The Minotaur and the Fox

By Dragon [Email]

"Ow! Let me go-- Ouch!" , the fox managed to cry. The torch he dropped lay on the stone floor far behind him, receding into the distance as something large carried him into the darkness, deeper into the fatal maze. Dim light sources and other illusions occasionally appeared in the distance. All he was able to hear was occasional grunting from his captor, and heavy clomping as it walked. He shouted again, and the grip around his throat suddenly tightened. He quickly found himself unable to even scream anymore. He whined, barely able to breath, but the powerful grasp on his neck refused to move. Varol struggled a little longer, then rested with a sigh, desperately looking for any opportunity to escape.

Eventually, darkness faded and gave way to light as he was carried into a large cavern, well lit by several torches and a blazing fire at the center. Strewn around the cave were objects that someone considered valuable enough to keep, or too much trouble to remove. He got a quick glimpse of sparkling metals, jewels of all colors, swords, shields, and other scattered items.

With a yelp, he felt himself tossed through the air. After soaring over a large straw bed he landed on his side, suppressing a growl of pain. The heat of the nearby fire was consoling, but little more. He slowly turned to finally get a good view of his captor.

Dark red eyes caught his own, eyes that conveyed a sense of hunger to the fox. A dense mane of black hair partially covered one eye, and two thick goldish horns poked up at angles from the mane, and curved forwards into wicked points. Below the eyes, a large muzzle pushed forward, ending in two slightly steaming nostrils. The monster grunted, briefly revealing a frighteningly large maw. The powerful throat below his head was thicker than the fox's shoulders, and it lead down to a barrel chested torso. All was covered in a thinly furred hide of brown that glistened in the firelight. Arms bulging with muscles crossed above a round, well fed belly. Below that, a furry loincloth covered the minotaur's hips, and a thin tail swayed behind. Two legs thicker than tree trunks stretched from under the cloth. Covered in short black fur, they slowly tapered as a bull's hind legs would, bending back halfway down, and ending in heavy cloven hooves. The whole thing was more than twice the height of the little fox.

For a minute he was so impressed with that he saw that he looked the beast over several times, forgetting what was happening. Fear suddenly suppressed his confused lust as he realized he was looking up at the minotaur he thought couldn't exist. He had been warned about such a creature. Memories about the stories of others travelers who were lost in this maze crossed his mind and now he found himself staring at that belly again, wondering how many of those lost travelers wound up in there. He trembled, afraid of the thought that there would be nothing left but a well fed minotaur if he didn't quickly find a way to escape.

The minotaur grunted and stepped forward, prompting a yelp from Varol as he scrambled back against one of the walls and tried to cringe away. A strong hand suddenly grabbed the fox by the back of his head, and lifted him up to his knees. Trying to keep his eyes away from the minotaur's, he watched as the bull used his other paw to lift up the front part of his loin cloth. The fox gawked at the size of the sheath and testicles that lay underneath, covered in the same short black fur as the massive thighs beside them. Well swollen from anticipation, the bull sheath 's top end was already opening wide as a thick cock poked out. He smelled the bull's arousal as his eyes fixed on the massive red cock that was emerging and swelling before him.

Varol tried to pull away again, but was stuck staring for a moment. As his mouth opened to protest, the bull's thumb pushed between his jaws, prying his mouth wider open. The other large hand grabbed and guided the minotaur's cock into the fox's mouth, quieting his cry as it was pushed forward and quickly filling his mouth. The beast let his loincloth drop over the fox's head as he held his prey by the ears, and started pushing his hips forward.

With a surge of panic Varol felt the large cock push against his throat. He tried to gag as another thrust pushed the massive member clear into his throat, choking him briefly. Strong musk assaulted his nose as he inhaled, and the large hands pulled hard on his ears when he struggled. He reflexively swallowed, and he felt the minotaur's cock tense in his throat and a sudden moan come from the beast. When the grip on his ears relaxed, he tried swallowing again, and bobbed his head a little. The minotaur's painful grasp on his ears released almost entirely, and only helped guide the little fox's bobbing motions as his hips rocked. The cock was hot in his mouth, almost painfully warm against his tongue. Varol pulled his head back a little further and licked over the tip, finding himself desperate to be useful to the minotaur. A small spurt of precum hit the fox's tongue, feeling just as hot as the rest of the thick shaft and he found it to be a flavor he could enjoy if he weren't so terrified. The cock pushed into his throat again, and the fox swallowed repeatedly, letting his throat squeeze around it. Perhaps if this were all his captor intended he could still find a chance to escape the bull and the twisting maze that surrounded him.

