The Monster in the Basement

By Gobbling [Email]

Note: As a first attempt in this genre, I am writing this tale to capture the dreams I have had on this subject since before I can l remember. If you wish to correspond, I would be more than happy to read your suggestions or criticisms and exchange thoughts on this subject as I work towards delivering the tale that you wish to read most.

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Here he was, home alone for the first time. Bobby Carpenter, fully 16 years old and considered mature enough to spend the weekend without supervision, had been left to fend for himself while his parents enjoyed an out of town vacation; and fend he did.

Proud at this first granting of personal responsibility, the lad had spent the evening doing what many teen boys enjoyed doing most-- watching movies, eating junk food and otherwise pleasantly wasting time.

For Bobby, things couldn't be better. Here he was, home alone with a house all to his own and enough snacks to keep him happy for the rest of his holiday. At 9:00 though, a problem arose -- he ran out of Coke.

Now, this wasn't a major catastrophe, since his parents kept a large supply of the soft-drink in the basement refrigerator. Unfortunately, for as long as he could remember, Bobby was afraid of the basement. Not that anything bad had happened to him there, just that something bad COULD happen there.

You see, monsters lived in the basement. Every kid knew that.

"Geez," mumbled the teen as he walked towards the wooden stairs. "This is stoopid!

"I'm almost an adult now, I shouldn't be afraid of the dark.

"I won't be afraid of the basement. I won't!"

Opening the door downwards, Bobby peered into the darkness, gathered up his courage, took a deep breath and began his first steps down.

"I w-won't be afraid. I won't. I w-won't." Pushing his fear as far away as possible, Bobby headed into the enveloping darkness -- scared out of his wits but determined to be an adult and overcome his childish fear.

Kept warm year-round by an inefficient oil furnace, the basement was lit only by a single light bulb suspended from the middle of the ancient, 15 foot ceiling. The dim glow of which served to keep the musty room in mysterious shadow no matter what the time of day. Being a rather old house, the room was also quite large, unfinished and lacking the dividing walls which would normally break its immensity into something a little less intimidating for a teen home alone for the first time. Stacked to the ceiling with boxes, bags and miscellaneous junk, the room created innumerable places in which a monster could hide. Bobby wished for the millionth time that his parents would hold a garage sale once in a while.

Pacing carefully, watching for monsters at each step, the boy managed to make his way down the old staircase and across the cement floor to the fridge; annoyingly placed at the far end of the chamber. At last grasping the aluminum handle and opening the door wide, the lad reached inside and retrieved a new case of his favourite soft drink. He had made it! Having overcome his fears, he had traveled through the maze of darkness and now stood proud at his accomplishment.

"Ha!" shouted the lad with new-found confidence. "That wasn't so bad. I'm a big kid now! There's nothing to be afraid of down here." Turning to head up back up the stairs, Bobby's confidence melted in an instant when he caught sight of the creature that waited for him at the foot of the stairs.

"So, there's nothing to be afraid of down here?" purred the deliciously feminine voice. "Silly boy, I bet you weren't expecting to see the likes of me."

Frozen in his footsteps with an overwhelming terror, the teen stopped to examine the beast that stood before him. Squatting at a height that extended to just under the 15 foot ceiling, the creature was a giant, fleshy bulb, fully 20 feet across, upon which sat a large, amphibian head. Colored a muted shade of pink, the skin of the creature appeared to be as smooth and soft as satin, with the effect of softness enhanced further by the ten thick tentacles that extended from the monster's belly.

Forcing himself from his paralysis, the boy stuttered, "W-w-what are you?"

"Silly boy! What else could I be?" Giggling at the lad's nervousness, the creature replied, "I'm a monster."

That much he knew. Clearing his throat, the boy inquired "What are you doing here?"

Thrilling his body with another volley of her seductive, contralto giggles, the monster replied, "Why, I'm looking for a snack, the same as you." Sending a large, slimy tongue out to lick her thick, rubbery lips, the monster smiled invitingly at the terrified lad.

