The Manatee

By The Fat Bear

Rumors had been circulating for some time now. In the backwater swampland of the Everglades, word travels fast. Supposedly something had been preying heavily on the local population of fish, birds, manatees and even some species of deer. It had gotten to the point that sport fisherman were coming up with small fry; all the real prize fish were either scared away or presumably dead. Of coarse, like all rumors, this one had company. Chemical dumping was blamed by some. Others said some strange animal mutation was wiping everything out. Others pointed to ozone depletion and pollution. And still others believed a super gator was roaming the swamp, killing anything that strayed too close. I wasn't surprised to find myself knee deep in the story, literally. I was assigned to get to the bottom of the story and uncover the truth. The truth was out there...I suppose. Armed only with a camera, maps and a chemical sampling equipment, I set out into the swamp. 

The first few days there were uncomfortable. It was hot, humid, smelly and the swamp was teeming with small creatures all wanting there chance to suck out a piece of you. Preliminary chemical testing showed that the water was contaminated. There were traces of various chemicals; each with it's own long list of evils. Mercury was the most dangerous one found. Although it was too early to say for sure, I was certain that this mercury would have something to do with the mass disappearances of fish and wildlife. As I continued my observations, I began to notice that the larger fish and crustaceans were indeed missing. I could find no perch, pike, bluegills or even catfish of appreciable size. Only some small fry and the occasional snakes were abundant. Also noticeably missing were the gentle manatees. Normally these giants were hard to find. Now it seemed they were completely gone.  Even the regular population of alligators seemed depleted. Only a few stragglers could be found. Nothing to indicate a thriving ecosystem. Now I was concerned. Something had single-handedly wiped out several prominent species in one swoop.  Efficiently, quickly and quietly. 

After several days of testing and several reports to and from the lab, I came to my first set of conclusions. First, no bacteria or viral agent was present. Second, the other chemicals were all present in too small of concentrations to have an effect. Only mercury was present in any real concentrations. Even at these levels it was relatively harmless; unless one was exposed over a lengthy period of time. Then there was a strong possibility of mutations, deformities, sickness and eventually death. Although I still couldn't rule out other possibilities, such as smog or ozone depletion, I was seventy five percent convinced that I had found the culprit. Now I had to figure out the source. For that, I had to use my boat and swim. 

It was a real hot one; well over one hundred degrees and a humidity that you could cut through. Although I was only sampling water throughout the Everglades and even using a boat, it was still a miserable day. It was almost dusk and I was getting ready to wrap it up. I was a long distance away and it would take time to return.  Still I couldn't resist it. The water in this area was clean so I decided to chill out. I stopped, anchored, removed my clothes and jumped in. The water was utterly refreshing. It completely cooled me off and rejuvenated me. As I swam around for while, enjoying the cool water, I noticed something in the distance. In the fading light I could see a solitary manatee. It was swimming in the weeds and having its supper. I was delighted to see it. At least they weren't completely gone. I loved to be around these animals. I was very attracted to them and spent time with them whenever I could. I swam closer to it. It noticed me, but continued to graze. I came in close and realized that this manatee was huge. Most manatees are, but this one was enormous. It was about fifty percent larger than the largest manatee I had ever seen. But like all of their kind, it drifted silently, content to feed on the weeds and ignored me. After coming up for air, I examined it closely for injuries or deformities.  Except for it's colossal size, it seemed completely healthy. I stayed there for a while simply in awe of the creatures. Then I realized that I should be photographing this. This manatee's size could easily be a result of the mercury contamination. It was evidence that I had to document. I would have preferred to take blood samples, but under the circumstances that was impossible. I retreated to my boat to fetch my camera. As I reached in and fumbled about with my equipment, I was bumped from behind. The manatee was right next to me. Although I knew they could sometimes be playful, I was still startled. Then it began. 

I was suddenly yanked underwater. I was completely shocked and panicked. I could barely keep my head above water to breathe when I was pulled under again. A warm sensation was moving up my feet. I looked back to see the manatee where my feet should be. As it floated there, it took another quick gulp and I realized that it was eating me. I struggled to reach the surface for another breath of air. As I breached the water's surface, the manatee calmly floated up with me until we were both just below the surface. Then it gulped again, several times. The warmth was moving further up my legs. Finally, I turned to attack. I twisted backwards and landed a few feeble blows on it's blubbery hide; to no avail. It looked me dead in the eye for a second. It seemed to last an eternity. Then it continued to gobble me up. With short, fast gulps, it pulled me deeper into its bloated body. The heat from its innards was intense. As it swallowed me further, I was pulled under again. As I twisted and struggled underwater, I saw it. It's fat penis was fully erect. It was enjoying this. Although I was horrified by this, I stopped struggling. I looked back and stared at the immense creature. Again, we made eye contact. It swallowed again.