As Varol found himself starting to enjoy his work, the minotaur suddenly pulled him up away from the glistening cock, and held him high. He screamed as the minotaur grabbed a dagger and moved it against his chest, but was relieved when it was only used to cut away his cotton tunic. The material fell away as the creature applied it to his breeches. Varol found himself a little alarmed at being unclothed, but was tossed naked onto the pile of straw before he could do anything.

Varol turned his head to see the minotaur moving towards him, pulling off his own loincloth as he approached. Another flash of arousal hit the fox as he watched the muscular minotaur approach, squeezing his bull-like red cock in one hand. Varol was suddenly pushed onto his stomach, and just as he realized what was happening he felt the minotaur's huge cock pushing up under his tail. His whole body went rigid and he shrieked with pain as the minotaur pushed his shaft deep into the little fox with one quick thrust. The minotaur hardly noticed the screams, and grunted loudly as his next few thrusts buried his member to the roots inside his struggling prey. Varol squirmed in the bull's iron grasp, pushed into the straw by the weight of his captor and the force of the thrusts. He felt as if his own thigh were being pushed up into the tight ring of his anus, and each thrust seemed to tear him in two.

The pain slowly faltered as the bull kept thrusting deeply into the fox, stretching him beyond his limits as lust drove the bull to thrust harder and faster. His head lay on the straw bed, and he moaned helplessly, feeling his innards rippling around the bull's huge cock. He started pushing back against the thrusts, intend on keeping the huge minotaur from being disappointed. A louder grunt escaped the bull's mouth, and Varol braced himself as he felt the cock inside him pulse and swell. The sudden heat of the minotaur's cum deep in his innards surprised him almost as much as how hard the bull started fucking, groaning and bellowing with pleasure. Varol trembled and whimpered as his body was quickly filled with the almost pleasant-feeling fluid. The minotaur's cock pulsed and jerked inside him, then lay still, and Varol sighed quietly as the minotaur stopped his relentless pounding.

He didn't have any time to rest. The thick cock pulled back out of him, and he was suddenly pulled off the ground. He dangled helplessly, held by the scruff of the neck, staring at the minotaur. The creature looked down his body, seeming to smile. Varol looked down himself curiously. He could see the white ooze, trickling down his trembling legs, thick and warm against his fur, pooling up on the straw below him. He could see the minotaur's thick hardened cock, still pulsing and spurting a little of his seed. He was also a little surprised to see his own cock pushing from his sheath, knot and all, pulsing with arousal. Perhaps he could survive as this monster's concubine until he could escape. His cock jerked once, and he found himself wondering if he would even try escaping since the warmth inside his stretched innards was so oddly satisfying. He lifted his head to glance back at the minotaur again, slowly looking up the length of the impressive body that held him.

He looked up into darkness. He screamed again when he realized he was looking into the minotaur's open maw, to which his head was dangerously close. He heard the minotaur chuckle as he struggled. A hot puff of foul air blew over him, and suddenly he felt his head pushed into the wide maw, which quickly closed around his neck. He whimpered, waiting to feel the blunt fangs crush into his skull and throat, hoping his fate would be painless. The minotaur's wide tongue licked over his face a few times, making him sputter. Varol pushed his hands on the bull's chest, trying to push back, and abruptly felt himself getting lifted higher until his body was over the minotaur's. He stared frightfully into the dark gullet before his nose, and soon felt himself sliding closer, until his shoulders were in the mouth with him. As his nose pushed up against the minotaur's tight throat, he struggled harder, still dreading the feel of those fangs crushing into rib cage. The minotaur held him by his ankles now, but he kept pushing back against the minotaur's broad shoulders as best he could.

There was another shove from the minotaur and he felt his muzzle suddenly push into the tight gullet before his eyes. His muzzle quickly was squeezed shut by the strong muscles, quieting his whimpers. He was so shocked at the sight of his muzzle sliding into the tight opening that didn't even move as his head was suddenly engulfed in the tight hot darkness, the slick gullet easily sliding up over his head. He panicked as he realized he wasn't going to feel those fangs crush him, but instead was getting swallowed alive. He struggled harder, desperate to avoid the acid bath that awaited him in that large belly he feared earlier, but his arms had become pinned to his sides by the minotaur's mouth. Powerful muscles squeezed his head and sucked him in deeper while he squirmed and screamed helplessly, his body writhing. The warm tongue rubbed down his stomach, wetting it with saliva, guiding his body in. In the darkness, Varol briefly found himself thinking of previous victims who suffered the same fate, spending their last few minutes as nothing more than a screaming bulge in the monster's belly, and all he was able to do was whine with fear. The walls were slick and tight around him, easily squeezing and pulling him deeper, bit by bit, holding him fast in their deadly grasp. He struggled harder, desperate for anything to pull him free.