"Some Coke?" laughed the nervous teen.

"Oh, no," murmured the creature, as she sweetly batted the lashes of her deep blue eyes. "I prefer little boys, just like you."

Aware of his horrible predicament, Bobby snapped out of his paralysis of terror and threw the case of coke towards the beast.

"Naughty boy! Mustn't run from Mama..."

Ignoring the creature's scolding, the boy ran as fast as he could into the basement's maze of bags and boxes. Concerned only with reaching the old coal chute that offered escape, Bobby was only vaguely aware of the rumbling, throat-clearing belch that emphasized the creature's displeasure.

Bolting faster than he believed possible, Bobby sped around a stack of boxes when he felt a damp softness fall upon his back. Continuing his flight towards the far wall, the boy again heard the monster belch but this time felt a dampness envelop his legs. Running faster still, the teen quickly found himself skidding helplessly out of control towards a collection of old clothes -- sloppily contained in a stack of slick, plastic garbage bags.

Despite his best efforts to gain control, the lad tripped over a box and flew face-first onto the waiting plastic cushion. Granted a moment to survey his situation, Bobby glanced down to see the cause of his stumble and discovered that he had been coated in a sweet-smelling slime of mucous.

Struggling desperately to scramble off of the soft mound of plastic, the boy soon found he was unable to keep a grip on anything. Having now flowed over his hands and feet, the slime had made escape impossible!

"Naughty boy! Come to Mama for a kiss...<blerch>..."

Hearing the creature belch again, Bobby looked back to discover the source of the enveloping slime. Shambling closer and pursing her lips as if to blow a kiss, the monster giggled sensuously, fluttered her eyelashes as if to tease and spat another large ball of goo towards the squirming teen. Unable to dodge the pinkish mass, Bobby watched helplessly as the warm glob gracefully arched over the basement floor and landed square on his face -- messily covering him from head to toe.

"Silly, boy," giggled the monster as she tauntingly stroked her tentacles. "You didn't think Mummy would let you get away that easy, did you?"

"Oh, I've visited hundreds of boys just like you not a one has been able to escape my cuddles." Extending four of her fleshy arms towards him, the monster belched again and once more coated Bobby's entire body with a thick layer of the sweet-smelling mucous.

Brushing desperately at the slippery goo, the boy began to shout, "Help! HELP! MONSTER!!! HELP!!!!"

"Now, now," cooed the creature, as she gently slipped her tentacles around him. "There's nothing to be afraid of. Why, you might even enjoy being gobbled by a nice monster like me."

"N-no!!!! Lemme go!" Bobby pushed and tugged against the fleshy tentacles that wrapped about him, but his hands only slipped off the skin of the beast.

"Tut, tut," scolded the beast. "There will be none of that, young man." Firming her grip about the teen, the creature pivoted about and began to trudge towards the nearest wall.

"Now, just so you don't get any other silly ideas, perhaps I should remind you exactly how helpless you are, hmm?" Moving the lad about as easily as she would a doll, the monster wrapped a tentacle about each of his wrists, lifted gently upwards and suspended the teen above the floor before her.

"Goodness! Isn't it hot down here?

"Perhaps we should make you a little more comfortable, dear." Sending five tentacles towards the helpless boy, her nimble arms began to slip off Bobby's socks and unbutton his shirt and pants.

"Noooooo!" squealed the teen, as two tentacles yanked his jeans down to his kicking feet.

"Oh, yes, my helpless little boy," giggled the beast, as she lifted her captive's shirt up and away. "You're going to be as naked and helpless as the day you were born..." Emphasizing her taunt with a gentle pat on his bum, the monster continued to undress her toy until, with a quick flick of a tentacle, Bobby's underpants were removed and the teen was left suspended naked before her.

"Oh, now look at that!" giggled the monster, as she gestured towards the lad's erect manhood. "Someone's looking forward to being eaten, isn't he?"

