Mark, my Gorgeous, Hungry Roomie

By Lonewolf [Email]

I moved into an on-campus apartment about a week before my doctoral training began in marine biology. From the moment I met my roommate, I had a feeling he was going to be trouble. He was absolutely gorgeous, and he had the habit of showing off his incredible looks by walking around shirtless most of the time he was around the apartment. He was a junior premedical student, and he was thrilled to be living in an apartment complex usually exclusively for graduate-level students. He was extremely bright and showed a lot of promise, and that, supposedly, was the reason he had been able to manage to grab such prime housing, but I happened to know that the Director of Housing, who also lived in the same building, which had an indoor pool and athletic facility, was as gay as I, and I approvingly suspected that the eager anticipation of seeing this 21-year-old stud in his Speedo at the pool might have been closer to the real reason this walking fantasy was living in my apartment. His name was Mark, and it was lust at first sight.

Usually, undergrad students are a little difficult to deal with (they only think they don't have any spare time), but Mark was a pleasure. He was neat, clean, and well-dressed, and he always smelled really good, too. He was about six feet even, had short brown hair, long legs, a smooth body, green eyes, a nice chest with small, dark nipples, a flat, firm belly with an adorable small, round belly button that I often imagined my tongue probing, and a shapely butt that was well-displayed by his choice of boxer briefs and close- fitting jeans that usually adorned his body. His face was beautiful, and he often had a serious expression that was just as enticing as his incredibly cute grin.

I kept several large aquaria which contained my collection of marine fish and invertebrates, which were my pets, plus one tank that contained around sixty clams that were going to be the subjects of studies of metabolism which would begin during the second month of my studies. On the day they were delivered, via special biological transport to keep them alive, Mark watched me put them into their tank, smiling. He looked at me, raising his eyebrows in a spectacle of mock begging, and said,"Ooh, Chris, for me? How'd you know I love clams so much?" as he gently patted his shirtless belly and made a show of hungrily licking his lips. Having witnessed Mark's prodigious appetite and love of eating anything and everything in sight (which his body didn't betray in the slightest), I warned him to stay away from my clams. I walked behind him, unable to resist the temptation, and reached around his waist with my right hand, patting his belly. "Mark, you're going to have to find something else to put in here. Hands off my clams, studly!" I let my index finger slide into his belly button as I took my hand away. I had never touched him before, and I was already wishing I hadn't given into the temptation to make a pass at him, but when he turned around and briefly stroked the erection I had developed during my contact with him, I felt a lot better, a LOT better! He grinned at me, raising his eyebrows quickly again, and said, "OK, I think I'll do that." He walked into his bedroom and came out with a white T-shirt. "Chris, just as punishment for not letting me eat the clams," and he made a big deal of pulling on the T-shirt, "no more gawking at Marky for you!" He tucked the shirt in, though, so I just stared at his butt perfectly outlined in those jeans as got his dinner together. I decided at that moment to write a letter to the Gap to thank them for helping with the great view as soon as possible.

On Monday of the second week, I walked into my apartment and noticed that my clam tank was full of empty shells, and not a single clam was to be seen. I went off in search of Mark, figuring that he was where I'd find my clams. I knocked lightly on his door, and when he didn't answer, I opened it a crack and looked inside. When I saw him on the bed, I opened the door the rest of the way...and promptly forgot that I was almost angry about not having any clams left. Mark was lying face-up on his bed in nothing but a pair of white 2xist boxer briefs (which, as everyone knows, are the best, most form-fitting, sexiest guys' underwear in the world (check out their web page)). He was asleep, looking incredibly peaceful and sexy as Hell, and I took a leap onto his double bed, landing right next to him, waking him up. "Well?" I said, "where are they?" "Where are what?" he said, pretending to look away, grinning, pretending to pretend to not know what I was talking about!

I couldn't stand it for another second! The thought of my whole tank of clams being swallowed alive and now squirming around in his tummy as they were digested was more than my sexual restraint could accommodate, and I pounced on him burying my tongue in his mouth, taking a generous handful of his butt with one hand and feeling his back and shoulder with the other. He was kissing me back; his erection at least matched mine! This couldn't get any better, I thought!