Now my legs were completely inside it's body. The heat from the animal's guts had aroused me. I took another breath of air and dove underwater. I reached for my briefs and tore them away. It then engulfed my groin. The manatee's thick, rasping tongue was all over my groin and aroused me even more. I moaned underwater as it's hot maw fully excited me. My feet and legs were already deep in its pulsing throat. I was massaged and caressed from all sides as the leviathan's throat muscles worked to pull me in. I was in ecstasy. I floated to the surface for another breath; it seemed to allow this. As I did, I was immediately pulled back under. It gulped again, pulling my belly into it's maw. I was sliding deeper into it's gullet. I looked down again and saw it's raging organ still there. My groin was now thrust into the manatee's quivering throat. It was even hotter and wetter in there. I groaned again as the manatee pulled me deeper inside.

My chest was now in it's jaws. I thrust my arms to my sides to allow it to continue with this. It then raised me up again for another gulp of air. As I looked out, I could still see the sunset. I would miss that. It plummeted back under into the darkening waters. With another series of quick and powerful gulps, the manatee pulled my chest and arms into it's waiting throat. All that was left was my head. My organ was still painfully erect and poking into the manatee's hot, pulsing throat. It was more erotic than anything I had ever felt. It continued to engulf me. With another deep swallow, my head was pulled into the beast's mouth. It surfaced again, perhaps to allow me one last look at the sunset. I took a deep breath and it dove underwater; this time for good. The manatee sank to the bottom. My head was still in it's mouth and I was on the verge of making my final decent into the monster's belly.

It then emptied it's mouth of water and allowed me to breathe it's putrid hot breath. It's thick tongue playfully ran across my face, as if to taste it's meal one last time. All I could see was the innards of it's great maw. It's fleshy tongue, numerous teeth and red. So much deep red and the stench of it's stomach was so strong, I could barely breathe. I then felt it. The manatee's throat throbbed and I felt a great swallow coming. This was it. I took another look out as the animal's mouth open slightly and was swallowed whole. Alive. I gently slid into it's waiting throat. I was softly pushed and shoved further along by it's powerful muscles. I could do nothing. I did nothing. I was pulled deeper into the darkness, until I stopped for a moment. I could feel a small opening at my feet. It enlarged to allow me in and the rest of me soon followed. I was thrust into a thick, wet sac. The beast's stomach. It distended greatly to allow me in.

I was now pulled and pushed violently as the manatee struggled to contain me. It couldn't.  With a swift and powerful action, the manatee's stomach pushed me back out into the throat and from there, into it's maw. The manatee opened widely and I was partially thrown out of it's mouth. But it swiftly stopped me. It's wide flippers pushed me back into it's eager mouth. My chest slid back into it's jaws and the rest of slowly followed. It closed it's mouth around me again, sealing me in. Then it began to chew. It pushed me against the roof of it's mouth and back against it's soft tongue. I was thrown violently inside it's maw. It's jaws opened and closed around me repeatedly in an attempt to make it easier to take me in.

After some time, the manatee decided to try again and swallowed me again. I was pushed back into it's waiting stomach. Again, it stretched greatly to accommodate me. This time, I stayed. I was heaved and tossed until the great sac settled. As I struggled inside it's belly, I could hear it grunt loudly. The monstrous beast then convulsed and trembled several times. The pleasure of having so much food in it's belly was too much for it. It came and pumped gallons of semen into the water. I was gently kneaded and massaged by the stomach. It was so hot and wet. The smelly stew of it's secretions, plants and old digested food all combined to bathe me in a thick mucous like soup. As the beast finished pleasuring itself, I felt a huge surge and it belched loudly. A rush of hot, stinking air swept passed me. The stomach compressed and squeezed me from all sides. The entire organ quivered and rumbled for almost a minute as it let out it's massive burp. It was too much and I came inside. The beast trembled lightly as it's meal completed it's final action. We settled. 

I was alive and conscious for several hours. Although I tried to fight, the great sac would not release me. All I could do was push against the bottom of the beast's belly and feel the floor of the swamp. So close. It was only an inch away. Only a thick layer of flesh and the walls of the stomach held me inside. Whenever I pushed out, I could feel the manatee's flippers pat it's distended belly softly. It was engorged, happy and sleepy. Already weakened by the beast's maw and tired from struggling, I stopped fighting. I settled into the warm soup of it's stomach. It gently caressed me from all sides and after a little jostling, we both settled in for a long night. I was lulled to sleep by the beast's deep, heavy breathing, it's powerful heartbeat and the rumble of a regular belch. A wonderful sound that meant that I was digesting well. 

The manatee floated peacefully below the surface. It's tremendous belly sagged deeply as the creature digested it's huge meal. Occasionally, a hand could be seen trying to push through the manatee's side. The faint outline of a man still struggling softly inside could be made out. Sometimes the manatee would surface belly up and rub it's massive gut. On the surface, the bulges could be seen where the manatee's food was still trying weakly to get out. But there was no way out and eventually, there were no more movement. The manatee's stomach eventually digested it's contents and what little was left would stay inside it for little while. The lump in it's belly would eventually shrink to nothing. The stomach grew in size to accommodate these feasts. After several days, the stomach was ready to take in some more.

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