Peering downward, Bobby could see that the feminine beast was right. Despite his horrified struggles, the gentle caress of the fleshy tentacles had excited his matured pleasure which now, despite his wishes, was awaiting attention.

"N-no, please..."

"Oh, come now," cooed the monster, as she licked a tentacle-tip and wrapped the slimy arm about the lad's out-thrust pleasure. "Doesn't Bobby want to be a good boy, hmm?"

"Please, no..."

Beginning to gently pump the teen's rigid member, the creature continued her teasing. "Oh, I'm sure he does. All little boys want to be eaten by a nice monster like your Nana, don't they?"

"Nnnnnnoooo..." muttered Bobby, consumed ever more by the mounting pleasures of the creature's generous tentacle.

"C'mon now, not even a nibble? Not even a little nibble on the little boy's sweet toes?" pulling the lad forward, the beast snaked her wet tongue outwards and, wrapping his ankles with a restraining tentacle, began to tease Bobby's feet with her gentle tasting.

"Please.... gnnnn..." moaned the teen as he stiffened further to her gentle touches. "Please don't eat me monster ... please!! OOohhhhgggnnnnooooohHHHH!"

"Don't eat you?" giggled the creature, as she swirled her tongue about the lad's toes. "But you've such delicious little feet! I simply must taste you all." Snaking her tongue forth again, the beast began to lick at the teen's chest and nipples, sending him into further spasms of pleasure.

"nnnooOOOOOOoooOOOHHHHH!!!" was all Bobby could utter as he wriggled helplessly in the air before her.

"Oh yes," whispered the beast, as she pulled him close. "You do want to be eaten, don't you? It feel soooooo good, doesn't it?" Accentuating her question with a gentle lick to his pleasure, the teen couldn't help but agree.

"Well, then, I guess I'd best prepare you for your gobbling." Wrapping three of her tentacles fully about Bobby's naked frame, the monster cuddled the lad close and began to lecture the helplessly pleasured teen.

"Little boy," began the monster, as she gently fondled her pet. "Let me explain what will happen to you."

"I will eat you, of that you can be sure. I will slurp your tender tummy between my blubbery lips and taste you with my tongue. I will roll you about my fleshy mouth until you cum helplessly again and again. Betrayed by your own pleasure I will massage your willing body towards the delights of my gullet, whose fleshy embrace will lovingly bring you downwards into the magical tummy that will protect you from harm."


"Yes, little boy. I will tease you and taste you and consume you whole. You will find yourself snuggled close inside me, cuddled by my tummy and pleasured and pleasured as often as I feel you deserve.

"You will never be digested. You will never come to harm. You will be captured and kept as my very own pleasure pet; gobbled and gobbled whenever I desire."


"Oh, yes," giggled the creature, as she bat her pretty blue eyes. "I gain my nourishment from elsewhere -- I only eat little boys for fun." Lifting the helpless teen feet-first before her, the creature gently teased the lad's soles with her tongue; sending her prey into a fit of helpless giggles.

"Oh," cooed the creature. "I see you're happy now." Teasing the boy into fits of helpless laughter, the beast giggled and cooed and fondled the pleasured lad until he lay at the very threshold of ecstasy.

"P-please..." begged the teen.

"Oh? Would you like your pleasures now, little boy?"

"Y-yes, p-p-please..."

"Then tell me your name, young man, and let me truly claim you as my own."

Hesitating for the merest second, the aroused lad obeyed his mistress' command.

"Good boy, Bobby. Now you belong to me." Lifting the teen's body up to her waiting mouth, the monster cooed further reassurance and spat four warm, sweet smelling globs of slime onto the lad's torso. Using her fleshy tentacles to spread the goo evenly about Bobby's naked frame, the creature drew pleasures from his obedient flesh -- setting the teen to helpless moans and giggles as he squirmed within her loving grasp.

"Now, don't you worry my little sweet-meat. I will draw you up from my tummy each and every day for a wonderful playtime.

"Oh!" giggled the creature. "You will be very well fed by my friends -- I simply LOVE to fatten my boys.

