The Mare

By The Fat Bear

It was a small town. Even so, the small carnival was usually able to draw good crowds. This year however was slow. Only a small number of people were walking around or taking in the rides. Being many miles from the nearest major city probably didn't help. As I made my way through, I finally saw what I was looking for. A small sign written in ancient paint directed me to my destination. Oddities. Situated in a small barn just outside the main show, it had a paltry gathering of people. As I stepped inside, I could smell the scent of animals within. The barn was dimly lit and no one was overseeing the place. Inside, I was greeted by several strange and bizarre sights. Some were alive, others preserved and still others were preserved in pictures and drawings. Two headed chickens, three legged cows and even a picture book of a horse that could play cards (crudely so). As I walked past them I began to notice the sound of heavy breathing deeper inside the old structure.

As I walked towards the darkened back, I searched for a light switch and upon finding it, turned it on. I was amazed by what I saw. A small stable near the back had been covered up and enclosed from all sides to keep out the curious. Inside was the largest animal I had ever seen. It was a horse. A beautiful brown mare that could barely fit in her stable. She must have weighed well over three thousand pounds and stood close to six feet at the shoulder. Her sides were rubbing up against the stable and her belly came close to touching the ground. I stepped closer to her and noticed a small sign on her stable door. Marge. I walked up to her and began to softly stroke the side of her head. She seemed friendly and inquisitive. I was fascinated with her. So much so that I foolishly decided to open her stable and go inside. Closing the gate behind me, I found that she had a little room towards the back of her stable so she accommodated me. I stood there in awe of this massive beast. I began to feel her body as far as I could reach. Her legs had become thick and fat. Her huge belly hung down low and was soft and malleable to my touch. It almost completely hid her fat rumps from my view. As I stood there feeling her up, the lights suddenly switched off. I froze and listened. I could hear voices just outside. Suddenly the barn door closed and locked. I was alone with her. Only a soft moonlight allowed me to see anything. I figured I'd wait it out leave when everyone else was gone. Thus I continued to caress her. 

I don't know how much time passed but I was becoming tired. Marge had scarcely done a thing and I knew it was late. As I turned to open the stable, Marge immediately reacted. She placed her head over and on my shoulder. Although I was startled at first, I realized that she didn't want me to leave. I was a little surprised and a bit turned on by this show of affection. I turned to her and continued to pet and feel her body. Then she reciprocated the favor. She began to nuzzle me and even pulled out my shirt to feel my skin. I was shocked and amazed at her. I hurriedly removed my shirt to allow her free access to me. She then began pulling on my pants. She only had to pull twice for me to figure her out. I stood there with her, naked and alone. Eventually, she slowly and carefully laid down in her hay. I laid down right beside her. Her huge belly seemed to squash out and roll all around her. I laid there with her, drifting into sleep with her heavy breathing as the only sound I heard. 

When I awoke, I heard a deep rumbling sound coming from beside me. At first I wanted to go back to sleep. Then I felt it. My feet suddenly became hot and wet and I was pulled towards the front of the stable. Confused and still sleepy, I was barely able to react. I looked around but all I could see was hay. I heard a sound just behind me. The sound of a deep swallow and again I was pulled violently by my feet. This time, I was pulled towards the front and up. I quickly realized that Marge had gotten up and I was upside down. All I could see was hay, her two front legs and a belly. I strained to see what was happening but before I could see anything else, I heard her swallow deeply again and I was pulled upwards. Now I could see her. In the dim moonlight, I could see her eyes staring down at me. My feet and lower legs were hot and wet. When I looked up to search for them, all I could see was Marge. My legs were halfway down her throat. I began to struggle. It only made her more determined to eat me.

She swallowed mightily again and pulled my legs deeper inside her. She then took several steps forward. I was pinned against the bottom of the stable door and her. I had no way out. She gently pushed harder still until the door creaked and cracked from my pressure. I could barley breathe and was squashed against the wooden door. She did this several times. All I could do was grunt and cry out with each slow, crushing advance. As I was pressed against the door, my body was pushed further inside her, until my entire lower body was in her gullet. She then stopped and stepped back. For a second I thought she might eject me. But instead she raised her head high and proceeded to devour me. Inside her, my torso was massaged and caressed by her powerful throat muscles. They worked tirelessly to gently pull me down to her waiting stomach. My belly was now in her mouth and I could feel her tongue sloshing away at my body. She even began to gently chew and I was tossed about inside of her maw. She was careful not to injure me though. She had no taste for my blood.

With another powerful swallow, I disappeared deeper into her. My chest was now in her mouth. She bathed me in her saliva. It made me extremely slippery and I could feel myself sliding down her gullet. My feet were now very hot. They were at the opening of her stomach. I looked down and could see that I was making a huge bulge in her throat. I could see any movement I made from within her esophagus. My feet were suddenly shoved into her stomach while above she continued to knead and chew my body gently. I slid into her further. My crotch was gently massaged and fondled by her throat. It put me into ecstasy. Feeling her hot muscles working upon me was unlike anything I had ever felt and I didn't want it to stop. I folded my arms to my side and let her have her way with me. With another deep gulp, she pulled my arms into her throat and my shoulders into her maw. I was covered in her saliva as she drooled all over me.

Her stomach rumbled and gurgled below me as it eagerly awaited me. She began to breathe faster as the fat mare prepared to consume me. She inhaled strongly and took another deep gulp. My feet were now hot and bathed in her steaming juices. My head was now in her mouth. I could still see the barn and the hay but all around me was her mouth. Her lips, teeth and tongue. Her throat pulled on me harder. It dragged me downwards irresistibly towards my new home. As she prepared to finish me, I looked out one last time. She waited a few seconds, letting me take my last breath of earthly air and taking in my last view of my world. With that she slowly closed her mouth around me. I was bathed in darkness and saliva. I felt myself slide towards the tip of her throat. Her tongue then ever so gently tasted my face for the last time as though she was bidding me farewell.

With a gentle push from her tongue, I slid down her throat. Her esophagus was hot and wet from so much saliva. Below me in the darkness of her belly, her hot stomach awaited me where my legs were already being slowly being pushed in. The stench of digestion was already making it hard to breathe. Slowly I was pushed further inside of her. Outside the mare's throat bulge enormously as she swallowed her huge meal. Her massive belly began to swell as her stomach stretched to accommodate its new tenant. Finally, after almost an hour of swallowing, I slid into her enormous stomach and landed in a thick, smelly soup made up of her stomach secretions and digested food. The opening to her esophagus quickly closed and I was sealed inside. It took several minutes of tossing and turning before I finally came to rest.

Now, massaged from all sides by her stomach muscles and bathed in her warm secretions, I came inside of her. She could barely feel as I convulsed and climaxed inside of her belly which was now resting on the floor. She stood there, quiet and satiated with her stomach filled to its limit. She began the slow, long task of digestion. I was still conscious and would be for some time. Lying deep inside of her, in her warm darkness and bathed in her juices, I embraced her. I had found where I had wanted to be. I would be changed into her. My flesh, blood and fluids would be digested and I would be one with her. Marge, sleepy and engorged, belched softly. I had found my love and snuggled closely to her. I had found my love in her stomach.

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