper inside his body.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, they screamed in unison. Annette could not believe that she was still conscious, that she could still feel the joy…..surely no one could feel anything this intense and stay sane, let alone not pass out. Deep inside Lord Coil's throat, Annette's dying body and soul wept tears of joy and a forth ripping wave surged through her as he swallowed again.

OH GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDD!!!, she howled inside herself, feeling the hot wet walls gripping every part of her as they pulsed and throbbed and heaved. She was in pleasure beyond imagination!!!!!

She suddenly felt her body slide rapidly past something and she found herself being pushed into a warm pool of liquid that tingled all over. It was like Lord Coil's saliva only much stronger.

She lay immersed in the liquid for several minutes, her body and soul shuddering in the aftermath of her swallowing, still not questioning why she did not need to breathe. The unbelievable last waves of joy began to ease….and she immediately felt an incredible weakness flood her. 'I'm in his stomach," she thought to herself. There was no fear, only an incredible gratitude for what she had just received.

ANNETTE….I WILL HONOUR YOUR MEMORY UNTIL TIME ITSELF STOPS….IN 50 MILLENNIA NO ONE HAS EVER GIVEN ME SO MUCH…. The joy and gratitude in his voice was unmistakable. His voice was also now strong and vital, all the weariness gone.

The warm liquid around her felt good on her skin…thought it was a strange sensation. She wiggled her fingers in it, feeling it swirl around them. Suddenly she could no longer feel her fingers, or her toes for that matter. Then other parts of her began to fade away, with pleasant strong tingling feelings proceeding their departure. She pulled herself up into a fetal position, feeling a pleasant sleepiness as she was slowly dissolved by the acids of Lord Coil's stomach. There was no pain, only a pleasant tingle proceeding each loss of feeling. She did not need to breathe, but she opened her mouth and took in the liquid to have that feeling inside her. It felt very good….but made her more sleepy.

She could also feel a strange pulling sensation. It was strange because she could not tell what was being pulled or where it was going. But she could feel it none the less. As it got stronger, she got more sleepy. 'Oh, he's draining my soul away,' she finally realised. The thought caused no panic, no fear. He had rewarded her greatly for it. She snuggled up in the warm liquid letting the exhaustion take her away, her dying soul not aware that her arms and legs were almost completely gone, and that her lungs and heart where being eaten away.

LET GO ANNETTE…SLEEP….YOU HAVE SAVED YOUR WORLD, I WILL USE YOUR SOUL TO SAVE MINE …. LET ME TAKE THE LAST…. There was no regret or remorse in Lord Coil's voice, but a sense of love and gratitude did fill it. She could feel him gently cradle the last of her soul as she faded away. She sent out the thought of a soft kiss on his head, and then sighed and let go the last of her will.

The last thought to cross her mind before she fell into her final sleep was that it had been worth the price. More than worth it.

Well there you go Annette. Tell me how you liked it. I have some more idea featuring Lord Coil and his Sons. If you liked it I might do more.


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