"You will be gobbled and gobbled time and again. This is but your first. Enjoy it, my pet..." Opening her mouth wide, the monster leaned her head forward and firmly pressed her lips about Bobby's legs. Teasing at his hips with her tongue, the creature released the lad from her tentacular grip and slowly began to slurp his slimed torso into her mouth.

"N-no!!!..!.!.... Please..." begged the teen, but there was little he could do. Pleasured as he was by the vile creature's tongue, Bobby could do little but wiggle about as he watched a gentle smile grow from the fleshy lips which held him. Giggling and moaning despite himself, the lad surrendered to the waiting ecstasy and allowed himself to be drawn between the pleasuring lips.

Cooing gently, the beast knew the boy's thoughts: horrified by the knowledge he was soon to become her meal yet wanting -- more than he dared to admit -- to experience the pleasures awaiting between her lips.

Coyly batting her lovely blue eyes, the feminine beast placed a single tentacle atop Bobby's head and firmly pushed him inwards. Passing between her blueberry lips, the teen began to receive his reward from the generous flesh about him and soon felt the delights of extended orgasm as he was rolled about the fleshy mouth by the incessant tasting of the creature's naughty tongue.

Pleasured and pleasured within the sweetly smelling chamber, the beast's promises came to pass and within the hour, Bobby found himself drawn through the gullet of the massive beast and delivered to the gentle confines of the creature's womb-like stomach. Able to breathe and move comfortably, the boy surveyed his new home.

Blueberry and pink, the six-foot chamber was translucently lit through the monster's loving tummy. Unbroken throughout, the fleshy gourd felt like the inside of a living waterbed; enterable only through a one-foot sphincter in the ceiling -- an arm's reach from where the captive lad lay.

Feeling a shift, Bobby could see from the shadows outside that the beast was on the move and that he was being taken away from the world he knew. Through some magic transport, the beast would soon deliver him into a world of unknown gobbling delights. Bidding farewell to the life he knew, Bobby lay back and contemplated the journey before him.

Drawn from his thoughts by the gentle press of something outside his fleshy prison, the boy could see the silhouette of a tentacle gently caressing the skin containing his tummy-home.

"Good baby," cooed a muffled voice. "Good little boy. Now it's time for your reward..."

Looking about in anticipation, Bobby knew not whether to scream in terror or delight when he realized what the monster had in store. Emerging slowly from all directions, gentle tendrils of every size imaginable stretched forth from the tummy's walls and reached towards the boy's waiting flesh. Scrambling in a desperate attempt to escape the fondling arms, Bobby reached upwards to climb through the portal that had delivered him to this horridly delightful place but soon found himself distracted from his plans of escape.

Teased by gentle and deliberate caresses to the soles of his feet, the teen felt his grip on the monster's gullet slip and was soon pressed downwards into the bed of waiting tentacles. Laughing helplessly as the arms administered their teasing punishment, Bobby begged his captor for mercy as he squirmed in the giggle-inducing flesh.

"Naughty boy," scolded the voice from without. "Naughty baby boy. Mustn't try to escape Mummy's tummy... Coochie coochie coooo!"

Squirming within the teasing chamber for an endless time, the punishing fondles eventually subsided, leaving the chastened lad helplessly entangled by the caressing tendrils.

Beginning their fondles once more, the feminine voice cooed again and Bobby relaxed to the loving touches.

"That's a good boy. Good baby.

"Now, obey Mama's wishes and enjoy your pleasures.

"You are mine forever."

Surrendering to the wishes of his mistress, Bobby lay back and permitted the tendrils to wrap about his helpless frame. Probed and teased by the fleshy arms, pleasures began to rise within him again as the teen felt the promise of orgasm being granted once more.

"Good boy," cooed the voice, as Bobby shuddered in helpless pleasure. "What a good baby boy."

Moaning in indescribable delight, the teen smiled broadly as he felt the tendrils descend once more towards his pleasured body.

The adventure was just beginning...

Your suggestions as to how this tale should progress would be most welcome.

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