Mark & Thor (Or: "A Boy And His Dog")

By Zezhian Dragonfang

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This story contains sexual themes of an ADULT nature. If you are under the legal age in your country to read such explicit material, or if you are squicked by descriptions of the male body, mild bestiality and the ingestion of living, sentient flesh, PLEASE go no further! (And if you are, why are you in this site to begin with?)

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And now, our feature presentation...

Mark had always liked house-watching for Alan when he went on weekend business trips... mainly because of Thor. He was a big, beautiful german shepard. Mark liked big dogs and Thor was a prime example. He was definately one of the largest of his breed that he had seen. A more healthy and energetic dog would be hard to find. Alan often said that it was the love and care that he gave Thor that made him such a large and happy dog. And it was the truth. When he first got Thor as a puppy, he was the runt of the litter. For years, he took Thor to the vet for a check-up every three months. Every week, Alan would give Thor a bath... usually bathing together. He bought only the best dog food and made sure that Thor got plenty of exercise. Five years later, Thor was stronger and bigger than any other of his litter. His temperament was also a joy. He was a very friendly animal (but he liked giving the neighbour's cat a fright now and again); even the postman was his friend. He was very well behaved. He rarely barked about nothing. He never chased cars and seemed to always have a pleasant disposition. The bond between Alan and Thor was stronger than many marriages.

Another plus was that Thor was a "cock hound". Many times, both Alan and Mark had Thor lick them to orgasm. The dog liked the taste of human semen, and would eagerly lap at their manhoods to get a tasty portion of their seed. Alan would often return the favour by giving Thor a blow job. There have been times when Alan and Thor have been going '69'; Thor lapping and nibbling on Alan's cock while Alan worked on Thor's massive boner.

It was a pleasant Sunday afternoon. Mark arrived at Alan's house just after two o'clock. Thor bounded up to him as he walked through the door; happy to see another pack brother. Mark dropped to one knee, snuggled him and scritched his neck. Thor, in turn, slurped a few wet 'kisses' on his face. Mark let the dog out in the back yard and gave an inspection of the house. He found nothing out of the ordinary, which is what he expected. He walked into the kitchen, opened some food and got fresh water in Thor's bowl. He then went outside to walk the dog and give him some excercise in the nearby park.

They returned nearly an hour later. The dog padded into the kitchen and began to happily eat his repast. Mark poured out a measure of pineapple juice from the fridge and walked to the den. The room was tastefully decorated with a few pieces of art on the wood- panelled walls and some glass vials half-filled with coloured water in the window. Furnishings consisted of a computer desk, a 27" Philips / Magnavox stereo colour TV (with cable) and a stereo system. Alan had always referred to it as a 'frankenstein' system. It consisted of a Pioneer SX-201 receiver, BSR turntable, JVC TD-W718BK dual cassette deck, Carver SD/A-360 5-disc CD player, Panasonic RS-853 8-track player and a Denkionkyo Dokorder 7140 4-track reel-to-reel tape deck. This masterful system was seriously compromised since the sound came out of a pair of Radio Shack Minimus-7 speakers. There were two chairs in front of the TV and the hardwood floor had no rug. He wasn't much of a TV watcher, so he switched on the computer. He found some new pictures, a few reports and a couple of stories Alan had been working on.

Mark was going to start up the TCP stack to do a little net surfing, but he mis-clicked the mouse and opened up the substories_main marked "SYSTEM". He was about to close the window, when he noticed one other substories_main nearly hidden there: SIZE.

'What...' thought Mark. 'System size?'

He clicked on the icon. It opened into a word processor and loaded a file into the buffer. The text seemed to be describing some sort of compounds that could, with the addition of certain biochemicals and reactions, increase or decrease size and mass. The last few lines of text made Mark stop and ponder momentarily. It seemed that Alan had prepared a few of these working compounds and hid them to prevent their accidental usage.

"Well..." Mark said aloud, "That explains Thor. How else could the runt of the litter grow to be the Schwartzenegger of german shepards? 'Vitamins', indeed."

He knew Alan was never one for subtlety, the 'vitamins' were probably hidden in plain sight. As he thought of hiding places, his eyes fell upon the vials in the window. He grinned.

He walked up to the window and took the vial with the purple liquid; leaving the red one behind. He removed the stopper and sniffed at the contents. It certainly didn't smell like just water. The aroma was more like low tide at the beach. It wasn't overpowering, just very noticable.

"I'll just try a little bit." He poured a few drops into his glass of pineapple juice and replaced the vial back in the window. He sat back down in front of the computer and drank the juice in one shot. A minute later, his eyesight began to blur and he felt rather light-headed. He felt the air whoosh out of his lungs before he passed out...

When he regained consciousness, he found himself stark naked and covered in bolts of somewhat coarse cloth. He managed to dig his way clear of the cloth when a revelation came to his still-clouded mind: this was his own clothing, but in an immense size. He looked around at the rest of the room. The chair he was on as well as the rest of the furniture now looked like it was all giant-sized. The fog from his mind began to clear as he realized that the room and furniture didn't grow... he shrank!

