Many Parts Are Edible!

By The~Wheelman [Email]

PUBERTY IS not healthy for quiet young boys, And David was one of those young boys. He was not very good with women. And lately, it seemed, they were beginning to enjoy it! Playing with him. To help relieve the bitterness, he donned his backpack and headed into the woods. THESE birds & bees he could deal with. He loved nature!

The campground was completely deserted as David set up camp. That was fine with him. As he plopped his pack into his tent, he heard giggling. He looked around but saw nobody. "Must be a wren." he thought. Then he heard it again. it was definately human, and female. Make that females, plural, there were two voices. David momentarily forgot why he came up here. The thought of being the only male in the same camp with two women appealed to his young mind. It came from that pile of boulders. David carefully made his way around the rocks. He saw the creek and his jaw dropped. Bathing in one of the pools were the two most beautiful women he had ever seen. Not only were they gorgeous, they were nude! One sported a crown of intensely red hair, the other had skin the color of sweet, dark chocolate. Both were ONLY 12 INCHES TALL!! The redhead saw him and screamed, they both started to run. David reacted instantly.

The redhead escaped by slipping through a crevice in the granite. Amazing that she could squeeze into such a tiny opening! The negro screamed as David wrapped his fingers around her waist and lifted her up. She was incredible! Her slim hips and tight belly felt smooth in his hand. Her tits were of an average size, firm and exquisitely shaped. Her legs seemed to go on forever! She was nicely muscled, fit and firm. What really held his attention though was her face. It warm soft,and loving. but it was her voluptious lips that really excited him. "Oh, if only you were big enough!" he said. Then a REAL kinky thought crossed his mind! Smiling wickedly, David carried her back to his tent. She continued to squirm and plead. He didn't understand her language, but feeling her squirming in his hand really turned him on.

David put the girl in one of his mesh bags, and pulled the cord tight. He placed her down where he could he watch her (and she him!). Reaching into his pack he got the small vial of vegetable oil and put it on the floor at his side. He undressed himself, saving his underpants for last. As he pulled them off his hard prick jumped to attention. The girl panicked and tried desperately to get away. David loosened the cord and reached into the bag, and pulled her out. As he held her in front of his face he put a little of the oil on his throbbing member and spread it around. His heart was beating so fast his hands trembled slightly. He brought his right hand behind her and wrapped his thumb and index finger around her heaving brown chest, holding her tightly just under the armpits. He held her for a moment, devouring her with his eyes. He had fantisized about "having" a black woman, but NEVER like THIS!

Laying on his back, his head resting on the pack so he could see, he grabbed his balls with his left hand. He pulled on them slightly and his shaft stood up. He straightened his right arm then lowered his hand down so his throbbing member was right in front of her. She fought to get out of his hand as he slowly pulled her towards it. His prick jumped as her breasts touched the tip. David wrapped his fingers around himself, He releshed the contrast between his hard pink organ and her soft ebony skin. Gently squeezing, he began to stroke his hand up and down his shaft. Her tits were pressed together and as his prick slid over them, he felt them being squeezed against the underside of his penis. He began moving faster, squeezing tighter as his excitement grew. His hips began to thrust upwards with each stroke

With each thrust, the tip of his cock slid up her face, "kissing" those wonderful lips. He wondered what it would be like to have those lips wrapped around his prick as he slid it down her throat and pumped his sperm into her. Then he got an idea! He stopped stroking. He turned on his side and layed the back of his hand on the soft mat, holding her just in front of his eager prick.

Her screaming became intense as he slowly rolled down on her. The tip of his cock touched her fuzzy mound and began to slide up her body. Slipping up her cleavage, it rested flat along her body. He started moving his hips. As each thrust pushed his hand into the thick, soft mat, the foam pushed her head forward. The tip of his cock, instead of sliding over her huge lips, pressed against them. It was a little awkward, but exciting as hell! He thrusts got faster and harder as he approached orgasm. As he began to climax he held his hips back momentarily. As if on cue, the woman opened her mouth wide to scream. He thrust himself forward HARD! Smashing the head of his cock into her face and holding it there. She couldn't close her mouth, the pressure was to great. It was held open, perfectly positioned over the opening of his urethra. Her big soft lips formed a perfect seal.

He came. As gush after gush of come shot up through his urethra, the pressure repeatedly pushed her body against the palm of his hand as he furiously pumped white hot fluid out of his cock. It filled her mouth, was forced down her throat. It must have seemed like gallons to her. He relaxed, rolled onto his back and held her limp form in front of his face. With the exception of the drop running down her chin, there wasn't any semen on her black skin. He had pumped it ALL into her! She wasn't breathing. He pressed his thumb against her chest a few times. She coughed and took in a huge breath. Good, she was still alive. Her slender, chocolate form looked delicious. He brought her to his face and ran his wet tongue up and down her body. "You ARE delicious!" he said. That thought stopped him in his tracks. Could he actually do THAT?! he dangled her by her wrists and looked at her. She looked to big, But she was pretty narrow. especially with her arms raised over her head. He remembered how the other one had slipped through that narrow crack. Of course it would mean the end of her, but he didn't care. He became incredibly excited at the thought.

David grabbed her ankles in the fingers of his other hand and hung her over his head. He took one final look at her tender face, then turned her so he could feel her tits on his tongue and opened his mouth. He stroked his prick as he slowly lowered her down between his lips. Her arms started sliding into his throat. He closed his mouth, lightly clamping his teeth on her shoulders. He ran his tongue across her face, as the tip forced them apart, David thought, "Now that's a French kiss!" She didn't struggle, either she didn't know yet, or didn't care. He wrapped his hand around her hips and pushed her further in. Her breasts were in his mouth now and he fondled them. Pushing her against the roof of his mouth he ran his tongue across her body. He had never tasted anything so delicious! She moved her head her 'fro tickled the back of his throat. He swallowed in reflex, and she finally began to struggle. Too late, of course.

He grabbed her calves. He still wasn't sure she would fit down his throat, so as he pushed he also swallowed. As her armpits slid past his tonsils, David felt his throat stretch around her chest, pressing on her tits. He ran his tongue up between her thighs and played with her tiny pussy. Unbelievably, she was getting wet. It tasted as good as the rest of her! Her chest filled his throat so he couldnt breath, but that was O.K. He wasn't the best member of the swim team for nothing. he pushed and swallowed again, feeling her ass on the back of his throat. Her legs tasted as good as they looked! as she wrigled in his throat, he worked on her thighs with his tongue and teeth. David tipped his head back, straightening his throat so her legs would go down. placing his fingers on the soles of her feet, he pushed against the soft skin as he swallowed again. her feet stuck out from between his lips. "My god," he thought, "I'm doing it!" He played with her firm, beautifully curved calves for a bit, then, with a few big gulps, he had her completely inside his throat. He could get air throught the space between her long legs, so he relaxed and enjoyed her struggles for a while.

As they got weaker he thought, "She must be running out of air." He didn't want her to die in his throat, he wanted to feel that shapely body writhing in his stomach! He swallowed, and she moved down , but just a little. So he pressed his tongue against the roof of his mouth and swallowed HARD. Her struggles stopped momentarily as the massive contraction crushed her body. David felt her being forced down into his chest. he felt that ebony body against his heart. Again he swallowed hard, again her wiggling stopped as the pressure forced her further down. One more massive swallow and David felt the pressure ease in his throat and his stomach stretch as her body was squeezed into it. He really COULD feel her wiggling inside his belly, and the thought made him come in his hand. As the last spasm passed David relaxed. He thought about the redhead. He would look for HER tomorrow.

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