Mother and Son

By Snakeman [Email]

As the bright morning sun rose above the horizon of the mountain range there became movement in a high reaching cave. Two dragons heads popped out one incredibly larger than the other but both looking upon the bright new morning.

The mother pushed herself out and took to flight as the smaller hatchling stretched his newly formed wings and spread them to the air for his first flight. Being incredibly hungry from being laid up for such a long time the mother found it was time for a hunt.

As the new dragon flew alongside his mother's slowed pace they traveled over hill and dale in search of their next meal.

Flying low over the dense jungle, searching for their prey they came upon a watering hole. The hole was teaming with life as the dragons flew over all the animals scattered. As the son watched his mother dive after a large moose, he flew above her waiting for his mother to bring him his meal.

As she captured the giant moose in her massive claws and landed to eat her feast, the little one came down to join, only to be brushed away and pointed at a smaller dear hiding in the shallow brush.

The son got the idea as he took to the skies again and flew with all the force his little wings could muster after the now fleeing deer.

As they crashed through the underbrush, knocking small trees over in the process, he finally caught up with the deer and clamped onto it with his claws.

He took to the air higher carrying the struggling deer below him as he flew back to his mother who had almost all of the moose eaten except for the front hooves and head still showing from her huge jaws. With a huge gulp of her mighty jaws, she forced the rest of the moose down as she watched her son look at what he had captured.

The little one was already fighting with the active deer as the mother watched, hoping her son would follow what she had done and he did! Catching the deer as he released it by the back hooves and driving his claws into its back, holding it still as he forced the beast to turn around and he clamped his powerful jaws around the head of the deer.

Forcing with claws, he began to swallow whole, the smaller deer, getting halfway through and gulping once more till all that was left was the still twitching hooves.

Trying to force the hooves down, but not sure he could, his mother looked on him with anticipation at her sons first complete meal, As she sees him begin to have trouble, she smiles and licks her gleaming teeth while in dragonic telling him to eat the rest.

The son, catching on, begins to gnaw at the legs as blood dribbled down his chin, he enjoys the remains of his meal.

Finally taking the rest of the beast into his oversized stomach, and basked in the morning rays of the sun...

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