"Holy Spit!" he thought to himself. "I grabbed the wrong one. I must be about four inches tall! I didn't think it would've been that strong."

It was no use trying to get to the computer now. The edge of the desk alone seemed to be three or four stories above him. He looked over the edge of the chair. Jumping off was out of the question... it would be like jumping off an eight-story building. Fortunately, his pant legs were still draped over the side where he sat on the chair. He carefully gripped onto the fabric and gingerly climbed down to the floor. He took a few steps away from the chair when he felt vibrations through the floor; like heavy footsteps. Oh shit... Thor! He forgot about the dog!

The big german shepard sauntered into the room when an unfamiliar sight caught his eye; stopping him in his tracks. It was some sort of small animal. Immediately, the dog bared his teeth and began growling at the little beast.

Adrenaline raced through Mark's system. "Easy, Thor! It's me, Mark! It's Mark!"

The dog tipped his head when he heard his name and the familiar one of his master's friend. A puzzled look appeared on his face. Thor went slightly out of his aggressive posture and inched closer to the little man, sniffing. His nostrils caught a scent and recognized it as a pack brother.

"Good boy, Thor. It's Mark."

The dog brought his nose up close and sniffed him. Mark then reached out and began to scritch the muzzle. "Good boy, Thor. Good boy. I'm a friend." Seeing Thor in this size was very exciting for him and he started to get an erection.

The dog, as a sign of affection, began to lick Mark. The dog's moist tongue snaked out a little from his muzzle and covered Mark's chest and face with one stroke; almost knocking him off his feet. Thor tasted the salt from the sweat on Mark's body and began to lick him in earnest. The next stroke covered him from his knees to his face; the soft tongue gently stroking his erection.

The sensation was mind-blowing for Mark. This warm, soft, wet tongue felt wonderful as it explored every bump on his body; especially gliding smoothly over his inflamed cock. The dog licked him again, gently knocking him off his feet. Eventually, the dog lay down on his tummy before him and was slurping on him with such vigor, he could only lay on the floor and enjoy the sensations as the tongue washed him from the soles of his feet up to his head. But, more importantly, his penis was getting the most sensual blow of his life. He couldn't hold it any longer and he came on the dog's tongue.

Thor, tasting the cum on his tongue, began to concentrate on the tiny penis with increased passion. Mark was in exquisite pain as the relentless tongue continued its assault on his crotch; dredging up more scum from his churning balls. Finally, not even seminal fluids could be coaxed from his tortured cock.

Suddenly, Mark felt the dog's tongue grip him between the legs and he was slurped head first into Thor's mouth. Before he knew it, he saw a set of large canine teeth bearing down on him from top and bottom. He managed to quickly use his hands and feet and the momentum of the closing jaws to thrust him onto the dog's writhing tongue and away from the gnashing teeth. As he was avoiding the teeth, Thor's tongue worked him toward the back of his mouth. The jaws unclenched again and once more the slippery tongue positioned him between two sets of teeth. Again, he managed to lever himself back into the mouth and away from being crushed. It happened a third time and he avoided being chewed again. Then the jaws closed around him, but didn't open. Mark was coated with saliva lieing face-down in the dog's mouth lightly sandwiched between the tongue and palate. He was staring down into the inky blackness of Thor's throat. A newly-gained erection was firmly enveloped in the hot, slick tongue.

Thor tilted his head up and swallowed.

Mark felt the tongue suddenly rise up behind him and begin to push him into the throat. He wrapped his arms underneath the back of the tongue and held on for dear life. The muscles in the dog's throat tried to make him release his hold, nearly crushing him. He slid down a little, but he held on.

Thor swallowed again.

A small flood of saliva hit him. His grip began to slip as the tongue shoved him down deeper into the waiting throat. He was pressed firmly between the tongue and palate, knocking the breath out of him.

Thor licked his tongue outside his mouth.

The sudden flexing of the tongue broke Mark's weakened and slime-covered hold. The throat opened wider to accept him.

Thor threw his head back and swallowed.

The tongue lurched behind him and he slid down Thor's throat. The smooth walls constricted around him as another muscular thrust squeezed him into the esophagus.

Mark smoothly slid down the slimy tube for several seconds. He then felt himself pass through a thick, muscled ring and then drop into the stomach. Thor had already eaten some food and water and he slid into the sludgy muck. Deep inside the body of this animal, lying in its stomach, Mark came fast and hard. The mire tingled around his spasming body; even more so around his still-engorged cock. The acrid foul-smelling air was thin and difficult to breathe. Soon, he was unconscious and sank into the digesting mix.

Thor, thinking how nice it was having a pack-mate's essence inside him, padded into the parlor, curled up on his rug and went to sleep.

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