Suddenly his terror vanished. A hard swallow pulled his body deeper into the minotaur, and the monster's soft tongue was pushing up against Varol's cock. He moaned in the darkness as his hips pushed forward, and his cock pulsed against the tongue. Another swallow pulled him deeper, until his hips were almost into the dark gullet, and the fox let out another gasp of pleasure. The strong throat muscles squeezed his body in a tight, hot embrace, and the sound of the bull's pounding heart nearby was almost soothing. His cock pulsed and jerked as it slid along the tongue, and Varol started thrusting his hips as best he could. Suddenly, he felt his cock squeezed into the minotaur's throat, clenched tight in the slick grasp, and he let out a cry of pleasure. The wide flat tongue licked down his sheath and suddenly was pushing under his tail, lapping at the minotaur's seed that still leaked out. Another swallow squeezed around his hips, and the fox went rigid, his hips thrusting madly inside the minotaur's stretched throat, and his cock pulsed, spurting fox cum against his belly fur. He writhed around, his thighs squeezing around the tongue that was licking around and pushing him deeper, blissfully unaware of his motions helping the minotaur swallow him. More of his seed spurted out while his kicking legs were squeezed together and gulped down. Varol hardly noticed as his knees, and then his feet dragged over the wet tongue, and he gave one last flick with his tail before that too was swallowed.

His whole body was held tight in the walls of the monster's throat as his cock kept pulsing. He was unable to move much, but surges of pleasure kept him shuddering as his orgasm continued. The tightness and the heat of the minotaur's throat managed to heighten his pleasure like nothing had before. The tight muscles seemed to squeeze around his throbbing cock again and again. He felt his head push out into the pit of the minotaur's awaiting belly, and gasped in a mouthful of the damp, foul air. His torso followed, and he splashed down into the hot liquid, still trembling from the feelings, his body still enduring the intense orgasm. He could hear the loud gulping all around him as more of his body was pushed in, slowly forcing him to curl up and push against the flesh around him. A strange tingling slowly spread across his body, a warm feeling that grew stronger as the walls of the minotaur's belly closed tightly around him. His cock soon popped free from the long side down his throat, still spurting a few last splashes of fox seed.

Varol screamed in pain when the acidic fluid struck his eyes and burned. Suddenly aware of where he was, he struggled harder to get out, twisting, turning and kicking helplessly. The warm tingling was turning to a harsh fire on his fur and flesh. He grabbed his stinging cock unconsciously as it pulsed again, giving him one last wave of intense pleasure before the acid went to work on it, making his body spasm wildly. Lack of fresh air and stifling heat quickly dulled his panicked senses. He was barely aware of the sound of the minotaur's heart racing, pounding in his ears. His body bucked as he felt his skin burning, already devoid of his once lush fur. With a few last wild kicks, he fell back, getting a brief taste of blood as the burning all over him faded to numbness. He cursed and cried helplessly. In an hour, there would be almost nothing left of him, his body would be nourishing a satiated minotaur. Blind and soon paralyzed, he gave one last groan of pain as he felt what remained of his body get digested, then lapsed into a boundless darkness. The minotaur lay back in his straw bed, watching in a nearby mirror as the fox's legs kicked out from his mouth, and found himself aroused again by the sight of the struggles in his swollen throat. He stroked his cock slowly as he felt the fox sliding deeper into his body, struggling hard as his gullet worked to take him in. He tipped his head far back and gave a few last gulps, letting his throat carry his meal away, then licked his lips. His eyes closed and he slowly stroked himself while he let his prey gradually work it's way deeper. With another groan he felt his belly starting to stretch slightly. Stroking faster, his body tensed when he looked down at his bulging belly, watching it squirm and distend with what once was fox. He stroked faster now, feeling his meal struggle desperately. A few rough kicks made him grunt, and his cock suddenly pulsed, spraying a few more jets of his seed over his bloated belly. Spasms wracked his powerful body while his cum pooled up and trickled down his sides, and he bellowed deeply before collapsing into the wet straw. He sighed deeply as the struggles faded away, patting his sticky, bulging stomach. He lay back to let his meal digest, and slept.

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