When I came up for air, I rolled off of him and laid on my side next to him. "Did you really eat every single clam in the tank, Mark?" I truly wondered if even Mark's capacious stomach could hold that many clams. He smiled sort of sheepishly and replied pretendingly tentatively, "They were really yummy, Chris. I couldn't resist them! Besides, they were begging me! They kept calling me, and they wouldn't stop! 'Mark, please eat us, Mark! We don't like it in this tank! We wanna be in your tummy, Mark! Please!!'" He started giggling, then erupted in laughter that made him sit up a little for a couple seconds. Then, he flopped back down on his back and kept laughing as he looked up at me. "Mark, did you stop and think how those poor clams really feel about being eaten alive?" I asked him, wondering what reply he'd come up with for that. "Well, actually, they feel really good in here," he said and he rubbed his belly a couple times. "They're telling me to thank you for them for not getting mad at me for eating them all up. They said to tell you how much they love being inside of me where it's warm and soft and safe..." He kept gently, slowly rubbing his belly with an exaggerated look of contentment on his face. Then, his giggling building at the effect his playful tauntings were having on me, he reached over and began to tease my erection through my jeans with one finger. I was afraid I wouldn't even get out of my clothes before I came. I held back, barely, and stripped. I jumped on top of him, and we started to go at each other. It was an even greater turn on than it had been already when I realized that I was tasting my clams on his tongue. Sensing that my arousal was nearing threshold, Mark straddled my chest, grabbed my thighs, arranged his upper body so that it was essentially flat against mine, and finally took my cock into his hot, wet mouth and started tantalizing me with his tongue, lips, and throat. I didn't last too long, and within just a couple minutes, the best orgasm I had ever had in my life joined what was left of my clams, down in Mark's tummy. He rolled off of me and started licking the perspiration from my inner thighs, swallowing that, too. I looked at him and said, in a false disgusted voice, "Well, how am I going to do my study on how those clams metabolize?" He sat up, straddling me thighs, grinned, and said, "Chris, I did it for you. They metabolized exquisitely!" He let a out a tiny fake burp and thumped his belly again. I had another erection. I sat up, leaned my head over and turned it sideways, and, wrapping both arms around his back, I Frenched his belly button until he couldn't stand being tickled any longer. I laid back down, and Mark went back to lapping the sweat off of my body, top to bottom. "Ya know, though, Chris, I think you're even yummier than those clams... and that's pretty yummy!" He started devouring my cock again, and swallowed another orgasm about twenty seconds later. As his hungry tongue-bath made its way up my torso, I fell asleep, exhausted.

I woke up to a strange sensation around me and realized I wasn't in Mark's bed. I tried to stand up, but the world seemed to be moving beneath me, and I had a hard time keeping my balance. I couldn't figure out where I was. It looked like I was surrounded by skin, and the walls were just a little below eye-level when I finally was able to stand. I looked out and saw an enormous version of the bulge of Mark's cock in his boxer briefs and the rest of his thighs and legs beyond that. When I turned the other direction, I saw first his chest a distance away, then his face, grinning at me. It dawned on me! I was about a centimeter tall, and Mark had put me into his belly button while I slept. "Hey, Chris-boy! You're awake! Well, whadduya think? You like my little belly button so much, so I thought you'd like it even more like this!" He was right, but, of course, I was still wondering how the Hell he had accomplished it. As small as I was, he could see the look on my face, and he said, "Chris, you've always heard that love can work magic. Well, so it can..."

He picked my up gently and set me in the palm of his hand. He made a funny pouting face and said in a sad voice, "I'm hungry again. Gotta eat..." I started to get a little scared, thinking I knew where this was going. Then Mark looked down at me again. "Chris, would you mind if I eat you? You're so tasty, and I'm so hungry," he said in his playful, teasing voice. He set me down on his belly, and I laid flat on in, loving the soft feeling of it beneath me, my body making just a small dent in its incredibly soft, smooth firmness. I could hear little gurgles coming from within it that turned me on. "See, it's empty," he said, smiling as he pretended to pout, teasing me. He put me into the palm of his hand again and brought his hand before his face. "I don't know if I really want to swallow you, since I'm really falling in love with you, but I know you'll like being eaten by me, just like the clams. I just don't know if I should..." Suddenly, his tongue darted out his mouth and lapped me up out of his hand and onto its soft surface. It retreated back into his mouth, with me on board, and his mouth closed. His tongue quickly worked me to the back of his mouth, and I rolled off into his throat, which instantly contracted around me and sent me plummeting down his neck and into his body. Only a second later, I landed with a gentle plop in Mark's tummy, which was just as he said it would be, soft and warm. Near it bottom, in the middle, was a little round lighter spot on the dark wall where a small amount of light came through his belly button, letting me know that I had definitely arrived at my destination, now empty except for me, right where my clams had been a few hours or so ago. They were nowhere to be seen. Of course, Mark had to pat his belly a couple times. "Yeah, I was right, Chris, you were even yummier than the clams." After a final pat, I felt everything start to spin. The spot of light disappeared, and I knew that Mark had flipped over onto his belly. I heard him yawn, and he said, "You tasted so good you're putting me to sleep, Chris. I think I'll take a little nap after my snack...'night, Chris... My tummy says to thank you for being so delicious!" Within a couple minutes of positioning himself comfortably, Mark was breathing deeply, and I could tell he was asleep. As Mark digested me, my last thoughts were of him sleeping on his belly in his favorite position I had gazed at before, with one leg sort of curled up, his hands under his pillow, and his gorgeous, round butt perfectly framed in his white boxer briefs...

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