Miss Tuyp

By Peter

"Don't be ridiculous Jim. It is absolutely impossible!" Miss Tuyp stated adamantly, her hands on her hips, her stance showing off her body such that the young libidoes in the class stood up and took notice.

"But Miss Tuyp, I've looked in books that have pictures of small animals swallowing larger animals whole." You knew you were right and you couldn't let it pass. "If they can have pictures of it then it surely can be done."

"No Jim, you cannot swallow me!" Miss Tuyp was clearly getting angry about your persistance on this matter.

"But..." you started to say.

"Enough!" Shouted Miss Tuyp. "Jim, you have detention tonight. I'll teach you not to entertain such ridiculous notions."

Dejected you slumped down in your seat to brood. The clock ticked past six pm and Miss Tuyp was still hard at work at her desk. You fidgeted. The door to the classroom opened and the janitor put his head in the room.

"Excuse me. I'm closing up now, but you can leave when you're ready." He said. "Just remember to turn off the lights and to leave by the side door."

"Good night." Miss Tuyp mumbled in response.

More time ticked by with Miss Tuyp seemingly oblivious to your presence. Finally your impatience got the better of you. "Miss Tuyp, I'm certain that I'm correct." You blurted out.

With a deep sigh Miss Tuyp layed down her pen and looked at you. After a few moments she got up and walked to you. "Oh oh!" you thought.

"Ok little boy, swallow me." She said defiantly.

You gulped down your trepidation and licked your lips. You hesitated, not sure of how to begin.

"See," pined Miss Tuyp, "you obviously can't!"

You reached out and took Miss Tuyp's right hand. She started at your temerity, but let you take it. You put her four fingers in your mouth and then with both your thumbs you shoved her thumb in as well.

She stared at you fascinated by the fact that you had her whole hand in your mouth. You reached out and took her other hand and brought it to your mouth. She didn't resist. She couldn't believe that you were actually trying to swallow her.

You lay the hand flat on the side of the forearm of the hand you have in your mouth. You put the tips of her fingers and thumb to the side of your mouth and slowly shove her second hand all the way inside.

She stared with her jaw hanging open in dumbfounded disbelief. Her disbelief turned to panic as you swallowed and watched both her forearms disappear down your throat!

She started to struggle. "Oh God! No! What are you doing!" Her struggles couldn't dislodge her arms from inside you. You could feel her fingers twitching inside you as she continued to protest. "No! Please! Stop please!"

You decided that while you wanted to swallow Miss Tuyp, you didn't want to swallow her clothing. So with her having been swallowed up to her elbows and struggling and begging, you started to remove her blouse. You unbuttoned the front but had to tear it off her finally. Her tight skirt was easier to undo and push down. You ripped off her bra and panties and admired her while she whimpered. She was far sexier than you had imagined her to be. Her breasts were beautifull, her belly perfect and her pussy shaved! Her slit was clearly visible and strangely enough, very wet! You could hardly wait to taste it.

She was breathing with huge terror filled gasps as you brought your hands up to seize her head. You positioned it carefully and with a surge gulped down her upper arms to take the top of her head in your distended mouth. She started to scream and her legs started to thrash about in her panic. There was nobody in the school to hear.

Slowly you worked your jaw over her whole head and her screams became muffled from inside you. You gulped and as her shoulders disappeared inside you her muffled screams stopped for lack of air, though her struggles continued. You grasped her beautiful breasts in your hands and kneaded them a bit. They felt wonderful and in just a moment would be inside you. You put your hands between her legs and buried your fingers in her pussy. Then you started to shove.

With your short bitting motions, bit by bit she sank inside you. First you felt your teeth sinking into and your tongue sliding over her breasts then her belly. Then finally you tasted her lovely clit and lingered there a moment. Only her legs remained to be swallowed and they waved in the air, kicking weakly. Your tongue explored the recesses of her slit.

You gulped three more times and her legs disappeared. Her feet stuck out of your mouth. Her toes wiggled. You basked in the moment. You had swallowed Miss Tuyp! You reached up and shoved the last of her all the way down your throat. You felt her wiggles inside you slowly subside.

You belched! You lay back, extremely content. You drifted off to sleep, dreaming dreams of swallowing Miss Tuyp.

You woke as some kids come into the classroom the next morning. They figured you must have just arrived before them. They didn't notice Miss Tuyp's clothing laying on the floor. You did and quickly scooped them into your desk.

The class was chaos for the first hour until the administrators realized that Miss Tuyp would not be teaching her class that day. Then they sent a substitude.

She was gorgeous! She looked delicious! You licked your lips.

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